‘Thor’ vs. ‘Green Lantern’ DC/Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown!

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Thor Green Lantern trailers Thor vs. Green Lantern DC/Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown!

Well it’s about that time – time to kick open the doors and once again instigate the age-old battle between DC Comics fans and Marvel Comics fans, this time in the arena of the silver screen.

In the last month we’ve been graced with the first real looks at two upcoming movies featuring second-tier characters from the DC/Marvel universes: Thor and Green Lantern. Now, based on what we’ve seen in the Green Lantern trailer and the more recent Thor trailer, it’s time to discuss which comic book house is making the better product in the era of “Comic Book Movies 2.0″.

If that term – “Comic Book Movies 2.0″ – doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because I just made it up (feel free to use it). I personally define the era of “Comic Book Movies 1.0″ to be that time period running from the late 199os through the early 2000s, where films like X-Men, Spider-Man and Hulk turned comic book properties into Hollywood’s new golden calf. That “1.0” era ended around 2009 with Chris Nolan and The Dark Knight, which launched us into this “2.0” era, in which comic book movies are not just popcorn blockbusters, but serious (not to be confused with “dark”) cinematic ventures that attempt to be deep, complex, insightful and artistically refined, in addition to being fun and epic.

We could debate the shift in comic book movie eras for an entire post, but we can all acknowledge that DC, Marvel (and every comic book publisher in between) are currently ramping-up to make comic book movies in a way that has truly not been seen before: with comic properties as studios’ major tentpole focus; shared movie continuities; unique and visionary directors at the helm; and of course, money, money, money being invested.

2011 will truly kick off the era of Comic Book Movies 2.0, with Thor, Green Lantern, and Captain America leading the charge. With all that said, let’s get to the trailers, shall we?

Thor vs. Green Lantern

It’d be nice if we had the trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger to add to this mix, but for now Thor and Green Lantern are what we have to work with. I’ll post both trailers below for those who haven’t yet seen them, then we’ll compare them according to specific criteria:

[media id=276 width=570 height=340]

The Leading Men

Sure, we could talk about the casts of Thor and Green Lantern as a whole, because both movies feature an impressive cast of actors. However, in terms of these first trailers it’s the two leading men playing the titular comic book heroes who receive the majority of the focus, and will inevitably be responsible for carrying their respective films. So it’s the two leading men we shall discuss:

thor trailer Thor vs. Green Lantern DC/Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown!

Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

While Australian movie fans are probably familiar with Hemsworth’s work, American movie fans are still getting to know him. Hemsworth was featured in the indie flick Ca$h – but admittedly, a lot of people didn’t catch that flick. The actor also had a brief but intense bit part in A Perfect Getaway last year – but again, a lot of people are just now catching that flick on cable. Unfortunately for Hemsworth (and Marvel) the actor’s two big American projects – the Red Dawn remake and the Joss Whedon horror film The Cabin in the Woods – either of which might’ve made Hemsworth a household name – both fell by the wayside thanks to the MGM Bankruptcy. Guess Hemsworth put his faith in the wrong studio…

Most American audiences will know Hemsworth best from the opening sequence of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot, where he played Captain Kirk’s father, George Kirk. While people may not immediately recognize that G. Kirk is the guy playing Thor, most will certainly acknowledge that – while brief – his Star Trek performance left a positive impression of Hemsworth as an actor.

As for Thor? Well Hemsworth has certainly beefed himself up to look the part of a warrior god and truly fits the mold of the character in terms of attitude. The intensity is there, the touch of humor (“Oh no, this is Earth isn’t it?“) and even some deeper Oedipal themes are successfully conveyed in his expressions when he confronts his father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins), in the trailer. If there were any doubters before, I think most fans are now breathing easy that marvel picked Hemsworth as their Thor.

gl space flight1 Thor vs. Green Lantern DC/Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown!

Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds)

Most people know Ryan Reynolds as the funny handsome charmer scamp from films like Van Wilder, The Proposal, or Waiting. Despite those comedic associations, Reynolds has proven he has range, playing dark and intense characters in films like The Amityville Horror remake and Buried; he also showed action/comedy chops in comic book flicks like Wolverine and Blade Trinity.

