First ‘Thor’ Clip Is A Mixed Bag

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Chris Hemsworth as Thor first movie clip First Thor Clip Is A Mixed Bag

Marvel has been teasing fans for weeks now with promotional material for its upcoming Thor movie. The studio has released several character banners, movie posters, and TV spots in the past month alone, in case people weren’t already aware that the God of Thunder will be making his big screen debut this summer.

Now Marvel has released an official clip from Thor - and it’s a mixed bag, to be honest. While a minute of footage doesn’t reflect that much on a film as a whole, this particular scene illustrates what could work – and what may not work – in Kenneth Branagh’s comic book adaptation.

For context: This clip from Thor takes place in the aftermath of the titular character’s (Chris Hemsworth) arrival on Earth, having been banished from the realm of Asgard by his father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins). The resulting natural phenomena that surrounds Thor’s arrival attracts the attention of a trio of scientists – Professor Andrews (Stellan Skarsgård), Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), and her assistant Darcy (Kat Dennings).

Check out the resulting scene from Thor (via MTV) below:

What little we see of Hemsworth as Thor here does support Tom Hiddleston’s recent comments about the actor not being self-conscious while portraying the brass and brawny warrior, even as a regular human. Portman isn’t required to do much here, other than look concerned and pretty – though, to be honest, I get the feeling that’s what she’ll be doing for a good chunk of the running time. Take that as you will.

This clip won’t abate the concerns of those who figured Dennings would be stuck providing easy comic relief in the movie, as seen in the second Thor theatrical trailer. Darcy isn’t actively annoying here, and she hopefully won’t join the long list of irritating comical sidekicks in action blockbusters (see: Jar Jar Binks, Short Round, etc.); still, it just seems so blatant that the character is here to get laughs. On the other hand, given Branagh’s background in Shakespeare, maybe that’s the whole point – Darcy is meant to be recognizably “the fool” of the piece. Anyway, moving on…

Asgard in the movie Thor First Thor Clip Is A Mixed Bag

The realm of Asgard in 'Thor'.

One last thought: the Earth-set sequences in Thor so far have featured noticeably heavy use of Dutch (read: slanted) camera angles, and I’m reminded of Branagh’s well-spoken comments about what he considers key to visually distinguishing scenes set in the real world from that of Asgard:

“It’s about finding the framing style, the colour palette, finding the texture and the amount of camera movement that helps celebrate and express the differences and the distinctions in those worlds. If it succeeds, it will mark this film as different…. The combination of the primitive and the sophisticated, the ancient and the modern, I think that potentially is the exciting fusion, the exciting tension in the film.”

We’ll see if that approach pays off when Thor arrives in U.S. theaters on May 6th, 2011.

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  1. looks sweeet

  2. Ithink this looks great and I cant wait, wish the clip would have been one we havent seen before but oh well, little over a month to go

  3. Looks interesting enough.

  4. I didn’t think it was that bad honestly, though I do agree that Dennings is rather annoying and all.

    I liked what I saw of Helmsworth though. He did a good job of coming across as rather arrogant, which I believe was one of the reasons he was banished. Anyway, still excited.

  5. While I can see this can come across as a mixed bag, I think it was fine.
    We know there has to be some light comedy to appeal to a larger audience, and even though Dennings looks to be very annoying, the fish out of water humor is fitting.

    I think scenes like this will be much more fitting when watched in context. As it is with most things. I can see this scene be quite funny and be a big contrast if he just came from Asgard.

  6. Does not look bad at all so far. Too small of clip to really tell but it is funny that the God of Thunder gets taken out by a taser gun. Yes I know he is mortal at this point but he obviously does not know that at the time. So it is just comical and ironic.

  7. Hmmm, i am excited for Thor, but i’m also not in the mood for cheesy sidekick stuff. I don’t mind humour, but I don’t care to see indie juno-esk humour in a live action adaptation of Thor. Now Spider-man sure. But more than that, I think marvel should have released a more grabbing clip than his. Still, looking forward to seeing it!

  8. Not bad. I’m not concerned much about Dennings character based on this. I am looking forward to this movie!

  9. Doesn’t look bad. Darcy doesn’t do anything to enter the realm of annoying, just not as funny as the writers thinks she is.

    And I love how arrogant and larger than life Hemsowrth is. Very fun.

  10. I do question the foolish sidekick thing, I dont remember any of the old superhero cartoons (from the 60′s) having goofs as partners, sidekicks, or even part of the circle of characters in the Hulk, Spiderman, Thor, Aquaman, Iron Man, etc.

    Maybe the comic books were different? Or is this just the modern tired old formulaic way of injecting doofism in every story today?

    • Comic relief… looks that way. I for one can do without it in some films.

      I understand the purpose and that it is part of the formula of the heroes journey/anarchetypes and such but sometimes it can get annoying.

