Major ‘Thor’ Cameo Spoiled

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avengers thor movie characters cameos Major Thor Cameo Spoiled

In the days between the Christmas holidays and the celebration of the New Year, a major piece of Marvel movie character information was revealed. And by revealed, I mean entirely spoiled. The information has to do with Thor and a certain character making a special appearance in the film.

The title of the source information was “Exclusive: [Spoiler],” so spoilerific that we’re not even going going to tell you the true title of the information unless you choose to read on. Again, if you’d like your special character appearance in Marvel Studios’ next film, do not read on.

The story goes like this: Someone with privileged information who was fortunate enough to view an early cut of Thor leaked to The Wrap that Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner, does in fact appear in Thor and that Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury does not.

On one end of the spectrum, this isn’t a surprise as Jeremy Renner, prior to signing with Marvel, learned from his initial meetings that the character would likely first appear in Thor. We’ve known since shortly after the first Iron Man that Hawkeye and Black Widow would both be added to the roster of heroic film characters utilized by Marvel Studios so it was only a matter of time. Renner knew then that the tentative plan was for Hawkeye to appear in Thor – In November of 2009, he said the following when discussion how privileged he feels being considered for such a role:

“If I was a betting man, I would bet that Hawkeye would probably show up in Thor, and then be in The Avengers… But do I know for sure? I can’t say. But I’d love for that to happen. It’d be fun.”

On the other end, myself and a few others were told this information at San Diego Comic-Con back in July and didn’t report it, because it’s more of a spoiler than a news item. We are however, thankful that this leaker didn’t spoil where the character shows up and how he plays into the story of Thor, so that much is still a surprise and we aren’t going to tell you.

We don’t like ruining movies at Screen Rant so while a few of the hundreds of comic book movie posts we’ve put up may contain revealing information gathered or derived from trailers and images, we’re not going to intentionally spoil films for you and will not include said spoilers in the title of our article as to not give you the choice to avoid it.

At least we can be happy that Jeremy Renner will appear in at least two Marvel movies with Thor and The Avengers despite his demanding schedule. Hawkeye of course, is the non-superpowered elite archer, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D..

Now on to theorizing on what female character will be added to The Avengers and who the villains of the movie will be…

Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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Source: The Wrap

Header edited from image via Must Use Powers

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  1. “On the other end, myself and a few others were told this information at San Diego Comic-Con back in July and didn’t report it”

    Those be some wicked secret-keeping skills. Hat’s off to you!

  2. Ummm, I thought we all knew this already…?

    • Hawkeye eh? Bah. He’s a cool character, but in the Thorverse? fly on a windshield at 60mph.
      Give me a cameo of Beta Ray Bill any day.

      • i think he is in the movie i think is the black guy in the preview

        • I thought that was Heimdall.

        • That’s Idris Elba as Heimdall.

          Hawkeye’s appearance isn’t in Asgard ;)

          • @ Rob Keyes: I would hope not! ;)

          • Rob Keyes in the Thor trailer it looks like Idris Elba/Heimdall sword look like the Ebony Blade

      • Haha, now Beta Ray would make for a great Thor movie!

  3. The poster is cool, but it needs some women baddly.

    • @Luis PR, In the words of Humorous Hal Jordan “I know right!?”. Yeah, this Ball Park Frank Fest is a little too much. Hawkeye looks good though, just needs a pair of Hawkeye style visors or shades. Need Giant-Man and lastly it needs Wasp and Black Widow in the pic though.

    • yh agreed with ya

  4. Is that it?

  5. That was an anti-climax! I thought Joss Whedon was dressing up as Numfar again, doing the dance of joy!

  6. I hope Hawkeyes costume does look something like the one pictured above

  7. I hope it is in the movie’s main story and not in the credits

  8. The spoiler is bigger than that…… we all knew he would show up in Thor, but there is a bigger spoiler, don’t know whether its true or not.

    • Ummm, yeah. That “spoiler” comes from a mysterious “source” that, for all of its supposed veracity might as well have said that “HALFWAY THROUGH THE MOVIE, THOR DECIDES HE’S GOING TO WEAR PINK KNICKERS BECAUSE HIS NORMAL COSTUME IS TOO DARK!” Trust me…you heard it here, first!


  9. sweet I can wait to see how he’l look in the film

  10. I like how the article keeps making you read lol! :)

    • Huh?

      Rickamarole…What else SHOULD an article do???

      • This one specifically lol keeps wanting you to know the spoiler lmao!

  11. i agree with you. i was really really surprise to see so many sites post the spoiler IN THEIR POST HEADLINES. sites like the wrap are so desperate for “exclusives” that they don’t consider what they’re doing before actually doing it. worst, other sites are following suit. i’m glad to see you taking the other route.

