Chris Hemsworth Talks ‘Thor 2′; Mads Mikkelsen Circling Villain Role [Updated]

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Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor 2 Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor 2; Mads Mikkelsen Circling Villain Role [Updated]

[UPDATE: Scroll Down to Find Out Which Actor Could be Playing the Villain in Thor 2.]

The glow of success is still shining bright around The Avengers - but that doesn’t mean the cast of the film is getting any rest. Robert Downey Jr. is already into production on Iron Man 3 with writer/director Shane Black (Lethal Weapon), while Chris Hemsworth is already gearing up for Thor 2, this time under the guidance of Game of Thrones director, Alan Taylor.

With the Iron Man and Thor sequels speeding down the pipeline, the superhero movie rumor mill is already churning with speculation and about what is coming in “Phase 2″ of Marvel’s Avengers movie universe. While we know Iron Man 3 will feature a story about a nanotechnological virus unleashed as a terrorist threat, Thor 2 has been something of a bigger question – especially when it comes to the issue of the villain.



The Avengers left off with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) being arrested by his brother Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and transported back to Asgard to face justice for attacking the Earth. Of course, one subplot of the Avengers story was Loki’s partnership with an extraterrestrial ally – one who warned him of the consequences he would face, should he fail to capture the Tesseract (cosmic cube). At the end of the film it was revealed that ally is classic Marvel Comics villain Thanos, who has direct ties to the cosmic universe of Thor. With Loki having failed in his mission, some comic fans naturally assumed that Thor 2 would focus on Thanos attacking Asgard, looking for revenge against Loki and seeking the tesseract, which is now assumedly stored in Odin’s vault (along with a few other Marvel mystical artifacts of importance).

Thanos vs. Avengers Thor and Captain America Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor 2; Mads Mikkelsen Circling Villain Role [Updated]

Thanos (with Infinity Gauntlet) vs. The Avengers

However, this is not the case according to Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.

Talking to MTV, Hemsworth claims that Thanos is NOT the villain in Thor 2, as far as he can see. Here’s how MTV described the exchange:

We already know that Natalie Portman will be returning to the project to reprise her role as Jane, but will we also see a return of Thanos? We won’t because, according to Hemsworth, he would be “too easy.”

“We need a bigger fish,” the Aussie said with a laugh.

UPDATE: It seems that “bigger fish” could be Clash of the Titans and Valhalla Rising  star Mads Mikkelsen, whom Variety reports is currently in talks with Marvel to play the villain role – which we’re guessing is not Thanos (though that wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility). American moviegoers probably recognize Mikkelsen best as the villain hammering James Bond’s gonads in Casino Royale; the actor has had bit parts in several big franchise films, including the aforementioned Titans, and Paul W.S. Anderson’s recent Three Musketeers remake. We’ll be sure to keep a close eye on the situation as a deal between Mikkelsen and Marvel gets worked out.

Thor 2 Mads Mikkelsen in Valhalla Rising Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor 2; Mads Mikkelsen Circling Villain Role [Updated]

Mikkelsen in 'Valhalla Rising'

Hemsworth also described how Thor 2 is shaping up in general – and what it’s like working with Taylor, one of the minds behind arguably the hottest show on TV right now:

“Alan Taylor is directing, and he’s one of the producers and directors of ‘Game of Thrones.’ I love that sort of mythical element, that there was an organic real world there, and I think Asgard and Thor’s ethereal universe could be injected with that,” Hemsworth said. “It could be more sort of tangible. So more locations, less green screen. I think the Viking influence that that sort of world came from. It should feel [tangible]. It should exist more, instead of too shiny, clean, golden.”

(We know many fans will be in total support of that idea.)

“You’ve always got to tie in Earth, I think. But Thor in the comic books, I found, that after the initial kind of establishing the character got more interesting because there were so many realms and things to explore.”

