First Image Of Chris Hemsworth as Thor!

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Hemsworth as Thor header First Image Of Chris Hemsworth as Thor!

Kicking things off in high-gear today we have the very first image of Chris Hemsworth (Ca$h) as Thor in Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming adaptation of the Marvel character.

Does Hemsworth look the part? What is his costume like – is it more old Thor or new Thor? Don’t wait another second – take a look!

The image comes to us exclusively from Yahoo Movies. It’s good about showing us enough of Hemsworth as Thor, without showing us too much. Check it this enhanced version, courtesy of our own Vic Holtreman:

chris hemsworth thor enhanced e1272645821511 First Image Of Chris Hemsworth as Thor!

What do you think - badass or just bad?

For a larger version head over to Yahoo Movies

So let’s break it down: The goldie locks hair is there from the looks of it, and it seems we’ll be getting the bearded version of the character. The armor fits the description given a few months back from a source close to Thor‘s production, who described the armor as “medieval future tech look, a little less traditional than the comic but still very very awesome.” We questioned the legitimacy of that report earlier, but it seems to have been accurate, if this photo is anything to judge by.

Keeping the red cape? Awesome.

As for Hemsworth – in my opinion (and other members of the SR staff), dude is doing his thing. The look on his face in the photo definitely has that heavy, angry, brooding, dramatic expression one would expect of Thor. Can we finally disregard all those rumors about certain cast members expressing displeasure with Hemsworth’s acting? Ask me again when we see the Thor trailer (hopefully at this summer’s Comic Con).

thor header First Image Of Chris Hemsworth as Thor!

An image of modern day Thor for reference.

Anyway, there’s only about a year left before Thor will be here; we recently saw the first image of The Destroyer, Thor’s nemesis, now we’re seeing the God of thunder himself, and [Spoiler Alert!] If you don’t know, there are already images of Thor’s most trusted weapon floating around the Interweb. Expect the reveals to keep coming – and be sure to check back here at Screen Rant.

Thor will be in theaters on May 6, 2011

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Source: Yahoo Movies

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  1. Looks great to me! I don't understand why everyone is saying that it looks like plastic – it looks like a dull metal to me. Or maybe the lighting's a bit off? We'll see when the trailer's released.

    Overall I'm definitely satisfied.

  2. Great looking still. Chris looks good in costume. Cant wait to see him weilding the hammer and also wearing the helmet. Cant wait to see more from the film.

  3. The costume looks plastic but Hemsworth is BADASS!

  4. Im lastdrag0n89, And I approve of this image

  5. Looks absolutely amazing! The JMS look is awesome. The only thing I could have asked for is a different cape and that's just splitting hairs.

    I absolutely cannot wait for this movie!

  6. I love it,i knew Hemsworth was rite for the part, cant wait for the first trailer….

  7. My first reaction of the first image of the Thor movie is good .Chris looks like a young brad pitt back in the 90's when he did true romance and kalifornia.And the custome looks right out of the comic book they were really faithfull to the source material it seems let's just hope they were faithfull to the storyline as well

  8. Looks fine by me. I'm not going to go out and hyper-analyze whether it's plastic or leather since it's not like we've got a full-body shot of him or anything from deep into post-production. I get the quiet impression they're going to have electricity constantly arching around him anyway. What I will say, though, is if Chris Evans can get guns like Hemsworth then he'll be doing well for Cap in the looks department.

  9. I like it!

  10. hmm you say you weren't going to spoil that for people X))

  11. So far so good!!! I think he will look Badass standing next to Iron Man with this design! With some of Thor's other costumes designs, he'd look just down right silly as hell on screen. This one works!!!! Can't wait to see what ILM does with the finishing touches!!!!

  12. I expected them to go the plastic looking suit route in Captain America, and more Metal look in Thor, but oh well, it still looks great.

  13. Looks good… so far. Not gonna give a thumbs up yet, though. This has the potential to be great, but I think it depends on how well it blends into and stands apart from the setting and other characters.

  14. This Kicks A$$!!!!! 1st- Wow Thor's costume looks better than Superman's, and he looks Bigger therefore Thor can totally Kick Supes Arse!!! Calm down DC Fans just jokes… maybe.
    2nd- Wow as great as this looks, Ironman just being generally awesome in all ways and the great look of the Incredible Hulk…. I just KNOW CAPTAIN AMERICA IS GOING TO LOOK SPECTACULAR>>> SHEILD AND ALL PERFECTION! GO MARVEL GO!!!!

  15. Whats up with the weird opening in the middle of his chest?
    Anyway, he looks bad-ass, heres hoping for an equally cool helmet.

  16. That futuristic armor doesn't fit for me. Hell, it doesn't fit Thor. Futuristic? Thor? Uh-uh. Doesn't work.

  17. Ay, papi, sign me up.


    Aye, verily, sign me up.

  18. Still not completely sold on the costume, though it's definitely a step in the right direction. I have a strong feeling they'll touch it up digitally, because as a lot of you were saying it's pretty clear Hemsworth isn't actually wearing a suit of heavy armor.

    But Hemsworth himself looks awesome, and that's the most important part.

  19. I dont think its a SciFi/Futuristic costume.
    he is wearing Chainmail on his arms, as Thor does .
    and Hemsworth looks like Thor in that pic.

  20. I will reserve my final judgement until I see the finished product but I do like the look they are going for on Thor in this film.

  21. This photo gets a certified Rob Keyes seal of approval.

  22. I have to admit it it looks decent and I have a little more hope for this but I've always been skeptical of hemsworth. Still I've always thought he was better than Evans which doomed captain America

  23. Looking very good indeed. :-)

  24. Woohoo! Great look. Now I just want to see his helmet. :)

  25. Bad.

    I'm an old-school traditionalist, and it irks me when Hollywood types second-guess the original character. this outfit looks nothing like the original Thor costume- why are his arms covered? Why is the round plate on his shoulder instead of over his pecs?

    And a beard? Oh, please!

  26. I'm down. He looks like he should. I'm ready.

  27. That's awesome

  28. Ah. No. Never liked Thor with a beard and that one looks pretty ratty. He's a god and a hero not a homeless person. With Branagh at the helm I hope this isn't going to come off like some Wagnerian opera.

  29. Looks like they went a little goth on the costume? I'd rather see a more “traditional” suit.