Marvel Roundup: ‘Thor’ Image, ‘Ant-Man’ Script & ‘Avengers’ Fan Poster

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AVENGERS header Marvel Roundup: Thor Image, Ant Man Script & Avengers Fan Poster

There is a lot of Marvel movie news hitting the Web right now, so we thought we’d lasso it all together into one handy little roundup for you guys.

Today we have a new image from Thor to share, news on the progression of Edgar Wright’s (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) script for Ant-Man, and a cool new Avengers fan-made poster that should get you psyched for the film.

Let’s get to it.

New Thor Image

In anticipation of the San Diego Comic Con International next month, we’re starting to see some promotional material leak for Kenneth’s Branagh’s adaptation of Thor. Recently we got a first image of Chris Hemsworth as Thor, and last week we got a look at the Thor set, which included glimpses of some supporting characters.

Today we have another Thor set image, this time showcasing actress Jamie Alexander as Sif, an Asgardian warrior who is also Thor’s sweetheart. The image is a little blurry, but you’ll get the idea.

thorsif2 570x338 Marvel Roundup: Thor Image, Ant Man Script & Avengers Fan Poster

If you look at the bottom right you can sort of make out Hemsworth as Thor. This looks to be a battle scene, and Alexander is sure looking ready to kick some ass as Sif. If you want to see more blurry images of Sif and Thor knocking heads, you can head on over to Coming Soon.


ant man movie Marvel Roundup: Thor Image, Ant Man Script & Avengers Fan Poster

Back in April our own Rob Keyes was speculating on the release date for Marvel’s Ant-Man movie. The miniature hero is supposedly going to get his debut in The Avengers before branching off into a solo movie, which is being written (and likely directed) by Edgar Wright, director of Shaun of the Dead and the upcoming comic book-themed Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Wright spoke with MTV recently and let them know that when he is done polishing up Scott Pilgrim (which has earned a big buzz thanks to some kick-ass trailers), he will go back to work on a second draft of the Ant-Man script for Marvel.

Ah heck, I’ll let the man himself tell you the details:

I know I’m not alone in the opinion that Wright is the perfect guy to handle an Ant-Man movie. This is definitely a superhero movie that cannot afford to take itself to seriously, but still needs some kind of tension or conflict to make it work.

Wright has shown with movies like Shaun of the Dead (and to a lesser extent Hot Fuzz) that he is a master at poking fun at the movie genres he loves (horror, action, superhero) while still telling a good story in that genre – and that’s exactly how Ant-Man needs to be done.

Expect size gags galore.

The Avengers Fan Poster

With every new bit of Marvel casting news we’ve been getting yet another fan-made poster for The Avengers. This latest one features the recent concept art of Chris Evans as Captain America and Chris Hemsworth as Thor, as well as the recently-announced casting of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. The Wasp is also included in the bunch (although the character hasn’t been confirmed for the film), along with a fan-made image of The Hulk that was circulating awhile back.

All in all it’s a pretty epic photoshop job:


avengers fan poster Marvel Roundup: Thor Image, Ant Man Script & Avengers Fan Poster

One can only hope the official Avengers posters turn out as epic as this…and have a lot less photoshopping.

That’s it for our Marvel movie roundup – be sure to stay tuned for the big announcements that are sure to come as we edge closer to Comic Con.

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Sources: Image Host (via /Film), MTVComing Soon

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  1. So far the costumes besides Thor’s seem a little bit meh, you know? But then again I thought Iron Man looked meh during shooting in the first movie. Looking forward to this movie.

    Ant-Man is somewhat an underrated superhero so it needs an underrated touch of the man himself. Also whats up with part of that comment saying “…(to lesser extent Hot Fuzz)”? I really like that movie almost better than Shaun.

    The Avengers is definitely the icing on the cake for Marvel. In Whedon’s hands I can only ponder, but I have high hopes nonetheless. This poster looks supremely EPIC!!

  2. I’m dreading Joss whedon directing this, what has he done that’s any good?
    Does he have the chops for anbig epic movie like this I wonder.

    • Does the movie “Serenity” come to mind?

