Helmets, Shields & Enemies at Marvel’s Comic-Con Booth

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marvel studios panel comic con Helmets, Shields & Enemies at Marvels Comic Con Booth

If you weren’t able to attend this year’s Comic Con in San Diego then I hope you were able to keep up with all the action via our Comic Con 2010 live coverage. From video to live blogs, we tried to keep you as up-to-date as possible on all the goings-on at what is arguably the movie/comic industry’s most important event of the year.

Even though I had a minor altercation with a Marvel rep, they had one of the best booths at Comic Con and brought many surprises for individuals lucky enough to be at their booth at random times throughout the entire Con.

Check out the following images to see some of the props from the upcoming Marvel Studios movies!

thor loki odin helmets Helmets, Shields & Enemies at Marvels Comic Con Booth

They kicked things off on Thursday morning early by putting Thor, Odin and Loki’s helmets from the movie on display for all to see. When I went to the booth to take some pictures later that day, the reps had put frosted glass panels up around them – hence the altercation.

thor infinity gauntlet Helmets, Shields & Enemies at Marvels Comic Con Booth

On Friday, Marvel put up the Infinity Gauntlet from the upcoming Thor film for all to see but it too was a short lived display and was hidden by the end of the day. No one knows for sure what role the Infinity Gauntlet will play in Thor or future Marvel films but in comic lore, the Infinity Gauntlet was held by Thanos and gave him the power to control the universe.

thor destroyer upclose Helmets, Shields & Enemies at Marvels Comic Con Booth

On Saturday, Marvel revealed Thor’s nemesis Destroyer, which was created by Loki to kill his brother. Here is the cool thing, Marvel had a huge display of Odin’s throne room on display and they had Destroyer hidden in a chamber behind it the entire time with no one being the wiser. Nicely done Marvel!

captain america shield front Helmets, Shields & Enemies at Marvels Comic Con Booth

Oh but Marvel wasn’t done yet because on the Sunday, the final day of Comic Con, Marvel put the actual shield used by Chris Evans as Captain America on display for all fan boys (and girls) to drool over. It was really a very impressive piece of art and was crafted from what appeared to be spun aluminum and hand stitched leather straps in the back. They even captured the proper curvature of the shield which couldn’t have been easy to do.

You can look at each of the aforementioned items below in our gallery. We took the Captain America shield pictures but special thanks to Marvel for posting the rest of the pictures for all of us to see.


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Thor slings lightning from his hammer May 5th, 2011. The First Avenger: Captain America flings his shield July 22nd, 2011. The Avengers will assemble May 4th, 2012.

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  1. Oh boy,here comes the spooge fest.

  2. I have no idea what the Infinity gauntlet is doing there. But I must correct you on the Destroyer. The Destroyer was originally created by Odin to battle the Celestials upon their return. It is controlled by a life force powerful enough to control it. Hence Odins force in the suit would be more powerful then say Hogans. Odin and the Destroyer were defeated and the Odin sword destroyed at the same time. Many beings inclouding Thor have entered the suit.

  3. *Pushes up glasses with index finger* It still gives me nerd rage that the glove is right handed when clearly all they have to do is pick up ONE comic book with Thanos in it to see the Infinity Gauntlet is clearly left handed. I hope they fix this, as I’m sure others are complaining.

    • I doubt they will. Venom is supposed to be really bad @$$, but they cast Topher Grace and had him in the suit for 2 minutes before killing him. And the entire movie of Punisher: War Zone. Marvel has a way of messing things up.

      • that was sony who screwed up those two movies…… not marvel

      • Spiderman and Punisher movies were not made by Marvel.

        But anyway, I think that pic of the glove is actually flipped. If you look at the reflection, I believe I see 2 people taking photos and it looks like the shutter button on them are on the left side of the cameras. Most cameras, well, ALL camera’s I’ve seen has the shutter release button on the right side… So I think that image might be flipped, meaning that’s actually a left-handed glove… I’m not 100%, but that’s just my guess.

    • I know! Thanos has the left gauntlet…Odin has the right!

    • You’re seriously complaining that it’s not left-handed?

  4. “Oh boy,here comes the spooge fest.”… you got that right Longshanks( sweet name by the way…”if we can’t get them out..we’ll breed them out”..absolutely love Braveheart.) Anyway. Man everything looks tight. The helmets, the suit, the Gauntlet, and my personal favorite Captain America’s shield. I am sorry, Captain America is that beast. He is definitely one of my favorite Marvel characters. I can not wait to see what they have plan for this movie. The casting is in place, let’s just see what the director and the writers can do with it.

  5. For anyone clueless:
    Studios and what characters they own–

    Fox: Fantastic Four and X-Men
    Sony: Spiderman
    Lionsgate: Punisher ( but they sold the rights back to Marvel earlier this year )
    Marvel: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Wasp, Miss Marvel, Thanos, Namor, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Blackbolt, Nova……etc.
    So you can’t Blame Marvel for the failure of Spiderman and Fantastic Four!!!

    • Spider-man was not a failure.

