Odin’s Vault & Thor’s Connections To The Marvel Universe

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The Artifacts and Relics of Odins Vault in Thor Movie Odins Vault & Thors Connections To The Marvel Universe

For long-time Marvel fans, Thor offered many treats and surprises, helping weave together the larger Marvel Movie universe and laying a potential foundation for many films beyond The Avengers. The greatest example of this Easter egg-laying is that of Odin’s vault, a treasure room loaded with relics and mystic artifacts, items that mean nothing to your average moviegoer.

In Thor, this room is important as it stores the Casket of Ancient Winters, the source of power of the Frost Giants, which, as we see in the film’s introduction, was stolen by Odin (Anthony Hopkins). That item represents a key plot device in the Thor movie, but we know about that so let’s look at the other items we see in this room – the ones you may not be aware of that hint at the larger Marvel Universe.

The official Marvel site posted close-up photos of five items found in Odin’s vault: The Eternal Flame, The Infinity Gauntlet, The Warlock’s Eye, The Orb of Agamatto and the Tablet of Life .We’ll go through each one, explaining what they are and their significance to the Marvel Universe.

Eternal Flame

First Appearance: Thor #349 (1984)

Thor Movie Eternal Flame 570x380 Odins Vault & Thors Connections To The Marvel Universe

Also known as the Eternal Flame of Destruction, this mystical flame was stolen from Surtur by Odin and his brothers to prevent the demon and enemy of Asgard from lighting his sword and starting a war that would end the Norse Gods of Asgard.

In the Thor film, we met the Frost Giant army. Think of Surtur as a fiery version of them with his fire demons. This is what he looks like (screenshot from Thor movie tie-in game). You can also learn more about Surtur and his flaming sword in the Thor tie-in animated feature, Thor: Tales of Asgard.

Thor Surtur 570x320 Odins Vault & Thors Connections To The Marvel Universe


One glove to rule the universe….

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    • OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!1111 Mark this day in history!! I see a feature film about this in the near future!!!!!!!11

      • man i wish i was first :(

    • Timothy,

      OK, don’t start abusing this “first” thing – because it will start to annoy me.


      • :)

      • Yeah, timmy, it’s getting old.

      • How can it be abuse? You can only say it once per article. It’s just a fun lil game lots of us readers do. It adds to the fun.. Now if there were people coming out and sayin “Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh–” etc etc. That would take up post space and would distract from the conversation….

        — Anyways– I looked at the Thor movie and I never saw the Inifity Gauntlet, although I did see the Eye of something-forgot already.. I think if they would have been in more clearer space and been more recognizable that would have been AWESOME!!!! But I gotta check out the Thor movie again to see if I can spot the Infinity Gauntlet. I just have a feeling the Gauntlet and Thanos are going to be the big Motion picture in 2016 that Marvel is talking about!!! AWESOME!!! Hopefully by then they can get the Fantastic Four rights!!!!!!!

        • Lmao, fun little game? He didn’t add anything intelligent in his comment or anything relevant to the article.

          • Yup, and he does it a lot. it was funny at first, but I agree, now it’s lost it’s charm and humor. It’s just senseless now…

            • now being “first” on open discussions is very difficult Ive only been first there once lol….

          • You guys take things too seriously.. “intelligent”? We’re talking about comic book movies here. Please. This IS about fun. And like I said, if it was more than one lil post then yes it would be distracting. But there are dumber things people say on these posts– actually you talking about it, and complaining like babies about it is distracting to the article. Just leave it be, as long as it doesn’t become more than one post on an article.- Lets allow people to have some fun and not take things so seriously.

            • “You guys take things too seriously.. “intelligent”? We’re talking about comic book movies here.”

              The irony here is that “intelligent” and “fun” aren’t mutually exclusive, and one of the great things about comic book films is that they incorporate both. There’s nothing wrong with people wanting to cut down on the idiocy factor a bit. I always chuckle when people champion the cause of stupidity.

        • “How can it be abuse? You can only say it once per article. It’s just a fun lil game lots of us readers do. It adds to the fun.”