By now Reynolds is a household name, has been dubbed “Sexiest Man Alive” and (until yesterday) was married to one of the most famous actresses on the Hollywood A-list. So he’s a natural and prudent choice to help Warner Bros. give Green Lantern the mainstream appeal the character needs.

However, the fanboy community is still torn over the decision to cast Reynolds as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan. It’s not that they don’t like Reynolds, it’s just that some geeks feel that his funny handsome charmer scamp personality would’ve been much better suited to the character of The Flash (another DC movie on the horizon) rather than the more serious character of Hal Jordan. But despite the light tone of the first Green Lantern trailer, we here at Screen Rant know that the film will explore some dark themes; and while Reynolds can no doubt handle those darker moments, inevitably there will be other moments where flashes his charm or goes for a laugh, and that will leave some GL purists groaning and rolling their eyes.

VERDICT: He might not yet be tested on American shores, but Chris Hemsworth as Thor looks to be the early frontrunner.

Continue to direction, design and effects…

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  1. THOR is far superior. GL trailer failed on every level.

  2. When you say “The trailer makes the movie look like this, but it’s actually like this#2 (because you read the script and so on), you are proving yourself that there’s no much point to write an article like this one, analyzing trailers so deeply, as they may not actually do justice to the actual story, tone, etc of the movie.

    Anyway… Thor looks good for me.

    • There must have been some point as the article has generated 96 comments so far (including yours). 8)


      • Only 96….out of how many fanboys in the world??

        That’s not very good actually.

        • Yes, superbat. And every fanboy in the world has been to this article.

          Give me a break.


  3. As a film lover and neither a Thor nor a Green Lantern comic fan, the Thor trailer looks far more interesting than the GL one. Although the story on GL is interesting enough to give it a look. But the cast and acting of Thor just excites the blood.

  4. I think the Thor trailer won, but we’ll see how the movies do?

    • I don’t know why I put a “?” at the end. It wasn’t a question

  5. Also like how the GL does not look overly serious and you can tell by what is going in the scenes as to what part of the movie it is in. I expect most of the jokes are in the beginning and it transitions into a more serious tone once he leaves earth.

  6. Whoever wrote this is skewing the debate. I truly think both look great!! Looking forward to seeing them!!

    • Matt I disagree. I don’t think he was skewing the debate at all. He asked a question offered up some facts and lets you decide for your self.

      However, it’s your OPINION that he is skewing it

      You may think whoever wrote this is skewing the debate, but I think whoever thinks both of these looks good is either blind or has horrible taste… but that’s just my opinion.

      • stop nut riding dude, they both look good

        • Nut riding? Wtf does that even mean? and no they don’t both look good.

          • I agree with Daniel F on this. GL looks nothing but stupid and lame… Just my opinion…

            • How did you form that opinion, may I ask? Beyond ‘DC is stupid cuz… er, I sez’ what are your grounds?

      • Daniel F.

        Actually, Kofi is skewing it, but that is NOT a bad thing. He is presenting the information for both sides in a clear, concise manner and is presenting facts, both positive and negative, that show the relative strengths and weaknesses of both films (at least their trailers).

        The skewing is simply from the fact that he is picking a winner between the two…not in an undercutting way but just as he perceives the information he’s presented. I say this isn’t a bad thing because he SAYS he is giving his opinion and, at no point, claims to be final word on the subject. He is letting us know what he thinks but letting us make up our own minds. If someone is on the fence about the choice, Kofi’s opinion will likely influence their decision.

        That brings me to you: Insulting those who differ from you in their opinions does not present you in the best light. Very simply, yes everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but by the same token, no one’s opinion is superior to another’s.

        For the record, I believe “Thor” will be a grand film and am very much looking forward to its opening.

        I, however, love the character of Green Lantern much more and am highly anticipating ITS release. I thought the trailer was quite enticing, and MY eyesight is excellent. As for my taste, considering how often my friends and workmates ask my opinion on various films, I must conclude that, in fact, I have fairly good taste, as both I AND society measure such things.

        Remember: Opinions make wonderful tools…and assinine weapons.

        …but, of course, that’s just MY opinion. 😉

        • …sigh…Green Lantern should be “Green Lantern”.

        • Archaeon.

          I don’t consider what I said to be insulting. Had I said whoever things this will look good is an I diot or is S tupid. I would agree with your assessment.

