Six New ‘Thor’ Character Posters

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Thor Character Posters Six New Thor Character Posters

With two full trailers, a Super Bowl commercial and plenty of stills, posters and other media, there’s not too much more for Marvel Studios to unveil about Thor without entering heavy spoiler territory.

Set to kick off the summer movie season of 2011, Thor is the first of four major comic book releases, and the first of three from the Marvel Comics brand. For a closer look at Natalie Portman and some of the main Asgardian characters, we have several new Thor posters.

The following six posters, released one-at-a-time by IMDB,  feature key characters of the film’s cast and include Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Dr. Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Heimdall (Idris Elba), Sif (Jaimie Alexander) and Odin (Anthony Hopkins).

When it comes to the images of Thor and Heimdall, they are the exact same shots from previous stills and posters. In fact, the character poster featuring Hemsworth below is identical to the previously released posters from the beginning of the month, sans the red overlay. The other character poses you may also recognize from Thor character banners.

Ever since the initial mixed reaction to Thor’s costume in the adaptation, the Asgardian designs have grown on us and we can all appreciate the work that went into keep the characters and attire true to Marvel’s source material. The posters are incredibly simple in design, and while I’m sure we’d all love to see more artistic comic book-esque poster art, the close-ups of the characters and their respective features do speak for themselves, especially in a film boasting a cast a strong as this that can sell mainstream audiences.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh and written by Ashley Miller, Zack Stentz and Don Payne, Thorstars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Kat Dennings, Idris Elba, Ray Stevenson, Rene Russo, Clark Gregg, Jaimie Alexander, Colm Feore, Tadanobu Asano, Joshua Dallas and Joe Gatt.

If you’re psyched about Thor, watch the latest Thor movie trailer and visit Game Rant for the Thor tie-in video game trailer and follow us on Twitter @rob_keyes, @screenrant and @gamerant.

Thor opens in North America May 6, 2011 and  in U.S. theaters and on April 29, 2011 for the UK.

Source: IMDB

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  1. Sif is so beautiful.

  2. “Ever since the initial mixed reaction to Thor’s costume in the adaptation, the Asgardian designs have grown on us and we can all appreciate the work that went into keep the characters and attire true to Marvel’s source material”

    Who is this “us” you are referring to? I can’t speak for anyone else but nothing has grown on me.

    Gold eye patch is still stupid, who was cast as Heimdall is still stupid, Thor dressed in a glorified biker outfit is still stupid, Asgard being treated like high tech aliens is still stupid. Nope, nothing has changed.

    • Yet your still going to go watch this movie. Guess what else is stupid…..

      • Actually that has yet to be decided. It it gets poor reviews I won’t be seeing it.

        • Yeah right. You won’t watch it if the reviews are not good. Keep telling yourself that.

    • us = SR

      • That might very well be what you meant but by closely following the “us” with the words “we” and “all” it implies that us = we = all.

  3. Why did they cast a black guy as Heimdall? Does Asgard even have black people?

    • who cares? Idris Elba is a damn good actor.

    • Watch the first episode of Luther when he goes berserk on a door…… If that isn’t god-like anger then my name is Keyzer Soze.

    • Asgardian gods can look any way they want.

      • lol no they can’t (or more to the point they shouldn’t). They are based on the Nordic culture which is Caucasian.

        And casting someone just because they are a “damn good actor” is poor reasoning.

        • Casting a black person to play a Asgardian god is the equivalent to casting a black slave master during the 17th century, it just doesn’t make any sense.

          Plus I do not want a raging Heimdall that has vampire teeth, he isn’t some berserker god.

          • Meant to quote Ezee-T.

          • I don’t think he has vampire teeth but why doesn’t he have gold teeth like Heimdall is supposed to?

          • its a comic book movie not actually life

            • Alright.

              Well they are doing a movie about a comic, so would you consider the fact that MAYBE they should try and make the movie similar to the source (the comic books)? Because that is all I am trying to say.

              • the only thing is different is the race of the character but everything else is the same. you guys always talk about source material no source material is ever the same on film for crying out loud.

                • Actually there are a LOT more differences but you seem to be missing the point I keep making over and over……I know that no movie ever really matches the source material 100% but making a change like this for no good reason is poor reasoning.

                  They should stay true to the source material IF they can. If it has no bearing on the overall production why not? They made a change for pretty much the sake of change. If it ain’t broke DON’T FIX IT.

                  • no good reason, u joking right u know who is directing the movie. Kenneth Branagh is know to cast people outside of different race for certain roles that he feels is good for the part. Kenneth Branagh is the same man who had Denzel Washington and Keanu Reeves as brother. you telling me Denzel Washington aint a good actor for that role.

                    did u even complain about the first Iron Man movie when they casted Shaun Toub as Dr. Yinsen. you know in the comics Dr. Yinsen is Asian but played by Iranian-American actor Shaun Toub.

                    Iron Man 2 they casted Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer. Justin Hammer is a old man in the comics not a young man. im so upset im really outraged by this casting why they choose a young actor Sam Rockwell to play Justin Hammer they should of stick to the source material. They made a change for pretty much the sake of change. If it ain’t broke DON’T FIX IT LMAO.

                • The only thing different? Is that a joke? You might want to do some actual research before you reveal to the whole world that you have no idea what you are talking about.

                  Wacthmen stayed true to the source material and that was a amazing flick.

        • it must of killed you when Morgan Freeman played GOD. you must of been outraged about that knowing a black man playing GOD.

          • I never said I was racist. Would you say the same thing to a guy arguing about why we have a black kingpin?

            Don’t misinterpret a reasonable question.

            • did i even reply to you cause my comment was too mongoose. the black kingpin you like to call him was casted cause first of their was no actor that big that looks like him with the height and weight also MCD was popluar around that time cause heres something his role in “The Green Mile”

          • I actually loved Bruce Almighty by the way. I have to say in my head “b-e-a-utiful” from Bruce Almighty to spell it

            • my comment was ment for mongoose

              • Except Zero’s answer applies to me as well. Or are you trying to ignorantly label me racist?

                I thought Bruce Almighty was great. The concept of what God looks like is much more diverse than an established myth and thus is open to interpretation and a lot more leeway. Since I don’t know what God looks like (and neither does anyone else), why not Morgan Freeman?

