‘Thor’ is the God of Thunder in 2 New Movie Posters

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Thor Movie Header Thor is the God of Thunder in 2 New Movie Posters

Thor is easily one of the more highly anticipated films of 2011, as it’s the first feature film to adapt the incredibly popular Marvel comic book based on the Norse god of thunder. Additionally, the trailers thus far have received way more adulation from the Internet than that other early summer blockbuster superhero movie.

The Thor movie posters, on the other hand, have been fine and dandy but nothing to write home about. Today, however, IGN has two brand new posters that are both elegant and beautiful and indicate that Thor isn’t some fluffy, C-cinematic experience that you’ll forget about a half hour after it’s over (Iron Man 2, I’m looking in your direction).

In addition to being, as I said, beautiful and elegant in their simplicity, there seems to be something dark and mysterious about these Thor posters, thematically-speaking. The posters are less whimsical in nature, like, say, a Harry Potter film, and more sinister, if only minimally. We’ll see if that plays out in the film at all.

Check the new Thor Posters below:


Thor Poster Banner 570x237 Thor is the God of Thunder in 2 New Movie Posters

Thor Poster Chris Hemsworth 570x844 Thor is the God of Thunder in 2 New Movie Posters

It’s interesting that the latter of the two posters has “God of Thunder” front and center, because everything from the trailers and from the mouths of Marvel people (Kevin Feige, specifically) has indicated that this version of Thor won’t be a Norse god of thunder at all; rather, he’ll be your regular, run-of-the-mill space alien with super lightning technology (or something).

Which certainly isn’t as offensive to me as Captain America taking out all of the swastikas for marketing and merchandising purposes and making Red Skull a member of Hydra instead of the Nazi Party. Still, I’d much prefer it if Thor were, at the very least, a Jack Kirby-esque cosmic god, because a “space alien” with such beautiful, flowing, blonde locks is just hilarious.

Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Ray Stevenson, Kat Dennings, and Tom Hiddleston, hits theaters May 6th, 2011.

Source: IGN

Header art by Bryan Hitch

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  1. They say the Asgardians aren´t gods in this movie. So why does the poster say “God Of Thunder”?

    • Maybe I should read the articles first before posting stuff that´s already been asked in it. 😀

    • Maybe his people interacted with those of Earth (Midgard) and they gave him that title?

      • Yeah, maybe the guy who made the posters asked him for advise.

        Poster guy: “Hey Thor. What should I write on the poster?”
        Thor: “You dare to bore me with your stupid…”
        Poster guy: “Awe forget it. I´ll write ‘God’.”
        Thor: “I like that! Now get me some coffee!”

        • That last line should read:

          Thor: “Tis far superior! Go forth and bring thee mead!”


  2. The subtitle to the first poster should be “Calling all Demographics!”

    Young, Old, female, minority – Everybody welcome!

    • your right Chris Hemsworth is a minority

      • POW

  3. can someone please explain to me how they’re going to make a thor movie where hesn’t a norse god? i wasn’t aware of this.

    • Because the movie studio is scared of offending someone.

    • because in Marvel version of Thor he is a alien but only worship by the human race as Gods. Stargate SG1 did the same thing with Thor been worship as a God but he was a Alien also.

      • hes not an alien. hes from a diferent dimension of superpowed beings with very long lifespans. when his race came to earth and came in contact with humans (vikings) they were worshiped as gods. thus the norse gods. this gave them all big heads and a superiority complex.

        • that mean his still consider as a alien. extra-dimensional beings like the Asgardians are aliens.

        • Uh, then he’s an alien. If he’s not from this planet, then he is alien to this planet.

  4. That red makees Thor look a little bloodthirsty. *cringe*

  5. Oh man, that gold eye patch was a horrible idea…

  6. THE




  7. *gasp* i didn’t know Red Skull was de-nazified :O. that’s retardation station. the posters bore me…

  8. I’m sure the movie will be great, but these posters are pretty lame.

    • yh agreed

  9. If the poster says God of Thunder on it then Thor Hasd BETTER BE the GOD of Thunder. Still movie looks like it’ll be good

  10. Saw the trailer to this when I watched drive angry looks pretty awesome but we’ll see if it delivers when I watch it!!

