New ‘Thor’ Clip Features First Look Avenger Cameo & Lots of Mud

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the avengers movie roster ant man New Thor Clip Features First Look Avenger Cameo & Lots of Mud

Hot on the heels of the prior (and somewhat lackluster) Thor clip, comes another sneak peek at the upcoming Marvel film and Avengers prequel/spin-off.

This time, director Kenneth Branagh is building buzz for Thor by partially spoiling what was originally a surprise cameo. Read on for the full details – unless you want to be kept in the dark.

It goes without saying, if you don’t want to be spoiled about which Avenger will have a guest-spot in Thor – back out now (and try and avoid the Internet for the next 24 hours).



This article contains mild Thor spoilers.



Still here? It’s been over four months since we first reported that Jeremy Renner would make a surprise appearance in Thor and, one week ago, we even detailed what Clint Barton’s costume will look like.

IGN debuted the exclusive Hawkeye “cameo” in an interview with Chris Hemsworth, and while it’s not nearly as exciting as the sneak peek CinemaCon audiences were privy to, it certainly raises some interesting questions, such as: “Is a wobbly overhead crane bucket the best place for an archer to stand guard?”

Check out the clip below:

At first glance, fans might mistake the cameo for a spliced-in shot of Justin Hartley’s Green Arrow from Smallville, but IGN has confirmed that the hooded figure is in fact Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye – even if it is hard to tell. That said, fans of the purple-wearing archer shouldn’t despair too much, anyone who attended the Disney panel at CinemaCon will tell you that Hawkeye’s appearance in the film isn’t just limited to guarding the mud-pit around the S.H.I.E.L.D. quarantine camp.

While the cameo still leaves a lot of room for fans to be surprised at the final Hawkeye costume when Thor hits theaters, coupled with a prior batch of lackluster promo clips, it’s hard to ignore that spoiling a surprise cameo ahead of the film comes off as a bit desperate. Is Marvel struggling to build the level of anticipation they were expecting for Thor – with only one month before the film releases?

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Thor will be in theaters on May 6th, 2011.

The Avengers will be in theaters a year later on May 4th, 2012.

Source: IGN

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  1. Chris Hemsworth definitely looks like he’ll be playing the Thor-at-earth character well; cocky, arrogant, taking faces.

    • Once again marvel has to over avertise their movies. I think after that awesome green lantern footage they have a reason to be scared.

      • Green Lantern is DC not Marvel

    • Exactly. Especially by the way he walks. He embodied Thor well so far.

  2. Pretty lack-luster fight scene… Still pumped for the movie.

  3. Must be hawkeye. Why would the guy have a crossbow? It’s not the preferred weapon for anyone lol.

    • um, it was a modern compound bow.

  4. Hey! Hawkeye also likes KFC! I agree the fight was mediocre… but still wanting to see the movie…

  5. The 2nd trailer killed my excitement, for the film showed too much :/ I am still gonna see it though.

  6. I am hearing the word lack-luster over used a lot.

    Nothing of what I have seen would make me believe that. They are not going to give away all the best moments.

    In the words of Cheri Oteri… SIMMA DON NAH!!

    • I don’t know Nautius – a lot of movies give away the best moments in previews and clips. The studio’s goal is to get people in the seats.

      I think spoiling a surprise cameo seems like they’re going to great lengths to try and get some real excitement building for the film. Favreau never needed to spoil the Nick Fury cameo in Iron Man.

      I do hope Thor turns out to be good – but the clips (aside from one trailer), in my opinion, have been lackluster.

      • It has never been a ‘surprise’ cameo, we have known about this for months. Anyway, I’m sure marvel has another suprise up the sleeve for after the credits..

        • That’s my point. I’m saying in a lot of cases Marvel has tired to keep these cameos a surprise. The fact they didn’t with Hawkeye, and are now actively using him to promote the movie, just gives me pause. Just because we’ve known about it for awhile doesn’t mean that it wasn’t originally intended to be a surprise.

          In general, I just think they’re having a hard time marketing this one – and are over-sharing in order to build buzz for the film (since the trailers aren’t generating the kind of heat DC’s new Green Lantern trailer did). As I mentioned in the article, and in the comment above, I want Thor to be good but it just seems like this one has been harder for them to promote.

          I’m sure you’re right about an after credits ‘surprise.’

          • That clip didn’t sound like it had proper sound mixing/editing. I wouldn’t judge it too harshly.

            Also, Marvel isn’t giving away too much – the average person doesn’t know their Hawkeye from their Thors. So no real damage done there.

            What fans would see as over advertising is probably necessary brand awareness building on Marvel’s part.

            The Average person isn’t yet psyched for “Comic Book Movie Showdown 2011.”


          • I disagree, DC had to do something they had a lot of negative response from their first trailer so they had to fix that, i do think they are over saturating the public with Thor , but honestly it only appears that way to us because we are media whores who look for every morsel of info on these films, its our own faults, if you watch tv , they really are not over doing it, in fact in the past week of watching prime time Tv , I think Ive seen 3 Thor commercials. In fact I ve seen more trailers for everything but the ones I want to see.

