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thor movie reviews Thor Review
Screen Rant’s Vic Holtreman reviews Thor

While I suppose Fast Five has claimed the early bird title of the film that kicked off the U.S. 2011 summer movie season, Thor is starting off what will be a summer heavy with superhero films. The question on everyone’s mind is will it start things off with a bang or a whimper?

Overall the story is pretty straightforward: Thor is the favored son of Odin over brother Loki, Thor is not shy about his position (poor self-esteem is NOT one of his problems), he disobeys his father, bringing danger to Asgard, is banished, and must somehow become “worthy” in order to regain his place (and power) in the kingdom.

Banishment sends Thor (Chris Hemsworth) to Earth – specifically to the outskirts of a very small town in New Mexico and into the company of Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). Jane is an astrophysicist whose research lies outside the mainstream – she’s a bit of a free spirit (for a scientist). Working with her is a veteran scientist  played by Stellan Skarsgård and a young, annoyingly goofy assistant played by Kat Dennings. They come upon the relatively de-powered Thor and can’t seem to separate themselves from his company.

Thor’s arrival was followed by that of the mighty Mjolnir, his magic-imbued (or here, in the film, more science than magic) hammer. Mjolnir comes to the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. and our favorite man in black, Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg). Mjolnir can only be lifted/used by those who are worthy, and due to his being cast out, Thor is not able to retrieve it from the compound surrounding it.

Meanwhile, his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is in Asgard and up to no good. He eventually delivers a message to Thor that leaves our erstwhile hero completely disheartened and resigned to his fate – to live out the rest of his life as a mere mortal on Earth.

The film has two very distinct personalities: Asgard (and the celestial realm) – and Earth (specifically, small town New Mexico). When the film is in Asgard and points beyond, it is completely engaging and engrossing. Complaints about how silly the costumes/armor looked in early photos will vanish, as they look like they completely belong. While there is a bit of humor, there is no tongue-in-cheek to be found in these off-world locations, and I for one was very thankful for that.

tom hiddleston thor Thor Review

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in 'Thor'

Asgard is where the movie really shines, and it is there that Tom Hiddleston, as Loki, steals the film. Director Kenneth Branagh coaxes a nuanced performance from him that is very far from a mustache-twirling villain. He is not just conflicted – you can actually be tempted to take his side despite the dark path he follows. He just does an amazing job and will probably be a lot of folks’ favorite character from the film.

Anthony Hopkins is as regal and powerful as ever – and when early on he puts Thor in his place with a mighty bellow you’ll feel like maybe you should shut the heck up and pay attention as well. Ray Stevenson as “bulky” warrior Volstag is nigh unrecognizable under all that beard and hair but he plays the boisterous soldier well and with a touch of fun. Jaimie Alexander is a believable female warrior and acquits herself well – playing it strong while still seeming a lady.

A contender for “favorite character” in the film will be Idris Elba as Heimdall, the sentry and gatekeeper of Asgard. He is not on screen very long, but he’s a commanding presence every time he appears. He has a regal, noble, powerful sense about him that commands and holds your attention, and you’ll be wishing he had more screen time in the movie.

idris elba heimdall thor Thor Review

Idris Elba as Heimdall in 'Thor'

And then we have the part of the story that takes place on Earth. This is where the trademark Marvel movie humor was injected into the film, and for me, much of it was overly goofy and overused. There were a couple of funny moments that were a bit more restrained that I enjoyed (a post-drinking scene between Hemsworth and Skarsgård was short, subtle and quite funny).

The tone for the humor in the film was set right from the opening, which had me groaning and concerned for what might come during the course of the movie. I found the opening scene semi-ludicrous (imagine a tornado chaser wanting to drive right INTO the tornado, that also has a lightning storm happening inside it), and the sophomoric humor brought to the first few scenes courtesy of Dennings’ character left me cold (although the audience I was with seemed to enjoy it). Things evened out over time (thankfully), but still, parts of the movie that took place on Earth left me yearning for a return to Asgard.

To his credit, Chris Hemsworth did a fine job playing the supremely arrogant Thor – arrogant even without his super-powers. He softened by the end of the film (a bit too suddenly, I think) but he was believable on both sides of the personality shift. He was very charming even in his arrogance. Natalie Portman didn’t really have a lot to do here and seemed like she could have been played by most any attractive young thirty-something actress – nothing really of note in her performance. Then again, she really wasn’t given much to do.

chris hemsworth thor1 Thor Review

Chris Hemsworth as the de-powered Thor

Asgard interiors looked amazing, although the exteriors looked a little to “Star Wars prequel” for my taste. The design they came up with for the rainbow bridge was both impressive (you try making a “rainbow bridge” real) and effective. Another great design was that of the gateway – very visually interesting in both appearance and function. Jotunheim, the planet of the Frost Giants was appropriately vast and barren, although the monstrous creature seen in the trailers looked a bit CGI-ish.

