Marvel Sets ‘Thor 3′ Writers – Will the Film Arrive in 2016?

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thor 3 writers releaese date Marvel Sets Thor 3 Writers   Will the Film Arrive in 2016?

Marvel Studio President of Production Kevin Feige said that announcements for which movies will be included in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – besides Ant-Man and The Avengers 3 – would be made in 2014; we’re only a month into the new year and that promise has already been partly fulfilled. Yesterday, the news broke that Captain America: The Winter Soldier directors Anthony and Joe Russo will return to helm Captain America 3, and today Marvel has confirmed the writers for Thor 3 (both of which are films that shall definitely be included in Phase 3).

According to the studio, Thor: The Dark World co-writer Christopher Yost will script the next Thor installment in collaboration with Craig Kyle, who will transition form being the senior vice president of Production and Development at Marvel Studios to become “a full-time screenwriter” for the organization instead.

Kyle, for those unfamiliar, was also an executive producer on the original live-action Thor movie and its sequel; he also has a long writing resume for the animated Marvel-verse, having served as producer and/or story writer for such cartoon TV series as X-Men: Evolution, Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes and Iron Man: Armored Adventures, as well as the animated home video film releases Planet Hulk and Thor: Tales of Asgard (read our review). He’s worked with Yost before on multiple occasions, back when the latter was also a full-time screenwriter in the world of Marvel ‘toons, before he made the transition to live-action storytelling on The Dark World.

Here is Feige’s official statement on the matter:

“I am proud of Craig and have enjoyed working with him over these past years. His creative instincts have helped shape ‘Thor’ and ‘Thor: The Dark World’ at every level of the filmmaking process. The entire team at Marvel is very happy to continue collaborating with Craig as he continues as a screenwriter working with Christopher on the forthcoming chapter of Thor’s adventure.”

Thor vs Surtur God of Thunder Marvel Game 570x294 Marvel Sets Thor 3 Writers   Will the Film Arrive in 2016?

Thor vs. Surtur in the ‘Thor: God of Thunder’ video game

During our visit to the Thor: The Dark World set, it was Kyle who (sorta) subtly teased the idea of Ragnarok – an apocalyptic event for Asgard that represented a major development in the Thor comic books – taking place in a future Thor movie, while he described the Tree of Yggdrasil (click for the diagram). Indeed, some predicted that the Fire Demons of Muspelheim would make a brief appearance in The Dark World, setting up for the introduction in Thor 3 of Surtur, one of Thor’s greatest enemies, who is connected to Ragnarok. (Chris Hemsworth later voiced his enthusiasm about getting to battle Surtur). How trouble-maker Loki (Tom Hiddleston) might fit into such a Thor 3 storyline, that remains to be seen.

As for when Thor 3 will arrive: Marvel has claimed release dates for unannounced films on May 6th and July 8th, 2016, with either being in the realm of possibility for Thor 3 (with Captain America 3 following in 2017); right now Batman vs. Superman is scheduled for that same May 2016 date, so that is something that Marvel will certainly have to take into consideration. The comic book movie studio’s plan is to release one sequel, one new intellectual property title every year moving forward, and Thor 3 is almost without a doubt going to be the 2016 sequel paired with a new IP like Inhumans or Doctor Strange.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters on April 4th, 2014, followed by Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014, The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31st, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6th, 2016, July 8th, 2016 and May 5th, 2017.

We’ll let you know when Thor 3 gets an official release date.

Source: Marvel

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  1. This is truly a GREAT news, especially because I’m a fan of Craig Kyle and Chris Yost! The duo will do wonders with this new sequel (one that my family has already been asking about after watching The Dark World). No matter how others feel about the 2nd movie (too much comedy, yada yada), I’ll definitely be watching this on premiere.

    I think bringing Surtur (after Ultron) will be a great warm up before revealing Thanos in Avengers 3… so Thor: Ragnarok, here we come!!!