          Maybe it adds to the fun for people who do it, but for the rest of us, it makes us think “ugh, is this 1998? Stop already.”

        • @wepz,

          It’s total spam and not a way to start interesting discussion which is what we’re gunning for here on SR. I’m going to start deleting comments every time I see “first”

  2. Good stuff.

  3. Is hoping the new Spider-man connects with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    • If Marvel would get the franchise back it would…

      • Let’s hope they do…

  4. Thanks for these explanations Screenrant :)

    • :)

  5. I would love to see Thanos in an Avengers movie

  6. Still hoping that the Infinity Gauntlet plays a part in the Avengers movie. If it is Loki and the Skrulls for the first movie, Thanos and the gauntlet would be a great sequel.

    • Only if Marvel can get the rights back for Spider Man, Fantastic 4, and Xmen and have someone from all of them make appearances in the film. The Infinity series of books featured heroes from all the teams of the day. Most notably would be a great on screen dust up between Hulk and Wolverine. You know like the one where Hulk rips Logan in half and still doesnt manage to kill him. That would be awesome to see in 3-D.

    • I saw the Thor movie again– (( I saw it in 3D AND DLP (digital projection) I prefer DLP btw) but I also got my hands on a bootleg, and played it on super slow mo.. – I gotta say — WOW! You can hardly see the Infinity Gauntlet at all. That’s just a lil too hard. I know its not apart of the movie at all, but seriously- why can’t they have had it alil easier to see.. Like instead of the Warlocks Eye, they should have had the cooler Infinity glove being passed by the intruders. I would have melted in my seat!!! :D I hope they have a really cool movie coming out with Thanos as well! I would love that! THANOS!! THANOS!!!!!!! :D :D :D That would be an awesome MARVEL movie.

  7. Nice article, been looking for info on these items for the past 2 weeks. One thing though, that is not The Eye of Agamotto.

    • Agreed, it’s not. It’s the Warlock’s Eye.

      • Yup, The Warlock’s Eye. No biggie though, I thought it was The Eye of Agamotto at first as well.

        • Hmmm… Thanks for heads up, folks. Looking into it now.

        • I added a little blurb about Warlock’s Eye, a far less prominent Marvel artifact unfortunately. I wanted more Dr. Strange love.

          • Yup! I was disappointed when I found out especially since I couldnt find any info or even pics of The Warlocks Eye lol

            • So consequently ,i’m guessing that somehow at some point Loki gets into the weapons chamber of Odin and steals all the artifacts and spreads it through out the planet or something? Who else can break into the weapons chamber.

              Maybe Loki is the first to get the glove and then he has it stolen by Thanos? The possibilities are endless..–

              One more thing I’d like to say is that if I was designing the weapons chamber I would’ve done something different. I mean EACH of those artifacts are the amongst the greatest weapons in the universe. Where they are placed is anticlimactic- except for the Icebox (forgot the name already lol).. I mean that Ice weapon is not as powerful as the Gauntlet, or Warlocks Eye.

              It should have been a circular chamber featuring each in the most reverent manner. It also would have made it easier to see each weapon during the movie. A simple design change would have made wonders.

  8. So Aliens are taking things that are mystically based…. or will everything we know in the Marvel Universe (in film) be based on science/fact what not.

    People need to stop. We do not have to have a cut and dry explaination that gels with the real world to “get it”.

    People see movies (IMO), especially ones such as comics, to get away from the real world. Who gives a flying foo foo if the transference of 1 ton of mass to and from an entity (Hulk) can be scientifically explained.

    If they start down this path they are going to shoot themselves in the foot.

    The Asgardians have no ties (except for visiting?) to us why do they care what we do with stuff to make them want to steal it and store it?

    Or will it be explaine all this stuff is Asgardian in nature and humans have yet to learn to control it…..

    AGGGGGG years and years of history, stories, etc and they want to assume Joe Smuckatelli wont accept it….