      • “Hey freak show!! You’re going no where. I got you for three minutes; three minutes of play time…………..What are you doin up there?” lol..man that part was hilarious.

  6. Spiderman 3 was, I liked the first two, probably because they were setting up for the Lizard (Curt Conners) but Raimi ruined Venom, and the lame emo Peter Parker was just stupid.

    • it wasnt totally raimi’s fault. The studio (sony…….. NOT MARVEL (IM LOOKING AT YOU PIKACHU) forced raimi to add venom becuz they knew he was popular) but yes raimi is the one that casted venom completely wrong, ugh….

    • Rami didnt even want venom in the third, it was the producers fault for f-ing up spiderman three. Rami wanted sandman as the main villain and to finish up the peter/harry story. Rami got fired for not being a producers pet. He had the balls to stand up and say this sucks i can do better! the producers didnt like that.

      • SM3 was BOTH Raimi and Sony’s fault. Sony forced Raimi to use the character, and Raimi did a piss poor job at adapting him.

  7. Darn when I read you had an altercation with a marvel rep I was crossing my fingures for it to be over the horrible Chris Evans casting lol jk.

    That Shield looks beautiful I want one so bad. I want one just like it

    • Totally agree with you about the Shield..if they are going to make actual movie replica( with in reaonable dollars) I’m getting one.

    • Daniel f,

      And the pic doesn’t do it justice – up close it has a lot of detail in the metal work. So cool they went with brushed steel for the white parts.


    • hahaha OMG i was thinking exactly the same thing. I’m thinking if i can just get that helmet and the shield i would wear both and everyone would think i’m absolutely crazy, including my kids but i wouldn’t even care. Helps you to remember what the comics were really all about. Wanting to BE a Superhero.

  8. I’m usually a purist when it comes to comic books and movies, and I usually leave the theater disappointed.

    I’ve had to change my thinking.

    I didn’t like organic web-shooters in the Spider-Man, but it was a good movie that I could enjoy more if I would let go of my pettiness. For the sake of the character, I can allow a few “mistakes” if you can deliver on the rest. It’s the same in comic books. If they can tell a good story and the artist is doing a good job, I can allow some changes.

    These props have me excited even with their “mistakes”. Some details are incorrect according to the Marvel Universe but no one mentions the detail changes when they started the Ultimate line of comics. This is just one more distribution of their characters.

    Let’s just hope they deliver with the rest.

  9. Okay, either way Spiderman 3 was a terrible movie and now there’s a reboot, get over it!!!! The Avengers will be awesome, based on what I’ve seen in both Iron Man movies and the Incredible Hulk. Thor looks awesome, so what if they went with a “modern” look, I mean it’s Marvel not the History Channel!! Captain America also looks great, I think Chris Evans will portray Steve perfectly and Hugo Weaving as Red Skull was brilliant Casting. Now they throw in the Cosmic Cube, Infinity Gauntlet, and Odin’s Spear, I’m beyond excited!!!!!!!

    • Hugo Weaving as Red Skull is a good fit.

  10. These all look so great. Credit goes to the concept artists who really brought this stuff to life. The shield looks so well crafted, and I love Loki’s helmet!

  11. I agree! Loki’s costume is really cool! Plus Tom said in an interview that he fights Thor while wielding Odin’s spear!!!

  12. Yes, My guy’s Shield

  13. Now this gives Thanos a reason to appear as the villain in Avengers.

  14. Thanos isn’t the villain it’s either the Skrulls or Loki controlling Hulk. Thanos may have a cameo along with Nova and maybe Blackbolt, but nothing I’ve seen suggests that Thanos will be the villain.

  15. thanos would make no sense at all to be the villain in the avengers. if theyy did that thatd mean the infinity gauntlet saga, which would make no sense becuz in the comics, it took half of the heros in the marvel universe to destroy him while the other half was dead. plus they need to introduce all the cosmic characters before they dare trying to do the infinity gauntlet saga!

  16. Initially I was worried the shield would look too cartoonish like the $200 replica ones sold by Factory X but that is PERFECT. The metallic finish,the curviness and the straps I seen from other pics looks great…….. Hmm think they sell replicas by the time the movie rolls out?

  17. trailer for thor at traileraddict.com


  18. Cap’s Shield is great, but I WANT Loki’s Helmet!!!!! I hope they sale replica’s of it, because I’m buying it!!!!!

  19. Lol, I just want Loki’s helmet so I can put it on display as a collector’s item.

  20. I wonder how many nerd boys are gonna buy Loki’s helmet just so they can go around saying”Look I’m Horny.!LMAO!!!!

    • Hahaha that’s awesome

    • lol…..


  22. I scare my friends with the Fact i enjoy wearing m,y costumes around the house and in public sometimes….love,,Just call me super mom!!GOD I MISS CONVENTION PARTIES!!!!!!!!!LMAO!!

  23. Oh thank you Matt I’ve said the same thing so many times. How can you not blame Rami ? Sure Sony screws things up and forced stuff on him but instead of rolling with the punches and adapting and making a good movie he he decides to f everything up. Part of me things he purposly screwed up SM3 to give Sony a big middle your number.