New ‘Thor’ Clip & Featurette Show Different Sides Of The Film

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New Thor movie clip and featurette New Thor Clip & Featurette Show Different Sides Of The Film

We’re less than four weeks away from the release of Thor in theaters, and promotional material for the comic book flick just keeps rolling in. Marvel has now released a third clip from the film, along with a featurette that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the construction (and de-construction) of a small desert town built specifically for the movie.

The recent release of a scene that provided a sneak peek at a fellow Avenger in Thor – after a somewhat underwhelming first clip was unveiled – raised the question: Has Marvel not built up the level of anticipation for Thor that it was hoping to have by now?

A number of fans have made it known they’ve gotten their fill of Thor-related promotions and are now just waiting to see the actual movie – not more TV spots, posters and additional footage. It makes sense that Marvel hasn’t shown off more of Thor‘s slick action sequences or CGI – people will have to see the actual film for those – but it seems the studio might be concerned about the less-than-enthused reception the Thor clips released so far have been given.

That may mean the advertising bonanza for Thor is just warming up, and will be even greater over the next few weeks – starting with the release of this new footage of the Asgardian warrior (Chris Hemsworth) becoming acquainted with the Earthly customs of hospital care (hint: it doesn’t go well).

Check out that clip below:

The latest footage released from Thor continues to focus on the titular superhero’s “fish out of water” experience on Earth – and, once again, the comical banter between Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and her assistant Darcy (Kat Dennings), for better or for worse.

If you’re more interested in checking out the real-world set piece that was built for Thor… in order to be blown up, basically – along with some additional footage of the shimmering castles and fortresses of Asgard – then you should definitely check out the behind-the-scenes clip below:

One of the issues I raised in my Superhero Movie Showdown – with respect to Thor – was that the regular human characters don’t seem all that interesting, especially in comparison to the “gods” like Thor, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Odin (Anthony Hopkins). Hopefully, that won’t be the case in the actual film, since just about every other element of Thor looks quite good at this point.

Thor finally arrives in theaters next month on May 6th.

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  1. The cameo reveal is desperation to me. That should have never been shown off – like Tony Stark in The Incredible Hulk

    • Rob…

      I was just wondering about WHAT cameo? The other thread talked about Hawkeye, of course, but I didn’t catch any cameos in either clip here.

      I was just wondering if I had missed something…?

    • We haven’t even seen a cameo appearance from Hawkeye yet, and if you are talking about the clip with the guard standing by than I really do not see what the problem is. You get a glimpse of him for a couple of seconds in a 2 hr. 10 min movie and nobody is even sure that it is him. I honestly do not see a problem.

      A short cameo appearance is fine and I personally enjoy them.

    • I dont see the hawkeye cameo as a big deal, only cuz it was only a second, and didnt really show much. But at this point im convinced, he wasnt meant to be a big secret to begin with. Also I dont think it was a big deal for them to release it cuz I believe theres something bigger, that will be an actual surprise, maybe the reason the avengers are are being formed. Cuz at this point, we still dont know. Its gotta come out in this or cap. Especially since production has for the avengers has started or is about to

  2. I kind of agree. It wasn’t that smart to show Hawkeye that early. I would have preferred to see him in theaters for the first time — but that was my fault for watching the second movie clip (The fanboy in me took over).

    Though… I don’t think that that is the only scene where we will see Hawkeye. I think he might have 2 cameos in the movie (or just an extended one from the clip.)

    Can’t wait for this movie. I’ve been waiting for about a year and a half.

    P.S. Thanks to screen rant (and MTV splashpage) for keeping my anticipation in check with great news and rumors on the movie.

    • It’s only one cameo of Hawkeye, but it’s at least 2-3 minutes long.

  3. Looks good.

  4. Not bad, just 19 days left until I’ll get to watch this and I’m really anxious to see how it turns out.

  5. hey just to let u guys here at screenrant and game rant know I saw u guys on tv yesterday for the first time. One of your reviews made it on a videogame trailer.

    • Thanks!


  6. It kinda just hit me that hes an alien and not A GOD. thats just not cool it changes the best characteristic of that character. i know hes still thought of as a god because of the mythology but hes still only an alien. but im still going to see this!

  7. I cant wait to download it and be happy I didnt spend money on it. That is after I wait for the review. But honestly, it looks like its going to be cheesy….

  8. Tim,

    Nice. “I can’t wait to steal that crappy car and take it for a ride without paying for it.”

    Anyway… I don’t know how it will come across in the final film, but I’m REALLY not liking that small town, middle of nowhere set location – makes it look like some cheesy Western movie. Should have taken place at least in a small town, population 50,000 or something like that – not this podunk location IMHO.


    • Vic,

      Ive been suckered into paying twenty dollars for tickets to a movie waaaaay to many times, only to leave a theater wanting my money back. Therefore, I wait until the review (thus screenrant articles or comments) and decide if its worth taking money out of my pocket for it, or just download it and see for myself.