There were multiple battles throughout the film to keep action-lovers sated, and although the final battle on Earth seemed a bit disappointing, the early battle with the Frost Giants from Jotunheim and a final face-off in Asgard are pretty damned epic. Especially in the former you definitely get a sense of the incredible power of Thor. If I have any complaints it’s that the fight scenes were shot in that uber-annoying, close-in, super-choppy-editing style. The darkness in some of the scenes compounded with the darkening of the 3D glasses/effects made some of it look extremely murky.

Speaking of 3D, while I think the concept of post-production 3D is terrible (if you’re going to make a 3D movie, SHOOT it using 3D cameras), I didn’t see any of the usual telltale signs of after-the-fact 3D: the back of an actor’s head floating apart from his face, the look of 2D layers separated by artificial depth, etc. On the other hand, there’s nothing much here to make this worth seeing in 3D. If you can see it in 2D, I recommend you just do that instead.

For the Marvel fans, the appearance of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye in the film seemed superfluous – it was there more as a tie-in to the Avengers movie and as a little Easter egg for you. Yes, they did incorporate Thor’s alter-ego Donald Blake into the film in a offhand and creative way – and I will not spoil for you how Thor used his hammer and whether it matched his use of Mjolnir in the comics. simple smile Thor Review

Overall, Thor was a very enjoyable ride that combined epic action and scenery, but not at the expense of letting the audience get to know some great characters. Right now I’d say this is probably the second best Marvel-produced superhero movie, behind the first Iron Man.

If you want to talk freely about the film without worrying about spoiling it for others, please head on over to our Thor Spoilers Discussion.

Here’s a trailer for Thor:

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Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5
(Very Good)

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    • That wasn’t made by Marvel, it was made by Sony with characters licensed from Marvel. Marvel had no control over the movie. With Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Thor, they had total control over the movie.

        • Wow, I loved all 3 movies. Thought TIH was the best onscreen interpretation yet. Iron Man was simply awesome, IMO. It’s one of my favorite all-time movies, much less superhero movie. To each their own, I guess.

          • Iron Man is definitely my favorite comic book movie. I would put Thor just below it. Of course, Green Lantern is coming out and Captain American, so that may change.

  1. Not bad for a comic book translation. CGI in the beginning was a little out there but I guess it had to be.

    • Agreed. It was only the hammer in a part or two that didn’t look right to me.

  2. Good review and I agree overall with your points.

    The Asgard sections were definitely the best part of the film for me and at the end I did wish we’d seen more.

    Fantastic work by the cast overall, particularly those from Asgard. I do wish that the Warrior’s Three and Sif had gotten more screen time as what I did see of them left me wanting to get a more in-depth view. Always the sequel I suppose.

    Hemsworth was great as Thor and I look forward to seeing him in the future. You’re right in that even when he was being arrogant, he could come across as being likable and charming. Regarding his character development in the film, I agree and disagree at the same time. It was all rather quick, but given what Thor was confronted with in his time on Earth, particularly one scene that to me was the key to his change of character, I think it fits. It was rather funny when his rather sudden change of heart was actually questioned in the film so perhaps that could be an acknowledgement.

    Portman was fine, though I agree she didn’t really seem to have much to do other than be the love interest, which came across even more suddenly than Thor’s development to me. Why does there always have to be a romance subplot? I understand it isn’t exactly silly to do given the characters, but they could have taken a slower pace. I thought the way they implied Sif having romantic feelings for Thor, as Alexander spoke of in her interview, was much better done. That’s me though.

    Heimdall was indeed one of my favorite characters and pretty much every scene with him was great. Elba did a great job overall and I hope to see more of him in the role in the future.

    Hopkins did a good job as expected, delivering the role of a ruler trying to be a good father as well as trying to maintain a tense peace very well. His scenes with Loki I quite enjoyed in particular.

    And speaking of him, Hiddleston was simply brilliant as Loki and for me he did steal the show. I think it may be that I was always wondering what sort of angle he was playing at or if what he seemed to be doing was really the case, which is perfect given he is the Trickster God. I quite liked the way they did his magic as well. His interactions with the rest of the cast were quite good, especially with Hopkins and Hemsworth.