Hemsworth’s sentiment in that last sentence echoes our own discussions on the Screen Rant Podcast about Avengers 2 - namely, that the Marvel movie universe will split in two directions: one based on Earth (like Iron Man 3) and one that concerns the larger cosmic universe.  I think I speak for a fair number of fans when I say that if we DON’T see more of the cosmic realm in Thor 2, it will be something of a disappointment (because Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster is NOT an adequate conciliation prize).

thor trailer 2 natalie portman 570x315 Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor 2; Mads Mikkelsen Circling Villain Role [Updated]

Do we really need more of THIS?

Of course, Hemsworth himself had to admit that he hasn’t seen the script for Thor 2 - by Don Payne (Thor) and Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan, Falling Skies) – and neither have we, for that matter. Given the big success of The Avengers (and the surplus in money – part of which has already been funneled into Iron Man 3), the Thunder God’s sequel is a picture that could ultimately take a different shape than initially expected.

Thor 2 will be in theaters on November 15, 2013.

Source: MTV

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    I disagree. Thanos is what people WANT to see! It has to tie in here somehow!

      • Hmmm–fish. Could he mean the Starkist Tuna old salt fisherman?!

        • LOL

          I’m really enjoying all the literalist interpretations of “bigger fish.”

          We can safely be sure that whatever villain he’s talking about, it has nothing to do with fish or amphibians or related.

    • Seems like a VERY CLEAR reference to Surtur, in my opinion. Thanos is powerful, but his greatest asset is his intelligence. He doesn’t become over-the-top powerful until he gets the Infinity Gauntlet. Surtur, on the other hand, is already a monster in terms of power.

      Hemsworth hasn’t seen the script yet, but based on his comments it sounds like he knows something about the general direction of the film. It looks like my theory about Thanos being reserved for Avengers 2 may pan out. I had a feeling that Thanos wasn’t going to be the main baddie in Thor 2.

      • @Ken, Totally correct, that’s the first thought that I had when he said bigger, bigger meaning a giant, a giant fire demon ; Surtur(a connection to Thanos would be great though) I would like to see Thor 2 lead up to Surtur at end so that it will lead to Ragnorak in Thor 3. I don’t see any bigger threat to Asgard more than Surtur because he is foretold to be Asgard’s reckoning. I’d like to see Loki “somewhat” redeemed in Thor 2 but turn back to his evil ways in Thor 3 through a misunderstanding then kill Balder. Later Loki learning the error of his ways feels guilty for causing Ragnorak almost sacrifices himself at end Loki himself saying “For Asgard”, He’s thought to be dead, but emerges as alive after they’ve won the battle over Surtur as Thor runs over and helps Loki walk with Loki’s arm over Thor’s shoulder. Odin appears as if also coming from the battle and takes over to help Loki walk then Thor goes over to help the wounded. Odin says to Loki, “Let me help you, my son,I truly thought that I’ve lost you once again but this time for good”, Loki replies “I’m so sorry father,I’m so sorry please forgive me, I know I was wrong”. Odin replies “Loki I forgive you my son, today you have proven that you truly have heart”…… “But not enough” Odin smiles evilly from ear to ear, making Loki confused then he looks at Loki face to face, shoves his hand into Loki’s chest and pulls out his heart(scene implied with the sound of Loki’s heart still beating). Loki looking with extreme shock in his eyes as Thor hears Loki grunt and looks over in shock to see what looks like his own father has done yelling “father noooo,what have you done”!!!! Thor runs over seeing his father smile as Loki still holds on with a thread of life but using the last bit of magic he can muster to keep himself alive. As Thor runs over, Odin changes into someone else ; it’s Thanos, as Thanos looks over to Loki and smiles saying “thank you for leading me here,I’ve found something even better.” Thor tries to attack Thanos to no avail, as the real Odin was given a vision from his ravens that his sons are down, strides over with sleipnir at incredible speed but still is too late. Odin sees Thanos as Thanos goes into his portal smiling and laughing, he tries to attack but is too late and sees both his sons on the ground. Thor, slightly roughed up “Says tend to Loki father”! “Who was that who did this to you, my son”!? Odin says, “The Titan-th-Thanos,I,I failed you father, I failed you.” Loki replies. Odin “No,no my son, you’ve made me proud.” Odin holds Loki in his arms and tries to heal Loki’s wound but to no avail as Loki’s hand falls away from his heart revealing just a hole where his heart and dies. A tear falls from Odin’s eye and Thor stands over looking in the distance angrily saying to himself, “I will find you Thanos of Titan, you will not go unpunished for what you have wrought today ,no realm,not even,Hel nor death it’self will hide you from Thor The god of Thunder.” The end

