‘Thor’ Interviews: What’s In Store for ‘Thor 2′ & ‘The Avengers’

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thor movie Thor Interviews: Whats In Store for Thor 2 & The Avengers

Fast Five has roared into record-breaking box office success this weekend, in essence attempting to abscond with the late spring/early summer blockbuster crown. This coming Friday, however, Thor will challenge the would-be thieves in the hopes of reclaiming the thunder Fast Five snuck up to steal.

Director Kenneth Branagh was given one, very clear, edict from Marvel’s Kevin Feige when production on Thor began: cast Thor.

As Branagh tells it, he entered the experience as a child on the first day of school, anxious to explore all that the new environment offered: 3D, visual effects, a veritable playground of new toys and tasks to be done. When Branagh looked to Feige for direction, the straightforward President of Production told him:

“The one thing you need to do right away, and until you finish, is cast Thor, that’s it, just cast Thor.”

Early reviews hale Chris Hemsworth as a resounding success in the titular role – marking Branagh’s first and primary job as one decidedly well done. So well done in fact that eager fans are already looking ahead in anticipation of any and all additional installations in (what they hope will become) a Thor franchise. Without revealing any spoilers, we can say that the film is certainly seeded with storylines and character arcs that beg for a continuation.

In our private interview with actress Jaimie Alexander (Goddess of War, Sif) we discussed the film’s subtle suggestion of a burgeoning romantic relationship (requited or not) between her character and Thor. The idea of Sif’s desire for more from her lifelong freind was deliberately layered into the film as one thread (among many) that could easily be followed-through in a sequel. Sif’s amorous intentions toward the God of Thunder were explored more intimately in several scenes that (ultimately) did not make it into the final cut: a choice that the actress believes was best for the current film and story. She does contend, however, that “there was a reason” that the filmmakers hinted at the relationship, essentially “creating a door” that they could walk through in the future – should they so choose.

Look for our full interview with the lovely and talented Ms. Alexander in the coming days. Teaser: Her ideal Marvel character, other than Sif, is the dynamic and powerful X-23.

thor Sif Thor Interviews: Whats In Store for Thor 2 & The Avengers

As to Marvel’s larger vision for Thor, Kevin Feige replied to queries about the development of a Branagh helmed Thor sequel by saying:

“We’ve 600+ issues, we’ve got a thousand years of mythology — we have other stories we’d like to tell. The audience will tell us whether they want to see those other stories, but we have to be prepared for that, if we should get the call. So, Don Payne is working on story ideas for a Part 2, we’ve got various options with Ken [Branagh] to discuss coming back. Right now the focus is on the first one but Don is, slowly but surely, thinking about where to take the character next should we be so lucky. ”

Branagh reiterated that it will ultimately be the fans who decide if the world will be given the opportunity to revisit Asgard.

“Kevin and I share the Irish Celtic superstition of not taking anything for granted, and the Marvel world is a world of non-assumption. When I first started in the film business (forgive the language I’m about to use) a producer said, ‘Assumption is the mother of all f**k ups.’ So we are assuming nothing; we are offering the film out to the world and we shall listen.”

Audiences are guaranteed a continuation of their relationship with at least two of the Asgardian Gods in the upcoming Joss Whedon helmed Avengers. As we have reported, both Thor and Loki play pivotal roles in the film – as a member of the team of heroes and central antagonist, respectively.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor Thor Interviews: Whats In Store for Thor 2 & The Avengers

When asked about Loki’s villainous development in The Avengers, actor Tom Hiddleston laughingly hedged:

“I think a red dot will form on my forehead if I give any information about Loki in ‘The Avengers.’ All I can tell you is that Loki will be in ‘The Avengers,’ and it will take more than the man to my right (Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth) to stop me this time.”