  11. I think the notion of Asgardians being worshipped as Gods is perfectly acceptable. Wouldn’t everyone regard Superman as a god depite the fact he comes from Krypton.

    ‘God Of Thunder’ on the poster or not is rather irrelevant. It’s more important that we get a solid, epic comic book movie. I still believe this will be the best of the comic films out this year.

    I think the assesment on Iron Man 2 is quite hars, it was still superior to the first film.

    Portman looks quite stunning in her poster.

    • yes your right Superman would be consider as a God like person even that was mention in the comic

  12. I liked the first poster but I’m sort of ambivalent to the second. Hope they manage to balance the Shakespeare/dramatic touch with the more humoristic and skeptical feel that is finding an alien/thunder god/crazy guy out in the desert.

    Also, what’s up with the new design on the page? I like the background but the gray area is cutting of the comments….

  13. who’s the character in gold on the right end of the 1st poster ?

    • That´s Heimdall.

      • what’s his role in thor universe ?

        • He guards the bifrost bridge between midguard and asguard…

          • is that where those ice giant things live, also he is supposed to look evil ?

            btw i’m not to familiar with thor, the only series i’ve briefly read is the one where he has to find the humans in which his asgardian relatives are ‘trapped’ inside.

            • The frost giants reside in a place called Jotunheim which is one of the nine worlds. The only way to get to Asgard though is across the bridge which is why Heimdall is guarding it.

              And no, he is not supposed to look evil and for that matter also not supposed to be black. Kind of ironic considering he is often referred to as the “whitest” of the gods.

              • yes he is called “the whitest of the gods” but “whitest” refers to the light he emanated, not his skin color.

                • If it meant white skin they would have described him with the term fair skinned. I think Balder is most befitting that title. Did you really think I thought it meant he was an an albino or something?

                  Regardless he is supposed to be Caucasian like ALL the Aesir. Why he was cast as a black guy for no reason other than the, “he will look more bad assed!” factor really has me questioning a LOT of the creative choices made for this movie.

                  • he was casted cause well Idris Elba and Kenneth Branagh always wanted to work with each other plus u said it he looks badass. Hemidell ment to look badass anyway so idris Elba was the right casting. also your comment about “he will look more bad assed!” factor sounds strange. u saying that a white actor like Chris Hemsworth aint badass to play Thor. cause Chris Hemsworth also looks badass also like Idris Elba.

                    • yeah, “assed” probably isn’t the most correct but neither is “casted” 😉

                      And just because an actor and director want to work together is a very poor reason for screwing over the source material. I mean if Snyder and Will Smith wanted to work together would you be ok if Smith was cast as Superman? Not the best idea right? Well same goes for this casting choice.

                      I never said Hemsworth didn’t look badass, skin color not withstanding. If he does indeed fit the title of looking ‘badass’ though then why couldn’t they have found an equally appropriate white guy to work for Heimdall? Seems sort of hypocritical to me.

                  • He was cast for 3 reasons alone: Branagh liked him, he can act, and he’s black… not necessarily in that order.
                    Not to be cynical, but it’s marketing demographics. Execs said, “Uh oh, Jackson is the only African-American in the movie. We want that demo in the seats.” One of the warriors three is Asian as well.

                    Personally, I couldn’t care less as long as he remains faithful to the character. Yet it does get tedious watching Hollywood constantly scramble to make everything painfully “diverse”.

                    And we could look at it like this… Asgardians are not responsible for creating Norse people in their image, only their culture. So, there is no reason they would have to physically resemble only Caucasians. However, since Vikings did worship Asgardians, it would make sense that the Norse people would render their gods likenesses in art to resemble their own. Think of images of Jesus looking snowy white despite the fact he was obviously Semitic.

  14. Two months until……….HAMMERTIME!!!!!!!!

  15. The God of Thunder poster is really awful. It is really generic.

  16. Thor looks so human and under-dressed without his helmet. So modern-so rockstar-so ultimate marvel universe. Personally, I feel it’s a shame. I caught a glimpse of the helmet in the trailer and hope that it won’t just appear for a few secs in the movie as well. I’m from the original Marvel universe and not really in favour of the hip Thor of the Ultimates. Now, I have to admit that it was a refreshing take on the character but for the movie I feel the real deal should be adopted.

