First Image Of Chris Hemsworth as Thor!

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Hemsworth as Thor header First Image Of Chris Hemsworth as Thor!

Kicking things off in high-gear today we have the very first image of Chris Hemsworth (Ca$h) as Thor in Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming adaptation of the Marvel character.

Does Hemsworth look the part? What is his costume like – is it more old Thor or new Thor? Don’t wait another second – take a look!

The image comes to us exclusively from Yahoo Movies. It’s good about showing us enough of Hemsworth as Thor, without showing us too much. Check it this enhanced version, courtesy of our own Vic Holtreman:


chris hemsworth thor enhanced e1272645821511 First Image Of Chris Hemsworth as Thor!

What do you think - badass or just bad?

For a larger version head over to Yahoo Movies

So let’s break it down: The goldie locks hair is there from the looks of it, and it seems we’ll be getting the bearded version of the character. The armor fits the description given a few months back from a source close to Thor‘s production, who described the armor as “medieval future tech look, a little less traditional than the comic but still very very awesome.” We questioned the legitimacy of that report earlier, but it seems to have been accurate, if this photo is anything to judge by.

Keeping the red cape? Awesome.

As for Hemsworth – in my opinion (and other members of the SR staff), dude is doing his thing. The look on his face in the photo definitely has that heavy, angry, brooding, dramatic expression one would expect of Thor. Can we finally disregard all those rumors about certain cast members expressing displeasure with Hemsworth’s acting? Ask me again when we see the Thor trailer (hopefully at this summer’s Comic Con).

thor header First Image Of Chris Hemsworth as Thor!

An image of modern day Thor for reference.

Anyway, there’s only about a year left before Thor will be here; we recently saw the first image of The Destroyer, Thor’s nemesis, now we’re seeing the God of thunder himself, and [Spoiler Alert!] If you don’t know, there are already images of Thor’s most trusted weapon floating around the Interweb. Expect the reveals to keep coming – and be sure to check back here at Screen Rant.

Thor will be in theaters on May 6, 2011

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Source: Yahoo Movies

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  1. Holy S#&! !!!! The costume looks awesome!!!! he's wearing todays Thor costume from Joseph Michael Straczynski's Thor run.Can't wait for the trailer.Lokking really awesome!!

  2. Looks good to me, I'm so excited for this after seeing Iron Man 2 last night, with ****'* ****** making an appearance at the end of the credits. I loved IM2 and cannot wait for Thor!

  3. The costume looks like plastic. It´s hard to imagine that this “armour” can protect him…

  4. There are a lot of images where Iron Man looks like plastic – but the finished product on film has impressed. I think that Thor will too.

  5. Could it be that ****´* ****** is some kind of a norse “tool”? ;) How could they lift it?

  6. There are a lot of images where Iron Man looks like plastic – but the finished product on film has impressed. I think that Thor will too.

  7. There are a lot of images where Iron Man looks like plastic – but the finished product on film has impressed. I think that Thor will too.

  8. There are a lot of images where Iron Man looks like plastic – but the finished product on film has impressed. I think that Thor will too.

  9. There are a lot of images where Iron Man looks like plastic – but the finished product on film has impressed. I think that Thor will too.

  10. There are a lot of images where Iron Man looks like plastic – but the finished product on film has impressed. I think that Thor will too.

  11. Who made an appearance? There isn't two different endings after the credits is there?

  12. Who says they could? ;-)

  13. Who says they could? ;-)

  14. It isnt a who, its a what.

  15. I'm fairly certain spoilers are forbidden but, they werent lifting it. And yes it vaugely resembles a norse tool.

  16. have you got a link?? :)

  17. Sorry no link, I'm just going off what I saw last night. It matches the colour scheme of the costume perfectly though, and is pretty similar to the comic image too

  18. Like the Destroyer Armor, I was hoping for some kind of marking inscriptions and chains on the armor. Something a little more medieval than a plastic outfit.

    Looks cool either way though.

  19. I really don't like the look of it, honestly. It's too cheesy-sci-fi for Thor.

    But then I didn't like the still shots of the Iron Man armor either, but in the movie it looked great. So I'll wait to pass judgement at least until the trailer.

    But still.. it doesn't inspire a lot of confidence, yet.

  20. Well even the biggest cynic has to admit he fills the costume out well. As for the costume looking like plastic in the sleeves and metal clasps it's hard to know what the plan is for the final look. These are how can say it, unvarnished photos. Even if they do come off looking a little like plastic in the final film, remember Kevlar isn't a metal and it can stop bullets. We also don't know the context of the picture. This might be something wardrobe put together to get the fit and look right before they sent out to get the actual metallic pieces done, or something like that?!.?

  21. That is AWESOME ! ..

  22. So, I guess they kinda find it, right? No, wait… Don´t tell me. On the other side… Tell me. Wait! Don´t… ARGH! Dammit! I can´t wait two more weeks!

  23. hm ok


    - he got a look on his face i realy dig
    - he looks about the right age for thor
    - they realy tried to match style and colorshemes


    - where is the metal? it realy looks very much plastic to me
    - overall the armor looks rather simple and poor on details. i miss the metallic feel, light reflections and so on. maybe a bit more nordic ornaments…

    and the chain armor underneath is now some kind of wool fabric uhm…cant realy tell…it no chain, thats for sure. This could be good or bad ….have to see it in action.

  24. Yeah, it looks a little plastic, but oh well. It looks like he was pulled straight from the comics.



  26. Maybe it's Asgardian metal and it looks like that.

    Everyone accepted the liquid metal terminator in T2 without thinking twice. If Thor's arm armour is metal, i'm cool with the look.

    Thor looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  27. OK now that I have calmed down and I can make a rational assessment of this photo– I am really liking it. I think that it is perfect.

    ~The color of the cape is a nice dark red it's bold and heavier red then the one in the comic.

    ~Helmsworth looks great filling into the costume well. The facial hair makes him look more imposing. I thought about whether he looked a lil young- but I wouldn't have been upset if he did- he is a God right? They dont age the same as mortals. So I'd buy it.

    ~ The metal or plasticky look that everyone here is talking about is a bit getting overblown. It is metal but I dont think it has to be the same kind of metal people expect. It's good. I don't think we'd want any specific color or sheme to be thrown off just cause it has to be a certain metal.

    ~the chain metal on his arms is cool also.

    All in all I am really digging this piece and I'm looking forward to seeing some more pics of Thor. I wish there was one of a full body shot to really get a good look at.. Now all we gotta do is wait for the helmet. I'm looking forward to seeing that.

    I also hope Loki has that cool helmet with the friggin huge horns as well.

  28. RIGHT?!!? Exactly! This is getting inspiration from the current comic.. Or is it the other way around? There are tons of influences going back and forth nowadays in Marvel. Great stuff. It's become “One Big Giant House Of Ideas”!

  29. On there is a couple pictures on there.