  12. Stop acting as if this is a surprise, or even a spoiler. Everyone knew this was coming when Renner was announced as Hawkeye, especially given the fact that Marvel is making a connecting world for its heroes. This isn’t the shocking news you are making it out to be.

    • You’re right, it’s not shocking to devoted comic book movie fans, hence “this isn’t a surprise” in the post, lol.

      However, to most moviegoers a news headline that on a site or in an RSS feed is a major spoiler since Renner has denied on several accounts that he is not in Thor (again, only movie geeks like you and me would know that).

  13. I’m happy screen rant aren’t saying how he appears and kudos in the secret keeping and well written article

  14. I think the real point of the article is that Samuel L. Jackson is NOT going to be in a movie! Whoo Hoo! ;)

  15. Jeremy Renner hinted this way back. I wonder how big his role will be. Maybe he’s the one who captures Thor for SHIELD?

  16. [Edited for Spoiler Warning]

    **** Possible Spoilers ahead****



    -Movie starts off with Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings and Stellan Skarsgård in a van out in the New Mexico desert observing a phenomenon in the sky. This is when Thor drops to Earth… Natalie Portman accidentally hits him with her van (which she does again later in the film)

    -We cut to a flashback of Thor back on Asgard. He’s about to be anointed king by his dad (Anthony Hopkins) when two frost people or whatever they’re called infiltrate the palace and try to steal a “casket” which Thor’s dad got during a battle with the frost people on their planet.

    -Thor tries to convince his dad to wage war against the frost people after they broke the truce with Asgard. Thor’s dad refuses; Thor, Loki and 3 other soldiers (Jaime Alexander and two dudes) end up going to the frost planet alone

    -Thor’s dad comes to the rescue just as the Frost people are about to kill Thor and his warriors (despite Thor kicking *** for much of the scene)

    -Inside his detention cell; Thor is visited by Loki…who tells him that his father has died

    -Thor confronts the Destroyer, and apologizes to Loki (via a conduit with the Destroyer) about what caused him to be resentful of Thor after becoming king of Asgard.

    -It was actually Loki who helped the frost people infiltrate the Asgard palace; Loki made a deal with the frost king in that Loki would help the frost king kill Thor’s father in exchange for Loki assuming complete control of Asgard (this was a LIE)

    Thor destroys the Destroyer by a blow to the head by his Hammer

    -Thor shares a kiss with Natalie Portman before going back to Asgard to confront Loki–who kills the frost king just as he is about to kill Thor’s father (Loki essentially did everything as a way to earn Odin’s respect)

    -Out on the rainbow bridge, Thor defeats Loki. He and Loki are hanging along the edge of the bridge and are about to be sucked into a wormhole when Odin (who regained consciousness when Thor returned to Asgard) comes to their rescue.

    -Loki tells Odin that he “did this all for him” (killing the frost king and about to destroy his planet)…but Odin replies that he didn’t want peace “like this.” Loki realizes he failed his father once again and lets go of the bridge…falling into the wormhole

    -Back in the Asgard palace, all is well. But we see Thor on what remains of the Rainbow bridge…asking the Gatekeeper (Idris Elba) what Natalie Portman is doing back on Earth.

    -Thor had to destroy the rainbow bridge (with his Hammer), which was his only way to get to Earth, because Loki threaten to go to Earth and kill Natalie Portman

    -The Gatekeeper replies with “She is searching for you.” Final shot of the film is of Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings and Stellan Skarsgård inside a room working on their science equipment.

    • And I’m the Queen of Canada.

      • Nice ;)

    • Sounds very…..”choppy”. I presume is pieces of it all jumbled up from a rough cut that will be edited with stuff thrown out and or other stuff put in.

    • So if the bridge to earth is destroyed and Thor is in Asgard, how can he participate in the Avengers movie?

  17. yeah, rob nice job keeping it secret for like 6 months…wow

  18. I actually want to know where so if anyone knows where to find that spoiler please tell me. I’m a die hard comic fan so nothing in the movie will surprise me. I know thor and I know hawkeye so please by all means if you have a link at least share it with me LOL

  19. Dear Screenrant Writers; I like this site, I really do. I have a request. DON’T DO THAT AGAIN. Please. pretty please. When it comes to comic book movie news, I have no willpwer. If I ever catch any of you guys in public, the biggest, yuckiest bug I can find is going to have an accident on your back…. no make that your front windshield. :)

    • LOL @happyman. :-P


  20. you think eventually theyll bring in the sentry? hes way more badass than giant man and the wasp

  21. Jeez… Just Hawkeye, with all the “Uhh, be careful, ye who tread here” I thought it might be someone cool to show up, like RDJ.

    • I know. They’re making too big of a deal out a cameo that will last about 2 minutes at most.