  9. Also, if you’d bothered to do more research and translated the runes behind each item, you’d see that the writing on what you identify as the tablet of life says “Those who sit”, which is probably a reference to Those who Sit Above in Shadow, a pantheon of dark gods from the Thor comics.

    • lol, I didn’t translate the text. That’s one of two items not “officially” confirmed by Marvel.

  10. Hot Da..!

    I missed all that in the darkenss of 3D. Now I HAVE to see it again just to see where they all are.
    Great article!

    • Agreed, does anyone know at what time frame (hours/minutes/seconds) i can see the Infinity Gauntlet?

      P.S. Holy donkey turds! The Infinity Gauntlet was in the Thor movie!

      P.S.S. That picture of the infinity gauntlet… is that from the actual movie or just a homemade prop?

      • Unfortunately it’s in there for literally 0.5 seconds.


        As soon as Destroyer shoots one of the frost giants with his beam you can see it behind him, it’s in the cell next to The Warlock’s Eye.

          • Yea lol it’s real :) and when I said behind him I meant behind the frost giant. It sucks that after so much spotlight at Comic Con it was in there for only a short time. Not even a close up shot or anything lol.

            • It’s OK. I’m pretty sure they will include pictures of it in the DVD/Blu-Ray.

              I remember when I went to watch IM2… there were many easter eggs that I didn’t see/get in theater, but when I bought it on Blu-Ray, everything was laid out very neatly (thank you “SHIELD data vault”), I mean, they even put everything from Howard Stark’s lockbox in there! Including his whole journal! Page by page! Now that’s what I call detail.

              I look forward to buying Thor on Blu-Ray and being able to watch it in HD (stupid 3D makes everything terrible – but I digress) and hopefully it will also have some sort of “SHIELD data vault with all these clips and pictures (easter eggs) that couldn’t be viewed properly in the film”

              • OMG!!! I gotta buy the Iron Man 2 Blu Ray then. They must mention Captain Americas shield obviously right?

                • Not that much… there is a schematic of the shield… but there is lots of stuff about the cosmic cube in it.

                  It’s kinda weird how many comic book fans don’t buy these types of DVD’s/Blu-Ray’s. The special features are amazing.

                  On the IM2 Blu-Ray disk… you can also watch IM2 with director’s cometary… trust me it’s REALLY worth it. (Note: skip to the end where Tony talks to Nick Fury in the SHIELD warehouse :))

                  And most people know that on The Incredible Hulk you can see Cap in the Alternate opening.

                  Suck it, illegal piracy! You don’t have awesome special features do you? Yeah… that’s what I thought… that’s why i buy the movies legally :)

                  Also, if you do buy the movie be sure to do the following:

                  Blu-Ray Disc 1
                  - S.H.I.E.L.D DATA VAULT
                  - Personal Dossiers
                  - Steve Rongers
                  - Right Arrow
                  - OK

                  - S.H.I.E.L.D DATA VAULT
                  - Personal Dossiers
                  - The Ten Rings
                  - Right Arrow
                  - OK

                  - S.H.I.E.L.D DATA VAULT
                  - Personal Dossiers
                  - H. Stark
                  - Right Arrow
                  - OK

                  You will notice that as soon as you press the right arrow key hidden videos will appear. If you click OK it will start to play (all these hidden videos has a lot to do with Captain America and WW2)

                  Blu-Ray Disc 2
                  - Ultimate iron Man
                  - Making of Iron Man 2
                  - Building a Legacy
                  - Press the Right Arrow key and
                  - click OK for a Thor Easter Egg.

          • @ The Avenger – in the post I also mention that myself and the SR crew saw it first hand on display at Comic-Con last year. They went all out in bringing items from Captain America and Thor there for the fans to see.

  11. Thank you for the article, I did see some of those items but did miss some also. With Thor I went in open minded because he is a comic book character I am unfamiliar with so it is all new to me!

    • Bennett,

      Please don’t take this wrong, but this is a question I really would like to know.