    The humor during the Earth scenes wasn’t the best though occasionally it made me chuckle. I was amused that even the other characters seemed annoyed by Dennings’ character. Of all the Earth characters, I think I liked Skarsgard’s Selvig the most though that is partly to do with me liking the scenes with him and Hemsworth such as the post-drinking scene you mentioned.

    I also have to agree about some of those early scenes being a bit hard to follow as well as rather dark. I thought it might be my theater, but I suppose not.

    I always enjoy seeing Agent Coulson and liked the little glimpse we got of Renner as Hawkeye as well.

    Overall, good movie and a great start to the summer season. Next up on superheroes is Green Lantern and then Captain America (X-Men as well, though I’m honestly not too interested despite the trailers not looking too bad). It’d be great if we had a series of excellent adaptations.

    • Also agree with you, but I’ll say it again (and I know I’m starting to get irritating, screenrant – so I’ll stop after this :)) THOR DESERVES FOUR!

  3. Just got back from Thor and I absolutely loved it. 4 of 5 stars from me, and it might have been higher if I hadn’t been watching it in god awful 3D. There were parts of the movie that I really couldn’t see properly in the 3D, heck they were almost blurry. I thought the casting for this film was fantastic. Hiddleston as Loki was brilliant. I can’t wait to see this on Blu-Ray so I can really see what happened with the Frost Giants!!

    • I completely agree with you man! Getting it on Blu-Ray the day it comes out!
      I give the movie 5 out of 5 (because I’m a fan). It’s worth 4 stars if I look purely at the acting, plot, special effects, etc. People shouldn’t see it in 3D… I think 3D is what’s ruining it’s (deserved) great score. Will definitely see it in 2D as soon as it comes to our theater (they only show it in 3D for the first few weeks)

  4. Great movie. Second to the original ‘Iron Man’ as far as “Avengers” movies go. That being said, the product placement was ridiculous! I kept wondering if this was a part of, ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’.

  5. I think the story was great. The humor did not bother me, I did not think it was over done. The special effects, Asgard visuals mostly, I thought were well done, but over done. I agree with you Vic, too star wars. I will probably have the same problem with G.L. when I see it. Major disagreement with you on Tom Hiddleston. I thought his performance was great, but not the show stealer. Thor fighting and using the hammer, awesome. Most disappointing for me, the warriors three I thought were pretty lame, no character development, and their “armor” looked plastic in most scenes. Good teaser at the end of the credits. Awesome movie, worth the wait.

  6. Ghost, if you’re out there, this comment is for you. Marvel studios just put out a great movie with a walking metal bad guy, and the effects were great. Fox, on the other hand,( the older more experienced studio ), can’t even do a decent Colossus, and they’ve had two shots at it already. Just messin with you man. :)

    • You may be joking but you’re right. Fox had a perfect opportunity for Colossus in X-Men 3 to fight Juggernaut, and they seriously dropped the ball. Let us pray that Fox sells the rights back to where it belongs.

  7. I loved how they did rainbow bridge..

  8. Come on screenrant… 3.5 out of 5? The same score as Fast 5? Fast 5 was terrible, Thor wasn’t. Please reconsider your rating. From your poll I see that over 80% of people think it’s worth 4 or 5 stars… this rating does not do justice to the movie… the acting was great (except for the “earthlings”) and the special effects were amazing (granted, it looked blurry in 3D – but doesn’t everything?). I am asking you, please, please reconsider.

    • Sorry for posting the same comment twice… last night (when I typed the first) my internet was really dodgy… I didn’t think it went through. Just ignore the above comment

      Or don’t
      We could have the same discussion again 😉

      But seriously over 80% think it’s worth at least 4 stars… I don’t get WHY it didn’t get 4 and why it had to get 3.5?

    • TheAvenger,

      Follow the link to R/T and you’ll see the average rating is 3.4/5. 8)

      WHY does the rating matter so much? Did you not read the review? All this angst over a score is the reason that from time to time I debate dumping that aspect of our movie reviews.


      • don’t you know the rating is life or death!! 😉 ha! no i agree with you, I don’t see the big deal about the rating. i agree with what you said and your rating vic.

      • The reason I care about the rating is this:

        Yes, I am exaggerating a bit, but I still think that it deserves a bit more. I won’t argue or anything, it’s simply my opinion and I respect your rating :)

        • Um, the last Transformers movie was critically panned, but made a gajillion dollars. Thus we get another Transformers movie. As long as the film makes a boat load of money, it’ll get a sequel. In the first weekend of a comic book film, especially one hyped as much as Thor, it’ll be the comic fans that give the film good word of mouth. So even if it gets a bad review or 2, if the general buzz of the film is good it will be successful. I think 3.5 is a fair rating, but personally I would have given it a 4. There were areas that needed to be fleshed out a bit more, but it was definitely a fun movie.