                • hahahah this just prove it. you say “The concept of what God looks like is much more diverse than an established myth and thus is open to interpretation and a lot more leeway. Since I don’t know what God looks like (and neither does anyone else)”

                  what a hypocrite, this is what Marvel and the great Kenneth Branagh is doing with “Marvel Studio: Thor”. this is their own interpretation of Thor. so why not Idris Elba then?

                  all you going to fall back on Elba skin colour nothing else expect that. if you dont like the casting dont watch the movie then. no one is forcing you to watch it. i did not watch Battle: LA cause i choose not to watch it.

              • Oh and Mace,

                “its a comic book movie not actually life”

                That is absolutely the worst answer. You might as well have just said “because” because it makes just as much sense.

                • actually its not the worst answer cause its a Comic book movie fact.

  4. “Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Natalie Portman (Dr. Jane Foster), Heimdall (Idris Elba), Sif (Jaimie Alexander) and Odin (Anthony Hopkins)”

    Dr. Jane Foster is my favorite actress ever, and her playing the role of Natalie Portman is a spot on casting choice.
    All jokes aside, I cannot wait for this movie to come out, it will be the first time I grace the cinema with my presence.

    • Lol I don’t recall a Natalie Portman in the comics??

      Man THIS INTERPRETATION IS NOT FAITHFUL TO ITS SOURCE MATERIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Then go read the comics in your mother’s basement Fanboy, this movie is going to be amazing.

        • I think they might be joking?

          • I know, just a joke but this movie is going to be great.

            • Lol, jeez MJC05, few a minute there I thought you were serious lol.

              • Of course he wasn’t…and don’t call him Serious. :-)

                • Haha, but really though, the “it’s not faithful to the source material” argument is gettting a bit old.

    • LMAO!! Wow, they hired a DOCTOR to play Natalie Portman, I HAVE to see this!! :D

    • Oops! Fixed that early in the morning :|

  5. This looks good…Im looking forward to see how they will lead to Avengers…I hav faith in Marvel cinematic universe…

  6. Looks good. But Rob, can we really say Thor costumes are true to Marvel’s source material? Where’s Thor’s helmet? That’s a standard-like Superman without and S insignia. I hardly see it on him. Unless things have changed since I last read comics or they just felt it was too old-fashion.

    • He will have his helmet mate…

    • We absolutely can.

      They brought Thor to life wearing armor and an actual red cape. He sports an actual winged helmet and wields a hammer.

      Loki actually wears a giant horned helmet. Doesn’t get more true to the source than that.

      The designs are very close to the early Thor techno-viking-esque designs.

  7. Looks good.

    But Rob, can we really say Thor costumes are true to Marvel’s source material? Where’s Thor’s helmet? That’s a standard-like Superman without an ‘S’ insignia. Without it Chris looks like a ‘glorified biker’ like ‘Mongoose’ mentioned. Unless things have changed since I last read comics or they just felt it was just too old-fashioned.

    • Um no, Thor’s hammer is his standard, not his helmet. And his helmet is in the movie.

      Whens the last time you saw a glorified biker with a giant red cape?

    • Helmet is in the movie. You can see it in the trailer.

  8. Damn I hate those posters, ugly as sin the bunch of em.
    And while I dont have many complaints against the costumes, Heimdall really wears some stupid looking clothes. And the helmets in general, looks as dumb as the magneto helmet from the first three movies.

  9. Okay, seriously…

    I keep trying to go to articles to enter new responses and to read older ones, BUT I KEEP GETTING KICKED BACKED TO THE HOMEPAGE!!!! It doesn’t even matter if I start out from my own e-mail or from here, onsite.

    It’s getting really aggravating.

    Oh, and the posters look fine…nothing special or unique.

    • Archaeon,

      That means there is some ad that is causing it – next time it happens, grab the URL from the top of the browser after you land on the home page and email it to me: vic at

      And yeah, super annoying, sorry about that.



    • Nevermind, I’ve got it – just happened to me, too. :-(


      • also some of the adds cause my firefox to crash… at least when i’m on the macs at college. just thought you’d like to know (i believe another one of the regulars had the same issue).

      • Vic…

        I just responded to the very piece that kept throwing me back to the homepage earlier, and it seemed smooth and annoyance-free. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and thank you for whatever fix you made. :D

        • Sigh…never mind about the fix. I just got kicked back to the homepage from HERE…thankfully, AFTER I responded to a couple of people.

          C’est la vie.

          • Yeah, sorry, man – believe me, it annoys the hell out of ME, too. I emailed the URL string to the ad network to see if they can figure it out.


            • Well, maybe, the second time’s the charm…I haven’t noticed any problems today :)

  10. Is Thor not gonna wear his helmet that much throughout his solo film or Avengers? Just curious.

    • He sports the helmet in the film in some scenes on Asgard. Not sure what costume he’ll wear in The Avengers.

      • @ Rob Keyes

        Theres been something mentioned that Thor is gonna have a different costume in The Avengers?

        • Nope. That’s why I’m not sure ;)

          I very much expect him to have something different than his standard Asgardian attire from his solo movie though.

  11. Yeah. Sif is HOT. I also don’t remember a Natalie Portman in the comics

  12. I keep reading about “source material” which seems funny to me. Think of it this way: the comics are one universe and the cinema is another. They are now creating the cinematic source material, and Marvel can do this since they own it. Otherwise, one could argue that the Thor comics suck because they don’t stay true to the source material — the Scandanavian Mythologies. Just my take on it anyway.

    • Well put. I am tired of the whole “source material” debate.

      At least Orlando Bloom’s not in it.

      • LOL… now that’s one way to look at the bright side.

  13. Um yes, Manowar, but I was referring to attire not weaponry. I know its in the movie. What I said was I hardly saw it on him. Particularly in posters. For a poster I would expect him to be in full regalia

  14. i don’t know how many times i have to tell you guys,it’s one thing to to stay true source material and another to make money by having diversity. marvel and movie industry are trying to make money. so what if heimdall is black he’s not a main characther anyway. i really think this film is going great. sometimes the source material is too corny for the movies because the original source material 40 to 60 years old.

    • While I would like to agree with you Zooms, the fact he is being marketed as a major supporting actor along side Portman and Hopkins tells me he is a main character.

      Are you trying to tell me that miscasting Heimdall as black is some how going to draw in the more ethnic crowd? His skin color will have no bearing on ticket sales so why not at least try to say true to the material?

      And the Marvel source material was based directly off of Norse mythology which is over a millenia old. I’m just not getting how Heimdall being white is somehow corny.