      What made you go see a movie about a character you didn’t know anything about?
      I’m glad you went in with an open mind my friend. I asked my question because people start complaining about not getting this or getting that when they go see a movie based from a novel or comic book.

      I’ll have to admit, I did the samething with Harry Potter, but I was kid forced to see them. If left to my own devices, I wouldn’t bother


      • Could be entertaining commercials? Why see any movie with a character you’re unfamiliar with? I didn’t know Neo in The Matrix :p

        • Rob,

          I guess I should have added “comic Book” character. I kinda thought I’d cleaned it up with the line about “being based on a novel or comic” but i guess not.
          Beside, no one was familiar with Neo when the Matrix came out.
          I’m just curious to the answer is all.

      • I did not go into much detail of that statement and that is my fault. I say it in “general” as Thor as a film is obviously a comic book themed character, or it generally does take it’s script or premise from books like most films then a screenplay is developed.

        I went in open minded for sure so I could enjoy the film and get an impression of whether it was good- I did get the “Marvel Film” feel of it. I state not knowing the character in a way that generally so far most of the comic book films(up until this summer) I generally have known the history of the character and what works with them in the real/film world. I had said to friends last summer that Thor would be tricky to pull off film wise (possibly Green Lantern also?) because it is possibly the first comic book character that is most “fantasy” based. Simply put of course because they are all fantastical in there own way but Thor and other character to come defly push the limit on that.

        So not knowing Thor’s history and who he was I was happy enough of how they laid it out for me.

        Keep up the great work ScreenRant

  12. Whats wrong with seeing a movie about a character you are not familiar with?
    If people who were new to Thor didnt go, this movie wouldnt be a hit.
    Way to go Bennett!
    Keep exploring those characters .

    • Gary,

      That’s why I aske HIM, and not you. I didn’t SAY there was anything wrong in the first place. That’s why it’s a question.

  13. If you ask a question in an open forum ,
    You can expect that you will recieve responses from other than those you intended to communicate with.
    I responded because no matter how nicely worded you asked the question
    Its kind of rude because it implies there is something strange about seeing a character you are unfamiliar with .
    You even make the point that that you wouldnt have seen the HP films if your parents had not forced you.
    Again that suggests there is an oddness to going to movies about characters whith which you are not familiar.
    I am sorry if you were offended by my comments, that was not my intent.

    • Ok,

      Let’s start this over on a differnet foot shall we. No harm no foul, but I did start it off with dude’s name. LOL.

      Anyway, I said kid forced because MY kids dragged me to see the the Potter movies. I put my foot down on the Half Blood Prince,.. I digress,

      I question is because “I” do think it’s odd and would like some insight is all.

  14. Notice hust behind the flame the writing what does that represent felars?
    This is the answer to all naysayer because Tor original name was Perun, Asgard means Assa-Gard (grad) means city in Slavic.
    Assa are Gods and the name is translated City of the Gods.
    Who do you think these gods where?
    The writing is the oldest Slavic-Aryan-Runes mind you all
    This is the language of the Assa and Vani, they had 4 different system writing, and the one that has survived is Sanskrit. The Assa where in battle and war with the Vani, in order to stop the blood shed they had to change the leader from each groups. How did that happen? The leader of the Vani becomes the warrior leaders of the Assa and the Assa gods become the leaders of the Vani.
    Now what does that need to say! simple the Assa-Odinn,Assa-Thor,Assa-Veles, Assa-Dazhbog, Assa-Selen and e.t.c where real leaders and Gods.
    Their originality comes from the Slavic-Aryan-Veda, and these Gods where leader from the outside worlds. Star Systems and Universes.
    The great God Perun was god of thunder and war, he is the same god of thunder in the Scandinavian Edda Thor, and he is the same God Indra in the Indian Pantheon.
    Perun was the Bringer of Dawn from different universe in order to make balance here on Midgard-Earth, because the reptilians where taking over earth. So they had to intervene by the conclil of light of the Galactic Federation.
    Perun other name was Siswish Pelegon, he was on of the Pleiadian leaders that brought knowledge, writing, science, to Earth. Those were the original Hyperborean same as the Olympian Gods, Zeus, Apollo, Athena, Niv (Poseidon) and so on. The Greeks stole the whole Slavic-Aryan mythology.
    When Plato went to Egypt to learn about the Earths past he fabricated the whole dialogue Crithias and Thimias, and made the story to relate with the Greek culture.
    What did he say?
    Atlantis was in constant war with the Athenians, and was those that destroyed Atlantis. This is false history made up from myth. The Greeks didn’t exist in those time how could the Athenians made war with Atlantians. Not possible. The Balkans was populated by these mention above tribes which where Slavic, It was the Ancient Slavic-Aryan-Vedas who where in war with Atlantis, that they didn’t want to follow the black magician cult high priests, so they left Atlantis and migrated to Europe and Balkans, In Europe from them where born the Celts, in the Balkans were born the Ancient Slavic (Venets, Vindhen, Vinds, Ants). Those same Gods created Atlantis and destroyed it, because it went out of its curse.
    From them descended the Ancient Vani (Veneti, Wendhen, Vinds, Ants,) and these become through the course of History known as (Pelasgians, Brygiens, Thracians, Hittites, Illyrian, Etruscan) from them was born the Slavic races.
    I was so exited when I saw the video Trailer of the Cartoon Thor at the end of it just below the name Thor showed up with the Ancient Slavic Runes, then it turn out to English.

