Interview: ‘Thor’s’ Jaimie Alexander Is A Geek Girl Goddess

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lady sif Interview: Thors Jaimie Alexander Is A Geek Girl Goddess

SR: So now that you’re part of the Marvel Universe are there more movies in store? I know you said that you would love to play X-23, but Sif has this relationship with Thor in the comics and I got the impression in the movie that there was a little something there on your part…

(Both laughing)

JA: Yeah, yeah we did it kind of subtly.

SR: Yeaaahh, but you were feeling it, you were into him.

JA: Oh, yeah I totally was. There were actually more scenes that were cut from the film because it was a little overkill. Which I think was a good decision. You know we wanted it to be subtle, and we wanted it to be there — it leaves the door open for more films. I’m optioned for two different franchises, which you obviously know what they are (“Thor,” “The Avengers“) and it just depends on where they want to stick me, and half the time we don’t know. Like I had no idea that Jeremy Renner was in our film until like maybe a month ago! Everything is so super top-secret that sometimes they film separately so that you don’t know, which helps me because then I don’t accidentally give anything away.

SR: Has anyone talked to you about developing that relationship at all?

JA: Yeah there’s been some talk about it, but it’s one of those things where I can’t say too much. But there is a reason that we sort of subtly hinted to it in the first film. Just so that there is a door. If we want to go through that door we can. They like to cover all their bases over at Marvel. I think they always sort of work on a sequel in preparation just in case. So I think they kind of already are working on something. I think they started that a long time ago. But it’s one of those things if we get the green light…nobody knows. And it’s one of those things, if we don’t, we don’t. If we do then we’re all gonna be there on the first day of work like, ‘Yes!’

SR:  Is there any possibility that we will see Sif in The Avengers?

JA: That possibility is there, but I have heard nothing. I don’t think so on the first one, but, you never know. They may call in three weeks and be like, ‘Oh, by the way…’ and I would be like, ‘I have not worked out in like eight months!’

sifthor Interview: Thors Jaimie Alexander Is A Geek Girl Goddess

SR: Ah, that brings us to the training. Did being on your high school wrestling team help you with the training? And don’t half nelson me ’cause I saw you on Jimmy Kimmel and you would take me down past China town.

JA: (Laughing) That was such a puny half nelson too! I was like ‘I’m in a dress, and Jimmy is not moving.’ It did help yes. I think what it was, was that I started the female wrestling team at my school and I really had to take a lot of s**t from guys. And it was embarrassing a lot of times. So when I got into this they said, ‘Are you going to be okay training? Do you want us to get you a female trainer? How do you want to proceed?’ And I was like, ‘No, just do whatever, I don’t care — I can do this.’ And the guys were so nice, like Chris is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Everyone else as well. I mean Tadanobu Asano (Hogun) was amazing and Ray Stevenson (Volstagg) was like my little side kick, we had a good time together, and seeing him do yoga was fun.

SR: Wait, you guys did yoga together?

(We had no idea that The Punisher likes to give folks a gentle “Namaste” right before he drop kicks a world of pain on em’!)

JA: Oh we did everything. We did everything for hours. We stunt fought next to each other and I’d be like, ‘Get over there Josh!’ (Josh Dallas aka Fandral). Like he’d whip out his sword and I’d seriously be like, ‘get-over-there!’ We’d just mess with each other.

SR: Who was the whiniest?

JA: The whiniest? Oh man Loki for sure! (Both laughing) Nah, I’m just teasing. Well Ray was the biggest smart a**, so he’d make comments to us and then go smoke a cigarette. And we were like, ‘Ray, are you kidding me!’ And then he’d come in and actually start training again…in blue jeans, it was great.

(Now there’s The Punisher we know.)

JA: Yes, wrestling played a big part in this for me, and the fact that I have brothers.

SR: Did you guys become very close?

JA: We did, yes. Ken’s main thing with us training together was for us to form this bond. We had this whole opening sequence that you guys won’t see, but you might see on the DVD extra’s that we walk in an arrow where I protect the left side of Thor and Loki protects the right side and we do this crazy dive roll where each of us reach out and we protect him. And that’s our job, so we had to really know where the other ones were, and what we were thinking, and everybody had a strength and a weakness in training. Chris is probably the strongest human I’ve ever met. He lifted me up over his head at one point and I was like, ‘This is awesome.’

sif destroyer thor Interview: Thors Jaimie Alexander Is A Geek Girl Goddess

SR: Yeah…so how hard was it not to just touch what Kenneth Branagh aptly describes as that ‘awe inspiring” chest every so often?