      • The fact that you are more focused on the color of the actor’s skin makes you come across as racist and rigid. Do you also have a problem with Nick Fury being played by Samuel L. Jackson?

        Let me ask you this what if they cast a hispanic actor for the role? Would you still have a problem? Or what if they were jewish? Heck what if they were atheist? Would their right to think there are no gods have any barring on the movie?

        How about the fact that this is just a MOVIE! It doesn’t matter what whether the actor is black or asian or jewish. The only ones who will seem to care are narrow minded people like yourself.

        • Would you want Superman cast as an Asian? What if D’Artagnan from the 3 Musketeers was cast as a black guy, would that make any sense? Or better yet how about Blade, Falcon of Black Lightning being white guys???! (See, it goes both ways ;) I wouldn’t want to see a white guy playing Blade any more than I would like to see Superman played by Jet Li or Miyamoto Musashi portrayed by some 6’3″ Nordic bodybuilder. None of them make logical sense.

          It’s interesting that everyone screams bloody murder when they hear about taking Akira and using Caucasian actors but when they cast a Norse God as a black guy it’s suddenly ok? Talk about being a hypocritical.

          You can scream about some skewed sense of racism or ethnic diversity all you want but it’s simply a desire to stick to the source material, the original story. Period. So get over yourself and quit being so sensitive.

          And fyi, religion and sexual orientation have no bearing here and dragging them into the discussion was in very poor taste.

          • actually your wrong the Akira situation is based on all the lead characters are been played by white actors not asian actors. Thor who is the lead is been play by a white actors cause his the lead and everyone know Thor is white.

            look i bet you any money you never complain about Andromeda been played by white actress. in Greek mythology Andromeda is the princess of Ethiopia. Ethiopian derived in turn from Greek words meaning “burnt face” also know as black face.

            • lol, that is exactly what I said.

              To quote myself…”about taking Akira and using Caucasian actors”

              and I didn’t know that about Andromeda. I always believed from Renaissance paintings I have seen she was white so I bought into the error, thanks for setting me straight. So yes, if she has been portrayed as white I DO have a problem with that FOR THE EXACT SAME FREAKIN REASON. Sheesh.

              You keep trying to play the racist card but it’s not about racism. Just because race is involved doesn’t by default make the issue one of being racist so get over it. Sorry you can’t grasp that little fact.

          • @”Would you want Superman cast as an Asian?”

            Yeah, it’s not like he was played by a Hispanic, oh wait, he was.

          • But I guess we should all be pissed about this film’s casting as they didn’t get actual Asgardians to portray the characters (please note sarcasm).

            • hahaha well said

          • hello Superman been play by a Asian-American actor Dean Cain

            • Cain’s background is Japanese, French Canadian, Irish and Welsh.

              Just because he has some Japanese roots doesn’t validate your strawman argument. The great thing about most of us here in the USA, we are all mongrels and have some sort of mixed descent. There is a world of visual difference though between having a slightly ethnic look and being of a more pure African complexion.

              @ Ghost….. Routh is of English, German, French and Native American descent. ;)

              • you saying you not racist but you talking about some skin complexion. also Dean Cain has said in interviews his Asian-American even the he got casted people had issue. Lana Lang and Pete Ross in Smallville was played by people of different ethnic background. for someone whos not racist like to mention that cause someone has a different skin complexion shouldnt be casted.

                • You just aren’t getting it. People can discuss things like race, skin color and ethnic backgrounds WITHOUT being racist. Get a clue and drop it.

          • @”It’s interesting that everyone screams bloody murder when they hear about taking Akira and using Caucasian actors but when they cast a Norse God as a black guy it’s suddenly ok?”

            You fail to the whole reason they’re casting American actors and setting the film in Manhattan is b/c WB wants to Americanize the property. Not to mention none of the actors that are testing for the role fit the characters. You also fail to see that Superman and the Asgardians ARE NOT HUMAN, but the characters in Akira ARE.

            • I didn’t “fail” anything. I understand perfectly why they are doing it but that doesn’t make it right now does it? I am with the vast majority an think Akira should stay TRUE to the source material and be shot in Japan and use Asian actors. Funny though, according to some people here Akira is just as much myth as Superman and Thor. So why does it matter if they are all just invented characters?

              The fact is they are the same issue….staying true to the source material if at all possible.

      • its loosey based on Norse mythology its not a literal movie based Norse tale. its Marvel version so they have a right to do whatever they want. this movie is not called Heimdall its called Thor and the character is still white.

  15. Zooms,

    I completely agree with your comment. So what of they made him black? In the end it’s all about making money. I doubt minority non fanboys will go see a movie full of all white people. Lol it’s not like they made Thor black. Let it go. The world is changing people. Accept it

    • Not sure what “the world is changing people” has to do with anything. Just because it is doesn’t mean we should go back and start rewriting history to be more ethnically diverse and politically correct.

      And what if they had cast Ilba as Thor??? According to some he’s a damn good actor so that’s all that matters right?

      Just so you understand why I have a big problem with it……Heimdall is supposed to be a son of Odin, just like Thor. Kind of hard for them to be brothers when they aren’t the same race. ;)

      • I think you are missing the point of what i’m saying. Listen, first of all i’ve read norse mythology since i was a small child. The changing of skin color is not a slap in the face to norse mythology. It’s the story that matters most and not what color someone is. hell, you might more than just black and white people in it. But this is not the 60′s . What harm could it be have people of all racial backgrounds in the film as long as the film has a good story. This story based on a mythology not history of vikings. mythology is not history it’s a story.

      • mongoose…

        I understand wanting to have some degree of loyalty to the ideas of the comic as presented over the years, but the movie universe can be different to an extent.

        According to those selfsame myths, Odin was not fully faithful to his marriage (he and Zeus shared that particular fault), so Heimdall’s parentage could easily be mixed. These are gods, many of whom have the ability to change appearance. That is really not a concern, mythologically speaking.

        Just so you know (remember?), Heimdall has also been called the “White-God”, BUT generally, this is thought to reflect his association with rams…with their hard heads and stubbornness/staying power, since he was one of the most consistent gods, having been in stories for a very long time. Myths, by their nature, reflect the societies that tell them. The Norse myths come from a white society…true. The Marvel comics versions come from a somewhat more modern society, struggling with who it is. The Marvel MOVIE versions of the gods in those myths, however, come from the current, much more diverse and “open” society, so they can appropriately reflect that diversity. Heimdall CAN be black.