    • Thanks for the history lesson professor ;)

      You do know that this Thor is an ADAPTION BY MARVEL COMICS right? It’s not what you would call “real” and has (almost) no ties to real history?


    • Pelasgian, how many other internet forums have you posted this same thing on?? I’ve seen this text in a few already. Just sayin’

      • I bet his favorite website is Wikipedia and his favorite computer functions are “copy” and “paste”. ;) Hehe. Just kiddin, no offense pelasgian.

    • Then what’s the still unconfirmed Orb?

    • So Jesse,

      where the heck does that leave this thread then and the one item in question?? Man, you just let the air out of my bounce house! LOL

    • hmmmm


      The only confirmation I have seen is they are not talking… Do you have a reference for “Marvel has said that there is nothing to do with Dr. Strange in the Vault.”

      It would be appreciated. Thanks.

      • And Aknot scores!

      • The “Art of Thor” book is on it’s way via Fedex as we speak, which I believe is where Marvel sourced the photos when they posted them on their site. If you want I can post more info about the items when the book gets here.

  15. I wonder if I’ve mentioned this before (sarcasm)… but here it goes again!


    - ughm. Sorry guys, my “inner geek” got the better of me there, won’t happen again (well… at least for the next few hours ;))

    • The issue I see with that and the way they portrayed Thor is…. the whole Alien angle.

      Granted the being the gems were created from was or could be considered alien the whole make a wish gem and soul gem (yellow and orange I forget) tends to deviate from the powers of the others which are semi based in a reality belief.

      I mean even one gem (if its power is realized) should have no issue taking out anyone that we have seen to date.

      Granted the movie itself would have to tone down the powers to have them make any sense.

      Maybe the gauntlet itself is all that is left of an alien and its leader (Titan/Thanos) that tried to take over Asgard? That would make more sense in the sense making department.

      • The villain may not know how to use the gems… check out Avengers (2010-Present) Issues 8-12. Where the hood learns of the infinity gems and tries to steal them. Near issue 10 he get most of the gems but has no idea how to use them. Of course, the Avengers stop him, and the Illuminati each takes a gem to hide so that it could never be used again.

        *************SPOILER ALERT!*********
        The Illuminati consists of Iron Man, Mr Fantastic, Namor, Doctor Strange, Charles Xavier, and… a new member… Steve Rodgers (in the absence of Black Bolt)!

  16. Infinity Gauntlet! :)

  17. Seeing the Infinity Gauntlet recognized in the Marvel movie universe had me Geeking Out!!! It’s to bad we may never see a true adaptation of the graphic novel in a film because that would mean crossing over most of the Marvel Universe, I don’t see a multi-studio collaboration happening unless Disney succeeds in buying back the Marvel movie rights. -Very nice expansion though.