  17. I’m bored by this. And why Heimdall on the poster and not loki? is it a demographic thing?

    • more like Idris Elba is more well known compare to Tom Hiddleston. Idris Elba starred in more well known movies and tv series compare to Tom Hiddleston also the guy is “Stringer Bell” enough said.

      oh another thing this is a picture of 4 heroes most likely they will do a villain poster featuring Loki, Frost Giants and The Destroyer.

  18. Wow. Thor is an alien? I mean I guess it can work.

    I was under the impression he was an actual god. You know the god of thunder under Norse god mythology. Powers based on magic and mysticism.

    Not science, where anyone could do it with the right scientific applications.

    Still like the movie suggests how do you seperate the two? Aww man my brain just exploded..lol. Whatever. I am looking forward to this film.

  19. You people are hilarious. I read the Feige comments and, yes, he does use the word alien to describe the Asgardians, but it seems he only did so to simplify things for public understanding. This is understandable and obviously necessary since so many people who act like they know Marvel on these blogs apparently don’t. Feige never said “space alien” or “lightning technology”. Just as in the comics, it is made perfectly clear in all interviews and leaks that the film Asgardians, just like the Kirby-Lee Asgardians are an extra-dimensional race who are superhuman, were regarded as gods when coming to Earth and influenced/created Viking culture on Earth.

    In Marvel all “gods” are extradimensional beings who were NEVER responsible for creating humans, yet due to their vast power were worshipped as gods and influenced various human cultures. That is Marvel canon. So, in effect, gods in Marvel are alien since they are not from Earth. But they’re not “space aliens” with ray-guns from Mars, they are from another dimension with a different set of physics from our dimension.

    In the film, Thor even explains to Jane that what humans think of as science and what humans think of as magic, are one in the same to Asgardians and that his world is ruled by those laws. God, did any of you even watch the trailer?

    • @Steven Morrow, Well said and true.

    • Oops, there it is! :-)

  20. …that Thor isn’t some fluffy, C-cinematic experience that you’ll forget about a half hour after it’s over (Iron Man 2, I’m looking in your direction).

    Ben. Okay. Seriously. We get it already. We got it months ago. Some writers on Screenrant didn’t like Iron Man 2. I’m not it’s biggest fan nor will I defend it but can you all let it go already? (Kofi, I’m looking in your direction too, oh see what I did there?) Try to develop some professionalism and not act like some C-grade blog I forget 30 seconds after I click elsewhere. (Oh, see what I did there? Again!) Reading sarcasm and bringing up old stuff sucks. Doesn’t it?

    And the Thor poster looks like fan-made crap. A red layer over a head shot? I can make that in Photoshop in 15 seconds and I haven’t used Photoshop in years. Screenrant used to do a movie poster roundup on Fridays. How does this “beautiful and elegant” poster get it’s own article? Bob Peak made “beautiful and elegant” movie posters. His movie posters are on display at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Why not an article on that? Maybe even without a diss at Iron Man 2?

    Vic, seriously. Clean house. Harping on movies that have been on DVD for months now is ridiculous. This site was a lot better when it was just YOU writing on it.

    • I don’t understand…was Iron Man 2 a relative of yours or something? The only reason I brought it up is because both IM2 and Thor are Marvel films, in the same Marvel universe, with the same Marvel producers, doing the same Marvel crossover schtick. The point being, Thor has the potential to make the same stupid mistakes that Iron Man 2 made.

      Also, yeah, Iron Man 2 is just that bad that it needs to be brought up over and over and over again. And over again.

      • I was content with Vic’s response but…

        I said I’m not going to defend Iron Man 2 and I AM NOT GOING TO — I wish it had been as good as the first one and to me it wasn’t. My point is mentioning it in an unrelated article MONTHS after it has been reviewed and released on DVD. I didn’t care for _________. But I’m not bringing it up after all this time. It was the worse movie I ever saw and that was 9-10 years ago.

