‘Thor’ vs. ‘Green Lantern’ DC/Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown!

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Thor Green Lantern trailers Thor vs. Green Lantern DC/Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown!

Well it’s about that time – time to kick open the doors and once again instigate the age-old battle between DC Comics fans and Marvel Comics fans, this time in the arena of the silver screen.

In the last month we’ve been graced with the first real looks at two upcoming movies featuring second-tier characters from the DC/Marvel universes: Thor and Green Lantern. Now, based on what we’ve seen in the Green Lantern trailer and the more recent Thor trailer, it’s time to discuss which comic book house is making the better product in the era of “Comic Book Movies 2.0″.

If that term – “Comic Book Movies 2.0″ – doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because I just made it up (feel free to use it). I personally define the era of “Comic Book Movies 1.0″ to be that time period running from the late 199os through the early 2000s, where films like X-Men, Spider-Man and Hulk turned comic book properties into Hollywood’s new golden calf. That “1.0″ era ended around 2009 with Chris Nolan and The Dark Knight, which launched us into this “2.0″ era, in which comic book movies are not just popcorn blockbusters, but serious (not to be confused with “dark”) cinematic ventures that attempt to be deep, complex, insightful and artistically refined, in addition to being fun and epic.

We could debate the shift in comic book movie eras for an entire post, but we can all acknowledge that DC, Marvel (and every comic book publisher in between) are currently ramping-up to make comic book movies in a way that has truly not been seen before: with comic properties as studios’ major tentpole focus; shared movie continuities; unique and visionary directors at the helm; and of course, money, money, money being invested.

2011 will truly kick off the era of Comic Book Movies 2.0, with Thor, Green Lantern, and Captain America leading the charge. With all that said, let’s get to the trailers, shall we?

Thor vs. Green Lantern

It’d be nice if we had the trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger to add to this mix, but for now Thor and Green Lantern are what we have to work with. I’ll post both trailers below for those who haven’t yet seen them, then we’ll compare them according to specific criteria:

[media id=276 width=570 height=340]


The Leading Men

Sure, we could talk about the casts of Thor and Green Lantern as a whole, because both movies feature an impressive cast of actors. However, in terms of these first trailers it’s the two leading men playing the titular comic book heroes who receive the majority of the focus, and will inevitably be responsible for carrying their respective films. So it’s the two leading men we shall discuss:

thor trailer Thor vs. Green Lantern DC/Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown!

Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

While Australian movie fans are probably familiar with Hemsworth’s work, American movie fans are still getting to know him. Hemsworth was featured in the indie flick Ca$h – but admittedly, a lot of people didn’t catch that flick. The actor also had a brief but intense bit part in A Perfect Getaway last year – but again, a lot of people are just now catching that flick on cable. Unfortunately for Hemsworth (and Marvel) the actor’s two big American projects – the Red Dawn remake and the Joss Whedon horror film The Cabin in the Woods – either of which might’ve made Hemsworth a household name – both fell by the wayside thanks to the MGM Bankruptcy. Guess Hemsworth put his faith in the wrong studio…

Most American audiences will know Hemsworth best from the opening sequence of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot, where he played Captain Kirk’s father, George Kirk. While people may not immediately recognize that G. Kirk is the guy playing Thor, most will certainly acknowledge that – while brief – his Star Trek performance left a positive impression of Hemsworth as an actor.

As for Thor? Well Hemsworth has certainly beefed himself up to look the part of a warrior god and truly fits the mold of the character in terms of attitude. The intensity is there, the touch of humor (“Oh no, this is Earth isn’t it?“) and even some deeper Oedipal themes are successfully conveyed in his expressions when he confronts his father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins), in the trailer. If there were any doubters before, I think most fans are now breathing easy that marvel picked Hemsworth as their Thor.

gl space flight1 Thor vs. Green Lantern DC/Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown!

Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds)

Most people know Ryan Reynolds as the funny handsome charmer scamp from films like Van Wilder, The Proposal, or Waiting. Despite those comedic associations, Reynolds has proven he has range, playing dark and intense characters in films like The Amityville Horror remake and Buried; he also showed action/comedy chops in comic book flicks like Wolverine and Blade Trinity.

By now Reynolds is a household name, has been dubbed “Sexiest Man Alive” and (until yesterday) was married to one of the most famous actresses on the Hollywood A-list. So he’s a natural and prudent choice to help Warner Bros. give Green Lantern the mainstream appeal the character needs.

However, the fanboy community is still torn over the decision to cast Reynolds as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan. It’s not that they don’t like Reynolds, it’s just that some geeks feel that his funny handsome charmer scamp personality would’ve been much better suited to the character of The Flash (another DC movie on the horizon) rather than the more serious character of Hal Jordan. But despite the light tone of the first Green Lantern trailer, we here at Screen Rant know that the film will explore some dark themes; and while Reynolds can no doubt handle those darker moments, inevitably there will be other moments where flashes his charm or goes for a laugh, and that will leave some GL purists groaning and rolling their eyes.