  18. The Infinity Gauntlet section is a little bit off. Within the latest incarnation of the Gauntlet, the actual construction of the glove occurred in a comic book called “The Thanos Quest” in 1990s. “Infinity Gauntlet”, Infinity War”, and “Infinity Crusade” were all triggered by the events that took place in the comic book mini-series “The Thanos Quest”.

    If you are talking about the gems themselves, they first started to pop up in “The Power of Warlock”. The glove itself is actually Thanos’s personal glove, which he fused all the gem onto.

    Yes, I am a geek.

    • What I wrote syncs up with what you’re saying, friend.

      I mentioned they first showed up in ’72 with ‘The Power of Warlock’ and I mention the first time they show up all “together” is in Avengers Annual #7. Thanos Quest follows him collecting the individual gems, but that comic came out in 1990, Avengers Annual #7 (a story about Warlock & Thanos) came out in 1977 and was actually the first time all the gems showed up together.

  19. Great article Rob!!! This just goes to show like I said before, some easter eggs are just THAT, easter eggs. Just because an easter egg is in a movie, doesn’t mean that it is or will be a part of a future installment. Some possibly will, some possibly won’t. Either way, as a comicbook geek, I love seeing them. Would I love to see them all come to fruition and be plot devices, hell yeah!

    • Yeah. What he just said. Seriously, Ulik, you are very right. All easter eggs shouldn’t be taken that seriously. They are mostly there for fun – and of course for us geeks to admire ;)

      @Marvel: Keep making great movies and never stop doing exactly what you’re doing right now, no matter what the critics say.

      • Yes but some could consider it a tease of things to come that they have no intention of providing.

        If you (Marvel) are doing this dont do it half butt. With Ironman/Hulk we got the Captain America tie in.

        Why would we not expect the same for other stuff?

        While they are nice nods they need to make sure they dont go overboard with stuff such as this. You will just jade the comic fan base.

        A better approach (imo) would have been only show one of those items (that will be used/referenced later in another movie) and have the rest behind some sort of statis field that we cant see. That way (FOR EXAMPLE) we would see Captain Americas shield there as someone got closer to it however any other items would be there obscured for us to guess what they are.

        We get the nod of stuff there what could be there and it also continues within Captain America.

        That way they can later explain that it was there we just didnt see it. Instead of seeing it, expecting it and it not being used.

        • But you see, those artifacts went by so quickly, almost no one could see them. So that means that these types of easter eggs were only for the fun of it.

          So for instance Cap’s shield in IM and IM2: that was obviously a more “serious” easter egg that Marvel really wanted people to notice – and to realize that this is something important.

          Thus, the stuff in Odin’s vault weren’t really supposed to mean anything.

          But, who knows right? I’m guessing we will the Infinity Gauntlet again… in a possible Avengers 2 (who knows).

          I am sure that, if there is a Thor 2, we will get to see a lot more of Odin’s vault and that some of those artifacts may have some real importance.

          So, IMO, the easter eggs that are very obvious and easy to spot – those are the important onces… the others (that you only see for 0.5 seconds) those are only there for fun.

          • I tend to disagree. While in IM2 the shield was prominent how fast did we see it in IM?

            Would we then have to say based on your view that Captain Americas shield in IM1 was just an easter egg not meant to mean anything?

            So it was shown very briefly (quickly in one) like the items in Thor. Yet was more then just an easter egg right?

            IMO you cant say some easter eggs are important and some are not based on the length in which we see them. That is the reason Im saying they cant show that many easter eggs as it just seems like they are going overboard.

            It is either an easter egg OR a part of the whole picture/universe. On top of that the egg has to make sense in the context in which it is shown. (which brings me to the possible Strange connection, Thanos, etc.)