JA: Oh no I would always go up to him like, ‘Hey what’s up how you doing?’ slapping him on the chest. Sometimes my hand would linger a little too long, or I would stare at him and they were like, ‘That’s okay, you’re just in character.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah…that’s why I’m doing it.’

SR: Is there one moment that you remember for Sir Anthony Hopkins and Kenneth Branagh that defines the experience of working with them?

JA: For me, when I was in rehearsal with Anthony and Ken, that was it. Anthony is a great man, you know he gives you a hug, he’s so funny. Every morning when we would work together he would come in about an hour after I got to work, about 6:30 in the morning and say, ‘Guess where I was this morning? I was at the gym!’ And he would flex his biceps and I would just think, ‘Man, I love you.’

Ken came up to me during one of the fight sequences that I was having a hard time with; it was hard to breathe in the corset, and I was nervous about my accent. And he said, ‘Look, take the lashes off your back, I’m going to put my hand there, and I’m going to guide you through this. Just hang on to me and it will be fine.’ He just said, ‘Trust me, I wont make you look bad. I’m going to help you.’ And from that day forward I just felt so comfortable. Really good people.


The hard work and effort that our “geek-guys-girl/girls-girl” Jaimie Alexander puts into her work shows up on the screen, and we feel certain that she will be winning countless new fans with her turn as Lady Sif in Thor, which opens this Friday May 6th, stay tuned for our continuing coverage.

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  1. I have to say that she did do an incredible job as ‘Sif’ and yes, the relationship between her and ‘Thor’ was very subtle yet it worked so well. My favorite scene with ‘Sif’ was the scene with the ‘Destroyer’, that was quite an emotional scene that was.

    On a personal note: I think I’m in love with Jamie :P Woman of my dreams hehehe

  2. * Jaimie. My bad :L

  3. FINALLY some appreciation for X-23. Damn good stuff (at least ‘Innocence Lost’ and ‘Target X’).

  4. Just found out her birthday is one day before mine >_<

  5. I love Jaimie since her KyleXY days so i am glad she is in Thor

  6. really nice interview here,
    one of the reasons i keep coming back to screen rant :)

  7. Awesome! Wonder Woman? Fathom? Lara Croft? Spider-Woman? Yes to all

  8. Too bad Sif is NOT the Norse God of War (even in the comics). That title belongs to Tyr.

    • In Greek mythology Tyr is the GOD of war. In the Marvel universe Sir is the GODDESS of war.

      Good call but not quite right. :)

      • Sif rather….

          • You are mostly right, except she was refered to the goddess of war in a few issues of Thor. Whether or not that was a slip-up, the comic books did refer to her as a goddess of war at one point.

  9. There are certain shot angles that make her look unappealing but as a whole she is very pretty, now we just need to see her in other movies/shows to see how well her acting ability can go. looking at her filmography, I have no interest in any of her works. hopefully the fates put her into a movie that interests me so I can make comparisons.

  10. I’m in love with Jaimie. GIRL OF MY DREAMS.

  11. I didn’t think this was possible but that interview just made me want to see the film even more. Everyone involved with Thor seemed to be having a lot of fun which shows they really wanted these parts. I’m almost at the point where a midnight showing is definitely a possibility for me.

  12. She was very good as Sif. I think she could play Wonder Woman too, although attractive as she is I’m not sure she could pull off the legendary beauty part.

  13. AAAAAAhhhhhh!!!!! No more Thor news. I have one day of work to get through and then…. AND THEN!!!! ITS HAMMERTIME. YYYYEEEEAAAAAA.:) :) :)


  15. I don’t recognize the term ‘tomboy.’ That’s a socially created term (construct.) It means if a young girl, not yet a teenager, likes to play sports, even climb trees, she must be gay. She’s not socially conforming to her gender. Why can’t girls dress like they want, wear their hair how they want without questions about her sexuality.
    Not all feminists are gay; not all gay women are feminists. Don’t need gender stereotyping.

    • Carroll,

      Seriously, even “tomboy” falls under the politically correct police category?

      Oh, and the author of this article is a woman.