New ‘Thor’ Image: Thor, Odin & Loki (Plus Mjolnir)

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thor odin loki hemsworth hopkins hiddleston header New Thor Image: Thor, Odin & Loki (Plus Mjolnir)

Today Hero Complex debuted a new exclusive image from Kenneth Branagh’s Thor that is sure to get fanboys talking.

The pic features actors Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hiddleston as Thor, Odin and Loki, respectively, the royal family of the mystical realm or Norse Gods, Asgard.

Now, there was some heated debate a few months back when the first image of Thor popped up online. Some people did not like the magic-tech design of Thor’s armor – if you’re one of those people, I’m afraid you have more to be upset about:


thor odin loki hemsworth hopkins hiddleston New Thor Image: Thor, Odin & Loki (Plus Mjolnir)

Ok, so I will say this: the Thor armor designs may look a certain way in still photographs that some purists find to be inaccurate when compared to the designs of the comic book – while newcomers may think that these guys just look plain comical (no pun intended).

However, let’s remember that photos are often not enough to tell us how costumes, sets or props are going to actually play within the universe of the movie. I’m going to hold out for the first Thor trailer or footage (which we’ll hopefully get next week at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con) before I can decide on whether or not these Asgardian armors are going to play. If you look close at Hemsworth and Hiddleston, it is clear that the issue with the “biker pants” is definitely something to be wary of (why would gods fight in biker pants?). And that eye patch Hopkins is wearing… not sure if bright gold was the color to go with… I’m just saying.

Also, you’ll notice that this pic gives us a really good look at how Thor sizes up with his signature weapon, the mystical hammer known as “Mjolnir”. It’s a hammer with magic powers that can channel thunder and bash heads in – this pic tells me that the dimensions look alright, however, like the armor I need to see Mjolnir in fluid action to know if the actual physical presence of the hammer – the actual physics of it – feel right and believable. A lot is riding on that question.

So let’s discuss: Do you guys think this is a good look for Thor? Or are your hopes for this film starting to be dashed?

Thor strikes theaters on May 6, 2011.

There will also be HUGE announcements and surprises surrounding this film at this year’s Comic-Con. Be sure to stay tuned to the Screen Rant Official Comic-Con 2010 Page for the latest. Follow us on Twitter (@screenrant) to get the latest updates on the go.

Source: Hero Complex

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  1. God knows I can’t wait for this movie, I’m not going to lie the character designs for this movie are less than pleasing to me personally but I’ll wait for the movie to come out before I pass judgement. The cast is stellar and I hope Branagh pulls this off beautifully

  2. Looks Ok to mean but i guess it’s because i’m not a fanatic about how details should look like.

  3. That eye patch looks ridiculous.

    • LOL!

  4. Ney !!! Thou art base !!! Ceremonial dress and Eye patch are required in the hallowed halls of Asgaard!!! I would hazard to guess they will not wear the same smelly “biker pants” all the time. I like the look but I am sure things will not stay neat and clean. I am sure our god of thunder will suffer some battle wear and of course his mortal clothes will not make him look like a twinkle toes “Ken” reject, at least keep our fingers crossed.

  5. I decided these images just someone me screwing with us..yes these all photo shopped ,and too cartoonish..actually too fake i wouldnt give too much credence to the look lets just wait and until we get official on the set shots ..that the only ones i would think would be far i think its all fake images in fact im sure theyare..

  6. What’s with Odins goofy smile.. someone said it looks kinda like “40 year old virgin” poster.

  7. I’m excited the only thing that bothers me is they keep on getting people to play roles that they don’t physically fit the character and it throws you off right from the beginning. Imagine all this hype about Oh I don’t know something easy….Goldie Locks and the three bears. staring—-Will Smith as Goldie and the bears played by that’s right adopted rescue kittens!!!!!! Now come on folks don’t be so critical the director is awesome Even though its not being filmed in 3-D after the conversion, because that’s been the plan since day one, convert, the way the ca..bears jump out at you is un…real. Come on FOCUS DANIELSON

    • OUCH! Too fraggin true. uh-huh

  8. Goldspire i agree with you..and something tells me this just cannot be act given that all we see are Computer altered images so I’m quite skeptical and disappointed on the other hand these entities have super powers i would think they would have quite unique costumes but yes a more realistic darker look would be better..I’m holding out a verdict fir now ..its not enough to tell much from what we are given..and lately i think there’s alot of misinformation and faked photo shopped pictures about its pretty much a wait and see thing for me.

  9. Has The great god Odin Farted in that picture cause it sure looks like it!

    • LOL! it sure reminds one of the cover of Spinal Tap’s last album “Break Like the Wind”.