        • Well you certainly have a clear idea of what you want to see, but that actually does sound cool. I don’t see that happening, a little dark for a family friendly franchise ( try saying that three times fast), but still cool.

      • Well Thor has many powerful enemies; Enchantress/Executioner, Ares (an Olympus/ Asgard war?), Malekith, Fenris Wolf, Hela, Midgard Serpent (possibly one of Thor’s most iconic adversaries from myth and can be linked to Namor), Surtur and even Ymir.

        Lots of possibilities but I have to admit that Surtur is one of the few on that list that is more powerful than Thanos.

      • It seems VERY CLEAR that the actor Chris Hemsworth is giving an interview to MTV, wallowing in his increasing fame, and trying to be charming, funny, and lighthearted. I doubt he’s giving any thought to slipping a cryptic comment related to the plot of Thor 2. He probably doesn’t even know what the plot is. If he does, and if the villain is Thanos, then “we need a bigger fish,” could be a red herring (pun intended), as in a bit of misdirection. If (and I do mean “if”) he knows anything at all about Thanos, referring to him as “too easy” indicates that he’s not being serious. I doubt he does know anything about Thanos, but he has probably heard he’s a major powerful bad guy capable of taking on the Avengers. Which is enough to know that he is joking.

  2. Avengers was great… but can we bulk these guys back up like they were for their solo movies.. The Hulk was the only one looking like he works out..


    • Uhhh…really? Thor didn’t look like he had some muscle on his arms? Captain America doesn’t look like he has the body of a body builder?

      • But both Hemsworth and Evans slimmed down from their previous movies. Probably because they were working on other projects, but I can see where Enormous Green Rage Monster is coming from.

        • Do you happen to know what movie Hemsworth was working on before “The Avengers?” I’m curious about it.

          • Snow White and the Huntsman…he is the Huntsman. And a racing biopic….

    • lol, why don’t you try to “bulk up” to comic book standards and let us know how easy it is ;)
      I do agree that they aren’t as bulky as they were in their solo movies, but in all fairness, it’s tough to get to that size and stay that way.
      They did still manage to put every guy watching the movie to shame though… I’d bet almost everyone who watched ‘The Avengers’ with their girlfriend is hard at work in the gym at the moment – I know I am ;)

  3. yeah, in the avengers, thor looked like he was only working out twice a day instead of five! lol

  4. IMO Thor 2 has the most to prove when it comes to phase 2 of Marvels plans.
    I like the character and I’m all for more but I have Thor as my least favorite of the lead in films so I’m hoping for much better.
    Fingers crossed…

  5. I’m glad Thanos isn’t in Thor 2 well at least i think he isn’t remember actors and movie makers can sometimes lie about the movie plots, (looking at you Snyder). I heard in the beginning for Thor 2 when they were just making ideas for it they wanted to use the Enchantress and Executioner and yesterday I just heard the enchantress. I think those two are awesome villains for Thor thats what i want i want Thor versus The Executioner and Enchantress. I say save Thanos for Avengers 2 and just leave hints at the end of each marvel movie that lead up to him becoming the villain for the sequel.

  6. I love these Marvel movies and am a big Avengers fan. :) However I am worried that the flavor of no Branagh will hurt the movie and also not having JMS help write Thor does not make me happy either. Here’s to hoping Sif gets to continue to kick butt with the Warriors Three!

  7. Kind of disappointed with the “Do we really need more of THIS?” caption. Of course we do. Jane’s the reason Thor became worthy of being a hero. He learned that through her. That’s one of the aspects that makes Thor so unique of a super hero movie. And other realms or places in space don’t mean a better movie. Did you see John Carter?