      I saw TDK in the theater, downloaded it before it was on blu-ray, and bought it on blu-ray. But I will not do the same for movies like spiderman 3 or iron man 2…

      • Personally I think you should not read any reviews until you actually see the movie for yourself. If you read a review for a movie than you will already have a mindset on how the movie will turn out.

        I’m also glad they are sticking to a low key town (like the comics), I cannot stand when half of the fight scenes are in populated areas where the hero has to end up saving other people before he can even get to the fight.

    • The setting isn’t random. In recent years, Thor was brought back in the comics and has taken up residence in a small podunk town where his alter-ego Dr. Blake is the town doctor. Eventually (in the comics) the town becomes a sort of link between Earth and Asgard.

      In fact, Marvel’s “Seige” event a year or two back took place in Thor’s podunk town. It was a good setting for the big battles that took place. Between Batman, Spider-Man and every other comic book movie, cities have been overdone, IMHO.

      • Kofi,

        Sure, but this set looks like a modern day version of an old west set – one main street with everything right there. Looks TOO small to me, as in obviously built for the film.


  9. @Vic

    Im guessing the reason for using a remake set of Apaloosa is three fold.
    1) The hammer fell in middle of no where arizona and i would assume that the earth setting wont venture to far from that one particular area b/c Thor needs to be close by when he finally makes “im a hero” revalation
    2) This allows for some no holds bar batlle between devastor and fully powered Thor. Judging from mjlonir display in trailer im expecting lots of destruction.
    3) also i feel SHIELD is gonna try and keep Thor “top secret” until he becomes a public hero in The Avengers.

    ** Although i do agree a slightly more urban area would have been more ideal.

    • 1) New Mexico, not Arizona.

      2) & 3) It all makes sense. Have faith, mortal.

    • I don’t have a lot of faith in this movie, but I do agree that the location has a lot of fight possibilities. Budget wise, they could just use a bulldozer to “tear up” the dessert, where a city would be a lot more expensive.

      I’m one of the few people that really liked the Ang Lee Hulk movie (could have been edited). I really liked the green Hulk against the reddish desert setting, and the earliest Hulk comics took place in the desert.

      • Right. The color contrast and the visuals were great. But lets face it: it was a hell of a boring movie.

  10. lol ure not match for the mighty.. gets owned

  11. I think with the *mentality of the realistic CBM hovering over the genre. It may turn into a negative factor in making films. Jon Favure made a big stink about His Iron Man and Thor being in the same film. Thor is a god and the elements of his character wouldnt suit well with his Iron Man because he’s a reality based character..Hello its all un-reality..Ever since DKR..any super hero movie the character shouldn’t have *superpowers..huh?!

    • The reality based superhero worked so well for TDK, now everyone wants to be on board with it I guess….

  12. Without Don Blake The Movie is a waste of time! We need the Cane to change off and on to the hammer! The only weakness in THOR is him leting go off the hammer and changing back to Don Blake! Thats what makes Thor so good. To alway’s see him strong gets boring!


      You will LOVE the Don Blake cameo.


  13. I don’t want to see anything more of THOR, if I do… I may not see it in the theatre. It’s diminishing, I wish it wasn’t but it is.

  14. My 45 year wait is almost done. As for the Hawkeye sceen, Its our fault for watching it and serching for every scrap we can. 90% of people will not have seen it. Im actually more excited about the movie with these small clips. If ya dont wanna see the movie then dont go. I plan ti go see it minimum four times.

    • I’m planning on seeing it first in 2D, and if it’s as good as I’m hoping it will be, then I’ll see it in 3D.

  15. the special effects on the whole look solid but there are some stand out bad effects in this (form what i’ve seen anyways) such as the part where thor is in the air and there’sa storm or something behind him and he goes for a swing (with his hammer), the background looks completely out of place there are some other scenes which feature humans next to CGI that also look out of place/weird.

    as for the ‘he’s not a god he’s an alien’ comment(s), they made him more ‘realistic’ so that he could fit along side ironman and capt, b/c they’re both based on science not mythology. its just like having chris nolan’s bat universe along side the JLA – it wouldn’t work properly b/c bat’s is grounded and the other JLA members aren’t.

    i just hope that it doesn’t have alot of scenes with the female lead and thor ‘bonding’, that’s what ruined IM 2 for me – unnecessary garbage between tony and pepper which took up alot of screen time which in turn costed the development of ivan and justin hammer )both story and character wise).

  16. I haven’t read the Thor script but from what I’ve heard, the Hawkeye cameo is NOT the after credits scene. The after credits scene is supposedly something even more epic.

    • You´re right. The Hawkeye cameo takes place pretty much in the first quarter of the movie.

