Thor Hammers Spider-Man 4 For Release Date

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spider man 4 thor release dates Thor Hammers Spider Man 4 For Release Date

My most anticipated Marvel Studios movie Thor is making the move to be the opening hit of the blockbuster summer season of 2011. As we reported last month and confirmed this morning, there are issues behind the scenes with Spider-Man 4 involving a dispute between Sony and director Sam Raimi about what villains the story should feature.

It seems almost a sure thing now that Spider-Man 4 will be delayed but to what extent the seriousness of the issues at Sony for that production, we have yet to find out.

An old Screen Rant writer and friend of ours Jamie Williams pointed me to the info at BoxOfficeMojo which lists release date changes for upcoming flicks. It shows that Thor has moved from its May 20th slot to Spider-Man’s May 5th slot. Both productions of course involve Marvel so this wasn’t done by accident and they wanted to make sure they owned that key date for summer, 2011.

Also getting a release date and taking up Thor’s previous slot is Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides which will now debut May 20, 2011.

We can reasonably assume that Spider-Man 4 will be pushed back or worse, halted if the problems are as serious as some say. With all of this going on and the disappointment of Spider-Man 3, it’s hard to get excited about the next Spider-Man movie. Maybe they’ll take the franchise in a different direction in the end as several of our readers wish for as pointed out in our previous Spider-Man 4 discussions.

Scheduling is essential to marketing and making sure you not only hit your audience but the biggest portions of your demographics, especially in the summer when the major titles hit the silver screens. I’m happy Thor is going to be starting off Summer 2011 but I’m worried about what will happen to Spider-Man 4.

What do you think?

Officially, Thor and Spider-Man 4 are scheduled for May 5, 2011 releases and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is scheduled for May 20. Production on Thor begins this month. 2011 is shaping up to be an epic year for movies.

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

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  1. Thor has a real chance of being the hit of the summer of 2011. Let’s hope it comes through.

  2. Spiderman can still be saved as a production and still end up a decent flick. Go with the obvious for spiderman 4 and you’ll end up with a good comic book movie. Make the girl from the bugle that always talks to Peter the black cat and dr connnors as the lizard. Maybe throw in kraven for good measure.

  3. yeah, own it Marvel!!!

  4. @M-Cat

    Thor will be a hit for sure. But I am not sure it will be THE hit. I couldn’t be more excited about it, though. I HOPE it is the hit of the summer. You are right to say it has a real chance.

    Anyway, all this crazy back-and-forth with the studio and Rami regarding Spider-man 4 is starting to worry me.

    I definitely am worried. I think we all want this movie to be awesome. Can Rami pull it off, though? Why is he so dead set on the Vulture?

  5. The delay is probably because they haven’t decided on who the villian. At any rate keep up the good work Rob!

  6. Well given the delay they did the only sensible thing, moving up the releases, just as long that doesn’t mess up anything on the production end of those films. I wonder is it possible to shoehorn this Spiderman story as happening between 2 and 3? Perhaps that is a way out of the difficulties?

  7. Has anyone seen that they brought in another crew to edit The Wolfman? I’m thinking the director of Thor (if he handles all Thor well) should get a crack at The Avengers. Joe Johnston of Captain America is starting to worry me but I have high hopes.

  8. Is it at all possible for Marvel to get the rights for spider-man back from sony? That would be the perfect cure for this spidey buisness. Marvel knows how to handle its’ own properties and villians.

  9. @Will

    I agree. I didn’t mind what they did with the first two Spider-man films, but I get the feeling the film wouldn’t be in that situation if it was in the hands of Marvel.

  10. Personally I think THOR is going to cream SPIDERMAN. :)

    I own hundreds of Thor & Spiderman comics going back to the early 60’s and would love
    to see both films do incredibly well.

    I am however somewhat sceptical and a little disillusioned with how the Spiderman franchise has turned out.

  11. @ magnetic eye
    i totally agree with you, spiderman went from good to decent to hammer s***.

    it would be really cool (in a sick way) if they trashed spiderman, as in did no more movies on him 😀

    i hope they dont decide to make a ironman 4… if you get my drift.
    honestly they should at most make a trilogy (if possible(as in if theres enough story)), start epic and end epic, anymore and it gets screwy, not just with marvel movies but with ALL movies

  12. This is good, I’d rather see Thor than a single frame of another Spider-Crap movie.

  13. I hope that Thor turns out to be as incredible as it sounds like it’s going to be. The cast thus far is simply incredible and I have a hard time believing that Marvel is going to let this movie be crap. Marvel is 2 for 2 right now and I think after the release of Iron Man 2 they will be 3 for 3. I just rewatched Star Trek the other night and I tried picturing Chris Hemsworth as Thor and I really think he’s perfect for the part.