Both Hemsworth and Hiddleston did offer some insight into how they believe Whedon will handle the challenge of seamlessly integrating a team of epically scaled heroes, and one of the most fascinating and complex villains ever to be seen on the landscape of comic-book films. Hiddleston theorized:

“I think the thing that looks like a challenge is actually the reason it will work. As in, how can one movie contain so many different flavors and colors and characters? I think Joss Whedon has probably made that a strength. The conflict between each of them will be something that will be expanded on I think.”

Hemsworth elaborated:

“We don’t balance all the other characters. It’s the writer and Joss Whedon, who’s the writer and director. His job is to sort of navigate that. Kind of like Tony [Sir Anthony Hopkins] was saying, we come in and do our bit, and that’s all you can really concern yourself with. But I definitely think it will be an interesting combination. As Tom said, why it will work is that conflict and those larger-than-life characters and egos clashing. There’s some great tension there.”

Stay tuned for more on what Hiddleston calls the “literal bro-mance” between Loki and Thor, the Sir Anthony Hopkins school of “no-acting-involved” acting, and continuing Thor updates throughout the coming week.


Thor opens this Friday May 6th.

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  1. Having seen ‘Thor’ yesterday I can assure you it is a very good film. There are actually a couple of very, very funny moments (without giving too much away) I loved the scene were ‘Sif’ and ‘The Warriors Three’ first land on Earth and a ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ operative refers to them with some very funny nicknames. The action was amazing, in particular the scenes with the ‘Destroyer’ (though, they were incredibly loud). I saw the movie in 3D which to be honest didn’t really do anything for me. Chris Hemsworth did a very good job as ‘Thor’ but honestly the stand out for me was Tom Hiddleson as ‘Loki’. Anthony Hopkins was great as always and I didn’t find Kat Dennings to be nearly as annoying as Natalie Portman (you’ll see what I mean soon enough). All in all I’d probably put ‘Thor’ somewhere in between the first and second ‘Iron Man’ film, in the sense that it wasn’t quite as good as ‘Iron Man’ but it certainly was an improvement on ‘Iron Man 2′. Overall: 3.5/5

    • 3D just isn’t what it used to be. i already knew that I was not going to see this movie in 3D. It’s a waste of money.

    • Thor was without a doubt, the most visually appealing movie in a long time (including iron Man 1 and 2). I would go as far as saying I enjoyed Thor a little more than Iron Man 1 and 2.

      The writers can go a long way in the sequel. I want to see more Bifrost transportation, more Thor’s display of his awesomeness (I.E. Flying, Thunderstrike, Hammer fights). I want to see Surtur and the Fire Giants as the main enemy in Thor 2.

      A showdown between Loki/Surtur vs. Thor/Odin would be fantastic.

      Marvel has another gem trilogy on its hands. Bravo.

  2. watched it yesterday night, I’m from India so it released here on 29th April It was awesome btw . The 3D was pretty good except maybe in the dark war scenes , both Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston did a great Job .

    can’t wait to see Avengers now .

  3. Can’t wait for midnight Thursday.

  4. aslong as the cut down on the melodrama bs they had in thor, its all good (it will be hard to have all that garbage in the avengers anyways).
    thor was good for what it was, the special effects where decent, acting was good (but the women got annoying for a while) and some of the battle scene where short/didn’t make sense.

    the after cred scene is really cool and Hiddleston pretty much confirms its tie into the avengers movie.*

    *i didn’t ruin anything for anyone as its obvious he gets his hammer back at the end of the movie.

    • Actually you would ruin it for some people as you included a detail that people wouldn’t just assume when you mentioned the hammer.
      Also, the scene you thought made no sense was pretty straight-forward.

      • it was straight forward visually but c’mon, i mean right before he’s about to get beaten to a pulp the hammer flies to the rescue, so typically and poorly done. well we all know the hammer gets taken away from him and he has to redeem it again (as seen in the trailers how he tries to grab the hammer but fails).

        alot of the scenes seemed childish (the romance garbage was very typical marvel and got annoying after a while (especially with the cheesy music that always played). but like i said everyone else was great and the special effects for the most part where solid (the only one i hated was thor in the tornado things swinging his hammer (seen in almost every trailer btw)).