      • Mongoose, how can you compare reality with a mythology that has demons and eightlegged horses, giant ice creatures, not to mention giant elves? In mythologies you are subject to see anything. That’s why they’re called myths because they are not real. so yes, a black heimdall can exist in asgard.

        • @ Archaeon….Yes it CAN be but there is no good reason why it needed to be. There was no reason why Heimdall was changed to a black guy other than that’s what the director wanted. Are you suggesting that Heimdall was changed because a white guy couldn’t have done just as good a job? If the answer is no then WHY mess with it? Why change something that did not need changing? That has always been my point of contention.

          If we buy into your idea of a more “open” and diverse society though, where do we draw the line? Would it have been ok with you if they had cast Thor as a woman? What the hell, its the “modern age” right? /rolls eyes

          As to your idea of questionable parentage……sorry but that’s not how the myth goes. Odin encountered the 9 daughters of the sea god, Aegir, married them all and the 9 had Heimdall (not going to try and explain that!) And surprise, none are described as being dark skinned.

          And about the Marvel version coming from a more modern society. That doesn’t change the fact they stuck pretty darn close to the original Norse myths. Yes they did make some minor changes, but by and large, preserved the Norse Myths (including many of their adventures) as much as they possibly could while still turning them into a comic.

          If you want to make your own race of gods that’s ethnically diverse, great! Go for it, but leave the well known myths and legends of our world’s history intact and ALONE please.

          @ Zooms……if you don’t comprehend why what you said is incorrect then I can’t help you.

          oh ok here’s an example for you…….LotR is myth and not real right? In fact it’s just a story based on bits and pieces of European mythology and not even that old. So would you have been ok if Jackson had turned Hobbits into a bunch of green, bipedal froglike creatures? No? How about if they had cast Morgan Freeman as Gandalf? He is a damn good actor right? And according to other posters that’s all that counts! Or what if all the elves were changed to small sprite type creatures with butterfly wings? According to your justification, any and all of those changes would have been perfectly fine but we ALL would have been screaming bloody murder about those choices now wouldn’t we?

          So why is it not ok to mess with a recent made up story like Tolkien’s LotR, but you feel its somehow ok to screw with a mythology that has been established for a millenia longer?

          Look, I am more than willing to concede that certain changes and liberties be made IF there is a good reason for it but to do it “just because” is a piss poor reason to do anything.

          • your comments make me laugh. – “If you want to make your own race of gods that’s ethnically diverse, great! Go for it, but leave the well known myths and legends of our world’s history intact and ALONE please.”

            u can beg all you want but the movie already done LMAO.

            your history i be you did not even care about Norse myths the first place. guess what Merlin tv show in the UK casted a black british woman to play Guinevere. are you upset about that cause Merlin is based on Arthurian legend lol.

          • mongoose…

            Several points:

            1. In the comics, Thor WAS a woman, at one point. He was also a frog.

            2. The nine daughters had NO abilities, whatsoever, right? Or, more to the point, you’ve catalogued every single power they possessed and found change-of-appearance was not one of them, right? (sheesh…the height of arrogance)

            3. Actually, Marvel changed quite a few things about the original myths, mainly to make the Aesir fit it in (along with the whole of the “Nine Worlds”) with the history of the Marvel Universe.

            4. I was being respectful of our difference of opinion in my above response to you, but you just had to give the assinine if-you-want-to-do-it-a-different-way,-go-ahead;-just-don’t-bother-me-with-it response, making yourself out to be obnoxious and unworthy of anymore notice. I’m happy to oblige.

            • 1)Yeah Thor was portrayed as a woman in an alternate reality. So? There have been a TON of of these re-imaginings by DC and Marvel. The whole “What If” series and Elseworlds come to mind. But I don’t consider a limited run series, exploring an alternate imagining of things, as a standard. It was what it was and should be left there as a fanciful exploration and not established canon.

              Would you like it if Snyder decided the new Superman movie was going to use the Blue “electric” version? Same thing.

              And Thor was turned into a frog by Loki for a brief time. So?

              2)There is no mention of them having special powers so by omission alone we can say they didn’t. You, on the other hand, are assuming they did. You are building a strawman argument which is the height of ignorance.

              I would be more receptive if you could provide proof to the contrary that supports your position but until then all you are doing is making a leaping assumption to support your premise. Very poor and self-serving reasoning.

              3) Did you miss the part where I said, “preserved the Norse Myths (including many of their adventures) as much as they possibly could while still turning them into a comic.”

              Sounds pretty much like what you said. Only difference is you say “quite a few” while I say “minor”. How about, quite a few minor changes?

              4)You were the one who made the silly post about this being modern times so Marvel should change the myths to be more ethnically diverse to reflect that. (paraphrasing of course)

              The fact is though Marvel didn’t struggle with anything. They borrowed heavily from Norse Myth because it was based on *acts shocked here* the NORSE GODS. If they changed too much it wouldn’t realy be the Norse Gods anymore now would it? The specific thing they did NOT change however was the skin color of Heimdall. Pretty cut and dry. So the movie version makes no logical sense and was changed for no good reason.

              Again, if you can provide me with some reason better than “because” I’m willing to listen. I have, as of yet, heard nothing that even tries to explain the deviation from the source material.

              You are right about one thing and we do live in a modern era. So if a story calls for an all black, all female cast, THAT is how it should stay. We should be enlightened enough as a society that we can freely portray a story AS it was originally written (and of course stay within the movie’s budget)

              • “However he is also the son of nine maidens, who are also sisters. What these maidens were is the subject of conjecture. Some say they were the waves of the sea, some that they were giantesses or even valkyries. Their names, though, have been recorded: Gjalp, Greip, Eistla, Eyrgiafa, Ulfun, Angeyja, Imdr, Atla and Jarnsaxa.”

                That’s just to show that the nine Billow Maidens are a source of some confusion, thus opening up the possibility of some kind of mixed parentage…black, water, foam, giant, whatever.

