‘Thor’ vs. ‘Green Lantern’ DC/Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown!

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Thor Green Lantern trailers Thor vs. Green Lantern DC/Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown!

Well it’s about that time – time to kick open the doors and once again instigate the age-old battle between DC Comics fans and Marvel Comics fans, this time in the arena of the silver screen.

In the last month we’ve been graced with the first real looks at two upcoming movies featuring second-tier characters from the DC/Marvel universes: Thor and Green Lantern. Now, based on what we’ve seen in the Green Lantern trailer and the more recent Thor trailer, it’s time to discuss which comic book house is making the better product in the era of “Comic Book Movies 2.0″.

If that term – “Comic Book Movies 2.0″ – doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because I just made it up (feel free to use it). I personally define the era of “Comic Book Movies 1.0″ to be that time period running from the late 199os through the early 2000s, where films like X-Men, Spider-Man and Hulk turned comic book properties into Hollywood’s new golden calf. That “1.0” era ended around 2009 with Chris Nolan and The Dark Knight, which launched us into this “2.0” era, in which comic book movies are not just popcorn blockbusters, but serious (not to be confused with “dark”) cinematic ventures that attempt to be deep, complex, insightful and artistically refined, in addition to being fun and epic.

We could debate the shift in comic book movie eras for an entire post, but we can all acknowledge that DC, Marvel (and every comic book publisher in between) are currently ramping-up to make comic book movies in a way that has truly not been seen before: with comic properties as studios’ major tentpole focus; shared movie continuities; unique and visionary directors at the helm; and of course, money, money, money being invested.

2011 will truly kick off the era of Comic Book Movies 2.0, with Thor, Green Lantern, and Captain America leading the charge. With all that said, let’s get to the trailers, shall we?

Thor vs. Green Lantern

It’d be nice if we had the trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger to add to this mix, but for now Thor and Green Lantern are what we have to work with. I’ll post both trailers below for those who haven’t yet seen them, then we’ll compare them according to specific criteria:

[media id=276 width=570 height=340]

The Leading Men

Sure, we could talk about the casts of Thor and Green Lantern as a whole, because both movies feature an impressive cast of actors. However, in terms of these first trailers it’s the two leading men playing the titular comic book heroes who receive the majority of the focus, and will inevitably be responsible for carrying their respective films. So it’s the two leading men we shall discuss:

thor trailer Thor vs. Green Lantern DC/Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown!

Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

While Australian movie fans are probably familiar with Hemsworth’s work, American movie fans are still getting to know him. Hemsworth was featured in the indie flick Ca$h – but admittedly, a lot of people didn’t catch that flick. The actor also had a brief but intense bit part in A Perfect Getaway last year – but again, a lot of people are just now catching that flick on cable. Unfortunately for Hemsworth (and Marvel) the actor’s two big American projects – the Red Dawn remake and the Joss Whedon horror film The Cabin in the Woods – either of which might’ve made Hemsworth a household name – both fell by the wayside thanks to the MGM Bankruptcy. Guess Hemsworth put his faith in the wrong studio…

Most American audiences will know Hemsworth best from the opening sequence of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot, where he played Captain Kirk’s father, George Kirk. While people may not immediately recognize that G. Kirk is the guy playing Thor, most will certainly acknowledge that – while brief – his Star Trek performance left a positive impression of Hemsworth as an actor.

As for Thor? Well Hemsworth has certainly beefed himself up to look the part of a warrior god and truly fits the mold of the character in terms of attitude. The intensity is there, the touch of humor (“Oh no, this is Earth isn’t it?“) and even some deeper Oedipal themes are successfully conveyed in his expressions when he confronts his father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins), in the trailer. If there were any doubters before, I think most fans are now breathing easy that marvel picked Hemsworth as their Thor.

gl space flight1 Thor vs. Green Lantern DC/Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown!

Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds)

Most people know Ryan Reynolds as the funny handsome charmer scamp from films like Van Wilder, The Proposal, or Waiting. Despite those comedic associations, Reynolds has proven he has range, playing dark and intense characters in films like The Amityville Horror remake and Buried; he also showed action/comedy chops in comic book flicks like Wolverine and Blade Trinity.

By now Reynolds is a household name, has been dubbed “Sexiest Man Alive” and (until yesterday) was married to one of the most famous actresses on the Hollywood A-list. So he’s a natural and prudent choice to help Warner Bros. give Green Lantern the mainstream appeal the character needs.

However, the fanboy community is still torn over the decision to cast Reynolds as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan. It’s not that they don’t like Reynolds, it’s just that some geeks feel that his funny handsome charmer scamp personality would’ve been much better suited to the character of The Flash (another DC movie on the horizon) rather than the more serious character of Hal Jordan. But despite the light tone of the first Green Lantern trailer, we here at Screen Rant know that the film will explore some dark themes; and while Reynolds can no doubt handle those darker moments, inevitably there will be other moments where flashes his charm or goes for a laugh, and that will leave some GL purists groaning and rolling their eyes.