    • 100% agree with you about that caption.

      I perfer a good plot then mindless action. And Thor had a great mix of both (not to mention a juggling act of asgard and earth)

      • Good plot, yes, but silly romance does not a good plot make. I would much more prefer to see the intricacies of a villain and the evolving relationships between Thor and Loki and Odin rather than watch Jane flounce about.

    • Yeah, I saw John Carter and you’re right, other places don’t mean a thing.

    • Yes I did see John Carter, and it was very good. The reason John Carter FAILED was because not enough people saw it, not because it SUCKED!

      • I saw it. I was looking forward to it but I thought it was pretty bad.

      • I agree.
        The movie failed due to poor marketing.
        It was a good flick, but not REALLY relevant to this argument though.

        The scenes with Thor on earth were the worst parts of the movie IMO. The fans want to see Thor exploring more realms – so it would be fine if Thor goes back to earth for Jane, but he shouldn’t spend the majority of the movie there.

  8. I think it’d be smart to save Thanos for ‘The Avengers 2′.

    For ‘Thor 2′, my pick is The Fire Demon, Surtur.

    • :D



      p.s. yes I’m going to say this in every Thor post from now on, it’s a semi siggie!

  9. Ok, if thanos is the villian in thor 2, then there should be an ultron teaser at the end of iron man 3

  10. I’m pretty sure they’ll continue to tie in the solo marvel films that will lead into the avengers 2. I just don’t want the avengers 2 rushed they need to take their time and bring another epic record breaker. For now I’m looking forward to each of the hero’s solo films.

  11. Thor 2 better not dissapoint. Thor is still my favorite Marvel film and I dont want its sequel ruined like Iron Man 2 was. Im hoping for a good story like the original Thor!

    • Nah, I have a really good feeling about this. Marvel studios knows Iron Man 2 is the weak link so far. Thor 2 is going to be incredible, I can feel it. Marvel also knows they can up the fantasy and Norse angles this time around, after all, The Hobbit is hitting this Christmas, and director Alan Taylors’ HBO show (some silly thing, I forget what it is called :D ) has been taking over the world for the last 2 years.

      LOTR and the Potter films helped open up this whole bag. A lot of those Potter fans grew up, and some of them were ready for more hardcore fantasy. Now we have the best fantasy TV series ever conceived of, and THOR HAS HIS OWN FILMS!!!

      I wonder if they would have even tried Thor if it weren’t for the last 10 years.

      Yes, I know, Thor is a super hero comic first, but it always had those elements. Anyway…



  12. After witnessing Thor fight the Hulk, the only character who could rival that scene would be an all-out battle royale with Beta Ray Bill.

  13. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong – I’m a DC guy – but isn’t there no other fish bigger than Thanos in regards to a Marvel villain? I know there are more popular, and more well known, villains. But isn’t Thanos their “s***’s hit the fan” villain?

    • the laughs after the comment indicates sarcasm…

    • Well, he can be. But no, Thanos is something the entire team needs to be involved with.

      As far as a personal threat to Asgard, Surtur is 10 times more important.



    • For the DC oriented, Thanos is Marvel’s version of Darkseid in many respects and if he ever acquires both the infinity gauntlet and the cosmic cube he is a nearly unstoppable force in the universe. One that even being such as Galactus would fear (sorry you will have to google him if you want more info about him.)

  14. I would keep Thanos in the shadows till Avengers 2. I think Enchantress should try and come between thor and natalies character while Another villain uses brute force to take on thor. i also think that enchatress could use loki and her powers to make people hate thor and think he is a villain.

    • Listen, I love Amora and everything, but if they are going to love triangle anything, they already have Sif. This needs to be explored. Who doesn’t want to see more of Jamie Alexanders Sif? No, don’t get pervy (ok maybe a tad :D ), but no, that’s not what I mean. The girl is a TOTAL stunner, she OWNED the role, and they didn’t even scratch the surface with her yet.


