Official ‘Thor’ and ‘Captain America’ Movie Images

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New Images from Thor and Captain America Official Thor and Captain America Movie Images

This summer movie season kicks off with the release of Marvel’s highly-anticipated comic book pic Thor, and the studio’s Captain America: The First Avenger will follow less than three months later. Both of those films’ namesakes will then team up next year for the superhero ensemble piece, The Avengers.

Marvel keeps adding fuel to the fire that is fan anticipation for both these movies and has now released a handful of high-quality images from the two films.

The second official Thor trailer was unleashed last week, and while it contained some dazzling new footage of Asgardians in battle, the theatrical preview largely focused on the film’s plot – especially that concerning the aftermath of Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) banishment to Earth and his subsequent rise as a defender of humanity.

Natalie Portman costars in the film as Jane Foster, a scientist and subsequent love interest for the titular blonde bruiser. Her romantic entanglements with Thor not only encourage humility on the almighty warrior’s part, but also provide a means for director Kenneth Branagh to humanize the title character and make him accessible to mainstream moviegoers.

These two new stills from Thor don’t contain anything in the way of fantastical beasts or visuals, but do offer a reminder that the relationship between Hemsworth’s deity and Portman’s regular gal will play a pivotal role in the film. On the other hand – those that couldn’t care less about their love affair, don’t worry, the movie will have plenty scenes of Thor throwing down Mjolnir in battle too.

Check out the new Thor images below:

Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth in Thor 570x380 Official Thor and Captain America Movie Images

Thor Chris Hemsworth and Jane Foster Natalie Portman in Thor 570x380 Official Thor and Captain America Movie Images

Captain America

Super Bowl XLV featured the first Captain America TV trailer and the material on display was enough to get fans all the more excited to see Chris Evans’ portrayal of the hero onscreen. A full theatrical trailer has yet to be released, but that should change in the near future.

The footage that has been revealed from director Joe Johnston’s Captain America movie showed Steve Rogers (Evans) in his early days as a short and scrawny soldier struggling to handle battle in W.W.II, and his eventual transformation into a muscle-bound fighter for the U.S. Naturally it’s too early to reach any solid conclusions about the film, but so far the signs are good.

These Captain America images include yet another full-body look at The First Avenger in costume, as well as a high-quality version of the previously-released pic of Johann Schmidt/Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) holding the Cosmic Cube. Hayley Atwell also looks rockin’ in leather duds as the Captain’s sweetheart, Peggy Carter, and that still with Col. Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) features a first look at The Tudor‘s Natalie Dormer as Private Lorraine as well.

Check out all the new Captain America images in the gallery below:

Thor hits theaters this year on May 6th, and Captain America: The First Avenger will follow on July 22nd.

The two superheros will unite in The Avengers next summer.

Source: Marvel

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  1. I don’t think any of these are new. Many look like stills from the trailer(s).

    • The Thor pics are pretty basic, but they are technically “new.”

      A couple of the Captain America photos are “new” as well, and the others are high-quality versions of previously-released photos.

      But, y’know, we’ll take whatever we can get. 😎

      • “we’ll take whatever we can get.”

        True ‘dat! :)

  2. retread

  3. All the pics in the world wont make up for bad dialog. We’ll see. Very skeptical after seeing the trailers, especially Cap’s.

    • are you judging the dialogue of a 30 second clip of captain america?

      • absolutely. the point of a trailer is to showcase some of the movie to sell me a ticket. In the Cap trailer, I heard some very lame one liners which clearly indicate what the movie makers think of as hip and cool selling points.

        So yeah, I’ll continue to make opinions based on the trailers.

        • yeah indeed. we’re suppose to get our first impression on the movie. well yeah you can think like, ok i heard a bad one liner.. i tihnk the dialogue will suck. or you can think its just a one liner.. i dont worry too much about it. im sure it will be entertaining. and no… it doesnt ‘clearly’ indicate how the movie makers think. i just think its weird to judge too much based on a 30 second teaser. and instead look forward to the next trailer that will show more that you’ll be able to judge. but thats just me, i was just wondering if you were judging the dialogue or the whole teaser :) and btw… i think the smiley is smiling too much! lol

          • yeah i thought you were just being creepy smiling like that way.

            ha ha. Ive been around long enough to know dialog that seeps into a trailer is a really indicator of what’s in store for us in the actual movie.

            Those were paramount moments of the story shown in the trailer, and I just have an overwhelming feeling it’s only just a small glimpse of that what the rest of the dialog is going to be like. If they cant make the important moments of the story come off better than that, I suspect the rest of it will be even worse.

            Im being skeptical, you bet. I DO hope Im wrong, I just dont think I am.

            • i hope you are wrong as well! haha and no i wasnt trying to be creepy.. it does smile too much!

              i certainly hope the dialog will be good. and so im staying optimistic!

            • I’m with you, netshark7.

              With each new trailer, the movie looks worse and worse. The acting looks more and more hammy, and the storyline hokey.

              It’s also both amusing (and annoying) how people respond to a statement or question with a question. That’s a technique used by many to avoid answering someone else’s question (or sidestep legitimately responding to the points they make), and then slipping in an argument of their own. And they often include a personal attack.

              Like you, I’ve also been around long enough to read the signs in a trailer, and how they can often reflect on the final product. Sure, there are some trailers with inadequately represent the movie they’re promoting, and others that completely mispresent them, but most give viewers a strong idea of what they’ll be getting.

