‘Thor 2′ Script Being Revised by ‘Saving Private Ryan’ Screenwriter

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thor 2 robert rodat rewrite Thor 2 Script Being Revised by Saving Private Ryan Screenwriter

Marvel caused itself a bit of a headache when it let Patty Jenkins go as director of Thor 2, much to the (reported) chagrin of co-star Natalie Portman. The comic book studio’s previous actions had already attracted criticisms that it strives to maintain a distracting amount of creative control, which is the reason so many high-profile filmmakers have parted ways with the organization. Jenkins’ departure was just more fuel for that fire.

How then is Marvel going to improve the public perception of its Thor sequel, during these early days of pre-production? Well, apparently by hiring on a director who has worked on Game of Thrones, along with the man responsible for writing Saving Private Ryan to revamp the film’s script.

Longtime TV show helmer Alan Taylor was brought on to direct Thor 2 back in December 2011; now, Deadline says that Oscar-nominated Ryan scribe Robert Rodat is set to rework the previous script draft penned by Don Payne, so as to (seemingly) adjust the screenplay to better fit Taylor’s vision of the God of Thunder’s new adventure.

Both Taylor and Rodat were mentioned as possibilities to handle directing and script revision duties on Marvel’s second Thor movie, in the aftermath of news that Jenkins would no longer be involved with the project. Rodat’s rewrites aren’t expected to be anything so substantial that it will delay the planned production start date for Thor 2; Loki himself (a.k.a. actor Tom Hiddleston) confirmed as much to Empire earlier this week, saying that principal photography on the film is slated to begin by Summer 2012.

Besides his work on Ryan, Rodat also contributed to the screenplays for the acclaimed family-friendly drama Fly Away Home and the (sort of) well-received Roland Emmerich historical war drama The Patriot. He is also the creator of the gritty alien invasion TV series Falling Skies for TNT.

So, overall, Rodat has a pretty solid writing resume, primarily composed of darker action-packed pieces that don’t skimp on character development. Sounds like a good talent to have onboard for a movie that takes place in the aftermath of The Avengers, in which Loki will attempt to enslave/commit genocide against the inhabitants of Earth, following his (would-be) mass slaughter of the Frost Giants in Thor.

Thor 2 to hit theaters in Summer 2013 Thor 2 Script Being Revised by Saving Private Ryan Screenwriter

Loki (Tom Hiddelston) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

Previous word on the plot of the Thor sequel (according to Marvel president Kevin Feige) is that it will focus on both the relationship(s) between Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Odin (Anthony Hopkins), and Jane Foster (Portman), as well as “the broader stakes for The Nine Worlds,” in reaction to the events of both the first film and The Avengers.

Most would agree that the best sections of Thor were those either set in Asgard and/or dealing with the dynamic between the main characters, so that sequel news is encouraging. Plus, expanding the Marvel movie universe beyond the realm of Earth would fit nicely with the idea of other cosmic Marvel comic book properties making the jump to the big screen soon.

Thor 2 remains set for a November 15th, 2013 theatrical release date in the U.S.

Source: Deadline, Empire

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  1. As long as it doesn’t turn up like IM2, then I’m happy. Hopefully The Destroyer gets the fight he deserves Enchantress is featured and her bodyguard…

    • Honeslty, this messy production is reminding me alot of IM2.

    • yeah just hope so

  2. Again and maybe this is me…

    Why cant a flipping director just DIRECT THE MOVIE AS WRITTEN?

  3. I’m cool with someone going over the script (I just don’t really see how the guy who wrote Saving Private Ryan would be the go-to-guy to re-write Thor 2) – I’m sure it’ll work out fine though (*closes eyes and prays*) 😉

    Although. something that Screenrant hasn’t reported on yet is that they’ll be filming Thor 2 in London, England! (personally, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around WHY they’re doing it and how England’s landscapes/locations could fit in with the sequel’s plot.)

    (A little off topic) but what keeps ticking me off is this:
    “distracting amount of creative control, which is the reason so many high-profile filmmakers have parted ways with the organization.”
    You guys call two people (2), “many”? (Only Jenkins and Norton have left due to creative differences/creative control – and Norton wasn’t even a director). I’m really getting frustrated at the screenrant staff for doing this the whole time… Favreou and Branagh left because of scheduling conflicts (as you guys reported yourselves) and they both said that they’re still on board to return for more Marvel movies in the future.
    Why do you keep and making up these stories about “so many” filmmakers leaving Marvel due to creative differences? – It’s just not true.
    *Sigh* But even though it’s the fourth or fifth time screenrant has done this… it’s still my favorite movie-news site (probably my favorite website period.) I’m just disappointed that this keeps happening is all :(

    • But you never really know whats goin on behind scenes in these marvel studio board rooms. Some people like to maintain a certain public image and proffessional courtesy when departing. “Schedule Conflicts” could be just anice way of not stirring trouble up for the public or getting themselves blacklisted. Which im inclined to believe on Faverau’s part, giving Rourke’s statement of “marvel having him by the ball.” Although it could be all part of his skewed in rant i stil see more truth in former.

      • Even if that is true (and don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind), Screenrant is still taking the official statements and twisting them into wild rumors (which isn’t what I would expect from such an outstanding website). If you look at those few articles a while back… they were, in essence, a bash fest on Marvel Studios IMO.

        But the things that ticks me off most of all is that Screenrant HAS reported on why Favreou and Branagh left (and now they’re just ignoring what they reported on and making up their own rumors).