  3. Where did the Avengers pic come from? It looks great!! Nice job of putting all the characters in the photo..I notice it is Ang Lee’s version of the emerald giant and not the Marvel movie version..

    • That’s actually a fan-made version of Hulk that made the rounds a while back.


  4. Why did they plug in Ashley Greene as the Wasp? Bad armchair casting!

  5. I still think that Eliza Dachku (sp) (dollhouse/buffy fame) would make a great Wasp and Joss likes her in his projects, so i’m hoping that this will happen

    till next time

  6. What has Joss done that’s any good? How about everything he has ever done.

    Eliza i think is a bad casting of Wasp unless you want Wasp to sound like she has been a chain smoker for 30 years and look incredibly trashy.

    I have high hopes for Thor. I don’t care one bit about Ant Man either way unless Nathan Fillion gets the part then I’ll pay attention. Avengers I’m excited for, but torn. On one hand We have Iron Man RDJ and Thor who might be good but yet to be seen not to mention Joss is a genious. However, then we have Chris Evans one of the worst casting choices in comic film history. Torn on Avengers, but no hope what so ever for Captain America solo film.

      • I agree. I was hoping for an accomplished and successful big name director. After all this is “The Avengers” which should be an epic cinematic experience, not an extended TV episode.

        I don’t doubt Whedon’s talent in TV land or comic books, but directing a large scale motion picture of epic proportions and binding the required cinematic visuals and narrative is vastly different to shooting a TV episode.

        • he’ll doo JUST fine trust me. people will flock to it, who would you rather have,that freakin tool ratner!?!?!?

          • @anthony

            Like I said, an accomplished director, someone experienced with a distinguished track record in the world of cinema, not just a freshman from TV land.

            So take your pick, there are many GREAT suitable but probably unaffordable directors that MARVEL could have chosen. You would think for such an important film MARVEL would be cashed up enough to attract a big name director.

            LOL Ratner?? Along with Singer, I don’t think much of their directorial abilities.

              • Read the last line to my previous post concerning your question about Ratner.

                • sarcasm my friend, sarcasm…..

                  • OK I’ll try to be a little more sarcasm friendly with my replies. :-)

      • I don’t know how he’ll do with Avengers but I *loved* Serenity. Abso-freaking-lutely loved it.



  7. How could you seriously think the Buffy movie is better? Seriouly WTF. Oh and Buffy had very little to do with Buffy the Twilight books are rip off copies of another book series that was out before Buffy. The Buffy movie was vomit inducing horrible, but the show was excellant and yet still not hisbest work. Serenity was good Firefly was brillant as was Angel. I’ll give you this much Doll house sucked.

  8. I agree Vic Serenity was very good. Did you ever get the chance to watch firefly the show? Also did you enjoy the show Angel? As much as I loved Buffy it wasn’t in the same league as Angel or Firefly.

    • Yup, seen it and just ordered it on Amazon on Blu-ray.


  9. i was a marvel comicbook reader for 30 years and i have never seen or read a thor comic book with him not wearing his winged helmet and every fight scene that was drawn featured thor wearing & battling with the winged helmet. so someone please tell me why would marvel allow a thor movie to be made showing him without his helmet?

  10. I’m not offended trust me I don’t really ever get offended. Just feel bad for you on what your missing out on. If your not at all interested in vampires I get not enjoying Buffy (believe me it’s nothing like Twilight though it’s funny and smart) I was just caught off guard by liking the movie more and not liking fire fly since posting on this site gives a 99% chance of being a sci fi space ship fan.

  11. Lol Thor has been featured with out his helmet very often in the last 4 or 5 years. Have you not read anything modern ? Did you read any of the ultimate comics?

    • He doesn’t have his helmet in the Ultimate books, true, but it’s there pretty regularly in the regular Marvel books. And it looks pretty badass. Funny how the addition of a little nose guard makes it look cooler and less like a bucket on his head

  12. The Avengers is chock full of characters so there is a definite need for a director who can juggle and balance all these characters the right way,and that man is Whedon. I’m not a huge fan of Whedon,but he does have the uncanny ability to balance multiple characters well. A.N.T.-Man has no place in the Avengers BUT G.I.A.N.T-Man does as well as Wasp. Also I say no to Scott Lang for now,Hank Pym is a classic character that deserves his due,let Lang come to be known later.