          He was trolling it up trying to bash the writer and I was letting him know that’s not appreciated here.

          Also I still disagree that he’s skewing it. He’s offering up pros and cons and letting people know for him self.

          Skewing it would be saying. So what do you guys think is better? The horrible GL trailer or the really awesome Thor one? Do you have awful taste in films and like GL or are you cool like me and think Thor is awesome?

          Thinking he is skewing it is just someone trying to read far to much in to it and simply looking to say something negative about him. Kofi and I don’t always get along, but I don’t like people trying to attack anyone here for no reason at all especially when they are just making up BS to do it.

          • You are looking at the wrong part of my response in terms of the assessment that you were insulting. You are perfectly reasonable in wanting to defend Kofi. I agree with that desire; that’s why I said that even though I think he was skewing the article, I support the manner in which he did so and the fairness with which he treated the material. I thought he did a great job with the writing of it.
            My concern originated from this line:

            “but I think whoever thinks both of these looks good is either blind or has bad taste…”

            Yes, it’s your opinion, BUT it IS an insult. I have seen you and other regulars get upset for MUCH milder statements (“Let’s not get upset or overreact to this trailer”, etc.), so actually saying that someone must be lacking if they disagree with your opinion IS, indeed, insulting.

            THAT is to what I was responding with the use of that particular word.

            • Fail

  7. It’s ALL good folks…I’m a Marvel man myself..but look forward to the Green Lantern movie too…but Thor is looking impressive…plus it’s got The Avengers Factor to it too…..

  8. I’m sure they’ll sort the GL cgi issues and it sounds like it will end up being a good film, but the Thor trailer was far superior, and since in and of itself its a pretty average trailer that really says something about the amazing ball dropping that happened over at Warners.

    Despite being a huge DC fan though I’m really excited by Captain America I prefer him to Hal (retcon fear parasite)Jordan. Ultimately as long as Blake Lively isn’t noticeably bad GL will be the better film of the 3.

    • Sony Imageworks does some of the worst VFX work in the industry. I have no faith in their ability to make GL look any better than what we’ve seen in the trailer.

  9. Thor, hands down. GL looks like there is way too much of an attempt to make it a Iron Man clone with the “humor”.

    • I hate how internet audiences can be so irrational. Whenever something has the remotest resemblance to something else it automatically becomes a ‘rip-off’. They’ve been saying from the start that they’re going for an Iron Man-ish tone between ‘dark’ and ‘light-hearted’. That can hardly be called a ‘rip-off’ of Iron Man? What do the two even have in common?

      • Your right in general, but not in this case imo. The problem I have is that camp/humor was never a big part of the GL world/persona. It doesn’t fit in the movie. The tone of the trailer doesn’t mesh with the comic. Hopefully the movie will have a better tone than the trailer made it look like.

        I think it is a rip off because they deviated from the character/comic book style to attempt to mimic the success of Iron Man, NOT because it was just “coincidentally” similar.

        I don’t have one single geek friend who thinks Reynolds was a good choice for Hal Jordan, and we all think Ryan is the man. Just bad casting IMO. The trailer makes it look WAY to campy and funny. It should be serious, heroic, redeeming, and epic.

        • Then you haven’t been reading Green Lantern for a very long time. There was always an hint of humor/comic relief in Kyle Rayner’s run, and the new Hal Jordan series also has a few light-hearted moments.

          And if you’ve been a regular reader of Iron Man, you’ll know they weren’t always in the same tone as the two movies.

          Warner Bros isn’t trying to ‘mimic’ Iron Man any more than the ‘gritty’ Spider-man reboot is trying to mimic the Dark Knight.

  10. From the trailers and everything we’ve seen and heard so far, I feel that Thor strongly wins in all categories.

    I’m glad it’s 80% in favor of that from the votes.

  11. I love the new look here at Screenrant!!! See ya at the movies.

  12. As i consider him a pretty lame idea for a superhero i find myself surprised that i actually want to see the Green Lantern movie. A bit too jokey perhaps, but otherwise it looks good and they don’t seem to have monkeyed with the source material (it’s been years and im still recovering from The Punisher meets Miami Vice). The Thor one looks a bit better, but not by much.