            So far the eggs in the other movies have tied in nicely to the Marvel Movie Universe. These seem to be placed there only to get a giddy response. Which is ok but as explained things that are not Asgardian based (IMO) shouldnt be there….. Show me the belt, gauntlets and a reference to his chariot if you want to give me an easter egg about Thor.

            One exception is the Ten Rings in Ironman… however since there is a 3 coming down the line we will have to wait.

            Again dont get me wrong I enjoy the stuff but it has to make sense.

            • I completely agree, it does have to make sense and I, just as much as anyone else does want all these easter to mean something.

              Concerning the shield: John Favreou (IM/IM2 director) said that in IM1 the shield was just there for fun “and to see if people noticed it”. Only later (after people saw it and thought: WHOW!) they brought it back in IM2. So THAT SPECIFIC easter egg STARTED out as a joke and MADE itself more serious and real. Who knows… hopefully thats whats gonna happen with the artifacts in Thor.

              In connection with your statement: “It is either an easter egg OR a part of the whole picture/universe. On top of that the egg has to make sense in the context in which it is shown.”: I also agree on that… if you put an easter egg in a movie where it doesn’t really belong… it’s just there for fun… if it “fits in” with the other stuff going on… it meant to be taken seriously.

              So what I guess I’m saying is that I do agree with you but I also don’t… man I’m so confused right now…

              Anyway, I hope we see some of these artifacts making bigger appearances in future movies. Can’t wait till later this year when Marvel announce there new slate of upcoming films in active development.

              • “John Favreou (IM/IM2 director) said that in IM1 the shield was just there for fun “and to see if people noticed it”. ”

                However since Ironman has repeatedly tried to replicate the shield (in the books) it made sense to have it there.

                To have an Easter Egg of say Sub Mariners trident laying on the table or the Visions head would not fit in. It would be a nice nod or a funny easter egg but wouldnt be indicative of what possibly could happen.

                So to have some of the stuff related in the Vault (to me) just didnt fit. Maybe its my view on the whole alien slant that rubs me the wrong way.

                I mean if the one item is the eye then you are saying (more or less) Dr. Strange is based on Alien science and not magic.

                The Gauntlet is the same.

                • I’m not saying that Dr Strange is alien based. We all know he is the former SORCERER supreme. And I’m not saying that the shield doesn’t fit in with the IM saga. You are missing the point of what I’m trying to say: some easter eggs are only there for fun and some aren’t (i.o.w. more serious)…
                  In the case of Cap’s shield: that easter egg DEVELOPED over time from a fun little eggie to a more serious thing indicating a larger universe/story/picture.

    • Well, I like the fact that the shots with the Infinity Gauntlet were specifically cut from the film… that could very well mean that Marvel has other plans for it. :)

      • it was in the film.

  20. Tablet Of Life, was that refered to as the Tablet Of Time in the two parter episode of the same name in the 90′s Spider-man animated series?

  21. Iam so pissed at myself for not paying attention to that. Hopefully the Infinity Gauntlet will show later in the Avengers. It would be great to see Thanos.

  22. “enemies to the Deviants, the people of Lamuria whose continent was sunk by the Atlanteans 21,000 years ago.”

    Nope. Lemuria was destroyed by the Celestials, when they came back to check on things and found the Deviants subjugating humanity.

    • King Kamuu (Atlantian) + Magma Pits was the beginning of the “Great Cataclysm” – both lands sank when that combined with the Celestials response to Lemuria’s attack on them.

  23. That would be cool…a submariner movie (that’s a marvel movie i have been waiting for). AHEM, can we start the discussions of “Should submariner have wings on his ankles or not becuase it would look ridiculous in the movie or not?”

    My assessment…IT CAN WORK!

      • God damn I’m glad I found this site. With all the nerds online, I haven’t yet found a site that has people talking about this kind of stuff.

        Not many people know that Namor can emit an electrical charge, but I’ve always considered his ankle wings to vestigial somehow, in that I never thought of his wings helping him to fly. They’re just too small to actually cause that to happen…so I agree that his flight is somehow generated via another power.