  11. Sandy, I didn’t think about Shakespeare until you mentioned Branagh’s work with his material (which is some of the best Shakespeare interpretations out there). But in that clip there is a lot of Shakespearean themes and I think those will show up in the movie. The Thor story does feel like it works best as a Shakespearean story especially in a historical format.

    • Yeah, I can definitely see Branagh’s interest in Thor from that perspective as well.

  12. Dennings is very cute. I think she can get away with being somewhat annoying. Although, I don’t think she will be.

    I am getting a little bit of a negative bias against the females in this movie from what I read in the article above. The comments about Portman and Dennings suggests to me that you have already discounted their roles and performances. It hasn’t released yet, and there is already supposition that the females will be nothing more than a distraction from the movie?

    Where are you getting that from? Should there be no other characters other than Thor and the Asguardians?

    From what I have seen, I don’t think we have anything to worry about if the worst thing you can say is you don’t like females.

    Oops, I meant the female performances. ;)

    • Heh, well, to clarify, my concern is that Portman and Denning’s respective characters WON’T get to be anything but bit players in the movie. I’m all for them being significant players.

      Also – I’m a self-admitted Kat Dennings fanboy, but I still strive to be more objective about her performances in general. 8-)

      • I have read no rumors or any other site saying this, this is purely my speculation: Do you think Kat Dennings’ character could be the Enchantress?

        • Well, I sincerely doubt it, but hey, I’ll hold off on saying for certain ’till the actual movie comes out. 8-)

  13. As a swede myself I’ve heard the Thor and Aasgård stories many times. Never did I think Aasgård looked like that though. And why the hell is he speaking dutch? He’s our ancient god, damnit.

    • I don’t believe he’s speaking Dutch. I think she’s talking about the camera angles. It’s a film term.

      • OH HAHAH. My bad, sorry. Thought you guys had seen other trailers where he speaks dutch. Thanks for clearing that up.

  14. That was interesting enough on its on. I liked the scene. Dennings seems perfectly fine in the role she plays. Still overly pumped for this movie

  15. I got to admit that I’m really interested in this movie. Mainly because the story revolves around what my forefathers believed in. I still dislike that they choose to speak dutch over “old-swedish” or icelandic(which still is very similar to old-swedish). I just hope I won’t see any humans kick Thor’s ass. He’s supposed to be so much above us it shouldn’t be possible.

    • You do realize that this is Marvel’s version of Thor? NOT THE ONE FROM MYTHOLOGY?

      There is a big difference.

      • Yeah, I realize the difference. I’m just saying that having grown up with these tales and mythologies I’ll have to force myself to understand that this is a different story, although with the same core of characters.

  16. I must say, I am counting down the 27 days left until this movie is released. SOUTH AFRICA GETS IT BEFORE THE AMERICANS!

    The second trailer made me nervous… I started to think that this will be another movie, mainly, for the girls (with the stupid Face Book jokes, Hemsworth walking around without a shirt the whole time, etc.), but I am regaining my certainty in this movie quite quickly.

    I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY don’t like the Darcy character. She doesn’t fit in to the movie and doesn’t seem to relevant at all. She seems to be in this movie mainly to made stupid jokes and drool over our Hero’s abs.


  17. Already know where I shall book my seats for the movie… I am gonna enjoy it in 3D with my friends and family as a birthday gift to myself.

    My only concern is that this movie will be TOO focused on the “mainstream audience” and less on the REAL fans… “THE TRUE BELIEVERS” as Marvel calls us.

  18. I can already tell you that Kate Denning’s character will get on my nerves. Anyway, nice clip.

  19. He fell on here wearing abercrombie clothes! How stupid is that? I guess when they cast him down his father gave him a make over?!?! LOL!

  20. When Superman fell on earth he wasnt wearing baby GAP clothes! LOL!

    • However, when he left the fortress of solitude all of sudden he had his Superman attire without explanation at that time where it came from.

  21. A robe would have been a cool way atleast! Not a shirt and a levis jean! LOL! Just a plain old movie common sense thats all!

  22. These complaints about Thor’s clothes…we don’t know as yet if Odin just materializes these clothes on Thor according to his knowledge of current American styles. These guys do have advanced technology you know.

  23. Yeah the God of Thunder is going to the brought down with a little contraption like a taser…

  24. A funny piece-quite. However, I do concur on Thor’s dress sense in this scene. Needs clarification-or justification.

  25. I say BRING IT!!! This movie is awesome and I am getting my tickets this week…

  26. your info is wrong Stellan Skarsgard is playing Erik Selvig

    • Was this to my question about Thunderstrike? If so, I wasn’t saying I had info. I was actually asking if thats who it was.

      • actually it was to this article it says Professor Andrews (Stellan Skarsgård)