                Your response to Point 1 is darling…just so cute. If it does not fit in to your interpretation, you turn to the one variation that is actually worse than “because”: You say, “So?” How very adroit. Also if you can fall back on OMISSION for Point 2, I can easily and confidently use the idea of inference. They are children of divine and/or magical beings, so we may logically surmise they have powers/abilities of SOME sort (I never said it HAD to be shape-changing; I simply suggested that ability as a possibility). As for Point 3, I was not opposing you; I WAS emphasizing the fact that Marvel did not just change only one or two things but MANY…hence, the phrase QUITE A FEW. Point 4 is where you really dropped the ball, however. Paraphrasing is advisable ONLY if you do so with some degree of accuracy for the meaning of the paraphrased source material. I did not say OR imply that Marvel should change the myths to fit in with the tenets of modern, more diverse society (nor did I say Marvel struggled with anything; I stated that the period in which many of these characters were created and/or adapted was a time of great struggle). I said that they now have more options for interpreting the characters because of the differences of the modern world from the ancient world.

                By the way, were you the mythology expert you seem to think you are, you would understand that mythology, by its nature, is adaptable and CHANGEABLE–it can fit the time in which it exists…It’s HISTORY that must remain consistently expressed and remembered.

                Oh, and I do know what happens in the story of Sif’s hair; I simply pointed out that THAT is stranger than many of the other changes…if you would bother to THINK before you comment.

                There, I gave you some thoughts NOT based on “because”. I never wanted to argue with you; I simply tried to present an alternative idea and even respected your viewpoint in my original response to your comments (I mention this for the 2nd time). YOU decided to make this some kind of silly, pointless verbal combat. I said before I was done with you, BUT I wanted to make sure you understood my comments. NOW, I’m done.

                • Point 1……I used the word “So” as a succinct way of saying that your comments really had no bearing on the topic at hand.

                  What does it matter in the big picture that somewhere at some time, Thor was portrayed as a woman? My reason for bringing it up in the first place was to show that mainstream audiences would never buy it. Sure Earth X or Blue Supes might make for a good animated features (or mini-series), but it would never work as a big budget movie.

                  And the Frog comment……What does Thor being turned into a frog for a few issues so they can have a little frog war have to do with anything? Unless they plan to make Thor a frog from the beginning it is meaningless. Seems like a bit of straw grasping there ;)

                  2 – How is it somehow my interpretation? My words are based on fact, nothing more. You, on the other hand, seem to like building strawman arguments to support your point of view.

                  All we know for sure about the handmaidens was they were daughters of Aegir and Ran. That’s It. Yes they may have had some powers or abilities but we don’t know that for sure now do we? You continue the strawman by implying one of them might have had shape shifting and that shape shifting would also be a change in skin color. That’s a lot more assumption than it is deductive logic.

                  Of course I could always play the card you have already laid down……”Myths, by their nature, reflect the societies that tell them. The Norse myths come from a white society”

                  If I am to believe you (and I do), that would infer the daughters are of fair complexion as are their parents to reflect the society that created them. I’m also pretty sure that also extends to the entire Norse Mythos and even the fire and frost giants were the same and not red and blue as some have depicted them.

                  3 – The problem with your statement is that by pitting “quite a few” against “minor”, you are implying the changes are major which they are not.

                  Take Thor as an example…….in traditional Norse Myth he needs the Jarngreipr to be able to lift Mjolnir and his power belt, Megingjord, to effectively wield it. Marvel however kind of ignored the gloves and decided the power belt wasn’t necessary and was usually kept at Asgard for times of great need.

                  Mjolnir’s handle has also never been short.

                  Aside from those things however (and the creative license with the costume), he is pretty much the Thor from Norse Myth. So yes, lots of little things that don’t effect the greater picture much at all.

                  Point 4…..Ah no. Should we read it again though?

                  “The Marvel MOVIE versions of the gods in those myths, however, come from the current, much more diverse and “open” society, so they can appropriately reflect that diversity.”

                  Sounds to me like you think its fine for Marvel to change them to, “reflect that diversity” (for the movie). If that’s not what you meant you should have phrased it differently because that’s how it reads.

                  While the movie version may come from a more “open” society, that doesn’t change the fact that the Norse Gods are all still of fair complexion, even in the Marvel version. Why exactly does it NEED to be more diverse anyway?

                  So if they made a movie about the Hindu gods, does that mean it would be ok if we cast Kali as a short haired blond white chick? or Ganesha as a cow? or Shiva a red skinned Japanese girl (lets REALLY break that mold!)

                  Their gods are already pretty skin tone diverse (but still all Indian) so changing a few skin colors here or there and making them a bit more ethnically (and animalistically) diverse is perfectly acceptable according to you right?

                  Yes, some mythology is changable and adaptable such as what Marvel created. They could very well go in and make a new version of Heimdall that is black (still wouldn’t make sense but…..) They created it and they can do what they want with it.

                  The writings that the Norse myths were taken from however are set in stone (in some cases quite literally) That, my friend, IS history and should not be altered or changed. Yes, there are vague areas that have probably been filled in here or there but that doesn’t change the base fact that Heimdall is fair skinned in Norse Myth, he is also thus in the Marvel version and should have been for the movie. It’s called continuity and not trying to use some misplaced idea of a “modern society” to explain why they did what they did. Period.

                  And while I have never claimed to be and expert, you sure seem to have put yourself on that particular soapbox. ;)

                  You also seem to be taking this a bit too personally. This is a discussion, a debate, nothing more. At the end of the day that’s all it is to me, sorry you are treating it differently.

          • listen, the only i could understand your rant if we were talkin’ about Braveheart being played Denzel Washington. Because that film was based on a true story. Othello for many decades played by a white man but the play based on a story of a black man who was involved in a interacial relationship and fell victim to jealousy. During that time nobody made a big deal about that miscast. my point is a black heimdall is not going to make or brake the movie because the movies is not based on him. But however i do believe they should’ve stuck with the original nick fury because that’s what make sense to me. lotr was a great film it would’nt matter if morgan freeman played gandalf because the story was that good.

            • Funny you mention that, because the wizards (of which Gandalf was one…the Ishtari? I forgot the exact name) were, of course not actually old men, but very powerful “other” beings in disguise. Thus, Morgan Freeman really COULD have been Gandalf…or one of the other wizards, at the very least.


              • interesting, i never knew that. now i want to watch lotr again. thanks for the insight.

            • The early days of movies have to be discounted because people WERE pretty racist back then. Black actors didn’t get leading roles, Native Americans were played by white guys in horrible make-up jobs, etc.

              So now that we are in an enlightened and “modern” society, there is no reason why we can’t stick to the stories as they were originally portrayed.

