New Thor Image Depicts An Angry God of Thunder [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated January 17th, 2011 at 11:31 am,

marvel thor movie costume New Thor Image Depicts An Angry God of Thunder [Updated]

UPDATE: Check out a Hi-Res Version of Chris Hemsworth as Thor!

Fans of Marvel’s live-action film universe and upcoming superhero films were treated to something special yesterday with the first official look at star Chris Evans in his full 1940s era Captain America costume. The re-designed WWII superhero costume sparked the imaginations of fans who fantasize as to what Captain America will look like when he emerges in the modern era as the leader of The Avengers, standing beside heroes Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and others.

We already know what the other heroes look like when in villain-fighting form, having already witnessed the trailer for Thor and full feature films for Hulk and Iron Man, but another image was released today of the Asgardian Avenger.

We now have a better look at Chris Hemsworth as the titular Thor, wielding his mighty hammer, Mjolnir in a moment of thunderous rage. The image does not reveal anything new about the locations, scene or costume, but you can’t go wrong with an angry God-like superhero gripping a hand-held weapon of mass destruction.

From Anthony Hopkins’ unforgiving Odin to Tom Hiddleston’s jealous Loki, there is a lot of emotion on Asgard.


thor chris hemsworth full costume New Thor Image Depicts An Angry God of Thunder [Updated]

Marvel President Kevin Feige explains to EW what makes Thor unique compared to other superheroes, outside of this unearthly origins:

“Most Marvel stories are about ordinary people becoming extraordinary… Thor is an already extraordinary individual.”

Outside of a major Thor cameo spoiler, we haven’t seen anything new from Marvel Studios’ next theatrical release since the unveiling of the epic Thor trailer. The focus has instead been on his Earth-born brother in arms, Steve Rogers, and we can expect the first Captain America trailer to debut very soon.

Until then, it’s hard to pick favorites out of the large line-up of big budget superhero blockbusters. In addition to Marvel Studios releasing two epics, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have the competing Green Lantern and Twentieth Century Fox will release their Marvel franchise prequel, X-Men: First Class.

If you’re psyched about Thor, visit Game Rant for the Thor tie-in video game trailer and follow us on Twitter @rob_keyes, @screenrant and @gamerant.

Thor opens in North America May 6, 2011 and  in U.S. theaters and on April 29, 2011 for the UK.

Source: EW

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  1. Honestly I like Caps better. It reminds me so much of the comics, and the Thor costume looks a little cheesy.

    Not to say it wont look good on film, I’m just looking forward to captain america more.

    • Thor’s costume is pretty accurate to the original Thor comics.

      He is an alien from Asgard wearing a cape and wielding a hammer – by nature, it can be classified as “cheesy” although I don’t think it is, myself.

      • Rob I wouldn’t say it’s accurate to the original, but not to far off at least. Its far closer to Ultimate Thor rather than the Original Thor and even then it’s a little off. It’s like if Ultimate Thor suddenly became a slightly effeminate biker. Still while I don’t love Thors costume I do kind of like it a little bit. Out of the new Spidey, Cap and GL costumes I’d pick Thor as the best

        1. Thor
        2. Cap ( Distant Second)
        3. Spidey

        3000587. Green Lantern

        • @ Daniel

          “It’s like if Ultimate Thor suddenly became a slightly effeminate biker”.

          LOL I like your sense of humor. I would still swap #3 costume with #3000587 costume though. :-)

  2. Maybe I’m alone on this, but after seeing the fantastic work they’ve done on Evans’ Captain America costume, the Thor costume just seems a little dull.

  3. I agree that Thor’s costume is underwhelming and cheesy. Also, what I’ve seen in the trailer also smells of cheese. The storyline reminds me of those corny/cheesy 80s movies in which a superhero or alien life form comes to Earth, finds a young person, who ends up helping him or her fight the bad guys. Thor seems similar, but with a big budget and shiny polish.
    Even the parts that should awe, those parts in Asgard, come off as corny. It only seems to get worse when Thor comes to Earth and is helped by Natalie Portman.
    I won’t be seeing this movie in the theaters, but most likely will be seeing Captain America.

    • theyll change his costume for avvengers i hope the go for the sleevless no cape look for the avengers

  4. Not impressed. But still it looks better than Green Lantern.

  5. I’m very amped for Thor I see it being among the best action/comic films of 2011.


  7. Really looking forward to “Thor” & “Captain America”. Couldn’t care less for the Phony Sony & Fox Abattoirs releases. :-)

    And Green Lantern’s costume is way better than Spider-BOY’S costume. :-)

    • Agreed on all points

  8. I don’t know about Thor, it looks…meh. I think they should take a break from superheroes for awhile.

    • Izzy

      “I think they should take a break from superheroes for awhile.”

