New ‘Thor’ Image: Thor, Odin & Loki (Plus Mjolnir)

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thor odin loki hemsworth hopkins hiddleston header New Thor Image: Thor, Odin & Loki (Plus Mjolnir)

Today Hero Complex debuted a new exclusive image from Kenneth Branagh’s Thor that is sure to get fanboys talking.

The pic features actors Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hiddleston as Thor, Odin and Loki, respectively, the royal family of the mystical realm or Norse Gods, Asgard.

Now, there was some heated debate a few months back when the first image of Thor popped up online. Some people did not like the magic-tech design of Thor’s armor – if you’re one of those people, I’m afraid you have more to be upset about:


thor odin loki hemsworth hopkins hiddleston New Thor Image: Thor, Odin & Loki (Plus Mjolnir)

Ok, so I will say this: the Thor armor designs may look a certain way in still photographs that some purists find to be inaccurate when compared to the designs of the comic book – while newcomers may think that these guys just look plain comical (no pun intended).

However, let’s remember that photos are often not enough to tell us how costumes, sets or props are going to actually play within the universe of the movie. I’m going to hold out for the first Thor trailer or footage (which we’ll hopefully get next week at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con) before I can decide on whether or not these Asgardian armors are going to play. If you look close at Hemsworth and Hiddleston, it is clear that the issue with the “biker pants” is definitely something to be wary of (why would gods fight in biker pants?). And that eye patch Hopkins is wearing… not sure if bright gold was the color to go with… I’m just saying.

Also, you’ll notice that this pic gives us a really good look at how Thor sizes up with his signature weapon, the mystical hammer known as “Mjolnir”. It’s a hammer with magic powers that can channel thunder and bash heads in – this pic tells me that the dimensions look alright, however, like the armor I need to see Mjolnir in fluid action to know if the actual physical presence of the hammer – the actual physics of it – feel right and believable. A lot is riding on that question.

So let’s discuss: Do you guys think this is a good look for Thor? Or are your hopes for this film starting to be dashed?

Thor strikes theaters on May 6, 2011.

There will also be HUGE announcements and surprises surrounding this film at this year’s Comic-Con. Be sure to stay tuned to the Screen Rant Official Comic-Con 2010 Page for the latest. Follow us on Twitter (@screenrant) to get the latest updates on the go.

Source: Hero Complex

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  1. There is a sevond picture in the same article which really looks a whole lot better. I was worried with this pic. But the pic not shown here sure made me feel better

  2. o god, plz dont let this movie suck like the first hulk did

  3. If it does Jose, Marvel has no one to blame but themselves. They’ve had years to analyze “Hulk’s” failure. Still more time to formulate a winning “Thor” strategy. In 6 months to a year we’ll know if Marvel
    can do no wrong or have just been lucky so far…

  4. They have got to be kidding me…. golden eye patch…. and they all look like their cloths are inspired by the playstation controller with the circles, X, triangles and squares

    • Maybe the videogame tie-in will come with “specially-designed” controllers?

      We can see the possible placement of the action-figure/controller’s “circles, X, triangles and squares”…but there’s no WAY I’m touchin’ the “joystick”!!!!

      • SIGH…….

      • Thors costume in the comic was blue tights and a red cape. And a loincloth with two weird circles. What? You think that Nordic warriors wore blue tights? To scare away what kind of enemies? Homophobic ones? Lets not forget the helmet with those stupid little wings.
        Did you think wolverine would do better in yellow spandex? Look no one knows why comic book heroes are forced to wear such idiotic costumes. But the sooner we can do away with that and the steroid physique the better we can enjoy the story.

    • Um…are you sure your eyesight is good? Thor in the comic book had on blue tights and a red cape. You think the Nordic warriors wore tights? To scare away the enemy? What kind of enemy? Homophobic ones? They need to go far away from the comic book version with the red, blue and those weird circles on his loin cloth thinggy. They also need to lose the helmet with the stupid wings.
      Remember, Wolverine in the comix wore yellow spandex(gag), and other X men wore worse. I believe that Storm wore a white bathing suit thing, and Gambit wore purple undies. Lets NOT do the original.

  5. They look like the new ice pirates.

  6. I prefer actor Vincent D’onofrio’s portrayal of THOR in the film “Adventures in Babysitting” :P

  7. I think it’s too early to write off a movie based on costume design.

    And I have a great amount of faith in this movie with regards to the acting. I mean, Kenneth Branagh is directing. A shakespearean actor and director is handling a comic book movie. I have to say I’m intrigued. And for anyone who disagrees, I have this to say:

    At least its not M. Night Shyamalan

  8. This just looks bad! All they are missing is nipples on those ugly things!

  9. Errr…not sure what they were trying to do here. Perhaps it’s not the costumes they will wear throughout? Hopefully…

  10. I will reserve final judgment for after the trailer, but I don’t need to see the trailer to know Thor’s black leather pants are AWFUL. Everything else is decent to me…may even be really good (Loki)…but Thor’s pants…they seriously need to fix that if it’s even possible. His legs should at least be covered in the same armor as his arms…those black chaps are just laughable…how in the world did they end up thinking THAT looked right???

  11. Weird suits, weird casting, looks like a flop.

    Marvel has no clue about our Viking mythology, they should stick to their usual characters in spandex and stay away from our proud anicient Legacy.

    If a Viking mythology movie should be made right, it should be like Lord of The Rings in style, and why you might wonder?

    Tolkien was deeply inspired by our mythology when he wrote LOTR.

    I got the right story waiting to be made, a mix of LOTR and Harry Potter but all Viking mythology based of the edda chronicles.

    • I think that it is Ok! to respect Danish mytes!

      And I hope that Uffe Ziemelis suceed in making the film he spokes about!
      Lisbeth Ziemelis!

      • Well with deep respect for your heritage this isn’t a period piece. So while modern day dress might acknowledge the past it doesn’t stand still. Tell me you have zero clothing with zippers or Velcro or poppers? Never mind the advances in the technology of cloth. Fundamental things like inertia, force, energy, gravity the basic understanding doesn’t change nearly as quickly as the technology to exploit them. The hammer and cutting tools like swords haven’t changed that much in basic design since they were invented only refined to ever greater degrees. The same analogies can be applied to mythological environments.

  12. I completely agree with Grooveraider!
    Not the biggest fan of Thor but even a fencerider like me was interested in seeing the movie. This just looks brokeback.

  13. Y’all are so picky everything has to be what you want it to be, it’s a movie who cares about their suits just enjoy the fact that the God of Thunder is coming to the big screen