    • Has nothing to do with “too much” comedy and everything to do with too much juvenile comedy that falls completely flat on its face. Not to mention, the movie couldn’t be more predictable, especially for anyone who’s even slightly paying attention to the fact that Marvel Studios is only in it for the money. Everyone should have enough sense by now to realize that they won’t kill a cash cow.

      Perhaps Winter Soldier will be their first movie since the original Iron Man to feature a decent plot…

      • P.S. They really should call a spade a spade. My suggestion for the title of the third movie would be “Loki 3: Sure He’s Evil, But We’ve Contrived Yet Another Inane Reason for Him to Team Up With That Blond Guy.”

      • So when they don’t surprise you and go with the comics (the hero wins) in Thor The Dark world you complain, and when they do surprise you in iron man 3 and change things with the Mandrin you complain also.

        They just can’t win. they are only in it for the money? thats why they are taking unknown directores and giving them a chance? that why they are making the one shots for the fans. if you will see any interview with actors and crew members about marvel itself you will see that they are all just a bunch of geeks makin the movies they love. Disney is an all other animal but that is their business so…

        and BTW when you are saying that the movie is bad because they won’t kill the main charterers you actually saying that every action based franchise ever (and 99.7% of all films) are bad.

        • Well said Tal…

          to say that IM3 was predictable is ridiculous on his part. And juvenile comedy in those movies? To me, the dialogue between Stark and the kid was great. It was funny and at the same time touching on a deeper “Dadddy issues” level. In Thor, the part where they drive the car instead of flying and him putting his hammer on the coat rack were priceless humor without having to speak a word.

    • I’d like to see villains such as Surtur, Fenrir, Enchantress, and Executioner in Thor 3, as well as more heroic characters from Thor’s world such as Freyr, Nord, Baldar, and Tyr.

    • Yost is the man!!! Scarlet Spider was one of the best and Avengers EMH was an instant, short lived, classic.

  2. Loved the first two movies…… I want the Enchantress and Beta-Ray Bill for the third film. I feel like Surtur is bascically implied at this point. A little less comedy would be nice too. Also I am dying to know how Thanos is going to get the Infinity Gauntlet out of Odin’s Vault!!

    • It’s obvious since loki has somehow done something with Odin, and now have access to the throne. Loki can now give Thanos, everything in the vault, especially with Thor on Earth clueless and in Love

      When will we see Thor’s Warrior Madness kick in?

    • +1 Enchantress and Beta-Ray Bill. Bring on Executioner!!!!

      • Beta Ray Bill looks like Mr. Ed Gone Wild.

    • I think Loki will he in a position to get the Infinity Gauntlet since as king he will have access to all the artifacts

  3. I must be one of the few here who seem to think the comedy in both IM3 and Thor: TDW were more subdued and balanced than in the Phase 1 movies.

    Oh well, bring on Surtur.

  4. Cool, sweet news I really loved the last one I also liked the first one, I really wanna see The Enchantress and Executioner in the next one but it sounds like it may be Surtur which I’ll be fine with I just like the chemistry that Thor has with the other two a little more. Can’t wait for this one :)

  5. Send Thor and Odin(loki in disguise) to Valhalla to get Frigga back to life which actions trigger Ragnarok. Thor finds out that Loki has been in disguise and must save Odin and Frigga. Have Enchantress and Surtur as villain!

  6. Really hope we get to see Beta Ray Bill in this one!

  7. why so sure about Thor 3 in 2016 and CA in 2017? why not the other way around?


    • Thor was released before Captain America: The First Avenger in Phase 1, and Thor: The Dark World was released before Captain America: The Winter Soldier in Phase 2.

      Following this tradition, it is likely that they will release Thor 3 before Captain America 3.

      This is assuming that the sequel they are talking about for 2017 is for Cap, and not Hulk (unlikely) or Guardians of the Galaxy (also unlikely as we don’t know how the first one will do yet. But it is possible).