  13. I think Whedon is a good choice for Avengers. I guess some people would rather have Michael Bay or Joel Schumacher??

    Oh, and I vote Alyssa Milano for Wasp. 😉

    • NOOOOOOOOO neither of those freakin hollywood tools

  14. i would really like black panther in this; Chiwetel Ejiofor! plus he has worked with josh before. if Nathon is not AntMan would any of you see Bradley Cooper as Hank Pym? I see Eliza more as Scarlett Witch. Moon Bloodgood would be a great Wasp for my taste. I also visioned Tobey Kebbell ”johnny quid” ROCKNROLLA as Quicksilver being in this(the characters ive mentioned would be nice to see assuming the franchise is more than one film, not all crammed in the first one of course)

  15. The Black Panther Chiwetel Ejiofor Gaint Man/Ant Man Bradley Cooper The Wasp Moon Bloodgood Quicksilver Toby Kebbell Scarlett Witch Eliza Dushku would be a nice roster to include into the franchise

    • Sorry, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch belong to Fox so no chance of them in the Avengers anytime soon hence their replacements of Black Widow and Hawkeye. WHich sould work, two fringe heroes of questionable morals replacing the reformed bad guys.

  16. Dear god please don’t put Bradly Cooper in this. The Hangover was his only good film. The guy is massively over rated.

    • I don’t like Bradley Cooper all that much either but that guy is just perfect for an older version of Wally West. He’s the perfect Flash.

  17. The Black Panther Chiwetel Ejiofor Gaint Man/Ant Man Bradley Cooper The Wasp Moon Bloodgood Quicksilver Toby Kebbell Scarlett Witch Eliza Dushku would be a nice roster to include into the franchise

  18. i agree with daniel on everything he says abour Whedon and his shows, and yes like daniel, with the exception of Dollhouse, firefly was brilliant, as was Serenity, this is the firt that ive heard about him directing this, but now that he is on board, im willing to give it a try, Still waiting for that Angel movie Joss!!!!!(i know he has no plans for one, but a guy can drean yah?)

  19. Can someone tell me why they are making an Ant-man movie? He’s even worse than aquaman! I’ve asked around and I have yet to find anyone who even knows of Ant-man’s existence. I understand there probably going with another not mainstream hero but you can’t even call him a b-list hero, at best he’s a d-list. Isn’t there someone, anyone else to make a movie over? Doctor Strange done right could be pretty good.

    • Ant Man, Giant Man, Goliath, and Yellow jacket is a very pivotal character and essential to the history of Avengers.

      As a founding member he has lots of potential as a B-list hero. Worse than Aquaman???? I doubt it. I think your peer group is probably a little too young to have followed his activities in 47 years of Avengers comic books.

      I don’t see the need for so many characters in this first Avengers film. The original 5 founding members is plenty enough.

      • Well said Magnetic Eye! Giant-Man,Wasp,Captain America,Iron Man and Thor is ENOUGH! Any other characters like Hawkeye and Black Widow need to remain as Black/Covert Ops S.H.I.E.L.D agents for this film. Like I said in other posts,if they change Ant-Man’s ability a little by making him create nano-machine ants with different abilities, it’d make more sense. Sending a bunch real insects at someone can easily be handled with a blowtorch. If they’re nano-machines,they could be made to be immune to fire etc. The ants could stand for an acronym like A.N.T.(Animated,Nano,Technology) or something. A.N.T-Man could be made into a cool character. Someone on another site said Simon Baker would make a great Hank Pym,I totally agree to that!

        • Hey yeah! good call Ulik with Simon Baker. I would never have thought of him. Pretty cool another Aussie playing a Marvel super hero. :-)

          • Actually, Simon Baker looks eerily similar to Hank Pym in most depictions of Hank Pym especially in his facial expressions and the fact that he plays in “The Mentalist” works perfectly for him to transition to a “somewhat” similar character such as Hank Pym. It’s actually pure genius, I wish I came up with the idea and I wish Marvel Studios actually sign him on as Hank Pym

            • “The Mentalist” is certainly one show my wife and I enjoy. I can visualize Simon Baker as Hank Pym.