        And where were these points? Where did you say Thor has “potential to make the same stupid mistakes that Iron Man 2 made” in this article? Come on, flesh it out. That would be a much better article than calling these posters “beautiful and elegant”. Can you do it?

  21. Not that I subscribe to Zipper Steven’s harsh tone but I do agree with him on the increased subjectivity and personalization of the columns (Xmen 3 probably being the hardest hit). As much as I agree that is gives flavour to what would have been an otherwise bland reportage, the finality of some of these comments seem insensitive to those with a difference of opinion. Screenrant has grown since Vic solely anchored and we are all very proud of its growth. Heaven forbid we recommend retrogression. Nevertheless, please guys take the positives from Zipper’s outburst and tone down the snide remarks.

  22. Not that I subscribe to Zipper Steven’s harsh tone but I do agree with him on the increased subjectivity and personalization of the columns (Xmen 3 probably being the hardest hit). As much as I agree that is gives flavour to what would have been an otherwise bland reportage, the finality of some of these comments seem insensitive to those with a difference of opinion. Screenrant has grown since Vic solely anchored and we are all very proud of its growth. Heaven forbid we recommend retrogression. Nevertheless, please guys take the positives from Zipper’s outburst and tone down the snide remarks.
    (Though I do agree with you on IronMan 2 it WAS cocky)

    • I guess it’s just a demonstration that this site is, as its name suggests, a “rant” blog, and not a neutral, balanced news site.

      And there is nothing wrong with that.

      I cam here expecting people who watched movies the same way I do. I was wrong. And somehow, I ended up on the wrong side of Vic. I actually earned the epithet “not (his) favourite person”.

      I’ve made peace with the very simple fact that Screen Rant is nothing more than that: a blog. A place where a couple of people write their own opinions about movies, and “rant” about them. none of them are film professionals. I suspect few of them actually have formal training in cinema or even in critical writing. But that’s fine once one understands and accepts this.

      So come to Screen Rant to read news about movies. Because they DO get stuff that’s interesting to read about. And they DO find out some of the dirt we all secretly want to know.

      Just don’t come here and expecting unbiased, objective, reporting. It is, by its very definition, a blog. Thus, subjective. Else I doubt they would have chosen the name “screen RANT”.

      And Vic, yes, this is actually the very first place I visit every morning after my professional obligations on the various music forums to which I belong, and where I teach and participate. So I DO appreciate its existence. Whether I am your favourite person or not.

      • Mike E. et al,

        As Mike pointed out, Screen Rant still is, at its core, a movie news blog. We have never pretended to be objective – we bring you folks the news with an editorial angle – we are subjective by definition. Think of this site as the “letter from the editor” section of the newspaper, not the front page.

        I’m personally busy these days with running the site, and am not even editing much. I will say that I actually agree in this case that the assessment of that red Thor poster is way off – to me it looks as Zipper described: A lazy Photoshop job – big time.

        We have always endeavored to cover the news here as movie fans who not only love movies, but want them to be GREAT, even if they’re about giant, fighting robots.

        And Mike E., I do appreciate your visiting every day, although I’m perplexed by it since there are so many competing movie sites out there where you might have a higher opinion of the staff. 8)



        • Vic, because despite your opinion of me, I’m not a “film snob”.
          I like good ol’ action movies.

          Compered to most of your writers, actually, I am about as “joe next door” as it gets. I loved pretty much every one of M. Night Shyamalan’s films (except Hairbender… which I agree, was pretty bad). But your writers regularly tar and feather him in writing. Who is the cinematical snob?

          I can make abstraction of a film’s flaws and just enjoy it for the visual (if it’s present) or the adrenaline (if that’s there too).

          Somehow, you’ve decided that I like “Artsy films” or that I think I have some sort of superior opinion on movies. I don’t. I like ALL movies. Actually, I very rarely dislike a movie at all. I doubt we can say that about any of Screenrant’s writers.