VERDICT: He might not yet be tested on American shores, but Chris Hemsworth as Thor looks to be the early frontrunner.

Continue to direction, design and effects…

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  1. Thor :)

  2. As much as both of these films look interesting, comic book movies are played out to death.

    What happened to noir and thrillers in cinema?

    • I’ve been saying the same thing on here for a while now Sully. The Hollywood Machine just keeps spinning :(

      • It’s sad Anthony, cgi has really taken away from story and plot. Except for Avatar (had to drop that LOL ;))

        • Ehh. Avatar blah. I’d rather see Cammy make a Space Marines film.

          • Actually so would I. He can’t write dialog for crap except in the case for marines.

            • I’d even go for a True Lies sequel. It’s one of he few Arnies movies i still watch from time to time.

              • Love that film! Cammy planned a sequel but, after 9/11 he said terrorism isn’t funny anymore. Which it isn’t :(

                • I had heard he was planning one as well. But if he had went the terrorist route in a sequel it might have been too much like a rehash of the first one. Look at the Lethal Weapon series. Fresh stories in each film. Surely Cammy can come up with a differnt plotline for a sequel.

                • @ Sully: Was terrorism ever funny?

    • Meh Sully I still love the comic films and still enjoy watching them. Hell I’d be happy to see more than we are already getting.

  3. ‘Thor’ looks like it might be boring and forgettable, albeit serviceable. ‘Green Lantern’, on the other hand, looks like a disaster.

  4. I’m still looking forward to ‘Green Lantern’ the most.

  5. by trailers looks like Green Lantern cgi action might be more and better aside from that everything looks stupid
    I had high hopes for both of these doesnt look like I will toobe wrong

  6. Thor. Without a doubt.

  7. I think Green Lantern (and most DC and Marvel properties yet to be made into movies) will actually still be stuck in mode “1.0″ mainly because most characters hadn’t really been tested on the silver screen all that much. Even Iron Man is still relatively new to cinema.

    Batman Begins and Dark Knight were ultimately successors of a great many Batman experiments both in movies and on TV. Christopher Nolan learned from these past movies, formulated his own vision of the character, and it worked.

    If there are characters that have a chance to enter “mode 2.0″ right now, it’d be Superman, the X-Men, and Spider-Man, both of which we’ve seen a lot of, and seen what works and what didn’t work with them both – unfortunately, in the X-Men and Spider-Man’s case,I think we have more of a chance to see them enter “Schumacher mode.” Hopefully not, though.

    • Amen, amen, and amen. 100% agreed.

  8. I’m a GL fan and don’t know very much about Thor, but based on everything I’ve seen from both I have a feeling Thor will be the better movie.

  9. I’m a green lantern fan, but i’m so far not that convinced on either movie Yet, I’m gonna wait for later trailers

  10. Definitely GL. The whole premise of Thor is kind of ridiculous. The whole Norse God thing makes it hard for me to take it seriously, even if the tone of the trailer is less humorous on the surface.

    • I don’t know for sure…. but my take on it (based off the line about “your ancestors called it magic… you call it science”) is that Thor and the “Gods” and Asgard are just in another galaxy and are extremely advanced. something very akin to Stargate. They may have visited us thousands of years ago and our ancestors thought they were gods.

      Eh… just a guess. But it makes it a lot more realistic and able to fit into the Marvel universe of movies.

      • I hope you’re right. The quality of Thor (for me…I can’t speak for anyone else) depends on how they handle the whole “God” thing. If the Asgardians refer to themselves as “Gods” at any point, I swear to Odin that I will walk out.

        • They won´t. Dark Raven pretty much quoted Kevin Feige.

  11. Thor by a million miles

  12. I would say the trailer for thor was better but i want to see the green lantern more

  13. Have read both for decades. Looks to me like THOR is gonna win the battle. Thors hammer smashes GL’s power ring.

  14. I’d say the 2.0 Era started in 2008 with the release of ‘Iron Man’ and ‘The Incredible Hulk’ by Marvel Studios, which is actually owned by the comics company unlike other Marvel films. I believe that Marvel will always top DC in the realm of cinema, because Marvel Studios has a better understanding of continuity and respect for the source material.

  15. I’m extremely torn between can’t decide at all, need another GL trailer (which is kinda a shame) before my final verdict.

  16. Going by the trailer, Thor looks like it might have more the edge so far but trailers can be decieving.

  17. Green Lantern.

  18. THOR!

    I am not too sure about Green Wilder. It just doesn’t seem… serious.

  19. My vote is for Thor!

  20. Thor is easily winning. GL lost this battle big time because it looks so awful.

  21. Wow!
    Kind of funny that Vic called *me* negative!

    I think they both look like fun.
    I don’t really see a reason to “judge” which trailer (of all things! LOL, it’s excerpts, out of context, for a minute and a half to 3 minutes, from a movie) is “better”.