        • TheAvenger,

          Greenlighting a sequel has NOTHING to do with critics’ reviews – it’s all based on how much money the movie makes.


          • @ Vic

            I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Batman & Robin made money money-wise & a 5th film was gonna be greenlighted but was cancelled due to negative critic & fan reviews not long after Batman & Robin’s release.

            • WallyWest,

              Cost: $35MM – Total Box Office: $411MM

              Batman Returns:
              Cost: $80MM – Total Box Office: $267MM

              Batman Forever:
              Cost: $100MM – Total Box Office: $337MM

              Batman and Robin
              Cost: $125MM – Total Box Office: $239MM

              Domestic Box Office of the last film was only 60% of the film that came before.


              • @ Vic

                According to what i read on Wikipedia, it stated the film’s worldwide total was $238.2 million. Warner Bros. declared it a finacial success,but not on the scale they hoped for. It may not outgrossed any of the previous films but made enough to greenlight a sequel but WB mostly rejected the idea of makin a 5th film due mostly to negative critic & fan reviews. I find that part very much to be true.

  9. did anyone else find the extra scene at the end a bit of a let down? i enjoyed the actual film, but unlike Iron Man 1 and 2 I didn’t feel it was worth waiting around to see that scene. I’m sure it will make sense at some point, whether in Cap or Avengers. But still I would have liked a cooler extra scene than what we got. Any thoughts?

    • I look at it this way. It was not important to the movie I just watched. It was extra.

      Dont take them for granted is my opinion on them if not we will soon be basing opinions on an extra 2 mins in a film that has no real impact.

      So they are in a bind if they dont show them people will complain about them, if they do show them then people will be complaining they are not that great. Its a viscous little cycle so I just sit back and smile when I see them enjoying that little extra moment.

    • As a real big fan of Marvel Comics I can assure you that scene was awesome. As soon as Cap comes out that scene will make perfect sense to those who aren’t such big fans. But just to ease your mind, that blue box was the cosmic cube (although you probably know that) and the cosmic cube plays a big part in Cap the movie.

      • and probably The Avengers movie. Yet it still doesnt compare to the nods the other extra 2mins were in other films.

        So it wasnt that awesome to a lot of people even those that are comic fans.

  10. Yeah the extra scene was weak. It’s obvious what it’s foreshadowing but I can’t spoil it for others. All I can say is that it’s for the avengers not cap.

    I can’t believe some of you got sucked into seeing this in 3D. When will you learn that it’s just a way to steal your hard earned dollars.

    • Some of us didn’t really have the option of 2D, Snake. I would much rather have seen this in 2D, but my local theater only was showing it in 3D in 2 theaters. I wasn’t about to spend $10 in gas just to save $4 on a movie ticket.

      • Fair enough Andy.

  11. Well lets get yelled at. 3/5

    What worked. The characters except for Agent Coulson and the extras. First off the good from that. Every character from the books were spot on. Thor was just regal enough to hopefully have some more of it come through in the Avengers.

    The Warriors Three caught Fandral wooing, Volstagg eating and Hogun with his spikey mace. Would liked to have seen his fluffy hat though.

    Odin was well Odin. Gentle and stern as a father when needed to be and strict/nonbiased as a King has to be.

    Lady Sif seemed to be around just to be around. I would have liked to see a little more of her.

    Loki was what he is. You could see (at least I could maybe it was the IMAX 3D) the gears turning everytime he was on screen. Maybe it was me knowing who he is, maybe it was the writing, maybe it was the acting. Or just maybe as with any good movie it was a combonation of it all.

    Heimdall was in it enough. There was nothing wrong about his character. He played an important part of the film and did it very well. He was there enough to not feel as though it was a look at me look at me character.

    The humans… meh. I thought most of them were just filler. Skarsgård imo was the best of the lot. He seemed to be the character that knows everything and wants to shout it out but for some deep reason he keeps it suppressed. Maybe this is why we saw what we did at the end.

    Coulson….. He just didnt compare to the Coulson in IM. Maybe this was his first solo assignment and he wanted to be rigid. He didnt seem to carry the levity as well or it seemed forced. Maybe because Nick wasnt there to compare it with. I dont know there was just something about him that I cant put my finger on that I didnt like. (oooo maybe he is a Skrull!!)

    Like the humans some of the movie seemed to have too much filler in it. Which mostly took place on Earth. When we cut to Asgard I knew to listen and pay more attention. While on Earth I just found myself not caring in most parts.