        And like I’ve said multiple times, there can’t possibly be bad blood between Favreou, Jenkins and Branagh and Marvel, because all those directors have said that they’ll be more than happy to return for another Marvel movie (Favreou will most likely reprise his role as Happy Hogan in IM3 and Branagh has been in talks to produce Thor 2).

          • Point taken (and I admit that I was wrong when I said “screenrant is MAKING UP wild rumors” – I didn’t really mean it like that. What I meant to say was that you guys are stating these rumors as facts.)

            I know that there are a lot of rumors – I’m not denying that there isn’t – (and granted, there is a bit of bad blood in the water), but instead of saying things like “Marvel’s persistence to have as much creative control possible, is the reason for many of their directors leaving” – maybe you guys could say something like “Marvel’s persistence to have as much creative control possible, is RUMORED TO BE the reason for many of their directors leaving” instead?

            That’s all I mean… I’m just trying to point out that Screenrant keeps saying “it is so”, when they should be saying “it’s rumored to be so”…

            • You do have a good point. We’ll work on being more specific about what is rumor and what is official, in the future.

              • Thanks Sandy, I appreciate it.
                (Hope there’s no hard feelings though?)
                Screenrant is still the best movie-news site I’ve ever seen.

  4. Yeah Rodat also wrote 10,000 B.C. So this news isn’t anything that excites me at all. It has been a long time since Saving Private Ryan, and Marvel really shot themselves in the foot by letting Patty Jenkins walk.

  5. It’s part of the process.
    Well…should always be part of the process if your trying to make a film that meets all the expectations of the Studio. Marvel Studios is different from all other studios because they have several decades of history to follow.
    Kevin Feige has made it clear, plain and simple….Marvel Studios produce their films for the fans! This means if they produced Spiderman in the first place no Organic web shooters. Wolverine proberly wouldn’t be Jackman. Jessica Alba wouldn’t have been the Invisible Woman… She’s not a White American Woman. All the crazy things that Fox, Sony/Columbia did with Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider and Electra wouldn’t have happen.
    I’m glad Disney/Marvel has shut the value to “Directors, Actors telling the company what to do with the characters. There is a History and continuity involved with theses characters. Artistic lisense is being used by the other studios. They do not follow the history of theses characters. Why? Because they do not make any profits in selling the comics. So why help sell something you make no money in?

    They’re not stupid.

  6. he must wear his helmet,hopefully durig important scenes(battles,fights and so on),not just at the beginning as in thor.

    • They already explained that in the movie-universe, the helmets are only for ceremonial use (like in the scene where Thor was going to be crowned king) – and not for use in battle
      As a comic book fan, I am disappointed about it, but on the other hand, I do understand how those helmets could be very uncomfortable (especially when you have to do action sequences – hell, even turning your head with that thing on would be a mission.)

      • i know,but in 300 and battlemovies,some fight scenes with armor,helmet etc..work. but,also it´s right its a real prozedour´for the actor.but please in some scenes where he wear his helm in great position,maybee during flying or by a walk trough the halls of asgard!

      • I gotta agree that their explanation is a cop out. Suck it UP and match the characters you are attempting to portray dammit.

        Thor should be wearing his helmet (and should be speaking with a more Shakespearean prose…..bite me Branagh)

  7. I think Marvel shoudl bring back the first Thor movie’s writers, Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz and bring back Kenneth Branagh if not to direct but to produce Thor 2 then Thor 2 might be better than first one.

    All I want is that Marvel keeps up the good work and gets this sequel right.

  8. I think the first one set things up nicely, I hope the sequel will be a lot better though to be honest

  9. Was loki suppose to return in part 2?

    • Yea. he confirmed.

  10. Since Saving Private Ryan is one of myfavorite films. Gret blend of action and storytelling. Too bad Robert Zrodat couldnt write Captain America but hopefully he will lend some talent to he sequel.

    • And The Payriot is one of yhe dopest movies ever made. I hope He is doing a re write not a touch up for Thor 2.

  11. this many shake ups for a movie usually don’t produce outstanding work. I feel the same way about Akira but that movie is going to suck for many other reasons as well

  12. Mr. Avenger you would how many genre based tv and films are shot outside America especially in England.
    Dr.who James Bond and the batman begins was shot in old blighty.it’s a given the former two because their english icons but dr.who make one of the areas are in Cardiff look like a place from a another world all it takes is vision and creativity.

  13. Lets cross our fingers and hope that Rodat turns in something of the quality of Ryan than of the abysmal Patriot.

  14. I don’t see why Marvel gets bad press for its creative control, when what we’re talking about here is the one thing that ticks comics fans off the most. Keeping the characters true to the original. Unless a giant spider in a Spider-Man movie really is a good idea.

  15. Super excited about this news! Saving Private Ryan was awesome! I hope Robert Rodat make a full blown re-write of whatever the My Super Ex Girlfriend writer came up with.

  16. Part 1 was bad enough, no more please -___-

  17. I think Thor 2 should focus on the other realms that weren’t seen in the first movie. Thor was a great movie indeed, so now the sequel should expand on that. Maybe explore the light elves of alfheim and even Hel which is the realm of the dead, and vanaheim which are home to the sister race of asgardians. There could be excellent battle sequences between the good and evil beings in these realms, with Odin, Thor, lady Sif & the warriors three leading the asgardians while Loki leads the armies of these evil realms. Just one thing that they should fix from the first movie is that the battle scenes should be easier to see and not as dark. The battle scenes were great in the first movie but the lighting needed some touching up. Im sure Thor 2 will be great, as have all the other marvel studios productions.

  18. Thor 2 would be epic if it had Beta Ray Bill in it!!