  10. Thor doesn’t look to bad but Odin looks awful. Less excited at this point.

  11. He looks like he is taking a whiz and Thor is looking on in disbelief and Loki looks disgusted.. :)

  12. Kofi, biker pants would suggest that they have and ride bikes in Asgard.

    • Yes they do its called “Hela’s Angels”.

      • lol

  13. Were both Loki And Thor in a fight?
    It looks like they both have bruises on their faces .
    And is Odin announcing or celebrating something?

  14. @ Kofi Outlaw

    I didn’t read the Thor comics so i don’t know much about him, mostly that he was one of founding members of The Avengers is all and run-ins w/ The Hulk. Question i have is about the ending of Iron man 2, How & why did Thor’s hammer end up in a crater in the middle of nowhere by itself? 2nd question i have, will Thor wear that winged helmet in his film & Avengers? Last question: I seen the Captain America pictures but are those of the first costume, because i was wondering if the second costume would include the wings on his mask?

  15. What do you guys think about the lack of helmet on Thor? I can understand that it might be a bit cumbersome in an action movie but they could have at least had him wear it as a ceremonial thing or something. It’s really a trademark for the character.

    • I think the helmet will still be worn in the movie, just not in the pics we’ve seen thus far.

  16. It may be a variation of the helmet .
    I am also curious If Odin has Battle Armor.

  17. I’m very happy there is no helmet it would look horribly stupid.

  18. Odins costume actually comes closer than others to the comic, he wore lot of gold brassy stuff, the costumes were viking fantasy like in the comics, ive read lot of the older ones, and the artwork was great, Jack Kirby, im hoping for the best, cant wait to see film, and more footage till then, the hammer is impressive, Thors strength was always questioned as equall to the hulks, and was in my opinion, after all he,s a god, they had some great battles, im glad they didnt make the hammer look like a damned ax like in ultimate comics,

  19. im glad they didnt make the hammer look like an ax, the hammer actually is the best thing, odins armour looks authentic to comics except for patch, maybe it looks better on film,

  20. I like it. I think the armor looks good. The reason he doesn’t have his helmet is that they were in Asgard. I bet when he goes out and starts laying the smackdown, he will bring his helmet.

  21. Thor looks good, Odin looks ok APART from that stupid eye patch. I have no opinion on Loki.

    If these are ceremonial outfits then fair enough, I know they are supposed to be Gods, but they aren’t showy dressed-up gods, the gods of fighting men. Therefore, I’d have preferred to see something a little more traditional.

    One thing I always wanted to see in a Thor movie, is taken from the Douglas Adams book ‘The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul’ in which he has a lengthy passage describing Thor and the way he pounds stuff with the Mighty Mjolnir – It really makes you believe that this guy and this hammer are a tough combination. Not like in the Ultimates cartoon, which makes it feel like he has a glorified boomerang.

  22. I’m really not getting the hate on these costumes. It’s a static shot in photo studio lighting. Branagh has directed Shakespearean period pieces – do you really think he’s going to screw up on the way the costumes look in the film?


    • Yes!!!!

    • I don’t know. Branagh made a turkey or two. That Frankenstein movie comes to mind.

    • Yep.

  23. This movie is going to TANK!!!!!! Can’t Wait!!!!!!!!

  24. Do you guys think this is a good look for Thor? Or are your hopes for this film starting to be dashed?

    No, the style so far looks like Tony Stark designed Asgard. My hopes are almost dashed. Marvel wanted Iron Man and Thor to look plausible in regards to sharing the same universe. But does Asgard have to look like an extension of Stark Industries? I don’t think so

  25. where is loki’s effin horns!!!!!!

  26. I have no problem with the picture; let’s see a trailer, and then we can talk. You can’t judge a movie by a picture.

  27. Well, the reactions aren’t surprising really. People were going to complain no matter what it looked like.

    It doesn’t look too bad honestly and I really think it needs to be seen in motion before proper judgement is given. I agree with Vic about the photo. It really isn’t the best first view. I’ll wait for the trailer to really give proper judgement and the acting might make up for any problems that may happen.

  28. I was disappointed with the casting to begin with. Chris Hemsworth is waaay to skinny to play the god of the Vikings. You ever see the “World’s Strongest..” competitions? Why do directors do that?!?!

    • Probably because of the rule of the thirds. You take a trip down to muscle beach. A third can’t act their way out of a paper bag, a third could do Shakespeare if the character is 5’2″, runt like, or just ugly. And the last third has potential which divides down even further for various reasons, till you end up with Chris Hemsworth more or less.

      If you really feel that strongly about it send an E-mail to Sarah Finn or Randi Hiller. See if they will give you a more concise and accurate answer…

  29. Well at least leather pants is better than underwear and tights!

    • Chain mail and leather boots would have been even better.