    When you are watching a movie and at least 40% (made up percentage) is spent not really caring it brings it down for me.

    People are gonna hate however I still place it below IM and about on par if not lower (little) then IM2.

    I make no quams about the way I want to see my superhero movies. A summer blockbuster superhero action popcorn flick this was not.

    It was more like a summer blockbuster film that prepares you for other films. I really dont see a Thor 2 and would be fine without it. I see Thor as a staple with the Avengers and this his origin story. Nothing more nothing less.

    • Oh and to cover the 3D… sorry son interrupted.

      IMAX 3D was not that bad being my first IMAX 3D. As long as I didnt turn to one side more then the other it seemed like a slightly enhanced version of the film.

      I can only guess any other 3D variant would be worse.

      You bozos that come in 5 mins before a movie starts (especially opening weekend) and expect to find seats in the upper area just need to stop walking around like lost puppy dogs thinking you are going to find someplace together. Sit down in the lower area or sit apart. It boggles the mind that people would think there are 2 or more seats together.

      You are running “late” deal with it.

      • Aknot, we must live in the same town, two guys came in our theatre last night as the lights were dimming hollering,”hey guys, are there two seats together anywhere”? I offered to rent them my seat. lol.

        • Then again, maybe not, because I saw it in 2-d.

        • This is why I go to see movies on Saturday mornings,when the tickets are cheaper and there are less idiots in the theater.

    • @ “Aknot”
      I mean no personal offense and don’t mean any of the following comments in a bad way but I just gotta say it:
      First of, I kind of agree with what you are saying about the movie BUT
      I can truly picture you in a movie theater, in the best seat in the house, big grin on your face, thinking you know better that anyone else – which is obviously not true because you liked IM2 more than IM1. Don’t get me wrong, there were some awesome bits in IM2. But Thor is definitely better than IM2.

      You kind of spoil the comment page for me with all your NEGATIVE opinions. (This one excluded)
      I think you should get your own website or blog and just RANT all you want. I mean your comment is almost longer than the whole review!

      Also, I really hope you’re wrong… because I would LOVE to see Thor again in theaters in a new adventure (hopefully exploring more of the 9 realms)


      • Its ok and I believe you read things to fast wanting to inject your opinion…spastic like. Which you shouldnt take in a bad way.

        Case in point I state:
        “People are gonna hate however I still place it below IM and about on par if not lower (little) then IM2.”

        No where do I say I liked IM2 more than IM1.

        Meaning IM1 then IM2 and then Thor which was on par or less then enjoyable then IM2.

        How do I spoil the site with all of my negatve comments considering its a site for comments and opinions not one sided views? Much like a few others here I think you should dictate less of what you think other people should do and just worry about yourself. I dont believe there is a character limit for posts. If I hit it I will then think about shortening my posts.

        Case in point you may like Strawberry Ice Cream I may hate it. Neither us is wrong or right. We could say Strawberry is the best selling ice cream which would be based on fact. However when you bring PERSONAL opinion into the mix there is no right or wrong. Just differences.

        Thor and a sequel. While you, I and all the other comic fans can see story lines, we dont matter. While money plays a big roll its also based on feasible believability in the charcters stories to the general public. (Although I dont see the demand for Fast and Furious…. again Opinion) Add that to the fact Marvel/Disney (IMO) does not want to spew out movies just to spew them out. They want to build something. Just having a Thor movie because the money is right and comic fans want it does not mean it should or will be done.

        Would I see a second one? You bet I would. However I wouldnt want it to be thrown out there.

        That and Thor (again my opinion) is not that big of a solo player to the general public.

        Again MY OPINION.

        • I agree with you, and I don’t wanna make trouble. It’s not ALL your comments that are negative, just some, but it’s not that big a deal, and I don’t want to get in to this. I ACTUALLY JUST THINK THAT SOME OF YOUR COMMENTS ARE A BIT TOO SERIOUS (which is not a bad thing) if you look at most of the other comments, they’re a lot more joke-ey.

          I was actually complementing you (although it might not have seemed that way) about the way you write when I said that you should get your own site or blog, I mean, I would read it.

          Also, sorry, you are right, I did read that part about iron man wrong (but don’t call me spastic ;)) – in my defense – it was almost 01:00 in the morning (where I live) when I read that comment – so I was really tired.

          • Fair enough. I wish I had time.

            They are serious to a degree when it covers something I want to point out. Be it serious negative or serious positive.

            If you (not you the collective you) are always joking no one will know when you are trying to make a valid point.

