Marvel Roundup: ‘Thor’ Image, ‘Ant-Man’ Script & ‘Avengers’ Fan Poster

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AVENGERS header Marvel Roundup: Thor Image, Ant Man Script & Avengers Fan Poster

There is a lot of Marvel movie news hitting the Web right now, so we thought we’d lasso it all together into one handy little roundup for you guys.

Today we have a new image from Thor to share, news on the progression of Edgar Wright’s (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) script for Ant-Man, and a cool new Avengers fan-made poster that should get you psyched for the film.

Let’s get to it.

New Thor Image

In anticipation of the San Diego Comic Con International next month, we’re starting to see some promotional material leak for Kenneth’s Branagh’s adaptation of Thor. Recently we got a first image of Chris Hemsworth as Thor, and last week we got a look at the Thor set, which included glimpses of some supporting characters.

Today we have another Thor set image, this time showcasing actress Jamie Alexander as Sif, an Asgardian warrior who is also Thor’s sweetheart. The image is a little blurry, but you’ll get the idea.

thorsif2 570x338 Marvel Roundup: Thor Image, Ant Man Script & Avengers Fan Poster

If you look at the bottom right you can sort of make out Hemsworth as Thor. This looks to be a battle scene, and Alexander is sure looking ready to kick some ass as Sif. If you want to see more blurry images of Sif and Thor knocking heads, you can head on over to Coming Soon.


ant man movie Marvel Roundup: Thor Image, Ant Man Script & Avengers Fan Poster

Back in April our own Rob Keyes was speculating on the release date for Marvel’s Ant-Man movie. The miniature hero is supposedly going to get his debut in The Avengers before branching off into a solo movie, which is being written (and likely directed) by Edgar Wright, director of Shaun of the Dead and the upcoming comic book-themed Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Wright spoke with MTV recently and let them know that when he is done polishing up Scott Pilgrim (which has earned a big buzz thanks to some kick-ass trailers), he will go back to work on a second draft of the Ant-Man script for Marvel.

Ah heck, I’ll let the man himself tell you the details:

I know I’m not alone in the opinion that Wright is the perfect guy to handle an Ant-Man movie. This is definitely a superhero movie that cannot afford to take itself to seriously, but still needs some kind of tension or conflict to make it work.

Wright has shown with movies like Shaun of the Dead (and to a lesser extent Hot Fuzz) that he is a master at poking fun at the movie genres he loves (horror, action, superhero) while still telling a good story in that genre – and that’s exactly how Ant-Man needs to be done.

Expect size gags galore.

The Avengers Fan Poster

With every new bit of Marvel casting news we’ve been getting yet another fan-made poster for The Avengers. This latest one features the recent concept art of Chris Evans as Captain America and Chris Hemsworth as Thor, as well as the recently-announced casting of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. The Wasp is also included in the bunch (although the character hasn’t been confirmed for the film), along with a fan-made image of The Hulk that was circulating awhile back.

All in all it’s a pretty epic photoshop job:


avengers fan poster Marvel Roundup: Thor Image, Ant Man Script & Avengers Fan Poster

One can only hope the official Avengers posters turn out as epic as this…and have a lot less photoshopping.

That’s it for our Marvel movie roundup – be sure to stay tuned for the big announcements that are sure to come as we edge closer to Comic Con.

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Sources: Image Host (via /Film), MTVComing Soon

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  1. No actually Jim this is what you want to see not all the fans YOU. The costumes from the 60s and 70 were cheesy let’s also not forget this is 2010 we make modern costumes for modern heroes. Would you want them out of costume in disco outfits? No so why have out dated costumes let’s not forget the big ugly mess that was Iron man when the avengers first started. Let’s take his costume backwards a few decades to. Hell let’s go all out we can include the blatant racism and tone from the terrible 60s stories as well.

