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thor spoilers Thor Spoilers Discussion

While we do have an  Thor review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss Thor spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile Thor Spoilers Discussion

And while you’re at it, you can give Thor your own rating right here:


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Discuss away!

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  1. I saw Thor yesterday and I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. I expected better fight scenes. I also would’ve wished that they kept Heimdall the way they did in the comics. I think it would have been cool to see how he really would’ve looked like live action. Idris Elba could have done a better job in my opinion, he didn’t look to intimidating when he was guarding, I also disliked the way he killed the frost giants. He could’ve had a better swipe of that sword but that’s just me.

    I feel like they just gave a black actor that role because they didn’t want any complaints about the major lack of black people in the film. Film studios should really not even worry about that, it’s just ridiculous. It’s a free country they could choose whoever they want in the film. You don’t see me complaining about the lack of Hispanics in films as a whole. They should’ve just stuck to the source material.

    The movie was pretty good though, I would give it a 3/5. The sequel should be a lot better and more action packed. They should definitely make it and I will definitely watch. The actors did a great job, Hopkins is a legend, I enjoy seeing him in anything. The fact that such a great and legendary actor decided to play a vital role in this film just goes to show just what a great actor he is.

    • I agree with you about the whole phony PC attitude, but you can’t blame the studios. They do it because, even if the film does not call for “diversity”, special race-based interests groups threaten to boycott if they don’t get that “diversity”. Don’t blame the studio.

      But at this point, it just seems like more complaints about race (from either direction) without much substance behind the complaints. NO ONE even went to go see this movie for Heimdall, anyway.

      It was Thor. He spun the hammer, smashed land, flew like a beast, and ripped apart the skies and Earth and Asgard with lightning and storms. What more do any of you want? 120 minutes of Thor fighting non-stop in an animated cartoon?

      It was better than any Marvel event except, possibly, the original Iron Man. In my opinion, it was better.

  2. Who was the dark elf that the Beyonder turned into a powerful Thor villain?

    • Malekith

  3. I’m surprised that no one mentioned the mascot for the sports team of the New Mexico town. In the background of the Thor/Destroyer fight scene you can see a sign that says “Home of the Vikings.” Unlikely that a NM town would choose Vikings as a mascot, but funny nonetheless.

    • Good eye.

  4. I enjoyed it but not as much as I hoped and I am one of those who really wanted this to be a great film that did well.

    Hopkins “If he be worthy” line sent shivers down my spine; he rocks as Odin.

    That said, THOR felt like an incomplete story, the first 2 acts of what would other wise be more in line with IRON MAN 1. I imagine its because of the underwhelming Earth scenes in comparison to the awesome off earth scenes. Still, I hope they invest in a THOR 2.

  5. Saw the movie yesterday, and I agree with a lot of the posters here. However, although I left the theater very impressed, upon reflection, I would give it a 3.5 or 4 out of 5. As most have noted, the movie was simply too short or had too many characters in it. The Warriors Three really didn’t have a moment to shine (their battle with the frost giants or with the Destroyer was simply hold them until Thor squashes them), Dennings was a superfluous character (they could have folded some of her personality into Jane, although I understand the need to have an outsider so that the two scientists can explain things to the audience…maybe having reduced Jane Foster from full-fledged astrophysicist to PhD candidate?).

    Moreover, I think the redemption part of Thor really was too accelerated. What, given his time on Earth, gave rise to his ultimate conflict with Loki over whether the frost giants should be exterminated? Was it simply to disagree with Loki? It seemed extremely rash for him to destroy the bifrost bridge to save the giants. Maybe if they had tied some sort of “if one of the Nine Worlds is destroyed, the whole universe will be thrown out of balance” or something (maybe have Thor gleam some new information from Foster’s studies) would have warranted that, but from what we are given on the screen, I simply could not understand that particular development.

    Yes, Thor became more caring and humble upon experiencing humanity. He learned of powerlessness and despair, sadness from the news of the death of his father. He accepted the price he had to pay for his brash actions and thoughtless search of glory. But nothing changed the fact that he viewed the giants as mortal enemies. Yes, maybe he could see the need not to drag his people into war – he learned that conflict is not the true prize, but peace. However, given that Loki had precipitated the destruction of the giants, Thor could punish Loki for his treachery, but still allow their demise.

    • I could not agree more with you! good comment, I was also thinking that while watching the movie, I actually agreed with loki as he told thor that he had gone soft, a couple of days before he would have killed all of them with his bare hands, all of a sudden we are expected to believe he cares for their life? BS, still the movie was well acted and overall solid. I am a big Marvel fan, but never really liked thor, I really cant relate to the character, however, I really enjoyed the movie and think that they did a great job in making thor relevant to a modern audience, and considering the source material I would say it was a successful film. A for effort, A for acting B for story.

  6. I’m an OLDer Comic reader/fan-I won’t say HOW hold but I was introduced to Thor in a Journey into Mystery comic back in 1963. I truthfully can not rate this film accurately as Thor was/is one of my FAVORITE of all super-heroes. That being said, I was impressed with the movie for the most part. I am going to see it again at least once more before it leaves the theaters. I’ve heard and read a bit of nit-picking about the film, and some of the points do hold water, such as it being too short and at times rushed, BUT other than those MINUTE details, I truly enjoyed it! The one thing I wanted them to do that was not shown was Thor’s physical strength without using Mjolnir. He’s actually supposed to possess strength rivaling the HULK.(marvel readers will attest to that fact)Other than that I thought the casting, wardrobing and sets to be excellent! As always, I look forward to Stan’s cameo. Looking at the Asgardian costuming and visuals, I just know Stan had to have thought it more than once-(If only Jack could see us now!) LOVE the tie-ins also.

    • My “Art of Thor” book is supposed to arrive today, and I can’t wait to check out the production sketches and other pre-production details.

  7. Okay. I saw it in a second run theater, so it has taken me a while to post this. Thor is hard to do, for anyone. Only Stan and Jack in their glory days could do him justice. I thought the actor who played Thor was fabulous. Hopkins was awesome. The one area of the film I didn’t get was Loki. He ruined most of the movie for me. The performance by the actor playing the god of mischief was WAY too understated. Loki is evil. And devious, but mostly evil, His drive to the throne was boring, and muddled. And his letting go of the shaft at the end of the film…ridiculous. Portman was great. The old man who was her mentor was a bore. (How did they get on top of that restaurant?) I just wanted the whole movie to be a half hour shorter. Like I said, it is hard to do Thor justice. At least they picked the right guy to play him.