‘Thor 2′ Villains Revealed?

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 Thor 2 Villains Revealed?


If you haven’t listened to our Comic-Con 2012 wrap-up Podcast – first of all, you’re missing out on some great news and analysis about the new Marvel and DC movie news we learned at the ‘Con – second of all, you missed us talking about the villains of Thor 2, who I speculated were being directly hinted at based on the implications of the film’s newly-announced subtitle, The Dark World.

With actor Mads Mikkelsen having vacated a yet-unrevealed role as one of the baddies in the Thunder God’s sequel, we’ve been left to speculate about who might fill the actor’s shoes – and which character’s shoes the replacement would be filling. Today, we may have an answer about that latter point, but be warned: POTENTIAL SPOILERS FOLLOW BELOW: 

Website I Review Too had an interview with stunt man James Grogan, in which Grogan was touching upon the point of a stunt man needing to also be a quality actor, when the topic of Thor 2 popped up. Said Grogan:

 “The other day for example, this is quite random but I was working on Thor 2. I had a load of stunt guys in and the director came in and he said ‘Look, we want you all to be elves,’ and I was like ‘What the hell is an elf anyway?’ and he said ‘I want you all to walk around like these supernatural animals,’ honestly it was the most ridiculous thing ever but you just have to not be self aware and get on with it.”

For months now there have been a handful of villains that were being rumored as the antagonist(s) in The Dark World, the most common being Thanos (the cosmic tyrant revealed at the end of The Avengers); Surtur (a fire giant/demon), The Enchantress (a powerful sorceress, accompanied by an axe-wielding enforcer known as Skurge); and of course… The Dark Elves, led by Malekith The Accursed.

 Thor 2 Villains Revealed?

The Dark Elves inhabit the realm of Svartalfheim, and possess superhuman intellect, enhanced strength, speed, stamina and agility. Malekith, their evil leader, is also a sorcerer who can teleport, shape-shift, cast illusions, and fire energy blasts; his one great vulnerability is (wait for it)… iron metal.

In the comics, Malekith has made several bids to conquer Asgard; he’s partnered with Loki, attempted to unleash the Cask of Ancient Winters (Frost Giant weapon seen in Thor 1), has impersonated key members of Asgard in attempts to take the throne, and has even possessed the minds of Earthlings. In short, he has all the qualities that would serve Thor 2 well, from a narrative standpoint: he could infiltrate Asgard (remember all those important artifacts in Odin’s vault?) and/or terrorize Thor’s allies on Earth (like Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster).

 Thor 2 Villains Revealed?

On a broader topic: In our Comic-Con wrap-up Podcast, we voiced our concern that Thor: The Dark World will be the next Marvel Movie to suffer from Iron Man 2 syndrome. With Marvel branching their universe off into a cosmic world that includes Asgard, the nine realms, other alien species seen in The Avengers and soon to be seen in the confirmed Guardians of the Galaxy movie, it could fall on Thor 2 to be the foundation upon which a lot of the “Marvel Cosmic” brand is built. Trying to cater to the many plot threads of the Avengers shared universe ultimately undermined Iron Man 2‘s story – a misstep we’re pretty sure no fan wants to see repeated.

Hopefully, screenwriters Don Payne (Thor) and Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan) are going to deliver a solid standalone story that isn’t strangled by it shared universe obligations. To that end, the story of Malekith and the dark realm of Svartalfheim would be a great way to expand the Marvel cosmic universe in an organic and logical way. The introduction of dark elf magic might also lend credit to some rumors about a Doctor Strange Thor 2 cameo we’ve heard whispers about…

Thor: The Dark World will be in theaters (supposedly) on November 8, 2013

Sources: I Review Too (via Coming Soon)  - “Thor Villains” Image from Marvel.com

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  1. You know what would be smart to avoid the “Iron Man 2″ error? Have Thor 2 fill in the gap of what happened between Thor and The Avengers, to explain how Odin became strong again and was able to muster the power to send Thor back to Earth.

  2. I personally dont care about plot’s being threaded to cater to future movies since we really dont know yet what The exec’s and directors are planning. So any Thor movie will be enjoyed by me a true fan of marvel since I was a young kid. I do like a Malekith storyline but really wish they could do more and introduce more characters (villains)since Thor could be cancelled and they might screw us out of future movies with him so why not go big and give us fans more than one villain and storyline. I would really really love to see Amora the Enchantress finally get her spot in a movie along with her bodyguard/henchman Skurge the Executioner. But also have Loki there working alongside Malekith,Enchantress,Skurge bcuz lets face it Loki has always been behind evil plots against Asgard & Thor so have him help Malekith save his planet and Dark Elves from the threat of Asgard while bringing along Enchantress who I beleive all three have Magic Scorcessory skills- so why not explain how they learned their magic skills. Enchantress i read studied magic from Carnilia the norse queen untill she was banned from them for her evil intentions. So introduce Carnilia teaching magic to Enchantress who then taught what she learned to Loki and maybe Malekith also has taught Loki magic too. Malekith had his realm taken over and his dark elves killed by Surtur who would suit better as a future villain in a future thor movie that can also be involved with the avengers since Surtur is such a big threat villain but have him introduced and just give a little hint about him involved with asgard and that can lead into a movie of his own vs Thor. The casket of ancient winters has already been used so I dont really care to see that relic used again but Malekith opening the relic vault of Odin would set up Avengers 2 & Guardians of the Galaxy since Thanos is being set up to be a Villain for them. So have Malekith get ahold of those relics and Dr.Strange could be brought in to take his EYE OF AGOMMOTA and help Thor or set up his movie, but mainly I want to see a set up to Thanos gettin ahold of his Infinity Gauntlet which is currently in that armory vault. Loki promised him the cosmic cube or tessorac to power up the infinity gauntlet so Loki could use Malekith as a distraction to Thor and Asgard so he can grab the tessorac and the infinty gauntlet. But if they just want to use one villain then I wil still watch but it would be a major letdown since they could use this movie to set up future events like Surtur, Thanos, Enchantress and Skurge, and more storylines of Asgard, Avengers, Dr. Strange, and Thor. I would also love to see Mangog be in a future Thor film as he battles Odin and thor has to fight him for Odin, and one of my favorite most intriguing Villains for Thor is ULIK the troll giant guy & why didnt Ymir the ice giant King be shown in Thor 1 ? isnt he the king of the Jotuns ? They could really make an awesome film with all these villains be shown in one movie and even the Avengers could be involved with a invasion of Asgard during one of Odins sleeps. Every year he has to sleep for like 24 hrs ? and all the villains of Asgard try to attack Asgard during the Odin Sleep and kill him to take over the 9 realms. So they could introduce all the realms and all those villains and good guys from Allies of Asgard. Make that happen MARVEL !! go big and give us fanboys a film we will remember and have always invisioned since in Comics,Cartoons, they dont limit the number of characters cuz of time to build characters and storylines – so hopefully with each new movie they can keep including new characters and at some point soon hopefully they can finally have the full team of Avengers and thus whole teams of villains like Masters of Evil and all the villains of all the members of Super Heroes. Like if Chitauri were to invade New York in Avengers 1 are you telling me only 6 avengers or Super Heroes would be there to help protect EARTH ? OR EVEN NY ? why not have Falcon come to help since he lives in New York ? yeah Spider man , Fantastic Four are locked up with other tv networks or companies Fox etc. If Thanos is a villian then they need to have his main arc nemesis Silver Surfer come to help Earth since he no longer serves Galactus and Thanos was mostly Silver Surfers enemy !! and Adam Warlock i guess too.