  17. That was hilarious!

  18. You know, while I always loved the Avengers in the comics (60s, 70s), I never really cared for Thor. However, I must say that I am being pleasently surprised by what I’ve seen of this movie, even though the character looks kind of like a big overgrown college boy from some beer-drinking sports-team. But actually, I am getting pumped about this movie, despite early doubts…so OK, World, I am getting prepared to start eating a heaping helping of my earlier gloom-forcasting words, proudly/humbly and gladly. This movie looks good!!

    • Crow doesn’t taste as bad as we thought, huh? :-)

  19. I for one, could care less if the human characters or secondary characters are interesting or not. For the big picture, Jane Foster should be as useful/useless as Rachel Dawes.

  20. We here in New Zealand get Thor on April 28! A whole week before u guys in the States.

    FYI lol

    • You know what Hal, you’re a hack as a pilot! Darn New Zealanders!! :-)

      • In Germany it starts on 28th as well.

  21. Awesome!!!!!!!! This looks good!!

  22. epic.

  23. Poor Thor….hit by cars, tazered, duking it out with mere humans and now drugged. Dad really has it in for him.

  24. This is why you go to the movies and why I read comics in the first place!! bravo Kenneth Branah

  25. @HG, 45 years of waiting huh? Makes you about 55? Well, that beats my wait by about 20 years! But it’s really wonderful to hear from a true Thor fan; possibly inspired by the magical art of Walt Simonson who made you literally feel the velocity and impact of mjolnir in print and the graceful return. As kids, in the time Nicholas Hammond’s Spidey, we thought of classic superhero movies on a daily (gosh, I recall thinking up a Hulk movie with Rick Moranis as Banner for sharp contrast!LOL!)and I kept wondering why on earth Thor hadn’t been done yet and my brother (more of a DC fan)told me it would never happen-not enough fanbase he said. In ya face, big bro! Thor is coming!!!

    • It started all in about 1966 with the Marvel Super Heros. I was 5 at the time. lol. I collected Thor for decades and Simonson was brilliant. But I have to admit I wasnt crazy about it at first. I admit, I was wrong.

  26. We need more of Don Blake in the movie. He has very little parts ,not until the very end! Jack Kirby who I met years ago would turn over in his grave if he know what you did to his Thor and Don Blake. Don’t forget Stan Lee who sold out ” Do What Ever You Want For The Money”

  27. “One of the issues I raised in my Superhero Movie Showdown — with respect to Thor — was that the regular human characters don’t seem all that interesting, especially in comparison to the “gods” like Thor, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Odin (Anthony Hopkins). Hopefully, that won’t be the case in the actual film, since just about every other element of Thor looks quite good at this point.”

    I totally agree with that point. In my opinion thats why I thought they were going to tackle it from the perspective of that when he went to this world of the Mythgar that he would feel like he’s suffocating, like it’s a claustrophobic experience of some sort.

    Thor is a larger than life figure and Asgard is like Shangri-La and the best of our Heavenly concepts mixed together.

    No matter how grand the special effects, it is what it is. Ultimately you have to build up to it, people are spoiled by special effects- it’s not going to titillate them like it us to. Everything goes in full circle and we have to go back to the basic elements of theatre/drama.

  28. How borring that can be to have THOR without DON BLAKE! We need BLAKE to show some fun with the MAGIC HAMMER! Some fights with LOKI grabing the cane from BLAKE. Don’t forget COBRA and MISTER HYDE! They would go to BLAKES OFFICE to find THOR sent by LOKI!

  29. A little more respect for Stan The Man, steven dunetz, without whom many of these wouldn’t have been possible. He probably understands, more than we, that if he had contested almost every change to his characters many films that we have enjoyed, would never have been made. There would have been too many stalemates and lawsuits. Spiderman didn’t use webshooters, his first love wasn’t MJ, Wolverine is not that tall, Xmen movies had too many errors, Jarvis is a real butler not a computer etc. Which producer or director would go near such fussy company when we all know that movie adaptations by their nature are not usually direct translations- not even of biographies.

    Granted Donald Blake is a major character in Thor but even the comics showed that he wasn’t indispensable as Thor’s alter ego what with Eric Mastersons and others. You think Kirby would have rolled in his grave then too? Perhaps Brannagh thought a walking cane transforming to the uru hammer was stretching our movie imagination a bit too far, who knows? For me, one of the trips of these movies is how these largely fantastic characters and stories are adapted to screen with a measure of credibility without losing much of the essence/source material . I think Singer and Favreau did a good job with Xmen and Iron Man respectively. Methinks Brannagh won’t be too far off either.

    • I completely agree. I think the way Brannagh is going is the right direction for a Thor film. Getting banished to midgard as a mere human with his memories in tack is more believable than transforming him into a doctor with no memory and a limp. As a human with the memories of a god, he is more likely to be humbled when he is taken down by a simple tazer.