        As for a Namor movie, the Marvel nerds would love it, but as always to justify the budget they would have to somehow make it more “mass marketable.” I think it would be great (providing Marvel gets back the Fantastic Four film rights) if they incorporated Namor as an initial villian, and as the plot continues he joins forces to combat some other threat, or perhaps ah-la GL’s Sinestro (but in reverse) he starts out as the villian of the first movie, and in the second or third film he shows up to help FF against someone else.

        I’m just ranting and typing thoughts at this point…just happy I found another site with comic book nerds.

        • Ken,

          Welcome to the site, bud. :)


        • hmmm @Ken

          Unless it was changed I remember in Byrnes Submariner series he couldnt fly without his wings which were lost in some type of oil/sludge from Roxxon.

          This was around the Danny Rand return.

          As for his electrical powers (and others) that was a short term thing that was taken away from him never to be used again.

          • @ Aknot:

            Over the decades there have been so many comic book writers that it is impossible for a character’s “arc/basis” to remain the same… there have been so many changes and developments that it’s really hard to say that (for instance) Namor’s wings enable him to fly.

            Also, remember how many universes there are in Marvel.. the 616 and Ultimates… to name a few. Example: Spider-Man’s web shooters that is organic in the one universe and mechanical in the other.

            So you can’t really come up and say that Namor’s wings enable him to fly.

            Also note: I do agree that it is Namor’s wings that gives him his flying power. I just wanted to make a point that you can’t really say something for certain if there are so many variables and options.

            • Ken,

              So, you’re saying a guy who lives underwater.. breaths underwater (without gills), swims around half naked, has pointy actually needs a reason to fly.. because the little wings on his ankles are too small?
              No explanation is needed for the underwater part?

              • lolwut? There doesn’t need to be an explanation for the underwater part, there already is one. Namor’s Homo Mermanus, an Atlantean, the explanation for the underwater stuff is already there. Gills and all the other goodies are present. It’s not the same thing as “flying with little wings” at all. A guy who had little ankle wings in our “real” world wouldn’t be able to fly with the speed and maneuverability Namor does, but someone with gills and his strength and various other factors that are present with Namor would be able to swim quickly and breath underwater.

                • Ken got you there Nate ;).

                  But seriously, I don’t think there is a right or wrong here… and remember… we are talking about COMIC BOOK characters… need I say more?

                  Personally I think Namor’s wings are what makes him fly, even if it isn’t “anatomically correct” or whatever… it’s comics/fantasy/sci-fi…

                  If they made a Namor movie, I think they will go with some other explanation for his flight (or not make him fly at all), because in the movies they try to make it as realistic as possible (i.o.w. another power or something would be more scientifically correct than little wings on his ankles) In the comics however, we should just accept the wings and admire the creator’s genius/creativity.

          • @Aknot, Yeah you have a point but I think it helps with the explanation. The inspiration for the wings can totally be portayed by “flying fish” and Namor’s ability to take on some attributes of certain sea creatures. Being that anatomically the wings are to small and on his feet instead of his back, then it would make more sense for some other ability be added to his power for flight. Namor isn’t Namor without the ability to fly, that’s what makes him even more unique and that’s one notch he has over Aquaman(not hating on Aquaman).

    • Of course he should have wings. That’s part of his anatomy and not a costume part like Caps wings on his helmet. They’re iconic!
      “We” don’t need them explained, but they’d probably look weird to the average cat off the street. Bah! they don’t need to see it anyway, so keep the wings!

      Nuff Said!

  24. just want to pop in and say great article!

  25. My “Art of Thor” book arrives tomorrow. I’m excited to check out these and other tidbits from the Thor film.

  26. While I think the Infinity Guantlet is a neat thing to see- as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t have to be used in a future storyline (although it would be nifty). Everything else appears Thor related.

    But I would dig a Hercules or Beta Ray Bill reference.

    • Man!!!
      A Beta Ray Bill cameo would have me giggling like a 11 year old boy finding his dad’s porn stash!

  27. I think Bill should have a supporting role in the sequel, not just a cameo.