  2. To Daniel F:
    You do have a point in regards to the clunky ORIGINAL Iron Man armor, I must concede…I didn’t think of that; I was refering to some of the red/gold armor that came a little later. Otherwise I pretty much still think the early costumes were best, as opposed to screen-writers & designers making up new costumes that just look like bunch of black leather & spandex or don’t have much to do with the original concept of the characters. Look at Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), The Flash (Barry Allen), Superman or Batman: too much deviation from their original look would detract from the image we have had for years when we think of them. Comics & their movies being what they are (“enjoyable fiction”) require a bit of suspension of realistic belief & acceptance of the chacter’s world (worked great in the 3 Spider-Man movies, among others, so why would COMICS-REALISTIC–or COMICS-UNREALISTIC costumes be such a stretch?); otherwise we might as well stick to reading the newspaper for our “action”! No, if we can accept in superhero movies that Superman flies through the air, Green Lantern has a power-ring, Cyclops shoots laser-like eye-beams, and Thor indeed has a magic hammer that doesn’t say “manufactured by Craftsman Tools” on the handle, we can certainly accept characters’ primary costumes as part of their idiom & being without much problem, I would think. But if it is any comfort to you, I must say having been raised throughout the disco era (I’m 52), I would not want to be caught dressed in disco clothes like “John Revolta” or someone either, be I a hero or not!
    Oh, as regards the blatant racism & tone you refer to: that was part of thge realism of the times at that time (no, I do not think it was right then, or right for now, either). We could modernize that for our movies now, and that would be OK; it does not have to be part and parcel of our superhero movies. neither, however, do i think every movie today, just for the sake of “modernizing” it, has to have drugs, nudity, or homosexual or lesbian affairs going on up on the screen. We can make a movie that is a good movie without referencing that. I do not want to see, “Hi, I’m Dr. Drug-thug-man, and these are my partners, Lesbian-Lady, Hyper-Homo, and The Naked Kid! We’re here to kick everyone’s arse!” Let’s just make good fun super-hero movies, like the fan-base wants.

    • @ Jim G

      Well said. No one is balking at Spiderman’s red & blue costume or Iron Man’s red & gold armor. Daredevil’s costume wasn’t too bad and The Watchmen costumes were a fine example, unlike the bland insipid and uninspired modifications in the X-Men films.

      Thor has a red cape and chain mail in his costume. Captain America is red, white and blue. Should we change Superman’s very colorful costume which was forged in the 30′s? Hell no!.

      A professional costume designer could use darker toned down hues to produce formidable realistic looking costumes. Given their skill set they should be able to forge a contemporary design based on the original blueprint without compromising too much. They have an arsenal of materials to with. As long as the iconic color identifiers remain intact and it looks good, it’ll no doubt work in the movies.

  3. Nathan Fillion? As who?? That guy rocks!!!

  4. The poster looks great. who’s that Ant man never heard of him :(

  5. if thor is without his winged helmet and captain america is without wings on his mask then they should also remove ironman’s helmet for any future avenger’s movie or the next ironman movie. i mean it doesn’t make sense to me that ironman looks like ironman spiderman looks like spiderman but thor and captain america do not look like themselve’s in these marvel movies???

  6. I thought by the second X-Men movie maybe they would have got there costumes. But Hugh Jackman didnt want to wear that costume??

    Does anyone else think they should make a X-Men Tv Series based on the 90s animated universe.

    Nathan Fillion should play Cyclops
    Amanda Righetti should play Jean Grey
    Gina Torres should play Storm
    Kristen Kreuk should play Jubilee
    Eliza Dushku should play Rogue
    James Morrison should play Magneto

    and get someone to play wolverine gambit prof x etc.

    all in there original costumes.

    a marvel version of Heroes but better.
    and directed and written by Joss whedon


    Talking about the Avengers.

    Why dont they just get Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor. better casting.

    • “Talking about the Avengers.

      Why dont they just get Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor. better casting.”

      Ya man, ppl are so hyped that we’re gonna see some new heroes. personally I think the casting would get a little crazy. I expect and HOPE that the Avengers will be Ironman, Hulk, Cpt. America and Thor (with appearances by War Machine, Black Widow or w/e, etc..). I made an Avengers poster…I wish I knew how to upload it :/

    • michael,

      Chill the heck out and watch it with calling people “retarded.” If you can’t keep it civil then go rant elsewhere.


  7. Are you crazy mich? Art in comics didn’t start looking good until after 1980. I can’t even stand reading comics before the 80s they are vomit inducing because they are so damn ugly. The story telling was so awful no layers of plots .

    The ultimate versions are good in there own way nothing wrong at all and great fir new comers.

    • @ Daniel f

      I don’t mind the “Ultimate” versions. As you say they are good in their own way. Personally though I prefer the original mainstream titles, especially those established in the 60′s.

      I started reading comics as a ten year old in 1974, so I guess a lot of my 60′s and 70′s collection is very nostalgic to me . There are tons of classic stories with great artwork from those eras.

      Whilst it was funny to read, do you really believe pre 80′s comics are vomit inducing and ugly? My collection exceeds more than (5000) and I assure you I can find plenty of vomit inducing stories and ugly artwork from the 80′s. :-)

  8. Oh my god man do us all a favor and shut up. Your the only one at all that cares just get over don’t go see the film. Thor is not Thor with out his Hammer screw the helmet as long as he has long hair muscles and a hammer. He’s just a guy in regular cloths? How many people you know with metal plates on their chest and a cape? Because that’s what he’s wearing.

    • lol daniel, man you always crack me up man, yeah clearly that guy(michael) is off his rocker no doubt, you calling him out on it is just funy though, man screenrant is just great, gotta love it!!