    • Leaving fanboy loyalties aside, how is ‘US Air Force pilot inducted into Intergalactic Peacekeeping Force’ a lame idea? The execution(at least in this trailer) maybe subpar, but I can bet you’d be eagerly leaping at this if it were a Marvel property.

  13. Marvel movies suck overall…so the GL film will wind up being better and will make more money also.

    There was nothing in the Thor trailer that tells me it will be a better overall film than Green Lantern.

    Nothing at all!

    • Watching the trailers back to back, I found myself saying –
      “Interested … interested …” and then the shot
      of Natalie Portman’s face showed up.

      I suddenly became extremely interested.

      I wonder if a large segment of the fairer sex feel
      the same way fanboys do about the cute little girl
      from “the Professional”.

      As far as date movies, Thor might pull people in by comparing
      itself to Lord of the Rings, for the Asgard parts.
      Also wonder how Reynolds’ “Sexiest Man” status holds, after
      being broken off w/ Scarlett JoHottssen.

  14. Being a bonafide Thor from childhood, you can guess which trailer I preferred. For about twenty years I have hoped for this and scripted Thor movies in my head in high school. Well it’s finally here and so far I like what I see. However the CGI of Asgardian landscape wasnt real enough for me. Kinda like the nuclear reactor scene in Wolvie. I share Kofi’s concern about the middle of the movie and need to explore the humbling theme. Like they did perfectly in Superman II. It’s an important part of the movie. The GL trailer showcased Reynolds the actor and I fear that his personality might be abit too overbearing like it was in Blade and Wolvie. If u look closely both characters were one and the same.

    • Got a beat my friend. LOL. Ive been waiting 45 years for this movie to come out. and I am getting really impatiant waiting. Just my luck I get sick or in an accident the day before the release. Just my luck. lol

  15. He’s acting just like a fighter pilot in the Navy, and most fighter pilots are test pilots at some point in the career so he acts as what i have seen before so i dont mind it not being super serious the whole way through.

  16. Ok seriously? Stop arguing over movies it proves all of you are pathetic, Who cares if he skewed it or not. And I was never a fan of Thor so i’m not interesting in it and also does not look appealing in anyway, Nor was a fan of Green Lantern, but i am a fan of the flash. I’m 19 so i do not know a whole sh** load about them, but still. (More of a DeadPool fan (Hardcore fan)) I do think Reynolds shoulda played flash, but also the Trailer for GL looks so much better. IMO

    • @”Ok seriously? Stop arguing over movies it proves all of you are pathetic,”

      You know it’s called ScreenRANT for a reason bro.

    • Ah, how did I miss THIS gem of a comment?

      I see you’re 19, David – not too late to learn some good manners.


    • I love when people say that…and then immediately present their side of the argument.

  17. It appears Green Lantern has been a victim of crappy marketing. Seriously, I have seen fan-made trailers that were put together better than the official one. The worst thing is the average moviegoer can’t really ‘get’ what Green Lantern is about from the trailer alone.

  18. The concept of Norse Gods bothers you but intergalactic superfriends is completely acceptable? I can see how you can like one over the other but that reasoning makes no sense to me.

    • Pardon me, but that sounds incredibly ignorant. ‘Intergalactic Superfriends’?! When’s the last time you read Green Lantern? The right words would be ‘Intergalactic peacekeeepers’.

    • Unfortunately, it’s pretty much like arguing over a bearded white guy with a sleigh delivering presents to all the good boys & girls


      The Son of a God coming to Earth and saving us all from the Apocalypse
      (or is it just saving some of us? I think that was an add on.)

      Believability’s apparently in the eye of the beholder.

      I think pretty much everybody’s gonna say “2 comic movies. Great.”
      “Yeah but, at least 1 of them looks like Lord of the Rings … and has Natalie Portman in it!”

      “You mean ‘Your Highness’? Hell yeah! Let’s got see that!”

      And: scene.

  19. @ Scapegoat

    Sorry its been awhile but finally got around to get rid of the virus i had & sorry it got sent with the email i sent to ya. Anyways, Happy New Years to ya & Everyone here.

  20. I think they both look like good films. Theyre probably not oscar worthy but they do look like good, epic films that anybody could enjoy. But, in my opinion The Green Lantern looks like it’ll be a LITTLE bit better than Thor… Just saying.