    They are there to tease us into seeing a flick.
    I’ve seen some totally awesome trailers for films that seriously sucked.
    And likewise, some terrible trailers for absolutely brilliant films.
    Therefore, in that vein, I think a “battle of the trailers” is relatively pointless.
    I’ll wait for the films.

  22. THOR FTW! :)

  23. Am i thony one that thinks Avatar is for the birds i mean talk about over rated, Ferngully meets the Pocahoantes or however you spell it im sorry I cant stan cameron i think he is overrated probaly the most out all directors yes yes i know what your gonna say “What about Terminator” and so on Ailens ok so you got 2 out of hoe many? and i swear if you bring yo Tiatanic what a load of crap it seems to me the more hyped the movie is the bigger piece of crap it is id rather watch Leo and winslet float on that peice of wood then sit thru Avatar and its extended bonus scenes i wish someone would send him to the oceans of pandora and forget to pick his butt up blah!!! Oh btw… THOR and MARVEL BABYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

    • I agree with you with all my blood. Jim Cameron is quite a talentless hack that has gone the way of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Their films are uninteresting and unimaginative in their latter years. I refuse to pay for any of their films any more. I’d rather support new talent and I’m not talking about the sons of established directors and producers. I mean NEW talent.

  24. sorry for the type-o’s really need an edit button on here lol, it seems everytime i comment on cameron or Avatar i loose it

    • Avatar is good. Dont think about the director or anything just try to focus on the film. Maybe you will think its OK atleast.

      • No Ricky Avatar really isn’t good. Random is right Avatar was just a terrible movie. It was adding CGI to Pocahontus and nothing more it was literally a rip off.

  25. Hey folks,

    I’ve added a poll to the article so you can vote on which looks better: Green Lantern or Thor.


  26. If we are assessing the imapct of trailers then Thor is the clear winner.

    Kofi you mention your concerns over bringing Thor into present day Earth, but I think the majority of the film should be set in Asgard where we would hope to get epic battles with elements of sword n sorcerey (or maybe that should be hammer and sorcerey) At least 80% of the movie should have serious gravitas. Thor is not a modern day comic book character (like Spiderman or Batman) and it would be far more rewarding to concentrate on the whole mythology of the Asgardians.

    The reason for the pressure on setting Thor in present day is mainly to tie in for The Avengers movie. This could work against the Thor movie as a whole.

    If anything Green Lantern should also be a serious epic minded adventure, It is concerning the direction that the trailer seems to indicate of a fun bright and breezy movie which would be far more suited to the Flash with Reynolds in the role as nearly everyone on this site has stated many times before.

    Still as from recently sitting through Tron Legacy proved, I always air on the side of caution with trailers not to get too excited no matter how good they look.

    Let us not ever forget The Phantom Menace, that’s all I will say.

    • @ lebsta

      I would love to see future “Thor” movies completely set in Asgard in LOTR style. If Kenneth Branagh wasn’t available, a Peter Jackson helmed trilogy would be awesome.

      We can dream can’t we? :-)

      As you probably know in the comics books, there were periods of just Asgard or Midgard stories or a combination of both. You hit the nail on the head with this film having to tie in with “The Avengers”.

      • @Magnetic Eye

        Completely agree 100% A Peter Jackson Thor film would pretty much wipe the floor with any other comic book film released next year. If only, if only, if only. He could also deliver a great Wonder Woman movie as there’s plenty of epicness to be had with Gods and Amazonians.

        In fact for all of the more powerful superheroes, I would always put Jackson at the top of the list to direct. I still say he should be handling the Superman reboot, but we have Synder instead – oh well

        • I actually liked Snyder´s Watchmen. Sure, he (and his writers) changed the ending, but if he/they didn´t, the movie would have been 4 hours long.

          I´m looking forward to his Superman (although I´m not a DC fan at all). And let´s be honest. It can´t be worse than Superman Returns…

  27. I’m going Green Lantern. I have faith.

    Thor does look good, but it’s a very unknown quantity to me.

  28. Also to mention Kofi, that yes, while the X-Men and Spiderman films brought comic books into the mainstream of cinemas, It was Blade in 1998 that was the real catalyst for the comic book boom – dragging the genre back from the campy wilderness besetted upon by Batman And Robin – truly one of the worst comic book movies of all time. Blade however still remains on the best comic book films around.

    • The first Blade was tight.

      • Agreed. I’m a big fan of the original Blade. Downhill from there, though.


        • I actually thought Blade II was on a least a par with the first film, at times even superior. It completely stood alone as it’s own film and retained many of the good things from the 1st film. It’s slightly less composed but definitely more intense and imaginitive. I remember Empire’s review saying that it was an ‘Aliens’ type of sequel which I think is pretty much spot on.

          The less said about Blade Trinity , the better…

          • Gotta disagree lebsta I thought Blade 2 was honestly the worst of the franchise. It was really awful writing and the SFX were even worse at times it looked like a Playstation one game. Just really poor quality film all around.

  29. Thor. When I saw the Green Lantern trailer, I wondered why Hannibal Van Wilson was fighting a yellow-eyed Ron Jeremy lookalike.