        • @Jwalka
          Actually, that’s not what happened.
          I suggest you re-watch it and pay closer attention.
          Not to be rude but, I really don’t know how you missed what happened, it was clear as day.

            • Jwalka may just be a bit younger than most commentors on here. I’m just guessing but it seems he didnt quite get the jest of the scene due to unfamiliarity of the character and possible ADHD. Again, its just a guess….

              I have no patience for someone who writes spoilers without warning…even mild spoilers.

              • @ superfreak
                ‘m a regular here to stfu you sad internet f***.

                @ alpine
                i understood the damn scene (i never said i didn’t), what i didn’t like is how the hammer just flies to him when he needs it the most, just plain cliche’ of them to do that.

                you don’t have to come on here and start getting hostile with people in an attempt to make your worthless asses feel wanted/superior.

                • Who’s getting hostile? It sounds like you are getting hostile. BTW the whole hammer comment was part of the plot is a spoiler. You could of made a reference to the movie having some cliche momments if that’s how you felt without commenting on any specifics. And I happen to agree with the others there was a little more depth to it than you stated… but then again each to their own.

                • jwalka,

                  I only just noticed this comment. You really need to calm the hell down.


        • Blame it on that moron Jwalka.. either he’s a 12-year old or he’s a 40-year old with the mental age of 8, with autism spectrum disorders to boot

          • Holy cow, guys, yeah, I can’t believe you’re posting such a huge spoiler from near the end of the movie. What the hell?

            I’ve deleted one comment and edited another.



            • I know it’s an editing pain but kill mine too Vic I’m NOT interested in wrecking peoples experience. Thanks…

              • Done.


        • uh… you do remember that oden send him the hammer, right? well that and it’s happened in the young avengers too as i recall.

  5. film was EPIC

  6. I already mentioned about the movie back in the last Open discussion and I will say again the movie was good to great but not epic like lord of the rings. I was thoroughly entertained by the movie and my only gripe was that small town was literally small town. Something I think Vic also mentioned before. But other than that the movie is worth getting on blue ray when it comes out :)

  7. can’t wait I’m really looking forward to this

  8. To all those who have already seen Thor (or who will see it before I do on Friday) BITE ME! >< :)

    • Ditto! :)

      • I third that! :-P

        • LOL, AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • eye


    Aye Vic! Will thoust post a spoiler thread for this movie of thine own creation? Please?

    • Yes, there will be a spoiler post for Thor.


      • Not sure if this counts as a spoiler but don’t leave BEFORE the end credits are done!!

      • Hell it doesn’t really matter does it even though I thoroughly agree with you people have already ruined a lot of the movie for me with their poorly thought out comments


      jwalka, I love ya’ man, but come on!

      • everyone knows the things i mentioned are gonna happen, its not like he dies in the end or anything (that was an example).

        • You mentioned things from the film I had no idea was going to happen. I had stopped reading your post when I noticed you were about to spoil a part of the film for me, so since I stopped reading it before it got spoiled, I may be wrong; but since Greenknight felt the same as I, I assume I was right in halting reading your comment.

  10. Ugh, is there going to be an Incredible HUlk 2? I would like to see that.

    • Incredible Hulk 2 is NOT in the works as far as I know. I think Marvel will look at the possibility after their current slate of movies is produced.

  11. I definitely “like” this article. Thank you.

    • I read somewhere that they’re wanting to do an IH2 movie they just have to wait until after the Avengers comes out to establish a timeline

  12. The depiction of Asgard was SUPERB. The Aesirs/Asgardians are what Michio Kaku would refer to as a Type-III civilization, in which their science is indistinguishable from magic.

  13. Eye??? LOL. Dont you mean, “Aye!” ? Or are ya secretly Odin? LOL Just messing with ya. cant wait for 12:01 AM Friday morning

  14. “The idea of Sif’s desire for more from her lifelong freind….” friend is spelled wrong(no biggie..I am guilty of this type error all the time). Anyway cool article, thanks. I can not wait to finally see this film. I am there already, time just hasn’t caught up yet.