            I have enjoyed comics for 30 some years and have seen the ups downs and sideways with our (its ours, the collectors/followers) medium. Ive seen the earlier transfers to include the B&W Captain Americas, Batmans and Green Hornets all the way through the Movies, TV shows to include Wonder Woman,Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, and into Superman, Batman and others FINALLY getting justice on the big screen.

            So I see it as a transition yet it cant get to big for itself or it will saturate the market so to speak.

            Once it does that we get into the Sonys and Foxs across the board and watching a superhero on the big screen will become ho hum and not as exciting anymore.

            IMO…. 😀

  12. So far its on track to pull in around 65m. And that’s awesome! Because it was in 3DImax and Fast&Furious wasn’t.
    I think we have seen the peak of 3DImax sales for a long time. Its clear to me that people just can’t afford the extra price or don’t even bother seeing the film when there’s NO 2D option.

    Personally I don’t care about Thor, I’ll catch this on dvd used.

    • Fast and Furious were playing IMax in my city. Just not 3D.

  13. Anyone on this board (or anywhere for that matter) that is watching this (or any other movie) illegally online and then have the nerve to boast about it on these boards should be tracked down and arrested.

    It’s bad enough you are outright stealing from people’s livelihoods but to actually post it is a slap in the face. I really hope the law gets wise and strikes these people down with some kind of IRS put your house up kind of fine.

    There are plenty of hard working people that can barley afford to go to the movies with their families but still make the sacrifice to do so. Anyone that is pirating movies and thinks its cool needs to be taken care of.

    • Thanks for that pre-emptive public informstion outlet, Grab Them Cakes. So who here was trumpeting that they were going to watch this movie online without paying for it? Name them. Now.

      So yes, that would be no one.

      So who are you, and what was the purpose of your “barley” thought-out exposition?

      Yes, that would be no one, and nothing of any consequence, then.

      • informAtion.

        By hook or by crook…

    • Yawn..

      Oh sorry I fell asleep my bad. Let me try to read your pointless whiny annoying rant again… darn fell asleep again.

    • Whoever smelt it, dealt it.

    • The Big Dentist, Daniel F, Jake the Snake, and 790…

      Ummm, you guys might want to apologize for being unnecessarily obnoxious to Grab Them Cakes for his little rant about watching online movies illegally. The below quotation from tankD was copied-and-pasted from page one of this very thread. While it’s sweet that he said he’ll go to the theater to watch a PAID-FOR version, but it’s a good thing he liked the film, otherwise he would have only seen it ILLEGALLY.

      In other words, it was NOT pre-emptive,inconsequential, whiny, or pointless. Hmmm…

      tankD 1 day ago

      Iv already seen it 3 times… online and ill be watching it in theatres tonight to support Marvel!!

      • …sigh…Get rid of the extra “but”.

      • No interest in apologizing it was still everything I said. Still pointless whiny and annoying. Pointless because anyone who does download is still going to download and won’t care. Anyone who doesn’t download for the most part is not gonna care about his rant. Whinny because… Well did you read it? It was whinny. Whining tends to be annoying so it fits. I don’t have a problem with downloading and most stats have proven that it really hasn’t hurt anything. So to me the rants about it are really just annoying.

      • Missed that one, Archaeon. Fair enough.

        • TBD…

          I wasn’t trying to be judgemental, and I certainly don’t think illegal downloading or copying should be a death-penalty crime ;). I just was caught off-guard when I saw people attacking a poster who had made what I thought was a legitimate (and oft-stated on this site) point…Admittedly, GBC DID take his point WAY past where I would have…

          • …oops. GTC…no idea where GBC came from 😛

    • I agree with you “Grab Them Cakes”.

      And to “The Big Dentist”: it doesn’t matter if there wasn’t anybody on this page who confessed to watching movies illegally, his comment went out to EVERY ONE. He was simply stating that pirated movies are wrong and illegal. I don’t get why you are so abrasive towards him, he was just trying to get the message out: PIRACY IS WRONG/ILLEGAL AND BOASTING ABOUT IT IS EVEN WORSE.

      • Likewise, TheAvenger – I actually agree with GTC’s sentiments. Having missed the line he was on about, though, his post struck me as spam masquerading as a legitimate comment. It’s the sneaky, insidious nature of those that makes me really angry, and I reply to them accordingly. Looks like I jumped the gun on this one, however.

    • Grab Them Cakes, I assumed you were some kind of spammer. Looks as though I was the one who pre-empted you. My mistake – sorry for coming down on you like a ton of bricks.

    • “Anyone that is pirating movies and thinks its cool needs to be taken care of. @ Grab Them Cakes”

      Yeah!!! Uhh,…mmm, well that is until someone who feels this way finds some fault in you or about something you may or may not have done and then wants the world to then take care of you. Then you might sing a different tune.