    • I agree. For that matter, it’s only fans that know who hawkeye is anyway. While there is a large portion of the money pie coming from fans of the avengers, the majority of the pie is coming from other people. I doubt that clip was enough for that.

    • Actually, Renner´s cameo is at least 3 to 4 minutes long. I´ve read the script.

  7. LOL! Why was Hawkeye just standing up there?? It makes no sense that he would just randomly be keeping watch of the “mud pit” I’d have to say that if there isn’t more to that scene than that brief clip of Hawkeye up there, it is the most forced cameo I’ve EVER scene in a superhero movie. Just random!

    • Good point. His job is to sit in a crane bucket in the rain and guard a mud pit. Doesn’t make sense.

      • please, he is not guarding a “mud pit”. He is guarding a hammer that has the mass of a black hole and has defied the ability for anyone to extricate it. That I think warrants a bit of caution.

        • Actually, you´re all wrong. He´s in that crane because Coulson wants him to take out Thor before he reaches his hammer.

          • actually your wrong, he just likes to watch men roll around in mud from a safe distance.

          • Dirk you bad boy you, where is the SPOILER ALERT, My friend !!!!

            • Sorry, I forgot. My bad. But what if I lied to you and he really likes to watch big guys wrestling in the mud… :D

            • Wait a minute. You know my name?!

              • lmao now your gonna have to work out who it is mr bana

                • Correct, Mr. Pegg.

                • Mr. Jilette revealed himself.

  8. I’d say it’s pretty obviously Hawkeye. On adifferent subject, the amount of film we’ve seen on Thor is starting to dissapoint. If you read JLA\Avengers, Marvel vs. DC, or old Avengers comics, Thor is a superhero on the level of Superman of Captain Marvel. But it looks like they are tweaking his character waaay down for the movie. Not hating or bashing,I’ll still be there opening night. It’s just a personal dissapointment for me that I can already see coming. Looking way forward rto the movie just the same.

    • Are you basing that just on this trailer? Because at this point he does not have Mjolnir which gives him his power. So he becomes just a mortal man who knows how to fight and is really strong but not a god.

      • That is right. When he banished he becomes mortal. He is still 6 something, 200 plus pound guy with great strength and warrior level fighting skills. Even as a mortal he can handle himself, he just doesn’t have his god-like abilities now.

  9. Why does Thor almost get his ass handed to him by just some random dude? Are they serious?

    • I think Thor handled himself pretty well. He was just taken a bit off guard at first because he’s used to having god-level strength. He looked surprised that his first punch didn’t knock out the guy.

      • If many others can be just as observant.

  10. Perhaps being cast out of Asgard caused one to lose one’s “godlike physical prowess” or whatever. Any ideas? Anyone? Anyone?

    • Yea. in the clips from before, Odin says “I take from you your power”.

      • He is now a man he has only the ability to fight decently. I am no Thor expert or anything but if I had the ability to control Thunder and Lightning I would rely heavily on that, and that mystical hammer he uses helps a ton too. I don’t see Thor fighting hand to hand much.

        • his hammer is his power. it allows him to fly and control the lightning. without it, he is just a man with beast fighting skills

          • …actually, no.

            The hammer allows him to manipulate storms (and the elements of such). His POWER, however, is his own…it’s within him. Odin specifically removed his godhood and threw him down to Earth to force him to learn humility at a GREATLY reduced level of strength, since Thor has always been a brawler with extreme arrogance.


              Odin kinda locked away his powers in the hammer. So “Whoever wields this hammer shall possess the power of Thor.”

  11. Let’s not forget that Thor gets taken down by a WOMAN in this movie as well, granted he WAS just cast out of Asgard.

    • with the fact that his father very obvioulsy says “I take from you, your power!”

      • Jay

        I didn’t see that part, sorry

  12. Ok I didn’t realize he had his powers taken away.

  13. surely this is a scene where he just got cast out of Asgard and is fighting to retrieve Mjolnir to regain his power. That would explain his difficulty in taking down a lone Shield agent and they’re in the rain because Thor came down in a tornado in one of the previews

    • And don´t forget: He takes out a dozen of SHIELD agents before he faces the big guy. You can see that in the trailers as well.

  14. She Hulk should be a cameo :D

  15. Is it just me or does his costume look abit purple-ish, like Widow’s outfit in IM2? Speaking of Widow, you guys think they’re gonna incorporate the Partnership/Romance with Hawkeye?

    and Marvel is revealing abit too much for Thor…

  16. Why does Thor remind me of someone from WWF wrestling? An irritated Hacksaw Jim Duggan, maybe, without a 2 by 4 (or a hammer)? Just for the record, I’ve fought bigger than the Shield agent or Thor in the mud pit, and done fairly well, and certainly the battles were more dramatic! Still, looking forward to the film. In the meantime, what was hawkeye doing just standing up there not getting involved? Or was he just working up a bit spitwad to let fly down on the combatants?