              I guess the same question remains in relation to Nathan Fillion and his show “Castle”, if offered the role, would their current contracts allow time off to shoot a motion picture?

              I’ve mentioned this in earlier posts, but I think Stana Katic would be great as the Wasp.

              I wonder if Marvel would take notice of a petition. Do petitions actually work these days??? :-)

    • You have very obviously been reading the wrong Aquaman.

  20. i never thought the ant man was significant enought in marvel lol

  21. Does The Avengers really need Iron Man AND War machine? Having both seems like overkill. One armored guy is enough

  22. Hank Pym(Ant-man, Giant-man, Goliath, Yellow jacket,and Wasp) is not that great of a hero but adds a good dynamic to the team and much of the drama and story line’s in avengers involve him either by his interaction with his wife, aspiration to be the leader of the group, and by the mistake he made by creating Ultron. I really don’t see an avengers movie without him as one of the founding members.

  23. Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin are the very definition of awesome. Adam needs to play a hero his size is perfect the most talented big guy in acting .

    • adam baldwin has always been a favorite of mine, he was superb in Angel, he is even better in Chuck, nathan is good in just about everything he does lol…SLither, anyone?

    • Uh sorry dude but that stupid mask has to go. There’s another Ultimates uniform that looks way better and more realistic than that. Ultimates #9 has the proper Hawkeye uniform on the front page. One gun is ok. But if he’s not using bows & arrows(preferably a long bow for long range/crossbow for short range)then he aint Hawkeye. The bows & arrows work perfect for stealth missions beside the fact that he has hundreds of different types of tactical arrows for different reasons. You obviously haven’t read enough on Hawkeye.

  24. the ultimates version of marvel characters makes them look sad weak and pitiful. marvel ultimates superhero’s look like superloser’s.

  25. 60s and 70s did not make them look mighter it was cheesier and more poorly designed. There is not one single ultimates comic that makes the heroes look weak not one so not sure what your talking about.

  26. Things to remember, Marvel:
    The 60s and 70s comics art, stories, costumes, and characters “make the man”, or is at least what made the Avengers team famous in the first place. So, OK, do Thor, Capt. America, Hulk, Iron Man, Wasp, & Giant-Man/Ant-Man for the first movie of an Avengers series, but someplace in there get the team of Capt. America, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Wasp & Goliath (Hank Pym in blue/yellow costume) (& OK, Iron Man would be acceptable in that one, too, because he is so cool)in there for a movie. They were one of the best Avengers teams in the comics. Let the 60s and 70s be your guide. Also, keep the costumes IDENTICAL (repeat until learned book and chapter) to the early comics for all the characters. The black leather jump-suits that everyone from the X-Men movies on down wear don’t look like anything I might not have in my closet, also, and I don’t have that many super-powers to keep people from ho-humming my clothes. We need to see the 60s/70s Mandarin (repeat that as necessary until learned by rote) fight the Avengers, if not at least fight against Iron Man in one of his movies (like who is the whipper-snapper villain in IM2? A good dose of Repulsors would blow the baddie’s head right off. All he needs is a chair, blanx-gun, & big cat, & he’d look like a trailer-park trashy lion-tamer!). Yes, the Mandarin, Ultron, some other classic villains like Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man, toss in a few more villains for a screen-bursting slobber-knocker…this is what the fans want to see (remember us? We pay the bills by seeing your movies). I am very hopeful and anxious for the Avengers movie(s), as well as all the other Marvel flicks, but the costumes, actors chosen, etc. have me worried. I will buy all the DVDs, but please help me to enjoy the DVDs by making the flicks worthy of the Mighty Name Of Marvel!

  27. The costumes need to pay respects or reflect some aspects of the original comic book ones but most if not all have to be modernized and made to look more plausible or realistic for the big screen. Certain things just shouldn’t be compromised . For instance the chest armor that Hawkeye is wearing in the poster would work great on film because it actually pays some respect to Hawkeye’s signature color. Thor’s costume looks great from the top but the bottom is off and I don’t think many people would have hated it so much if they at would have give him a belt of gold and some gold touches on the boots.