New ‘Thor’ Image: Thor, Odin & Loki (Plus Mjolnir)

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thor odin loki hemsworth hopkins hiddleston header New Thor Image: Thor, Odin & Loki (Plus Mjolnir)

Today Hero Complex debuted a new exclusive image from Kenneth Branagh’s Thor that is sure to get fanboys talking.

The pic features actors Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hiddleston as Thor, Odin and Loki, respectively, the royal family of the mystical realm or Norse Gods, Asgard.

Now, there was some heated debate a few months back when the first image of Thor popped up online. Some people did not like the magic-tech design of Thor’s armor – if you’re one of those people, I’m afraid you have more to be upset about:


thor odin loki hemsworth hopkins hiddleston New Thor Image: Thor, Odin & Loki (Plus Mjolnir)

Ok, so I will say this: the Thor armor designs may look a certain way in still photographs that some purists find to be inaccurate when compared to the designs of the comic book – while newcomers may think that these guys just look plain comical (no pun intended).

However, let’s remember that photos are often not enough to tell us how costumes, sets or props are going to actually play within the universe of the movie. I’m going to hold out for the first Thor trailer or footage (which we’ll hopefully get next week at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con) before I can decide on whether or not these Asgardian armors are going to play. If you look close at Hemsworth and Hiddleston, it is clear that the issue with the “biker pants” is definitely something to be wary of (why would gods fight in biker pants?). And that eye patch Hopkins is wearing… not sure if bright gold was the color to go with… I’m just saying.

Also, you’ll notice that this pic gives us a really good look at how Thor sizes up with his signature weapon, the mystical hammer known as “Mjolnir”. It’s a hammer with magic powers that can channel thunder and bash heads in – this pic tells me that the dimensions look alright, however, like the armor I need to see Mjolnir in fluid action to know if the actual physical presence of the hammer – the actual physics of it – feel right and believable. A lot is riding on that question.

So let’s discuss: Do you guys think this is a good look for Thor? Or are your hopes for this film starting to be dashed?

Thor strikes theaters on May 6, 2011.

There will also be HUGE announcements and surprises surrounding this film at this year’s Comic-Con. Be sure to stay tuned to the Screen Rant Official Comic-Con 2010 Page for the latest. Follow us on Twitter (@screenrant) to get the latest updates on the go.

Source: Hero Complex

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  1. Cant wait!!!!

  2. i have a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad felling about this.

  3. I am like you Kofi and I will save any of my reservations until I see something live action so everything can be put into perspective.

  4. Hmmm… As one who’s been waiting for Thor for seemingly a decade and it being my most anticipated film of all time – I’m not too impressed with this pic.

    The armor doesn’t feel like armor – It’s not powerful enough (looks-wise) and the pants kills it.

    I hope when it comes time for war, they all throw on the signature helmets.

    • i know right ?
      i see no horns upon Loki’s brow.
      will there be the beer/mead hall ?
      how much of asgard will we see ?
      midgard serpent ???

      oh so many unanswered questions.

      i hope comic-con reinstates the anticipation.

    • A few weeks ago, I believe it was one of the producers on the set of Thor that said he was surprised how “disco shiny” Thor’s suit looked in the first few pictures released by Marvel. He also added that the suit does not at all translate that way on film and that it works well. Odin’s suit looks “disco shiny” in this pic here, so I’d imagine that once we see the film or trailer with all the action, it will appear different in a good way.

      • Also, one of the bloggers on another site pointed out that in the original Thor comics, the Asgardian suits looked more futuristic and much in the same theme we’re seeing with these released photos. It was only fairly recently that the newer Thor comics had more of a viking look to their suits. So, it seems that Branagh/Feige is sticking closely to the Jack Kirby concepts and themes.