  17. you see some guy with a bow for not even 2 seconds and immediately assume that’s hawkeye wow just wow.

    • As mentioned in the article, it’s been confirmed with Marvel that it is Hawkeye.

      • And besides that: why would the average SHIELD agent use a bow instead of a sweet Stark International gun?

    • wow just wow

    • It was fitting, Dello. And very well said!

    • Very well said.

  18. And Hawkeye isn’t shooting why?

    • Do you really wanna know? I´ll tell you that much:


      It has something to do with a guy named Dr. Donald Blake.


  19. They are trying to kill the movie.

  20. I am impressed.

  21. I was really looking forward to this, but for some reason, the more footage I see the less impressed I get.


    • If he’s banished to Earth, why wouldn’t Odin make sure he’s appropriately dressed to interact with mortals, since he wants Thor to FEEL like a mortal to learn some humility? As for getting beaten, it looked to me like Thor was the one giving it, not getting it.

      You sure you watched the same trailer?

    • He is mortal at this point. His powers, as well as his hammer, has been taken from him when he’s casted out. By the trailers, once he gets to his hammer. He can not even lift it. The hammer can only be lifted by him when he is immortal, but he can not because he now mortal, basically. As part of his banishment he loses his god hood.

      • Hmmmm, is that something new? The part about him not being able to lift it as a mortal? As far as I always knew as long as you are worthy of picking up the hammer, you could be a 5’2″ 90 lb. guy.

        • Okay you’re right, my bad Doom . Misuse of words. He is not worthy to use it that is part of his punishment.

          • No worries :-) I have been away from the actual comics for a little while, and they always change these things, wasnt sure if this was one of those times lol.

            • Nah, you’re totally right, as I have been away from the comics for awhile as well. And thank you for the correction. I truly do appreciate it.”Worthy” was the right word.

    • The SHIELD people put street clothes on him.
      I have no doubt his armor is around somewhere. Being “DISARMED” by your captors is not an uncommon practice in modern society.

  23. This clip seemed a bit pointless to release. Its a semi boring hand to hand fight where Thor pretty much whoops the guy and Hawkeye is seen for half a second.

    Kind of wish they just left this one for when the movie was released.

    • I did not spoil anything for me.

    • and I will be right in line behind you (or in front if I can get out of work early lol)

      • I be right there with both of you. This is fantastic, to be apart of this time in film when we truly have the ability to make comic book movies.

    • Marvel has like 3 to 4 movies a year, while DC only releases like 1 to 2 movies every 2 years…

      • But DC puts a lot more time and effort into who directs what and where the story goes and fleshing out characters and potential sequels and all that garbage Hollywood doesn’t care about.

        • Does the name “Joel Schumacher” ring any bells?

          • Scapegoat FTW

  24. I can’t see the footage is the link still valid?

  25. I just gotta say something to nay Sayers about the fight scene: if he was kickin ass like nothing everyone would b**** that he’s too powerful and the fight would’ve seemed even more boring. Marvel gave Thor nothing much combat skills here and no power but still not good enough for you. Marvel gets lots of scrutiny. They’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

  26. So, the hammer has a mass of a black hole and is something everyone really wants,
    and they appear to have put just one guy out there with nothing more than a bow? That makes zero sense.

    And being someone who’s an experienced archer with longbows and recurves, I sure
    as heck hope Hawkeye isn’t shooting a compound bow (I couldn’t tell from the trailer because my old-school computer screen doesn’t show night scenes well). You could not use compound bows effectively in battle because they’re too slow to shoot. An archer must be able to shoot a bow instinctively (without sights) with the arrow close to the hand, which is something only longbows and recurves can do. I’m not up on Hawkeye these days, but I assume they’ve modernized him to shoot a compound? If that’s the case, trust me when I say that his original recurve makes much more sense, and makes him 100x more deadly.

      • C’mon man. Of course I’m putting aside the fantasy elements of this story when I talk about the bow choice. But in reality, giving the “world’s greatest archer” a compound bow, someone who needs to use this weapon in combat situations, would be like giving Thor an everyday, normal-old nail hammer — and still expect to be afraid of him. But I also question the logic of the scene. Why would you choose to put your apparently sole watchman in a crane bucket, nevermind the fact that all he’s got is a bow. He’s a sitting duck. Any old New Mexico redneck with a pistol could come by and start shooting at him and all he’d be able to do is duck into the bucket and hope the bullets don’t penetrate. It’s a ridiculous strategic vantage point. Probably even more ridiculous than the idea of gods, magical hammers, and jolly-green giants.

  27. Is it me or was that little fight scene kind of… boring?


      • GK,

        Yeah, I had the same sense about the music.


      • “Does Hawkeye bring him in?” No.