  8. YESSS!! Beta Ray Bill is a MUST!! that is who Im dying to see in a live action Thor movie more than ANYONE…including Thor

  9. will tom hiddleston be in this one please let me know

    • I wouldn’t count on it. I mean I’m sure that he will be in the movie, but he can’t be a main character four times. They should keep Loki how Thor 2 ended and not have a lot of attention brought to him.

      • In the comics Thor and Loki battled Surtur together (with Odin), it’ that famous panel, where Odin shouts “For Asgard”, Thor shouts “For Midgard” and Loki “For myself” as the three of them stand side-by-side.

        Also, I really doubt they would reduce Tom Hiddleston’s role in the Thor franchise considering how much both fans and critics love him and the character. He’s gonan play a big part in Thor 3 too, I guarantee that to you.

        • @ scyllaya,I remembering LOL when I read that in the comic. :D

  10. I really like Thor, and he needs the third movie to be amazing. It’s going to be Thor’s first movie without Loki, who is undeniably a big draw for a lot of people. Chris Hemsworth is perfect for the role and has turned Thor into the badass of the Avengers. I really like the unintentional humor that his character brings, like hanging up his hammer on the coat rack in The Dark World. He is my favorite Avenger and his franchise has been the best consistency wise. First two movies were really well done and hopefully the third can mix it up and be different but also keep it good. If they pull it off it will be the only superhero trilogy other than the Dark Knight trilogy to have a third movie that wasn’t a flop or a disappointment.

    • The Dark Knight Rises indeed was a disappointment to a lot of people.And im sure Loki will be back in Thor 3 you can count on it,otherwise they would’ve killed him off in Thor 2.

    • Thor’s first movie without Loki will be Avengers: Age of Ultron.

      And I’m 100% sure Loki will be in Thor 3. No way they’re gonna just not continue that storyline, we need to know what happened with him and Odin and what he’s been up to in Asgard while Thor is on Earth battling Ultron with the Avengers.

  11. I heard something that they announced which movies were coming out for phase 3:

    Ant Man
    Thor 3
    Captain America 3
    Doctor Strange
    Avengers 3

  12. If Beta Ray Bill isn’t the protagonist in the third film, I don’t see how this movie won’t suffer from the same level of decline as most trilogies.
    I would love it if Chris Hemsworth provided motion capture for Beta Ray Bill.

  13. Hell yes! love the Thor movies great entertainment. I dont care who the villain is as long as its got a great cast and a epic story.

  14. I kinda want one extra movie for Phase 3…vause Im pretty sure thats be the closing point were they reboot/introduxe whole new teams etc

    Thor 3
    Captain America 3 (maybe with major presence of Black Panther)
    Doctor Strange – maybe Thor cameo or link to the next film which is…
    Inhumans/Guardians Movie that leads directly into…
    The Avengers 3

  15. Loki will definetly be in Thor 3. remember in the final scenes of Thor 2, he impersonates Odin in his throne. So the big question fans will ask is :

    a) Where is Odin being captive?
    b) what are Loki’s plan by impersonating the All-Father?
    c) will Thor finally kick his step-brother’s butt once & for all?
    d) will Enchantress & Executioner appear ?
    e) will anybody care by the time this movie comes out in 2017?

    • remember now, in May 2016 Batman vs.Superman will come out. and Justice League movie will be out in spring/summer 2017.

      So if Thor 3 comes out in 2017, they’ll have smackdown with Justice League at the box office.

      DC fans ,like me, will come out in to watch JL minimum twice. Both in 2D and 3D.

      • Agree it will be a grudge match. And most likely JL will do better at box office.

        But…it IS also fair to say that plenty of Marvel fans watch Marvel movies twice. I saw IM3 and Thor: DW twice each.

        Not fair to imply or say that ONLY DC fans watch their movies twice.