              As for Gandalf…..I call BS and bet you would have been just as outraged as the other 99% of the LotR fans.

              I do think it’s strange though you would have a problem after ALL of this with a black Nick Fury. They are going with the Ultimates storyline for this set of movies and that is how he was re-written. Some characters you can get away with changing their race and it matters very little.

              The thing about Heimdall though is it IS based on a history we have had around for over 1000 years. Yes it is myth but those original poems and writings that described the Norse Gods a certain way are real and not made up. Marvel copied Heimdall from those original tales and so I think the movie should have done the same.

              • i can’t believe you are so caught up into heimdall’s skin color that you don’t even realize that all types creatures and in the film not mention other ethnic people. you probably think impossible for a black man to exist in asgard. for tens of thousands of years black people have been all over the globe not to mention in dozens of other cultures myths and legends. i never said i had a problem with a black nick fury. i enjoy watching samuel jackson and i understand why they did it. so i don’t a have problem with it. i was always used to seeing a cigar smokin’ mean lookin’ white nick fury leading the howling commandos. if sam can do a good job portraying him i’m all for it. you’re wrong about me, morgan freeman would’ve done a great job as gandalf. i can actually see him playing the role. the movie was really good and like i said earlier wouldn’t had mattered because the film was that good. you see, if you didn’t get it by now, i don’t care what color the actor is as long as the film tells a good story.

                • For a black guy to exist in Asgard? No. To be an Asier or Vanir? Yes. Am I being racist? No. I’m just staying true to the myths that have existed as is for over a millenia.

                  Not really understanding you comment about black people being all over the globe though. Sure this is true but they obviously did make it to the far North at the time the Norse myths were being penned and carved.

                  I am against retrofitting a well established myth just to somehow fit a more diverse modern era. You mentioned Denzel playing Braveheart would be wrong, well for me this is the same exact thing.

                  And no, I don’t think I’m wrong about you. You talk a good game. It’s really not hard to say something but when put to the test I am fairly sure you would not have liked Freeman playing Gandalf, just like the rest of us LotR fans.

                  “i don’t care what color the actor is as long as the film tells a good story”

                  But yet you yourself made that Braveheart comparison. What am I to believe? Good movie no matter who plays the role or stay true to the source material? Your first statements seemed the most honest and believable to me.

                  I see you also made no comment about my version of LotR. Would it have also been ok to have frog Hobbits and sprite type elves with butterfly wings? (as long as the movie was great of course ;) )

                  • Edit: Paragraph 2 should read

                    Not really understanding your comment about black people being all over the globe though. Sure this is true but they obviously didn’t make it to the far North at the time the Norse myths were being penned and carved.

      • its not kind of hard for Thor and Heimdall to not be brothers since they a GODS they dont live by our rules at all. the actually “Son of Odin” are Thor, Baldur, and Vali identified as the true sons of Odin in the Eddic poems. Heimdall and Vidar there is no variant account of their father they are just called “Son of Odin” in Snorri Sturluson that information does not appears nowhere in the Edda.

        u just prove u talking load of mess. Heimdall in the comics is not related to Thor. also in Norse tale Heimdall is also son of Nine Mothers.

        • You need to learn how to read Mace, I had already covered Heimdall’s origins above. Thanks for trying though.

          And no, in the Marvel version one of the things they did change was that Sif and Heimdall were brother and sister, not half siblings. So if Sif is white then so should be Heimdall (I don’t think it’s ever revealed who their father actually is though). So even within Marvel’s own version it proves the point. If the movie had wanted to keep some semblance of continuity they should have actually cast Sif as black but why didn’t they? That would of at least made some sense.

          As for the Merlin TV show…….the whole thing from top to bottom does not match traditional legend. So who was cast in this strange re-imagining makes no real difference.

          • why should they cast Sif as black. they can still be brother and sister alot of Asgardians adopted anyway. both Sif and Heimdall father never been revealed so no issue their. geez u crying over some rubbish you cant believe a two different race can be brother and sister. well its working alright with Tom Cruise kids then Isabella Jane (who is white) and Connor (who is black). the horror mongoose a black and white brothr/sister :O

            • Awesome, if you can prove to me that, according to Marvel, Sif and Heimdall are adopted then I will accept it. If you can’t though then based on the logic of Occam’s razor, they are brother and sister by blood and should have the same parents and ethnicity.

              I will be waiting right here for some proof. ;)

              • u cant proof of their mother and father so whats the issue. if they brother and sister by blood what the issue nothing really cause they dont live by our rules thats a FACT.

                • While I can’t tell you who they are I CAN tell you they weren’t dark skinned. It’s simple genetics.

                  And saying, “cause they don’t live by our rules” is just another lame cop out response for “because”. Sorry that I like continuity in my stories so I don’t have to fall back on the “because” gambit to explain things.

  16. Sif….That’s all

  17. Sif is not the Norse (Asgardian) ‘god’(ess) of war. The Norse god of war is Tyre. Sif was just known as the betrothed of Thor.

    • @chad in the comics or mythology?

      Thor needs to be wearing his helmet all the time. Also slip on some royal blue spandex and the gold boots Captain Falcon wore.

      Im pretty excited for this film btw

      • Ignur Rant…

        Sif was Thor’s wife and a goddess actually much more (generally, exclusively) associated with the Earth, NOT war. That was in the original myths. Marvel changed her to a warrior goddess.

        What’s actually stranger is that she possessed golden-blonde hair in the myths, but Marvel changed her to a brunette.

        • Another of Marvel’s little changes. She has black hair because Loki cut her golden hair off while she slept. Realizing he was going to catch hell for it, he commissioned the Dwarves to forge a wig of gold as a replacement. (the deviation) The Dwarves suspected Loki would not pay them so they enchanted the wig so if it was not completed the gold would turn black. Loki of course stole he wig to avoid payment so the hair turned black after she put it on.

          • mongoose…

            I said above that you’re not worth anymore effort to answer, BUT I realized you seem to think you are some kind of isolated mythology expert. I assure you I AM quite well-versed in a great many mythologies…including the stories dealing with Sif and Thor and Heimdall. Thank you.

            • And yet you thought it strange Marvel added an extra twist to the myth. You sure made it sound as if you didn’t know why.

  18. I like the posters but “THE Woman of Science” sounds stupid to me. I don’t know what else they could’ve written though…”Regular Person” wouldn’t be any better. By the way, why isn’t there a Kat Dennings poster that says “Annoying Comefic Relief?” Lookin forward to this movie!