          The only place I can honestly colour myself as a sort of snob is with film music. But then, I am a professional composer. I have expectations of music which most people do not share. I’m realistic about that, but it still grates my nerves no end when I hear people refer to the score to Inception as a “masterpiece”, or Zimmer as a “genius”. Music is the ONE place I’ll stand by my opinion which is very firmly grounded in over 40 years of professional experience.

          • I liked most of M. Night Shyamalan’s films as well. I thought the stories behind them were all solid. I even enjoyed Airbender to some extent.

            I can agree that for the most part I enjoy most films I have seen or at least find some positves about them.

            • “a person who takes no side is taking the side of the status quo”
              desmund Tutu

              just a thought.

  23. Marvel Studios has literally hundreds of Epic illustrations, renderings and posters or even poses of Thor epically holding up Mjolnir with Lightning striking down etc. to use as a reference. Why are they using such boring posters? I have no idea. These posters may just be to appeal to the movie goers who are more into the “acting/drama” aspect of films,so in that regard it makes sense. But in true Thor “epicness” there also needs to be a poster with Thor standing on a mountain, holding the hammer up high with lightning striking down into Mjolnir or something.

  24. If anything about these posters can be said, it would be that Kenneth Branagh is trying to stand out from the superhero epic genre. These look like they could just as well say “Hamlet” or “Macbeth”. Equating themselves with Social Network gives me some hope for the dramatic content of the flick- but at the sane time, I’d be lying to say I wouldn’t like to see some epic wing- helmet / hero vs. Villain old school epic blockbuster poster show up, sometime soon.
    It seems to me some light photoshopping of epic stills from the trailer would better inform and set up expectations from the general public.
    If any film could benefit from character posters, building visual awareness & curiosity of characters like Odin and Loki before opening night, I’d say Thor is the film.
    Here’s hoping they haven’t tried to be too many things at once, and are mow having trouble marketing what ought be a clear cut epic romance/adventure flick.
    Can’t wait to see what Branaghs got in store for us!

  25. Okay. Just to share an opinion or two on whats been said recently.

    #1: M. Night Shyamalan’s films just are not (for the most part) good.

    #2: One of the reason I like the site so much is because of the opinions. People take movies o heart and If they like it, then they wish you to know it. Same if they hate it. Im a “regular Joe” and I like it.

    #3: I think we are gonna find out that there will be plenty of surprises for Thor. I also would like to see a poster of THOR on a moutaintop lightning all around, hammer held high. But I sense things are really starting to build around the release. 4 years ago I read alot of I hate Thor , it will be studif if they make it. Now adays most are looking forward to it. So I feel the ad campain and posters re working

    • #1, well, thank-you for setting the rest of the world straight. now that you have told us what is and what is not good, we can all rest easy.

      by the way, you’re full of it.

  26. blah blah blah. i look forward to the day when there is a comicrant site, then i will have something other than this site to get excited about. then we will get highly biased news articles about comics and the overly critical yet interesting opinions from fans.

    well, to tell you the truth i’m not overly excited by either Marvel trailer, i might be getting jaded or neither one speaks to me like the original Iron Man trailer didfor me. Thor better have some major epicness which isnt evident in the commercial. i saw the nearly 6 minute long trailer on here last year. and that version gave away nearly every plot point with only the Destroyer being the only enemy that gets battled by our hero. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

    the posters give the impression that we have another undercooked idea from Marvel

    • allen,

      “then we will get highly biased news articles”

      Dude, that’s what we DO here. If you don’t like it, get your “pure” news at SuperHeroHype or ComingSoon.net where they just report the news with no slant.


      • The opinions are fine, but this article does misrepresent Feige’s comments about and completely contradicts all leaks and interviews. Opinions are great when the actual story is right.

        • Steve,

          Well, you may be right, but Feige did respond in reply to a question about “cosmic” heroes like Green Lantern:

          “Thor is a cosmic hero.”

          Given the context, and the fact that in the trailer Thor refers to “science and magic being the same thing” I’d say it’s not a completely “out there” conclusion.


  27. @alien
    How many foes besides Loki and Destroyer would you want in the movie? I thought the general consensus is that Spiderman 3 and Batman & Robin messed up the franchise for the same reason.