      Remember, unless you have mastered time travel you can’t undo misdeeds or things said in anger any more then you can undo a law that reduces your freedom or liberty, once the government has it in place.

      While it may just be a joke, there are food police out there who would loooovvve to use government power to tell you no more cakes because they’re bad for you and that in turn affects us all thru insurances costs and so you must go without your cakes.

  14. Very janet napolatano of you @Grab Them Cakes. You really seem to crave a police state where the Irs police can come in and take away your home, if your caught watching Thor illegally online. That’s what we should focus on as a global future? Really?

    How would you like to live in a reality that turns the web into a “right” you have to purchase and continually earn? How would you like to provide 5 rotating passwords and a secret question answer to post comments on Screen Rant? No more Screen Rant costume photos or movie trailers unless Vic can afford to pay at copyright tax that would put taxes on EVERY SINGLE IMAGE of Thor, Batman even Justin Bieber. Think about that, “PAYING” for an image of Justin Bieber just to put up his mug at the top of a story. Vic will of course pass that expense on to you,,,

    I worldwide copyrite online tax and penalty system run in conjunction with online obamacare that completley keeps everyone safe and trackable online. If anyones caught with an illegal image of Justin Bieber, will pay hefty fines. Dont worry, of course you’ll have some form of payment option. :)

    If your unable to pay or unwilling to follow these rules you will be banished from using or accessing anything onlne. This will really suck because by then your heathcare and livelyhood will be directly involved with cyberspace. Loosing that access will turn you at best case, into a family dependent, worse case a fugitive lawbreaker.
    Is that the online future your longing to see @Grab Them Cakes?, then don’t download, pay or rent THX-1138 or Children of Men.

    That’s your future or your kids future, depending on how old you are. :)

  15. I still don’t get the no 2D crap. I’ve watched the film twice now and both times I watched it in 2D. 5 theaters in my area all of them not only have 2d, but 4 of them show 2D almost twice as much as they do the 3D. 9 showings in 2D and only 3 showing in 3d. The fifth one doesn’t even offer 3D not an option at all.

      • Yea I’ve heard that Europe seems to be going full steam ahead with the 3D craze. America is moving forward with it, but not so crazy about it. Still easy to find 2D in America and still fairly easy to find theaters that don’t even offer 3D. However, lot of my UK friends have all expressed the lack of a 2D option in Britain and Germany and other UK areas.

        • Yeah, it depends on the country I guess. I live in South Africa. Almost all the theaters only show it in 3D. But I found out that after the first few weeks, when a new 3D movie comes along, the old 3D movie gets shown in 2D for the remaining few weeks.

    • Um, Marvel did have ENTIRE control over this movie, from the scripts to the actors to the color of the Natalie Portman’s shirt. So Marvel thought the sequence with The Destroyer was ok.

    • Thor has beaten The Destroyer before. It wasn’t that long ago that he whooped Balder and Dr. Doom who were both possessing the metal beast.

      • That’s true, I would have liked the fight to be alil more like– a FIGHT.. lol I mean, Thor kicked his ass quick. I would have liked to see some fist-a-cuffs. It didn’t have to be a 15 minute fight of anything but the Destroyer is called the Destroyer in Asgard for a reason. At least the Destroyer could have put up a fight.

        But all in all I really liked the film as well. It’s funny, how my friend and people were nitpicking on the lines and the things that persons were saying, and what this person was wearing. Movies are dissected much more than any other medium. Comic book movies are anyways by comic geeks, If this was a tv show we’d love it, if this was a comic book cartoon we would really like it. I don’t try to look into every single aspect as much as I find myself sometimes use to do to a movie. But ultimately the movie was really good.

        To me the Thor movie came off like a first EPISODE. It was done with the full knowledge there is going to be a part two and he is going to show up in Avengers. This isn’t one of those movies where they dont know if there is going to be a part 2 and they cram everything into it and kill off the bad guys.

      • In which Thor comic series did Thor ever defeat the Destroyer by sheer force before he obtained the Odin power?

        Marvel doesn’t have creative control over these movies, their people act as consultants not the authorities of the content!

  16. An by the way before anyone claims i saw it online I actually went to the movies with my son to watch this because I thought it had such promise. A waste of my money.

  17. Andy,,,a friend of mine is seeing it right now, if he says its good I may see it during next week,,, matinee depending on the 2D situation. :)

  18. As a fan of the comics and knowing the history behind Thor in Marvel, I can say whole heartedly that I enjoyed this movie.