  19. I see both sides of the argument.

    The race change comes off as more as a gimmic to invite a more racially diverse group to Thor. Over looking the cast you can see the lack of diversity in the movie. It was almost as if some one was like “well s*** change him black, turn him asian and we got the minorities.” Overall i am against this sort of casting. Its almost as if to change Vin Diesal character black (he is some percentage black lol) in Saving Private Ryan just to get the black audience when the army did not officially segregate until 1948 i believe.

    But on the flip side if he simply exhibited some sort of quality in another movie they wanted to capture in this ome specifically then i have no quarrell. Starbuck was changed to woman in Battlestar Gallactica, I believe it went from Japanese to Korean (completely different cultures and people; irish to russian for example) for Jon Cho’s character in Star Trek, and Billy Dee Williams played Harvey Dent and was suppose to reprise the role of Two Face in Batman returns.

    Updating source material is a tricky matter. Its almost like tryin to interpret the bible. The times of which the source material is written will quickly become outdated. We dont think like the people of the 40′s, 50′s and so on. The theme is the only thing should stay consistent through time but the means will change.

    And technically they are space aliens who came to earth Centuries ago influencing the vikings depiction of Norse Mythology so you could actually throw out all your knowledge on Norse folklore because it has ZERO bearing in the cinemtatic universe of Marvel. Our world and their world are completely different translations of history.

    BTW im black so suck it. Idris Elba for the Oscars & Academy Awards hahahahah. END RANT

  20. If it isn’t the main Hero or Villian I dont care what colour they are.

  21. you all got it wrong dear friends
    first of all the Asgard myth it’s not Nordic or scandinavian not even couacsian
    the mythology of thor belongs to the Salvic-Aryans- Vedas,
    so you all got it wrong even the comics are wrong but the mythology of Thor was based on the real historical event that was Asgard the home of the Slavic-Aryans, you like it or not that is the truth, The scandobnavia Edda was written from the Slaviv Veda
    and the Asgardian God where the Slavic Gods , as perun , veles,; surea, vassilica, Odin, Thor

    Slav-Aryan Vedas (further – simply “Vedas’’) in a broad sense represent a set of ancient documents of Slav and Aryan peoples non-outlined precisely, including the precisely dated and having authorship works as well as national legends, tales, bylinas, etc., told and written down recently.
    “Perun’s Vedas Santees’’ are meant only as Vedas in narrow sense (Books of Knowledge or Perun’s Wisdom Books), consisting of nine books, dictated by our first ancestor, the god Perun, to our far ancestors while their third arrival to the Earth on the spaceship Waitman in 38 004 B.C. (or 40 009 years ago). Only the first book of these Vedas was translated into Russian nowadays.
    “Vlesov’s Book’’ written down (perhaps, gradually by several authors) on wooden plates and reflecting the history of Southeast Europe peoples during one and a half thousand years till the Kiev Russia christening can be named among volkhvaries. Volkhvaries were intended for the Magi – our ancient clergy of old believers, whence the name of these documents went as well.

    Ancestral home of our many ancestors is the solar system with the Golden Sun in the Hall of Race. The clans of White people living on the lands in the given solar system, call it as Dazhdbog-sun (the modern name – Beta of the Lion or Danebola). There were representatives of four Clans of the allied Great Race Lands on Waitmara: Aryan Clans – х’Aryan and da’Aryan; Clans of Slavs – Rassens and Swatoruss. They were people with white skin and the growth more than 2 meters, but had distinctions in growth, hair color, iritis color and blood group.
    In one of the fights of the second Great Assa on the above-stated Boundary the spaceship Waitmara transporting immigrants – including ones from the Inguard-land, was damaged and had to land on the Midguard-land. Waitmara landed on the northern continent, which was called as star travelers Daarija (the Gift of Gods, Gift to Ariyas). There were representatives of four Clans of the allied Great Race Lands on Waitmara: Aryan Clans – х’Aryan and da’Aryan; Clans of Slavs – Rassens and Swatoruss. They were people with white skin and the growth more than 2 meters, but had distinctions in growth, hair color, iritis color and blood group.
    Terrestrial humanity has ancestors which arrived to the Midguard-land at different times from various Heavenly Halls and have the following skin color: Great Race – white; Great Dragon – yellow; Fiery Snake – red; Gloomy Heathland – black; Pekelny World – gray
    The people with various color of skin and the certain territory of residing live at the Midguard-land. Terrestrial humanity has ancestors which arrived to the Midguard-land at different times from various Heavenly Halls and have the following skin color: Great Race – white; Great Dragon – yellow; Fiery Snake – red; Gloomy Heathland – black; Pekelny World – gray
    They defined the place at the land in the Western (Atlantic) ocean to other ally, the people from the Hall of Fiery Snake. Subsequently, with the arrival of the Great Clans Race to them, this Land began referring to as Antlan, i.e. the Land of Antovs. Ancient Greeks called it as Atlantis. Red-skinned people were moved on Waitmaras to the American continent after Antlan destruction 13 thousand years ago.
    The Great Country of Black People property covered not only the African continent during ancient times, but also a part of Hindustan
    65 032 years passed from the time when the Goddess Tara visited the Midguard-land. She was the younger sister of God Tarkh called as Dazhdbog (that gave Ancient Vedas). Slav-Aryan peoples called North Star in honor of this fine Goddess – Tara
    The God Perun visited the Midguard-land more than 40 thousand years ago from the Uray-land in the Eagle Hall on Swarozh (heavenly) Circle, he visited it the third time. He was the god-patron of all soldiers and many Great Race Clans. The god-Thundered managing with Lightnings, the son of God Swaroga and Lada-virgin. After first three Heavenly Fights between Light and Darkness when Light Forces won, the God Perun went down onto the Midguard-land to tell people about happened events and what expects Lands in the future, about approach of Dark times.
    After the Great Flood our Great Ancestors occupied the big island in the Eastern Sea, called as Buyan. Nowadays this is the territory of the Western and Eastern Siberia. The moving of Sacred (White) Race began from here to nine world sides. The favorable land of Asii or the Sacred Race land is the territory of modern Western and Eastern Siberia from Rypeisky mountains (the Urals) up to х’Aryan sea (the lake Baikal). This territory was called as Belorechye, Pyatirechye, Semirechye.
    Righteous people of the Light Race of Pure Waitman were transferred to the territory of Great Country Ta-Kemy after Antlany’s destruction that was in the east from Antlany and in the south from Great Veney (Europe). The tribes with the skin of Gloom color (Negros) and tribes with the skin of the Going down Sun color – ancestors of separate Semitic peoples, in particular, arabs lived there. Ta-Kemy – the ancient country was called in such a way that existed in the north of the African continent, on the territory of modern Egypt. It is known from Ancient Egypt legends that this country was founded by nine White Gods who came from the North. White skin Priests hide themselves as White Gods – devoted to Ancient Knowledge in this case. Undoubtedly, they were Gods for Negro population of Ancient Egypt. Greeks called them as Kymeriyts.
    Only Slavs christianization and Christian church division into Orthodox and Catholic splitted Antsky union into two parts. The Kiev Russia was formed of the eastern part after the Rurikoviches arrival from north, and the western Slavic tribes had related languages on the territory of Antsky union that are kept till now. Belarus (84 % of lexical concurrences), Polish (70 % of lexical concurrences) are the closest languages to Ukrainian one according to the modern linguistic data, Slovak and Czech languages are little bit farther, belonging to one subgroup. Bulgarian (73 % of concurrences), Serbian (66 %) are the closest languages to the Russian one, a little bit less Croatian, Macedonian and Slovene
    The city of Asgard Irijsky became the capital of our Ancestors at this time (As is the god, Guard is the city, the city of Gods in common), which was founded in the summer 5 028 from Great Resettlement from Daarija to Rasseniya, on the holiday of Three Moons, the month Taylet, the ninth day of 102 Krugolet Chislobog year – an ancient calendar (104 778 B.C.). Asguard was destroyed in the summer 7 038 from W.C.S.T. (1 530 A.D.) by Dzhungars – natives of northern provinces Arymiya (China). Old men, children and women hid into caves, and then went to skits. Nowadays there is Omsk at the location of Asguard.
    Х’Aryan Clan, headed by the Great Leader Antom, reached the Western (Atlantic) ocean and forwarded with the help of Waitman to the island in this ocean on which people lived with skin color of Sacred Fire flame (people with red skin) without beards. The Great Leader constructed Heathen (temple) of the Trident of God Morej and Oceans (God Nija) on that land, which patronized people, protecting them from Forces of Evil. The island began to be called as the land of Antas or Antlan (according to Old Greek – Atlantis).
    1. Slav-Aryan Vedas speak directly about it as it was already above-mentioned.