      • … *I* wouldn’t want to see more of Jamie Alexsander’s Sif.

        • pfft, gl with that.



        • I think you mean “Syphylis”. No she doesn’t have it, and yes I would like to see more of her on my arm out on the town for a candlelight dinner date!

  15. Definitely don’t need more of THAT at all, indeed.

    I don’t care about Jane. I do think she is better in a movie than in the comics, but a three days romance, really? Am I supposed to care for it? Because I don’t. There’s enough romance in the MArvel universe already, can’t we just focus in *other* types of relationships, like friendships (Warriors 3 and Sif (who, by the why, if the one to really end up with Thor, so I get the Jane thing even less) and, most importantly, his family ties to both his father and brother?

    What I really want to see in Thor 2 are other worlds as well as how it will go and develop between Thor and Loki (and what will be Loki’s punishment as well as what the Chitauri/Thanos will do about his failure). I… really don’t care about Jane– At all.

  16. “Ok, if thanos is the villian in thor 2, then there should be an ultron teaser at the end of iron man 3″

    So that will mean that ultron will be in thor 2?

    because after iron man 3 next in line is thor 2, right?

    • The end credit scenes aren’t necessarily a tease for the next movie in their production line.
      IM1′s button had nothing to do with TIH, TIH’s button had nothing to do with IM2, and THOR’s button had very little to do with Cap:TFA.

  17. I think that the main villain of Thor 2 will be working for Thanos and sent to steal the infinity gauntlet from Odins vault. I’m sure Thanos will cameo or have some sort of reference in the film.

    • Hopefully your right! That would make sense as he needs the gauntlet to be powerful

    • Hopefully your right! That would make sense as he needs the gauntlet to be powerful.

  18. Thor 2: Amora, Skurge & Ulik. Thor 3: Surtur, Kurse(cameo), Malekith(cameo)(Beta Ray intro and helps fight in Ragnorak). Avengers 2: Ultron,The Leader(cameo only). Avengers 3: Thanos.

  19. Im all for Surtur or the Enchantress but I think it would be cool if Marcie turned out to actually be Hela and kidnaps Jane. So Thor would have to go to the land of the dead to get her back. This would be a good chance to introduce Balder since he has fought his way back from Hell and knows the way.

    • Dr. DOOM is (unfortunately) still a 20th Century Fox property… sorry :(

      • Your right to comment on anything Marvel related has been revoked.

        “DOOM!” is the sound Surtur’s hammer made as he was reforging his sword at the beginning of “Ballad of Beta Ray Bill.”

        It’s not a reference to Dr. Doom.

        • LOL ty. Yeah, terrible. Oh, they’ve done a couple of stories with ol Doc, but I could never take him seriously as a Thor villain.



      • DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Has nothing to do with Dr. Doom

  20. Wait wait wait wait wait wait… “Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster is NOT an adequate conciliation prize” Ok, you “guys” can have the cosmic stuff, I’ll take Natalie Portman… Thanks, lol. :-D

    • lol… hey I dig Natalie and all, but I’ll take Jamie, you can have Natalie.



        • Doom is owned by Fox give up the dream

          • It’s not a reference to Dr. Doom. It’s the sound Surtur’s forge made when he was reconstructing his sword in “Ballad of Beta Ray Bill.”

            • word

          • LMAO!!!

            Oh, man, this is pure comedy.



      • I’ll have them both. Just like the Twix candy bar, “Two for me, none for you!”.

  21. Hmmmm…. not big enough to play the Executioner. Possibly a Dark Elf?

    Still think the Enchantress will be involved along with the Executioner. Makes the most sense in my opinion. Movie will probably end with Loki escaping while stealing the Infinity Guantlet for Thanos.

    I think they will save Surtur for Thor 3.

  22. I want more Asgardians, good and evil, bring on Baldur, Valkyrie and for sure bring in Hela. His can they not have Loki’s daughter after the Avengers, where Loki was the focus.

  23. “’We need a bigger fish,’” the Aussie said with a laugh.”