VERDICT: He might not yet be tested on American shores, but Chris Hemsworth as Thor looks to be the early frontrunner.

Continue to direction, design and effects…

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  1. I’d be surpsied if Green Lantern garnered even 1/3rd the votes that THOR gets. I believe we all want GL to be good but the folks involved in GL jus did not present a good trailer. Even if the suit itself were not so distractive in the trailer I still believe many would find the trailer lacking.

    In addition to the suit they need to change the editor and get someone better to cut the next trailer for GL.

    • # Thor (86%)
      # Green Lantern (14%)

      There you go BlueCollar lol. Thor is destroying GL

  2. I prefer GL but I am going to see both films and THEN I will make my decision on which is better..

    I think alot of people here are probably legally blind… 😉

    They both have their weak moments (the trailers) but I am sticking with GL

    I think alot of people here are probably legally blind…

    • Who said that? Hello? Somebody there? 😀

    • Greenknight I’d agree about some of the people here being blind…..

      I just hope your eyes improve in time to see how awful GL looks lol 😉 teasing

  3. My vote, based solely on the trailers, goes to Thor. However, being a life long Hal Jordan fan, there is a lot richer of a tapestry that can be painted with the Green Lantern mythos rather than being confined to Midgard or Asgard. I’m still keeping faith that Green Lantern will blow me away, even if from blind love of the character.

  4. The natural and supernatural realms have always been synonymous with the MARVEL universe. So why shouldn’t the CBM follow suit?

    After all it’s……..”the fun escapism and epic excitement that a comic book movie should provide”. Other magical realms have worked with the Narnia films and the Potter films. :-)

    What about the fantastical digital worlds of Matrix and Tron? I’m sure audiences will get it.

    I trust Branagh to have conveyed Asgard & Midgard appropriately.

    I really don’t see the problem with the MARVEL universe having Asgardian demi-gods as beings from another dimension.

    No different in some ways to beings inhabiting the Negative Zone which was discovered by Dr Reed Richards of the sci-fi orientated Fantastic Four books.

    I remember when those books dabbled with the supernatural with Agatha Harkness back in the 70′s and even her ties to The Scarlet Witch in The Avengers books.

    In terms of which trailer is better? I really don’t care. I like both. I’m a fan of both DC and MARVEL and I’m going to see both movies. :-)

  5. I will say this Until DC starts trying to let other studios do there Movies and not just WB(and yes that would be hard seeing as how they are owned by them but anyways) Marvel will have the better films

  6. It’ a bit of a tough choice for me and honestly I do need to see the films themselves since trailers can cause expectations to be too high. Best case scenario and the one we should all hope for is that they both turn out awesome.

    Judging by the trailer alone though, I’d give the edge to Thor for having the better trailer. I do really want to see more of GL though, especially any scenes of the ring being used. I’m not entirely sold on Hector Hammond as the big villain though.

    Interestingly, both the trailers had something in common. They have me rather not looking forward to the Earth scenes, though I have a feeling Thor’s might be more bearable.

    Regarding Reynolds as Jordan, I’m currently confident in his abilities though the script is a big factor as well here. But this is Jordan’s earliest years and while he doesn’t seem to have been too much of a joker from what I’ve been able to read so far, he seems that he could be charming and crack a joke from time to time.

  7. i for one have a very open personality and do not expect so much from things like some. i want to see what people interpret from the original stories told. i dont want to see the same thing over and over. similarities are of course what keep, the in this case, movies true to the source but people see things differently. i will be going to see all the comic movies next year. thor green lantern captain america and xmen first class. ill read reviews but thats cause i dont worry about spoilers and ill just see the movie anyways and form my own opinions. i like movies and ill see what others think but that doesnt matter to me. i like to form my own opinions.

  8. Although Thor does look less silly, chris is less known to modern movie goers… Ryan is known to alot more people…

    as for the two getting ready for the part, ryan was always muscleuar, while chris had to pack on the muscles for the part…

    although ill admit that im biast, ill take thor, mostly because im hoping its gonna be awesome because of the upcoming avengers movie… and justice league isnt happening as far as i know…

  9. Personally, I think GL will be just fine. I can see why everyone is so down on it because of a couple scenes in the trailer. But really guys, I think it’ll be good. The Earth scenes in Thor scare me more than anything in Green Lantern does.