  5. From that article:
    “It’s official: The hammer of Thor and the shield of Captain America will fly straight at moviegoers in 3-D, which is really no surprise considering the current stereoscopic craze on the studios lots of Hollywood. What is unusual is the eagerness of each film’s director to take his case for 3-D directly”


    As for the armor… I like it. HOWEVER looking at the ceiling it looks like lights… which puts it more into a Science Fiction realm instead of a Norse Mythology realm.

    So while I can see them hammering away at gold/bronze etc to make that funky armor having indoor lighting and such makes it look… Krullish…

    So the more I think about it and type this the more im having WTF are they doing thoughts…

    • Final Fantasy is a better description…

  6. I wish everything was darker. The armour, the eyepatch. Everything. And I don’t like the way the eyepatch is just held in Odin’s eye, like a monocle. It looks like it’s going to fall off! They should have given it a strap.

    I’m not impressed by this image, but I’m not too worried either. It’s just a photograph, and we all know that some things look better when they’re moving. Time will tell.

    • Goldspire i agree with you..and something tells me this just cannot be act given that all we see are Computer altered images so im quite skeptical and disappointed on the other hand these entities have super powers i would think they would have quite unique costumes but yes a more realistic darker look would be better..I’m holding out a verdict fir now ..its not enough to tell much from what we are given..and lately i think theres alot of misinformation and faked photo shopped pictures about its pretty much a wait and see thing for me.

  7. And why is Thor staring at Odins butt!!!?

    • That would be funny if he actually was, but you can clearly see hes not :)

  8. Lol!!! So true Aknot u made me laugh!!!! And Goldspire,the eye patch really looks like itll fall!!!!

  9. He IS a god, so perhaps he can will the eyepatch to stay in place…

    • If he is a God then why does he need an eyepatch? (I obviously don’t know the comic books well.)

      • For the same reason he needs a starship! In Norse mythology Odin traded one of his eyes for a mouthful from the Well of Wisdom, so it was literally “I’d give my right eye for a drink right now…”

        • Well see, there ya go. Seriously though the picture looks very campy. I hope it’s better than it looks.

  10. Like anyone else, I have no idea what the quality of this movie will be like. But let’s be honest, anyone looking at this still and not familiar with Thor will be thinking, “Man, does Hopkins owe money to someone?” My first thought was that it looks like a Roger Corman release.

    And this dude playing Loki (don’t know anything about him), at least from the still, looks like he embodies very little of the Loki character.

    I’m just saying.

    • Well quite honestly (IMO) Loki is the best looking thing in that pic. He looks like a conniving lieing weasel.

  11. ugh, not even gonna comment, it’ll be pulled LOL

  12. I’m just happy that the pants aren’t the “underwear over spandex” look. Something a bit more armor oriented would’ve been nice though.

  13. As a fan of Thor for over 25 years, I can see that they have gone in the wrong direction with these designs. I am very disappointed with for allowing this. I can understand the need for “some” believability with Thor standing next to Iron Man and the other Avengers but its TOO futuristic looking and NOT EPIC/FANTASY at all. Those pants on THOR LOOK ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Another thing is why would Odin want you to draw your attention to his eye patch by making it all shiny and gold,if anything it should have just been a simple brown leather patch. SHEESH these designers went overboard with this “Asgardian future tech” sh*t.

  15. If memory serves .. and it rarely does … I believe a lot of people were saying a lot of this same stuff when we got the first looks at the Ironman armor in Ironman 1. A lot can be done in post-production to change “the feel” of a movie. I am hoping this is the case.

    • In this case, your memory is very off. I’m pretty sure you can still pull up the comment threads here on Screenrant. Reception to the armor was VERY positive, with nearly every nitpicking fanboy thoroughly appeased.

  16. Oh .. and Loki looks like Data from Star Trek TNG … but with a cape.

    • LOL

  17. Thor looks ok, but Odin and Loki… now what I was expecting and way too normal and docile looking…

  18. looks awesome.
    is this whole movie goingto be helmet-less ???
    i get thor W/out. but where’s Loki’s horns ?????
    other than that pet peeve. lokie looks badass i dig the armor.