              And there are certain things that a trailer typically can’t change or hide when it includes them — such as bad acting or bad dialogue.

              I often say, I don’t need to watch a Britney Spears movie to determine if it’s good or not. The law of averages, pop-culture history, Britney Spears’ own marketing tactics and some educated guessing tells me I don’t need to see her movies. Sure, it’s POSSBILE that maybe, just maybe, one day, she’ll pull a good acting performance out of herself, but I’m not going to hold my breath. And, besides, I’m sure the public will be screaming loudly enough when that happens. :)

              Same goes for Justin Bieber. I won’t be going to see his movie, no matter how cool people say it is. I’ve seen it all before. Pop artists of today (especially ones catering to the teens and tweens) are little different than teeny-bopper pop artists of years and decades past. The strict specifics may be different, but the formula is not. There’s only so high they can go in terms of quality and depth, restricted by the well-worn, rigid formula.

              Holding a trailer accountable for what it presents, to judge a movie based on trailers? How dare you! 😛

              • *I meant to write “Sure, it’s POSSIBLE that….”, but I think, in the case of Britney Spears, POSSBILE is more fitting. :)

              • I stopped reading your post after “With each new trailer, the movie looks worse and worse.”

                There has been only one trailer, so it causes the rest of your post to not have enough merit to bother with, IMO. Plus, it’s really freakin’ long.

                • More to the point…isn’t it kind of odd to get all worked up over the dialogue of a movie about a FICTIONAL COMIC BOOK CHARACTER??? Not trying to be snide or anything, but I just don’t get how folks tend to expect a completely razor sharp and believable script to be attatched to this kind of subject matter. Yes, it should appeal to fans of the character but lets face it…very rarely do the studios or anyone connected with the film have a clue about putting out a legitimate portrayal of the source material. In the case of any CBM, we should just take our lumps and try to enjoy the end result, or just save our money and time, yeah?

                  • I don’t think we should settle for whatever’s made. We should have some sort of standards (something more than, “Oh it’s just a movie, accept it!”).

                    I have no problems with people’s standards or tastes being different, but I do have big problems with the mentality that somehow all movies are equal, all movies are to be enjoyed just because people want to enjoy them.

                    It’s because people have no discernible standards, movies just get worse and worse in quality. The argument that we all should just leave our brains at home and have fun is seriously faulty — what’s fun to one isn’t fun for everyone. The same people who extoll that “standard” don’t apply it to all movies, just the ones they like (or want to like).

                    That is, in a word, hypocrisy.

                  • I dont think anyone’s getting worked up here.

                    The dialog in the trailer was awful, so, instead of getting a ticket right away I’ll wait for SR to review it first.

                    See what Im saying? Does that sound ok to you or am I just not being reasonable enough? lol

                • I swear I’ve seen two of them. Or maybe it was the bad-looking, corny photos I saw, and then the trailer. Either way, what I’ve seen thus far isn’t too impressive. It smells of bad 1980s cheese.

                • Yah, I thought there was only one.

              • Each new trailer? They’ve only released the 30 second Superbowl teaser. And yes, I dared question you.

                • Well, now I wish there was a remove comment feature. When I wrote that, it said the comment I replied to was made a minute ago. Nice refresh rate. I guess that’s what I get for upgrading to IE9.

  4. I wonder how they are going to deal with Lady Sif, have they shown her yet?

    • I’m pretty sure she was in one of the trailers when they are fighting the Frost Giants, though I may be wrong.

      • She was in both trailers….she was smiling in the first trailer and fighting in the sceond trailer.

  5. I’m just having a hard time getting use to the Captian America custome. I think it’s just the mask though.

  6. Chris H.’s Thor looks like a venice beach stoner bummin’ some change off a local so he can get thru another day living off the dollar menu at mcdonalds. Chris Evan’s as Cap looks like a fan boy that spent all his dough on that one expensive Cap America Costume he saw online and decided to go all out for this years comic con…

    Will I be there on opening day dragging my wife and kids to our seats so I dont miss any trailers? You bet your ass I will.

    • @Leo SpicyWeiner RLMAO!!!! Yeah, true,Lol!

  7. all i could think in that one pic of thor holding portman’s hand is that she must be standing on a two foot high box. lol

  8. despite initial reservations about thor’s armor, it actually looks pretty good. cap’s, however, appears to be made of foam…

    • You must be seeing another picture cause i dont see it…anywhere

  9. At netshark if you’ve been around long enough, then why can’t you spell dialogue right???

    • It can be spelled either way. Educate yourself.

  10. Yes, the trailer for Captain America does look hinky, but that is because it is only 30 seconds long. Also, on the IMDb page for Captain America, it only mentions Natalie Dormer’s role as “Private Lorraine.” It’s a ploy by Marvel Studios to keep Madame Hydra covered, or it’s her alias.

    Other than that, just wait until more trailers for the movie come out. The Thor trailers are getting better, thus the Captain America trailers will improve as well.

  11. These movies look great to me. I will be there, maybe not opening night, but my big butt will be in the seat.

    • same here =p

  12. Thor not a god ! powers are all science based tech, OMG why cant they ever get it right , is it that difficult come on …..

  13. If and when he fights the hulk in the avenger movie hows that gonna look. unreal …. thor always gets the short end of the stick …

  14. if anyone agrees with me please let me know ,i cant be the only one that feels this way thanks…