  10. I have a vote, but I’m keeping it to myself. TOTALLY looking forward to next summer.

  11. Based ONLY by the trailers, the Thor film looks better, but I’ve heard way to many good things about the script to Green Lantern to say the film will be a crapfest right off the bat. Plus I’m a huge fan of the Geoff Johns Green Lantern so I gotta give my higher anticipation in Green Lantern, but unfortunately betray it by voting for Thor due to it’s trailer.

  12. I will be watching the GL not really a Thor fan.

  13. While Thor’s trailer was put together better, i give both trailers a C. (Where as ironman was an B & The Dark Knight trailer was an A) Im a very big greek and norse mythos fan and the asgard in thor isnt that true to natural canon, granted its based on the comic and not the actueally mythos. Green Lantern looks good, but it feels too much like ironman, but has the star trek reboot potentian if most of the film remains in space and less time on earth, I love mark strong and i hope he has a big role in the film.

  14. The whole DC versus MARVEL, who’s better, more iconic, we were here first, quality of films, blah, blah, blah is highly subjective to personal opinion.

    To voice a personal opinion one way or the other over the two top comic book companies is a pointless, tedious, boring and childish exercise. :-(

    By the same token, I could easily say that “TIH” & “IM1″ are better than “V for Vendetta”, and “Superman Returns”. I’m sure there are those that disagree. BUT my 12 issues of “V for Vendetta” are certainly better than the film. :-)

    At the end of the day, I enjoy comic books from various companies and any faithful movie adaptation that tells a great story and doesn’t mess with character traits. :-)

    • Agreed!

      In saying that….I will NOT see Thor in the movie theater.

      Marvel movies suck overall and they end up being a waste of time and money for me, because they all wind up having the same type of cliched lousy plot ending.

    • it would be super cool if in a few years time they made a marvel VS DC movie based on the comic where the 2 universes battle (the 1 where superman beats hulk)

    • @ Magnetic Eye: You know what? I really enjoy reading your comments. Maybe Vic should consider you as a writer for Screenrant. I´d love to read articles written by you.

      • @ scapegoat

        Did you receive my email about the X-men ideas?

    • WOW! I am completely overwhelmed and humbled by your amazing ability to predict the future. :-)

      Prejudice breeds ignorance. Write that down. :-)

      • Yeah, especially when this topic is an ill advised IGNORANT topic to begin with right?

        Just sayin…

        • OK, kids, let’s dial it back, please.



          • No worries Vic,

            I’ve said what I wanted to say on this topic anyway. :-)

  15. GL did not impress at all – I dig the idea of the Laterns donning uniforms that merge with the flesh, but the trailer in general looked campy, and even some of the dialogue sounded poorly acted. I have little knowledge of either character, but I have high hopes for both Reynolds and Hemsworth. Two successful comic movies would actually help the entire comic book franchise in general, as it would prove that the public could accept two well-made films of this genre.

    Having said that, only Thor impressed. I’ll have to wait for further GL previews to decide if I see it. For now, not so much!

  16. GL Blake Lively smokin hot, and the villain is better in the GL.

  17. I don’t care which is better. I will be in the theater for both movies like a good little comic nerd.

  18. I think they both look entertaining. I want to watch them both.

  19. I definitely think Thor wins this battle, however I will be seeing both of them because comic book movies are my favorite genre plus I have no life lol

  20. I thought most people were skepetical about Green Lantern due to the cgi costume. While i like both Marvel & DC characters, i’ll be seeing both Thor & Green Lantern. As for the trailers, i don’t really let the trailer speak foe the movie itself. I mean Transformers 2 trailer made it look good to me, but after seeing the film, it wasn’t as good as i thought it would be. Not just that film but other trailers thrown me off thinkin a movie would be great which it turned out to be less than what the trailer shows. Anyways, i always wait to pass judgement about movies till after i see them.


  22. I’m looking forward to both movies, but both trailers are very unimpressive.

  23. Marvel films suck overall and this one just looks like another Fantastic Four/Wolverine XMen Origins crapfest, that is more a made for TV Sci Fy Channel special with a crappy plot and narrative.

    The GL


    • Marvel films suck overall and this one just looks like another Fantastic Four/Wolverine XMen Origins crapfest, that is more a made for TV Sci Fy Channel special with a crappy plot and narrative. Ugh

      The GL film has some big time upside!

    • Wow you’re really misinformed dude. Marvel Studios is producing Thor, as well as Iron Man, Captain America, TIH, and The Avengers. Wolverine/FF are made by crappy Fox. Just so you no. GL looks stupid.

  24. Guys at Screenrant, this is what keeps me coming back to the site. You guys always take this stuff seriously, never conveying a holier than thou attitude that is so prevalent amongst other review sites, newspapers, and such.

    Keep up the good work!

    Oh, and Thor for the win! :-p

  25. both of em are awesome