  19. Looks like something Jack Kirby might have come up with for New Gods, only not as chunky; as if it’s been stamped out of a single sheet of metal instead of forged in sections.

    • The upper parts of the designs are ok. But those “Hel’s Angel’s”(pun intended) biker pants gotta go. Thor better not be wearing those in The Avengers movie. And Hemsworth’s hair is still too short. I like Odin and Loki’s look though.

      • With you on the pants! I think if they’re going that route then the legs should be armoured as well. Branagh had everyone wearing 19th century dress uniforms, trench coats etc in his version of Hamlet and made it work, so he can certainly handle the odd visual anachronism. On first impressions I just find these outfits a bit of a “halfway house” – not much Norse in there, not enough of Kirby’s brute force and solidity either. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until I see them properly lit and in motion though.

  20. My observations (like it matters):

    Armor (for Odin & Thor) looks like it’s protecting 6 nipples.

    Very staged pic on a very obvious looking stage.

    Kenneth Branagh is brilliant… when it comes to Shakespeare… how different could Thor be?

    Why is there a gold potato chip on Anthony Hopkins’ face?

    • I believe the “6 nipple” look is fairly classic for Thor comics

    • omg gold potato chip…har har!

  21. ehh…ok, but loki definately needs the horns

    • Horns??? Post people in post…

      AHH I’m so happy I found the last golden Pringle. It shall remain before my eye always.

      I’m calling Frito Lay tomorrow… :P

  22. Im liking the look of thor and Loki (though Im hoping we get to see Thors helmet and Lokis horns at least in one fight scene) but I have a few problems with Odin, particularly the eyepatch. gold wasnt the way to go.

  23. Actually ,It doesnt look like a leather eyepatch .
    It looks like a Gold STONE that was forged for hie eye .
    Not worried about pants until I see the film.
    the bottom Line is that if they have a strong story Thor will be a succcess .
    The film doesnt sink or swim on its costumes .
    I would like to see Thors Hammer in action though.

  24. I was looking through some old books and the sad thing is Odin dressed like that a lot. Then sometimes he wore just a blue burlap sack and a belt… (my interpretation)

    Maybe this is his special occasion armor.

  25. Okay, up until this point I had been very excited for Thor, but this pic just doesn’t give me good vibes. First of all, the stupid Odin eyepatch. Granted, maybe the eyepatch was a good idea, but couldn’t they make it less shiny and fake? Looks like a piece of plastic they stuck on Hopkins’ eye. Now I know things can change between this stills and the final look in theatres but this doesn’t help to build much excitement. That means you Marvel have to give one hell of a panel at Comic-Con (which no doubt you will) next week (!). The second thing is Loki. They better include his horns in the film, but I was hoping to see a more menacing design for him. Anyways I still have high hopes this film will be great,so whatever. Don’t even get me start on the 3D thing……

    • Loki does NOT have horns. That was just part of his “costume”. He quite often removed that hat in the comic, especially during the Walt Simonson run.

  26. Maybe when Loki turns evil (Apparently instead of being concealed)Odin will grow Loki his horns as a sign of disgrace or betrayal. Now the helmet of Thor feels like it’s missing something, but I kinda used to it now. Hopkins’ armor and patch looks pretty decent.

    As for the Asgardian technology: I like that idea. It will seem technologically advanced, but in actuality it’s powered by Asgardian magic. That seems pretty appropriate. Different but appropriate.

    • They used that logic for the Thorbuster Iron Man armor in the comics, so why not?

  27. Am I the only one that thinks Odin’s eyepatch looks like it’s photoshopped on? It could just be because of the weird angle, but I swear it doesn’t even follow the contours of his face or reflect the light in the same way as his armor and his face.

    It’s also the only part of the image I don’t like. I like the future-tech feel.

  28. there is something wrong with this pick

  29. It’s based on the Kirby armor.

    • Heck there are some 80′s Books that have him wearing more.