  16. Beta-Ray Bill

  17. If Marvel ever intends to introduce Prince Namor and Hercules then the best way would be thru a Thor film. Best possible subtitle would be “The Lost Realms”,ie. Atlantis and Olympus.
    Prediction: 2016- Thor 3
    Doctor Strange
    2017- Captain America 3

  18. Would be cool if Loki and/or Thor break the rules of “Asgardian law/ Nine Realm’s Law” by sneaking into Vahalla without actually being dead themselves. They (or just Loki) sneak in to try and resurrect Frigga as Loki seems to be really broken up by her death. This process dishonors “tradition” or the way things are supposed to be. This leads to Ragnarok. Maybe Enchantress actually tricks Loki (the ultimate trickster) into doing all this to set Ragnarok in motion.

    This leads to Beta Rey Bill rising up to go after Thor and at the same time leads to Sutur leading his fire demon army across worlds trying to take over.

    Loki, Thor, and Odin all have to join up to fight to separate enemies.

  19. I just thought, if Thor 3 involves Ragnarok, it would be cool to see Thor 3 actually be a team-up movie with another established or slightly established hero. Maybe Hulk shows up or we see cameo of Black Panther or Dr. Strange fighting some fire demons.

  20. Skurge please.

  21. @ joey as cool as that sounds to have cameo of “insert hero”…just remember at this point dr.strange and black panther are just speculartory and also marvel has yet to introduce a hero that would have a solo movie in another marvel film. For example thor had a cameo by hawkeye…but are we getting hawkeye movie? No.

    On to other things…

    There is no script or directors announced yet. I think marvel needs to secure those before a release date…because I’m sure wb won’t budge on this may 6. Date.

    • Agree but by the time 2016 roles around we will have had Guardians and Ant-Man and hopefully would have had a movie about Black Panther or Dr. Strange so one of those 2 filling in is a logical comment.

      Also, I said it could be Hulk or any other established or somewhat established hero by that time. Doesn’t have to be 1 of the 3 specified characters above. Those were just examples.

  22. Pleeeeeease . . . We rea’lly love to see that Thor 3 where Jane and Thor married and having a baby. How great a movie where there’s always a love scene for the actors. It’s so inspiring when an actor in a movie is so inspired in a battle with many enemies and there’s someone there whom he can share his love and affliction as his wife or girlfriend everytime his off duty.

    I wonder if they will make a hulk 2 cause it never had happened ……. yet 0.0 Sif looked really mad in the second one like she was gonna go over to Jane and throw her over the side of a cliff. Also just a nite to Marvel: DO NOT SELL YOUR STUDIO TO DISNEY STAR WARS HAS ALREADY HAS AND LETS JUST HOPE ITS GOOD CAUSE DISNEY GONNA PROBALY INFEST IT WITH LOVE AND HAPPY ENDENGS -shudders- PLZ DONT EVER DO THAT!!!!!!!!! Anyways……. and if u are reading this and u think this is completly random TO BAD!!!! I AM RANDOM GET OVER IT

  24. loki will be teamp-up with sutur and the exectioner,the enchantress will be with loki and will bring Ragnarok in asgard,jotunheim,other realm as well and we will see more thor,jane foster togheter and other asgardians coming to earth as well.

  25. I have never got to see the all out brawl of Ulik vs Thor that I think would be insane on the big screen, but i’d put that on the back burner to see Surtur and I think bringing in Hela would be pretty neat as well. Surtur and Hela would make for a sick 3rd Thor flick and really put the emphasis on “Apocolyptic and possible extinction” in the film. And it’d also make for the type of villians where Thor would need to bring in Balder the Brave to help him. It’d be sick if they had another Destroyer as well, and we got to see it used for good this time as a Last line of defense to the throne room why Surtur and the fire demons are attacking asgard.

    Alex Pettyfer for Balder the Brave..

  26. I hope the writers of the first film show up. Dark World was depressing. I think the guys that did Iron Man and Cap America should do the writing for the 3rd film. And please don’t kill Loki, he is the best character in the Marvel Universe right now.