  9. Oh you can find ugly art from any time period I’m not saying there are no more bad artists I’m saying the general quality of art has improved especially since the mid 90s. While I was of course exagerating I do seriously mean pre 80s art in general was very ugly and dull. It had a very strong lack of detail. Now they can draw a character and say it was modeled after a person pre 80s was so plain and so void of detail that other than size and hair nothing distingushed people apart they all had a basic nose mouth and eyes. Obviously there are some exceptions
    but I’m speaking in general terms. On average story telling and art is much better now than it was pre 80s. I mean if you took a list of greatest stories or best art in a specific book and made a top ten almost all would be after the 80s.

  10. Micheal you do realize your the only one who thinks that right?

  11. yes.i will stop ranting so much about thor and behave myself.i like the screen rant gang and respect you all very much.

  12. I am hoping the Avengers movie (s) will be a trilogy like I heard proposed on some websites. Having said that, here are who I would like to see as the hero team: for the first movie, because you have to do an origins-style flick to begin with, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Giant-Man/Ant-Man, and Wasp. In a second or third movie, let’s make the team Captain America, Goliath (Hank Pym), Wasp, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye (& I probably would not balk if Iron man were thrown into that mix as well, since I always liked him). This second team always meshed well in the original comics (I go back to the 60s & 70s for comics), lots of personalities and group dynamics, when they were getting along, when they weren’t, and when it was “clobbering time” as a team. Although I was never a big fan of Thor & Hulk, you sort of need them for the origin story at least. An essential point: keep the costumes as they were in the comics! Iron Man looks OK in the movies out so far, as I always liked most of the earlier armors. Don’t make him big and clunky, though. The movie Captain America and Thor costumes I have seen so far makes me say about the designers, “There You Go Again”, (with apologies to the great Ronald Reagan for stealing his line): costumes don’t look like the “real McCoy” costumes of the comics. That makes me nervous the “new look” will detract from the persona we imagine for the characters. And bring in some of the old comic villians; Ultron, Mandarin, etc. Multiple villains would be OK, and some with super-powers, please, not just tech-based clunky robots & whipper-snappers, stuff like that. We expect abnormal & super-charged powers in our movies in this genre, it’s ok, don’t be shy! I dread a Spider-man reboot, the first 3 were good except for Peter parker blubbering all the time and the dance-scene in #3. I would have liked things to work out with Raimi/McQuire, but did not want Vulture as a bad-guy (a geriatric old poop like Grandpa Munster in a Tweety-Bird outfit!). Better villains would have been Mysterio, Electro, Lizard, Scorpion, and maybe Morbius if that was not too much for kids watching, etc. (And not Rhino, either; he looks like my fat brother-in-law with a unicorn horn that could easily slip onto his schnoz! He might as well wear a beanie with a propeller on his head to make him look more macho!). Sandman’s special effects were pretty good, though.
    A word on costumes, etc.: I am anxiously awaiting Green Lantern and Flash movies: KEEP THOSE COSTUMES AS THE COMICS ORIGINALLY INTENDED! Think Barry Allen Flash, Hal Jordan Green Lantern. And how about a Dr. Fate/Hourman movie (think Silver Age, Kent Nelson & Rex Tyler). They were so underplayed, looked great, interacted well, and were just so darned cool with so much potential! Other things on my comic hero fantasy drem-list: a Fantatsic Four movie where they fight the Frightful Four (Wizard, Sandman, Trapster, Medusa); an X-Men movie where they fight the Sentinels, almost an essential! I always especially loved Cyclops in the early comics, and thought he was dreadfully underused in the current movies, which kind of turned into the “Wolverine & them other guys” show.
    Despite flaws, the X-Men movies were ambitious and had alot to recommend them overall, but I would almost like to see a well-done (stress that word, “well-done”) reboot where they fought the Sentinels, IF one could be done with good acting, writing, special effects, directing, etc. I also would like to see a T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents movie (remember the short-lived Wally Woods comic back in–was it the 70s?). Heores Dynamo, Noman, Menthor, Lightning, the Thunder Squad, against Andor, the Iron Maiden, etc.? It was great: kind of like a Man From Uncle meets special forces techno-thriller for the age with super-powered heroes and villains thrown in for good measure. Now there was a comic that surely should have gone places, if they had had the finacing, etc. Anyone not remembering them should look them up on the internet or in old comics references for a treat.
    Anyways, this is getting long, so will end here as my typewriter’s keys may otherwise start smoking from overuse; thank you for your indulgence in my comic-drone-ons! Please leave your thoughts on these ideas, always like to see feedback!

  13. The fan poster is really cool & the characters look awesome! But, they never confirmed war machine, wasp, or ant-man were going to be in the avengers movie!