      I’ll never get comments like this.

      Some of us still want to see the movies. If your tired of them and don’t want to see any more why can’t you take a break? I’m not sick and could deal with even more releases a year.

      • @ Daniel F

        I agree. I would like to see as many comic book movies as possible, including reboots. :-) I’m serious.

        Even releases from Phony Sony & Fox Abattoirs which these days I wait for on DVD. Some one, one day will finally get some some of those right. :-)

        • @ Magnetic Eye

          Same here. Id like to see a X-Men film where they have their own costumes insteand of the same lookin ones & Wolverine having a mask. Id like to see Robin be introduced again in another Batman franchise, & other heroes who havnt been on the big screen for the first time yet even if they’re not as popular as the big guns like Batman or Superman.

            • @ Longshanks

              Well said. Too bad there are plenty of “craptastick” movie supporters out there. :-)

          • @ Wally West

            I would love to see a true & faithful X-Men film with a great engaging story line with proper characterizations, costumes and continuity.

            Some people think that by trying to depict MARVEL’S continuity you have to somehow cram every little piece of X-Men history into one movie. That’s impossible, it can’t be done.

            But really a brand new story as a (snap shot) from either the ORIGINAL FIRST CLASS continuity or from the later ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT X-MEN continuity would work very well by borrowing and explaining continuity in increments by either flashbacks or by linear narrative. And it doesn’t have to done all in one movie either.

            I think Fox Abattoirs have just been too lazy to collate and examine the ORIGINAL X-Men timeline & continuity, party because of Singer’s obsession to introduce his own convoluted ideas.

            Longshanks made a very good point on quality of story and that should be the paramount objective of any movie studio, followed by the characters actually looking and behaving like they do in the books. :-)

  9. I agree with Jake, Agent Tom, and Michael. The Thor costume looks cheesy and just downright ridiculous. I am just having doubts about this movie altogether. Especially after the first trailer came out and I saw it. I saw so many things that I didn’t care for and were not consistent in it. True Captain America’s costume looks 100% better, that falls on the different direction styles totally. I can’t see myself seeing this in the theaters either based on several reasons. I could ,however, see me going to see Captain America when it comes out

    • Anna I’d love to hear these many reasons.

      I’ll agree that the constumes are not all that great though I think Thor’s costume is the best in the film and actually better than the Captain america costume as well. However, the trailer was fantastic and showed that it will be a serious film with a little meat behind it and fantastic acting.

      Cap all you know is that it’s a mediocre costume at best that’s to baggy and has an ugly helmet. With a terrible terrible lead actor for the part of Captain America and a bellow average talent for director.

      • Are you completely sure you didn’t mean Thor by Cap?

  10. what i love is the guys and girls that come on just to say how much they dont want to see everything, and how horrible everything looks , when I know everyone of you, will either be first in line or ripping it off the internet after you have already seen it twice. TOOLS AND FOOLS

    • What I don’t like is people who act like they know what everyone else is going to do when in reality they have no clue what so ever (about anything)

      I will be going to see Thor because it looks good, but I see no reason to doubt anyone who says they will not. Maybe it really doesn’t look good to them and they don’t want to see it or at least don’t want to pay a ton of money to see it in theaters when they could wait and rent it for much less.

      You kind sir are the tool and the fool for thinking you know all when clearlly you know very little. Unless you’ve earned the ability to read minds in which case I tip my hat to you. I’m not foolish enough to pretend I know what everyone is thinking and everything they will do.

      • actually, a lot of people have their negative opinions at the start of a movie, then change it when seeing more and then eagerly wants to watch it. that happens all the time. but yes not everyone is like that, just a few. i’ve seen it here a few times… lets take the spiderman reboot, and how god aweful it was! and then we saw garfield and he was just terribly wrong!! too old and then we saw more… and the spiderman costume and voila! it looks good! im definitely seeing it! its typical to judge a movie when its in pre production. but what loco is saying is wrong. he’s basically saying that those who are negative are lying.

        • And sometimes when people get positive about a superhero movie, they usually get downright frustrated.

          I don’t ever expect anything positive from superhero movies, as I usually don’t expect something really negative either, but this one, I have a bad feeling about this.
          It’s like the only one I remember to be so glaringly a trap. I’m not even going to talk much about the overall design, which really annoyed me, and it has nothing to do with fidelity or whatever. No, not even the trailer, which is usually a miracle-maker, did make it for me. People are seeing so much depth in the dialogues and overall direction just because Kenneth Branagh is from a shakesperian school, but so far the trailer made the movie look so shallow and crappy that I’m quite disappointed with him. Hell, the actor doing Thor is just terrible, by all means!