    • See? Perfect example. I meant to say this “type of error..”.

  15. i hope in the Avengers movie… they will make it longer perhaps 2hours, Thor is a great movie but a bit brief…

    • i gotta agree…

  16. @anybody posting spoilers here, even if THEY think it’s not spoilers: just don’t!

    I saw it in 3D last saturday. The 3D didn’t do much for it in my opinion, but the movie was great!
    I really hope there will be a Thor 2, 3 etc. but somehow it made me even more worried about the avengers movie getting all the characters together and give them proper screen time. That movie will be like an all-u-can-eat ice cream buffet: Way too much of the good stuff but actually no real food.
    I love some of the stuff Joss Whedon has done, but this…? But then, Kenneth Branagh as director for Thor made me go “Wha’?”, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    • IMO The X-Men was not as good a movie because it was hard to give all of the characters enough screen time.. But the X-Men comics were the same. Very busy! I’ve got my fingers crossed that Whedon knows how to resolve this.

  17. Hey Vic, install a spoiler blocker. Is there even such a thing? Come on, you software developers, put your brains in overdrive! The next 2 years will be tough without a spoiler blocker. :-)

    • I agree with Kahless if there aren’t some drastic actions taken by the screen rant team the next few years of movies will be ruined by some thoughtless Austrian’s thoughtless typing will ruin many an American movie night to come

      • Australians*

  18. Watch the credits in full as there is a surprise at the very end where you don’t expect it.

  19. i really enjoyed this film i hope they make a part 2

  20. Loved the movie. Would like to see a follow up. Looking out for it. A must see movie. Twiglight has competition!

  21. i watched Thor today, im from brazil so here i was released 29th april. It´s awesome!!! i think Thor will rebuild the bridge ’cause Odin said that the hammer could both destroy or build ANYTHING.

  22. is thor coming out with a second? i love that movie amazing. Has it been confirmed for a thor 2?

  23. Awesome hope to see em make a Thor 2

  24. I watched it for my birthday :) i loved it, though it was a little disappointing at the end, i wanted Jane and Thor to reunite, so i hope for a sequel! i don’t want Sif/Thor i want Jane/Thor i loveeee Kenneth Branagh for making it! i can’t wait for the avengers and Thor2 :P

    • Holy crap. It says right in the article “No spoilers.” I’ve seen it already, but if I hadn’t I’d be looking for you tonight.

  25. I read the comic books so the film did the deed, Thor was true to his character, just loved it!

  26. If Miller and Stentz aren’t involved in writing the screenplay, it may go the way of some other sequels. I went to see Thor on the strength of their involvement as they have written some TV episodes I especially liked.

  27. I watched the movie. But left b4 the credits were over. What happened?

    • *** SPOILERS!!! ***
      (in response to Rebecca Stewart)
      Dr. Selvig encounters Nick Fury in a SHIELD underground facility, Fury shows Selvig a Cosmic Cube in a briefcase, the camera shows Loki in the reflection of the wall, telling Dr. Selvig what to say. I won’t try to replicate the dialogue, I only remember the gist.

  28. Thor gets sent to earth for treason
    Loki becomes king after odin is in a coma
    thor establishes a relationship with people on earth

  29. Marvel has found another GEM in Thor. The Asgardians and Hemsworth will surely be seen in two more movies. Personally, I would axe Jane Foster/Nat Port from the story completely. It seemed a little bland to have inter-stellar space traveling via BiFrost and jump back to lowly scenes of Earth and New Mexico. Focus on Asgard, the Nine Realms, and the Fire Giants (Surtur).

    Surtur would be the perfect villian for the sequel. Battles between Thor, TW3, Siff, Odin, etc. vs. Fire Giants and Surtur would be an amazing movie.

    Thor was very underrated in terms of mind-blowing CGI. The BiFrost transportation was one of the most amazing moments in movie history. I want MORE THOR (Pause). I WANT IT NOW!