    This is the most revealing statement from an actor since Jenny Agutter mentioned that her trailer was next to Spider-man’s.

    Go wild.

  24. Out of Marvels next slate of solo movies I’m looking forward to Thor 2 the most. Plus it has a lot on its shoulders and a lot to prove.

  25. It’d be smarter to save Thanos for Avengers 2 but maybe have hints of him (hey, someone’s gotta steal the Infinity Gauntlet from Odin’s treasure room during this movie, right?).

    Problem is, who to have as the villain. I think Surtur makes some sense, Loki could use his Frost Giant genetics to help keep Asgard from burning down possibly amongst other such tricks he can use in battle to protect his adopted people.

    • I think Surtur is a logical choice as well. I wonder if how they could fit Enchantress and Executioner in as formidable enemies.

  26. What about time-travelling Kang the Conqueror? he is sort of cosmic.

    • Kang is a great Avengers villain, I recommend reading Avengers Forever, pronto!! The only issue with using Kang, Immortus or Rama Tut is, namely, lets keep time travel the hell out of the Marvel Movie Universe.



  27. Sure… the guy who once defeated the most powerful entity in the Marvel Universe, the Living Tribunal, is “too easy”.

    • Two things here… You must be referring to Thanos when he had the Infinity Gauntlet…an object he doesn’t possess yet. Yes, he’s powerful without it, but not more powerful than a lot of other characters in the marvel universe.

      Also, Living Tribual is the intermediary between “One Above All” and the rest of the universe. Thanos couldn’t defeat him even if he had the Infinity Gauntlet. When Adam Warlock had the Infinity Gauntlet, Living Tribunal took it away from him with a blink of an eye.

    • Correction…Thanos never defeated The Living Tribunal…Adam Warlock, with the Infinity Gauntlet, was punked by the Living Tribunal…Adam tried to attack LT, the Living Tribunal simply snapped his fingers and Adam Warlock was stripped of the Gauntlet. During the Infinity Gauntlet saga, Eternity tried to have the Living Tribunal intervene, but LT refused, because there is no cosmic imbalance with one being replacing the former “supreme being” (eternity) in the universe…

      And Hemsworth’s comment seems to indicate size, rather than importance in the Marvel Universe…and in terms of purely Thor/Asgard mythos…Surtur is much more important than Thanos…and more powerful (without the gauntlet).

  28. ACK! Why is everyone saying that Thanos should be “saved” for Avengers 2?! He is obviously after the infinity gauntlet and the cosmic cube and if he obtains them in Avengers 2, there will be no place for Avengers 3 to go, it would be anti-climactic.

    No, Thanos (with infinity gauntlet and cosmic cube in hand) should be “saved” for an Avengers showdown in Avengers 3.

    • The answer is easy: when people say “they should save Thanos for Avengers 2,” it’s in response to people who speculate that he’ll be the main villain in Thor 2.

      • It may be the “easy” answer but it’s also a very shortsighted one. The “now generation” (as in I want it NOW!) needs to have a bit more patience. ;)

          • If you think for a second that they don’t at the very least have a simple paragraph outlining the general outline for each and every planned movie sequel’s direction, then you are sorely mistaken. Mind you I’m not talking fleshed out script but the over arching concept of what will happen. Planning is the key to success and they don’t just make a movie and then sit down and say, “now what are we going to do?”

            So you just don’t introduce a villain like Thanos without a CLEAR plan of where he will make his full debut.

            • I thought similarly. They wouldn’t introduce a major character if they didn’t have the intention of using him soon. Three years is too long for general audiences attention spans and memories. That in itself makes me think he’ll be in Thor 2.

              But I’m only guessing.

    • I agree. I would think it’s better to build him up, and build up the Avengers roster. The hardcore fans will wait and the general audiences aren’t insisting that the villain for A2 is Thanos. Also I can’t see why they’d drop the plot line with Loki and the Other. Finally, they shouldn’t resort to the Avengers fighting villains with weapons from Odin’s vault all the time.