    As for Spider-Man 4, I hope Sony doesn’t screw this up. Spidey 3 was extremely weak (although the SFx were great) and they should have just stuck to the Sandman and Green Goblin stories. I thought the movie was moving well up to that point. Intoducing Venom seemed forced, as we found out later it was. SPidey 3 could have been a fantastic film, but Sony (and Raimi) dropped the ball. For Spidey 4, drop Vulture, go with The Lizard and Kraven, maybe throw in Electro as a minor storyline that gets resolved in the first 1/2 hour. Minimize the angst between Peter and MJ…have MJ go to LA to be an actress or something. Make this movie more about SPIDER-MAN and less about Peter and his social life.

  14. Ah, so the Disney/Marvel alliance is now starting to bear fruit. Spider-Man 4 is delayed and both companies waste no time pouncing on better release dates for their respective properties. This can only be a good thing for Thor. Being first out the gate, with no major competition, gives Marvel a good opportunity to promote Thor as THE event movie of the summer. Should be exciting to see how it does now.

    I suspect that we will still see Spider-Man 4 in the summer of 2011, most likely with a July 4th release. Sony needs to save face on this film, Spider-Man is one of the biggest if not the biggest franchises they have. I’m relatively certain that we will be seeing an updated announcement soon stating that production has started back up again with a new release date too. No guarantees on whether or not the film will be any good or not, on that matter, only time will tell.

  15. Maybe just leave the franchise alone for a few years, get in some new people, maybe cameo a new Spidey in another Marvel movie, like The Avengers for example.

    And if they do make a fourth, find some way to bring James Franco back, the only actor who didnt embarass himself in part 3. In fact he is a great actor, anyone ever see Flyboys???

  16. @DrSamBeckett

    I could be wrong, but I thought I remembered reading that Spider-Man 4 was written to be a fresh start. Neither Harry nor MJ were supposed to factor into the movie very much, if at all. It was supposed to be a reboot of sorts with a different supporting cast for Peter to interact with. The main theme is Peter grows up, quits being so self-depreciating, finds new friends, sparks a new romance, and how his role as Spider-Man continually jeopardizes his life and the lives of those that he loves. I like the idea of Spider-Man 4, to move the series forward and explore new characters. I do not, however; like the idea of the Vulture being the only villian, nor Felicia Hardy being the Vultress instead of the Black Cat, and if that’s why Sam Raimi slammed the breaks on this production, then I say good for him. Protect the franchise and save us from another Spider-Man 3.

  17. Anything will be better than Spider-Man 3. (Knock on wood)

  18. @Beth…

    Not true. Ever see a horrid film called “Elektra”?

  19. M-Cat says: “Has anyone seen that they brought in another crew to edit The Wolfman?”

    I’ve been anticipating this movie for almost a year now. What is with this production? I’ve stayed away from digging because I want as fresh an experience as possible but it’s starting to bother me. It can’t be this hard. I’m having serious letdownitis with this one…

  20. I see Thor going the way of The Punisher… el floppo. With Pirates and Spiderman coming out the same summer Thor is going to have a very short window of opportunity.

  21. @ the old man

    I keep hearing bad things about The Wolfman and the crew must be worried if they keep making changes. I understand the editing process is an ongoing process but this isn’t sounding good right now and it’s worrying me for Joe Johnston and Captain America.

    • Wat u say man is totaly wrong.. Dnt bear dat pain.

    • Wat u say man is totaly wrong.. Dnt bear dat pain… Ull nt b able to…..

  22. Haha this should be a good one!

  23. I’m excited for this movie!

  24. Wow.. Nice movie i think another block buster in spiderman another fame for the actor and crew especially the director… keep up the good work guys.

  25. I think marvel should give full authority to raimi about this. He is one of the most intelligent head in the industry and he knows what people wants. I can;t wait for this movie to be released.

  26. So if we say that May 13/14th is a day that couldn’t be used for Spider-Man 4… then June 10th would seem a good fit, and would scare the bejesus out of Warner Bros.

  27. As Raimi is one of the most brilliant head marvel have, they should give him the full authority about this. Can’t wait for the next spiderman movie.

  28. Wow! its good to know. both are freggin’ awesome movies and good plot too.