    The Asgard scenes are what appealed to me the most (Anthony Hopkins throwing that Frost Giant with his spear was amazing), but the destroyer fight (along with the humor from the arrival of The Warriors Three and Sif) were also great. Could have been the glasses, but the 3D didn’t seem to really be around that often at all.

    Rene Russo also seemed pretty much unneeded through the entire film. Felt like they should have replaced her with Balder or even The Enchantress.

    • Actually, for my part, I was happy to see Odin’s wife, Frigga; she’s so rarely shown ANYWHERE…including in the Marvel comics :)

      • Archaeon I’m gonna have to agree. Was very nice to see her on screen. She may of not had a lot to do, but she certainly needed to be there and in her own way played an important role. There is just no excuse for not including her. Actual Thor fans would of been upset with her not involved and as we can see only one person is really complaining that she was in it.

  19. I just saw the movie last night. Better than i thought it would be knowing im not a fan of Thor comics, just known him mostly as one of the founding members of The Avengers. Id give the film 4 stars. I knew Anthony Hopkins would be great as Odin, Chris Hemsworth was great as Thor aswell as Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Even Renee Russo was great in her role as Odin’s wife. After seeing the film myself, i agree that Idris Elba was great in every scene as Heimdall, The sentry & Gatekeeper. I agree Asgard did in a small way looked like somthing outta the Star Wars Prequels but thought it worked & looked great anyways. The Warriors Three & Sif were great. Always liked Coulson showing up w/ SHIELD agents. The Destroyer scenes awesome. The comedy scenes were good, especially Stan Lee’s cameo scene,lol. After seeing the preview of Captain America on the big screen, can’t wait for that film to come out.

  20. My friend didnt like it,, he nit picks everything, he was upset at all the jokes and he thought it was campy. But yet he gave it 3 out of 5 stars. So, that aint bad huh? lol

  21. Not going; might eventually watch it on DVD, but the trailer just didn’t give me the Thor I grew up with in the comics. It’s not Chris Hemworth’s fault; if anybody’s fault, it’s the suits who think anything will work if you bulk up the star a la Maguire or Bale and don’t stint on the one’s and zero’s. There is a disconnect here somewhere. The concept is flawed. Only a young Arnie S. could begin to handle this role, which besides bulk requires the machismo to handle (I hate to say it) both flowing golden locks and a killer punch for anybody who might laugh at them (or maybe just a sharp glance from those impudent “god” eyes), and maybe there aren’t any out there right now. Is anybody looking?

    • Barb…

      You mean you didn’t want someone in the role who can actually ACT?

    • Arnold as Thor. Wow. Just wow. ***shakes head***

      There is so much inherently wrong with that idea that I can’t even begin to explain it. Thor is supposed to be a god, NOT a barbarian. I wanted to see Thor, not Thor the Barbarian. I like Arnold, but him (the younger him) as the God of Thunder would be an epic fail.

    • Wow really? I was paying attention to your comment until you wanted Arnold. Nice try though.

  22. Everyone who says theyre not going to see this is making a HUGE mistake!!!!!!

  23. I saw it yesterday Rickster.
    It was a 3.5 for me but I really enjoyed it.

    • id get it a 4.5 i actually like it a bit more than iran man.

      • iron*

  24. Dont let the trailers fool you. There is so much more in this movie then they show. Even the scene where Odin cast’s Thor out is different.

    • Some of the things they showed in the trailer are different in the movie. Thor never said, “This is earth, isn’t it?”, and when Odin says, “You are a vain, gruel boy”, it was different in the actual film.

  25. Great to see that people liked Thor and would give it an 4 or 5 out of 5. Bad to see that people liked it more than the original Iron Man though…

    Of all the Marvel studio’s movies I would put them in this order of BEST TO LESS-BEST :):
    1. IRON MAN
    2. (Saving this spot for Cap, but if he disappoints everyone moves up)
    3. THOR
    4. IRON MAN 2
    6. Hmmmm…. is there any other Marvel produced movies?

    • For me it’s

      1. Incredible Hulk (Fantastic acting and was good all the way through never had a dip in quality. It was smart and filled with action. It had layers and depth under it and so far is the only Marvel film that had real substance. )

      2. Thor – Overall very good a few flaws but for the most part it was fantastic all the way through.

      3. iron Man- Was great for the first hour and would easily been number one had it held that quality but after that absolutely fell apart. The last 30 mins was absolutely horrible. If the rest of the film had been that bad it would of been a waste of film.

      4. Iron Man 2 – I don’t think I need to explain here

  26. Don’t worry Rickster that’s actually what the Irainan version is called in Iran,,,
    Iran man. :)