      That said, I have no idea what they will do. Chris Hemsworth’s statements sound more like he’s casually joking around. I read absolutely nothing into it. I do think the Thanos/Other/Infinity Gauntlet will appear in Thor 2 (where else could it appear?), but if it’s just a scene after the credits, that will be disappointing (less so if they start making extended scenes of around 10 minutes, and why not?), and if it’s shoehorned into the main plot, that could be a mess.

      I’m getting the impression that Iron Man III is going be more “real world” and stick to it’s own plot. So, again, where will they develop Thanos? Cap 2? They could still get away with anything with after credit scenes, but…

      • The only problem I have with Thanos being used in Thor 2 is there has to be some sort of resolution to the plot. The only reason why Thanos would go to Asgard would be to gain access to Odin’s vault but not even he would risk confronting Odin directly. I suppose Surtur could be used as a distraction while Loki steals the items but I really don’t want the plot of Thor 2 to revolve around getting the items for Thanos.

        If however Thanos is used, that would mean the Infinity Gauntlet and/or Cosmic Cube would need to end up in his hands by the end of the movie which would then lead inevitably to the Avengers needing to stop Thanos asap but as I said, having Thanos in Avengers 2 will make #3 boring by comparison.

        SO much speculation. ><

        • I’m sure there’ll be a reference/cameo from Thanos in THOR 2, but they shouldn’t use him as the main villain for the movie.

          Thor has so many awesome villains, so using an Avengers villain in a THOR movie would make next to no sense IMO.

        • @mongoose, If the Asgardians(including Odin) are busy fighting Surtur and his horde, and if Thanos disguised as Odin ran into the vault, whoever is guarding the vault would probably let who they thought was Odin in especially at such a drastic moment without them thinking about it too much. Thinking he needs to get in there asap in order to get something to fight Surtur with.

          • I don’t think the Destroyer can be fooled by illusions.

            • True.

              Except the destroyer is now a pile of scrape in SHIELD’s custody.

        • I don’t mind speculation that is based on some logic or reason. Obviously Thanos has been introduced and will appear in a future Marvel movie. There will be a Thor 2. There will be tie-ins.

          The only bit of substantive news in this article is that Mads Mikkelsen is “in talks” to play a villain part. That is all. Period. Nothing more to see folks. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

          There is nothing to be gleaned from Chris Hemsworth’s quotes at all. He’s talking. “Bigger fish” is just some expression he grabbed out of his head at the moment. He was only joking about Thanos being “too easy.” He meant nothing by it. He’s not hinting at clues. He doesn’t care to. He’s going to get questions about Thor and the Avengers in interviews, but he’s not sitting around thinking up clever allusions to Marvel movie plots.

          I would say that this article simply reported a random quote and the fans have taken the ball and run with it. But Kofi Outlaw says, “this is not the case (the Thanos is the villain in Thor 2) according to Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.” Further on he adds to the FACT that Mads Mikkelsen is in in talks that, “It seems that “bigger fish” could be…” So obviously Kofi Outlaw is seeing a pattern and connecting these two virtually unrelated events. It was a deft choice not to include anything about a magic eightball or read into the numerology of the dates and times.

          I can’t see these connections. If could turn out to be accurate, but for unrelated reasons. There is a Thor 2 and he will fight a villain, and maybe the villain will be physically bigger than Thanos. But that could be anybody. It could be “the executioner,” or “Surtur.” Or MM could be playing some minor bad guy, someone who aids Loki or something, and this “reading” could turn out to not be accurate.

          I expect some build-up of Thanos, the Other, and the Infinity Gauntlet to be in Thor 2 somehow. It could be as little as a “break-in” scene after the credits, or part of the main plot. The only thing I can say is opinion that I think either would under serve the importance of these characters unless they are somehow made to be part of the plot. They could make it an unrelated subplot but that would be messy. I could imagine that Thanos and the Other create some distraction for Asgard while they steal from the vault. Or Thor and Odin try to protect Loki from them, or Loki warns them and fights with them (somewhat). I don’t know. But I’m not reading anything into what CH said, at all.