    2. Old Slav name Atlantis testifies about it – Antlan (the Antovs’ land) as the Ukrainian word “lane’’ just designates arable, and in a more comprehensive sense – the favorable, fertile or the dwelling land as people did not settle at the infertile lands.

    3. The Byzantine historians called east Slavs as antas.

    4. The powerful Antsky union existed in the first half of I millenium A.D. in the Southeastern Europe. Further the eastern part of Antsky union turned to the Kiev Russia, and its basic lands – to the present Ukraine.

    5. We have got a lot of names and surnames like Anton and Antonov.

    6. Besides the main god of Atlantis (Antlany) was the seas god Niy with a trident (Egyptians had Poseidon, and Greeks had Neptune). Apparently, the trident was on the arms of Atlantis governors. The trident is the main element of the arms of Kiev Russia and the present Ukraine.
    7.Then the name of the country “Ukraine’’ (at edge) does not match in any way with the central position of residents in Europe. Most likely, the name concerns to the settlements of Slavs at the land edge, on the island, i.e. in Atlantis. Therefrom it also removed here, having lost its primary value. Those Slavs were called as Ukrainian from what, apparently, the name of the modern country – Ukraine went.

    8. The reality of Atlantis and flood existence (there are already so many proofs that there are no doubts concerning their reality currently).

    9. The reality of the big drought occurrence in Egypt (fixed by ancient historians) that led to the population migration.

    • i guess u like copy and paste

      • Gold Mate XD

    • regarding point 6 – The greeks had Poseidon and the Romans had Neptune.

    • You have to be absolutely crazy if you think I am going to read all of that.

      tl;dr version please.

      • He says the Norse myths are actually Slavic; then, he contradicts himself by “proving” that the brunt of the stories is reality, based on varied documentation in ancient (and repeating) texts, and indicating (with a serious tone, I might add) that the gods came down in SPACESHIPS.

        Now, I have no problem thinking extraterrestrials may have helped early mammals (or even early homonids) take an evolutionary leap, BUT the EXTREME level of detail our dear, scary friend puts into his above novella indicates, to me, one of two possibilities:

        1. Either he made up a lot of this, since if he could prove any of it (all of which I read…twice), he would either be up for a Nobel Prize or, at least, be trying to improve the lot of humanity as a whole…not the impression I’m getting…


        2. He really believes all of it to be absolute truth, in which case he should not allowed to intermingle with the greater portion of society.

        Just sayin’…


    • My eyes kind of glazed over about 1/3 of the way down.

    • lol, i enjoyed that.

      Anybody else notice he stopped talking about norse mythology….almost right away?

      • It would not surprise me one bit to discover that he simply wanted to get that spiel out into the open, regardless of the topic being discussed.


        • you may be right about that. But…oh well. Everyone’s entitled to a crazed dogmatic rant every once in a while.

          • True…

  22. Is Thor going to be wearing the helmet?

  23. Btw I seriously think that these posters are absoloutely budget lol Like their was no effort into creating them, honestly.

  24. One thing I have wondered is does Thor fly in the movie. I finally got my answer when I saw a trailer where he did fly. This might be the first movie in years I may go to opening night.

    BTW, I love the posters and I don’t care about Heimdall’s ethnicity. Did anyone love The Ten Commandments (Heston version)? Guess what, his wife was ethiopian (black). Anyone like Tim Burton’s Batman? Guess what, Harvey Dent was not black in the DC story. If the movie is good, the race of the actors shouldn’t matter. Someone brought up Akira; I do think it’s a mistake to go all Anglo-American but if the movie is good, I will see it (I seriously doubt it will be).

  25. Can we all drop the racist skin color please?

  26. hahaha. Pelasgian, who will believe you… We live in interesting era now, called “Kali Yuga”. In era of Atlantis – jewish, islamic, christian Abrahamic (Anti Brahmanic) doctrines…

  27. this movie rocks. it’s awesome.. i wish that Thor will have a sequel