          Anyway, I don’t believe I have “the right opinion” here. In fact I don’t really mind being wrong, so I’ll check it out after I hear some good, reasonable reviews. But I can’t help but be afraid this ain’t gonna happen.

          So that’s it guys. Sorry if you guys who are positive about the movie get upset with all my negativity. I just can’t help it, that’s my most sincere opinion about it.

          • yeah it goes both ways. im quite positive about this movie. since i havent read any of the comics or anything like this, im not too hung up on the design. and i like the actors, overall i think it’ll be like a 3-4 out of 5 movie, and quite entertaining. and thats what i want so. and you shouldnt apologize about your opinion! those who get upset are just weird!

  11. I hope Thor goes sleeveless too, but keep the cape.

  12. cape looks cool cant wait for the movie

  13. Captain America is going to be a big success and Thor is going to underwhelm at the box office.

    • Can I have your magic 8 ball? I broke mine

  14. Jeez aren’t you all a bunch of sourpusses here! I think Thor looks increasingly cool, personally. I think if it tells a coherent, interesting story and has enough action it will attract a wider audience.
    It definitely makes me want to read all those Thor books I passed on for years. Personally, I think it looks cool and will have a quiet following at the least, surprise naysayers at most. As a Kirby loyalist, I am VERY interested in this movie.

    • I think Thor him self looks ok aside from a few minore complaints and the story seems to be good. The acting should be spot on with this fantastic cast and i’m truly looking forward to the film.

      My big worries though are the costumes of everyone not named Thor they all look pretty bad especially Odin.

      Asgard it just really looks cheesy to me.

      Biggest worry by far though:

      Im so afraid that this movie will not be Thor, but rather Avengers Origins: Thor. To much Shield and after the cramming of Avengers down our throat in IM2 it makes me worry for Thor.

  15. @Daniel F

    Absolutely agree and share your concerns on too much focus on the Avengers and not enough on the individual characters themselves. I personally feel that for both Thor and Capatain America you should only have 1-2 Scenes maximum that relate to the Avengers and 90% of each film should be primarily on the own characters story. Only at the final scenes should we see how their paths will lead into the inclusion of the team.

    I also still feel that the Avnegers film is being forced too much and too quickly and would’ve rather see both Thor and Captain America released in individual years rather than a couple of months apart.

    This Thor shot looks good to me and makes me beleive a bit more in the choice of Hemsworth in the role. I’m still against the selection of Chris Evans for Captain America but it’s done now and more judgement will be made when I see some proper footage.

    As for superhero movies in general, i like seeing these characters realised on screen. but I’d prefer to see 1-2 comic book films at the most per year. If handled with the right amount of skill and effort we can end up with some really impressive films. As many have pointed out the quality of output is always the concern . If we get 3 rubbish comic book films next year it would all lessen our enthusiasm for any more of these movIes to be made.

    I think the main mistake filmakers make is sacrificing the true source material to make the films more appealing. X Men Origins Wolverine and X Men: The Last Stand were the most blatant examples of this. The reason people love these characters is beacuse of the stories from the comic books and filmakes should should put more stock in telling those original stories.

    Have to say I’m against reboots epsecially recent ones that follow a recent trilogy. We really don’t need another Spiderman or X-Men movie epseically being prequel storylines – another annoying trend in movies. (I’ll take Batman Begins as an exception) but the feeling here is much more exhaustive than one of excitement.


  16. I cannot wait to see this flick! Would love to see some Warriors Three shots as well (Ray Stevenson in particular).

    Thanks for the article.

  17. Question: Does anyone know why they are shooting Thor and the Avengers in New Mexico? (Other than Thor landing there as shown in the trailer.) Is there a particular storyline that takes place there?

    If not, New Mexico isn’t a very exotic location to me. (Maybe Marvel’s version of an alien landing in ‘Smallville.’) Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts or insights.

    • K-man,

      I would imagine the reason had to do more with tax incentives than anything else. 8)


      • I guess they gotta do what they gotta do. I’m still looking forward to it though.

        • Same here.


  18. I feel like they could patch uptbis whole PR campaign with One. Shot. of Thor in his freakin’ Helmet! Not to mention posters featuring some of the other characters, if for no other reason than to get general audiences used to seeing them. With an unknown actor as a relatively unknown character, you’d think they’d want to highlight their stellar suppporting cast & epic scope w a Lord o the Rings style tableau! Where’s Marvel studios offices at? Get me some stills so I can Photoshop that poster for em! WTF !

    • Sorry. I’m turning into Too Much Coffee Man. My Real favorite Super Hero 8)

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