‘Thor’ Collectible Figure Reveals Chris Hemsworth’s Full Costume

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Thor movie toy Chris Hemsworth 9 Thor Collectible Figure Reveals Chris Hemsworths Full Costume

It’s becoming something of a pattern with these comic book / cartoon movies to have the full costumes and looks of the superheroes and/or villains revealed by by their toy (sorry, “collectible figure”) counterparts, rather than actual footage from the movies.

The trend continues today with Marvel’s ThorSideshow Collectibles has unveiled a very gorgeous and detailed figurine modeled after actor Chris Hemsworth, who will play Thor in the upcoming film from Marvel Studios and director Kenneth Branagh.

Best yet, around the time Thor hits movie theaters you’ll be able to win this 12″ collectible figure right here on Screen Rant!

Up until now, the Thor trailer, movie images and posters have all given us peeks at what Chris Hemsworth will look like as the god of thunder, but in reality those peeks have either been too fleeting, shadowy, or fractional (showing off mainly the top half of Hemsworth’s costume). This collectible figure is by far the best lit, fully detailed, and full-bodied look we’ve gotten at the character that we’ll meet in the movie. It’s also a pretty sweet collectible to add your…um, collection.

Check out what Chris Hemsworth will look like as Thor:

If you’re interested in obtaining this Thor figure (or you just want to see more images), head over to Sideshow Collectibles.

Personally, I’ve always been OK with the look of the Thor movie costume, except for one issue that I (and many fans) brought up back when the first concept art of the character appeared online: the biker pants.

Thor is a warrior, right? A god who is built and trained for one thing – combat. It’s obvious why a character like that would don some serious armor and carry a hammer that can smash and blast just about anything in the universe – but where do biker pants fit in?

Seriously, if I was one of the Frost Giants or any other of Thor’s foes that will be featured in the movie, I would simply smash this dude in the crotch and then stomp him out when he went down. You’d think of all the places a warrior would need to protect, the thigh/crotch area would be high on that priority list. Maybe he wears a mystical Asgardian codpiece?

Don’t forget to check back with us here at Screen Rant closer to Thor‘s May release date – we’ll being giving away some of these collectible figures, so you could win one for free ;-). BONUS: If one Thor collectible isn’t enough, you can enter to win a Limited Edition Thor bust from Sideshow Collectibles by going HERE.

Thor strikes theaters on May 6th, 2011.

Source: Sideshow Collectibles

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  1. lol he looks warrior/classy. like right after dinner at a 4 star restaurant he’s going kick some frost giant butt

  2. That’s just awful. It looks like the top of Thor and the bottom of a biker gang member, of leather-wearing country dude action figure got mixed together, and no one caught it in quality control.

    After seeing the trailer, and then these images, whatever interest I had in it has dwindled down to near zero. It doesn’t help that Natalie Portman, the new “it” girl that Hollywood is ramming down our throats, is in it.

    • oops, meant to say *OR A leather-wearing…

  3. Awesome can’t wait until a Captain America one comes out

  4. Are yu guys kidding right now? i just looked thru alor of images of thor and his costume is always the same and the pants always look like regular pants even Earths Mightiest Heroes they look like pants so what’s tha big deal? oh tha pants look like biker ants whatever intrest i had in this movie has dwindled down to zero oh no, Listen he’s Thor HES A GOD nothing is hurting this guy The Hulk has smashed this guy to the core of the earth and he comes back without a scratch??? THA PANTS REALLY???????

  5. You know Vic I love this site i really do, and i dont mind ppl having there own thoughts (thats what we are here for) but it just seems to me everytime i come on here ppl are just more and more picky,the other day it was Nolan and today its Thor’s biker pants, really what im trying to say is If you can make a better movie then Inception and bring a God to life on film then by all means go ahead till then enjoy tha ride….. and save the pickyness for ur nose……

    • I’m fine with the pants, personally, but I do get the argument of having a chainmail/armored upper part of the outfit and no protection below.


      • I believe the argument comes from the fact that Branagh took too many liberties with his look instead of staying with the updated look in its entirety.


        Why they decided to go with the chain arms / biker lower body still confuses the hell out of me. They could have easily kept the spirit of the original costume without resorting to this sort of lazy design style (X-Men anyone?). Plus I thought they were going with the Ultimates look for all the Avengers which this is not.

        As an example:


        This I think would have worked quite well. An updated look but still captures the original look.

        Highly stylized helm wings are just not workin’ for me either. /shrugs

        • mongoose,

          I can see the argument on the first image, but the second one is basically tights on the bottom – how’s that any better than leather pants?


          • The second image was meant to show how the costume ‘could’ have been updated from the classic simple look without going to the chainmail arms and biker pants. Branagh just tossed it all out the window though.

            And for the record spandex leggings I don’t think would work. The tight look with bulging muscles NEVER translates into RL fabrics. They would have to be a leather of some sort but should have at least been the correct color instead of the X-Men fallback; Black.

            Wish they had Alex Ross update the look since his work is the most realistic and possible in real fabrics.

  6. the pants make more sence then chainmail or whatever… it would be lighter… CH even said that the torso part of his armor was very uncomfortable, so if he had the same stuff around his “package”, he wouldve quit half way through the first week…

    its also more “fashionable” not just comfortable… it also doesnt restrict his movement, while in an action move, he needs to be able to move…

  7. I’m sure the list of people willing to kick Thor in the crotch is near zero. Especially with that hammer around.

  8. I double dare anyone to kick Thor in the crotch. Seriously, don’t worry about his balls, I’m sure he’s got it covered. Torso armor makes sense, culturally speaking, but he’s no Shakespeare. Leave codpieces to the Elizabethans. Chain or other types of mail would leave him looking more like knight or Gondoran and much less like Thor. I think the costume department is playing it smart and avoiding groaning LOTR comparisons.

  9. I’m not some old-school Thor fan offended by this at all, and it won’t somehow alter the movie for me one iota, but if Branagh’s going with the modern look I don’t see any real reason why he shouldn’t have kept the leg armour (bearing in mind a god shouldn’t need any at all – Kirby’s version was bare-armed with what amounted to blue leggings):-


    Just looks better to me aesthetically.

  10. I don’t really see anything wrong with the pants personally. They are remaining faithful to the Kirby designs, and I like that. Also, Thor and his ilk are a race of self-appointed “warrior-gods” – powerful, noble beings who enjoy looking noble and powerful. Thor looks “godly” enough to me here and that’s all that matters to me. If you like, think of them as wrestlers – crazy mothers who will come dressed like crazy mothers. Besides, a frost giant’s foot can’t reach low enough to kick Thor in the crotch – leave that for the trolls lol.

    I do see why they decided to keep the helmet and uniform off most of the movie though, if that’s what they’re going to do. Too much of it would be… maybe “too much” of an unfamiliar sight. Selective scenes of Thor being Thor would make these scenes more exciting and special.

  11. Thor just keeps on getting better and better. And come on! He’s an Asgardian for Odin’s sake. No one has the balls to kick his balls. Also the helm looks too good to be true. This guy is gonna be a treat to watch on screen.

  12. If Thor’s Costume looks like that in the film, it looks pretty darn good imo. Only thing i don’t care about it would the arm sleeves. I think he’d look better in costume if he shown some muscle. From what i seen in the trailer he his arms look great enough that the costume don’t need to be covered up. The helmet looks great.

  13. HEY! Met this guy on the set of Red Dawn. He’s a nice guy :-) He can play quite a bad ass though, huh? haha..