Chris Hemsworth Talks ‘Thor 2′; Mads Mikkelsen Circling Villain Role [Updated]

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Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor 2 Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor 2; Mads Mikkelsen Circling Villain Role [Updated]

[UPDATE: Scroll Down to Find Out Which Actor Could be Playing the Villain in Thor 2.]

The glow of success is still shining bright around The Avengers – but that doesn’t mean the cast of the film is getting any rest. Robert Downey Jr. is already into production on Iron Man 3 with writer/director Shane Black (Lethal Weapon), while Chris Hemsworth is already gearing up for Thor 2, this time under the guidance of Game of Thrones director, Alan Taylor.

With the Iron Man and Thor sequels speeding down the pipeline, the superhero movie rumor mill is already churning with speculation and about what is coming in “Phase 2″ of Marvel’s Avengers movie universe. While we know Iron Man 3 will feature a story about a nanotechnological virus unleashed as a terrorist threat, Thor 2 has been something of a bigger question – especially when it comes to the issue of the villain.


The Avengers left off with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) being arrested by his brother Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and transported back to Asgard to face justice for attacking the Earth. Of course, one subplot of the Avengers story was Loki’s partnership with an extraterrestrial ally – one who warned him of the consequences he would face, should he fail to capture the Tesseract (cosmic cube). At the end of the film it was revealed that ally is classic Marvel Comics villain Thanos, who has direct ties to the cosmic universe of Thor. With Loki having failed in his mission, some comic fans naturally assumed that Thor 2 would focus on Thanos attacking Asgard, looking for revenge against Loki and seeking the tesseract, which is now assumedly stored in Odin’s vault (along with a few other Marvel mystical artifacts of importance).

Thanos vs. Avengers Thor and Captain America Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor 2; Mads Mikkelsen Circling Villain Role [Updated]

Thanos (with Infinity Gauntlet) vs. The Avengers

However, this is not the case according to Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.

Talking to MTV, Hemsworth claims that Thanos is NOT the villain in Thor 2, as far as he can see. Here’s how MTV described the exchange:

We already know that Natalie Portman will be returning to the project to reprise her role as Jane, but will we also see a return of Thanos? We won’t because, according to Hemsworth, he would be “too easy.”

“We need a bigger fish,” the Aussie said with a laugh.

UPDATE: It seems that “bigger fish” could be Clash of the Titans and Valhalla Rising  star Mads Mikkelsen, whom Variety reports is currently in talks with Marvel to play the villain role – which we’re guessing is not Thanos (though that wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility). American moviegoers probably recognize Mikkelsen best as the villain hammering James Bond’s gonads in Casino Royale; the actor has had bit parts in several big franchise films, including the aforementioned Titans, and Paul W.S. Anderson’s recent Three Musketeers remake. We’ll be sure to keep a close eye on the situation as a deal between Mikkelsen and Marvel gets worked out.

Thor 2 Mads Mikkelsen in Valhalla Rising Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor 2; Mads Mikkelsen Circling Villain Role [Updated]

Mikkelsen in 'Valhalla Rising'

Hemsworth also described how Thor 2 is shaping up in general – and what it’s like working with Taylor, one of the minds behind arguably the hottest show on TV right now:

“Alan Taylor is directing, and he’s one of the producers and directors of ‘Game of Thrones.’ I love that sort of mythical element, that there was an organic real world there, and I think Asgard and Thor’s ethereal universe could be injected with that,” Hemsworth said. “It could be more sort of tangible. So more locations, less green screen. I think the Viking influence that that sort of world came from. It should feel [tangible]. It should exist more, instead of too shiny, clean, golden.”

(We know many fans will be in total support of that idea.)

“You’ve always got to tie in Earth, I think. But Thor in the comic books, I found, that after the initial kind of establishing the character got more interesting because there were so many realms and things to explore.”

Hemsworth’s sentiment in that last sentence echoes our own discussions on the Screen Rant Podcast about Avengers 2 – namely, that the Marvel movie universe will split in two directions: one based on Earth (like Iron Man 3) and one that concerns the larger cosmic universe.  I think I speak for a fair number of fans when I say that if we DON’T see more of the cosmic realm in Thor 2, it will be something of a disappointment (because Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster is NOT an adequate conciliation prize).

thor trailer 2 natalie portman 570x315 Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor 2; Mads Mikkelsen Circling Villain Role [Updated]

Do we really need more of THIS?

Of course, Hemsworth himself had to admit that he hasn’t seen the script for Thor 2 – by Don Payne (Thor) and Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan, Falling Skies) – and neither have we, for that matter. Given the big success of The Avengers (and the surplus in money – part of which has already been funneled into Iron Man 3), the Thunder God’s sequel is a picture that could ultimately take a different shape than initially expected.

Thor 2 will be in theaters on November 15, 2013.

Source: MTV

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  1. Everyone is saying this villian that villian, iron man 3, captain 2 and avengers 2

    Hey if they want to actually make a dent on whoevers going to be the villian in the avengers 2 how the hell is hulk going to fit it like come on we need a hulk 2!!!!!!

    • Oh, I’m all for Ruffalo getting a solo film now. Absolutely. I really want them to go straight for Peter David stuff here, though I wonder how much that would throw audiences off?

      I liked the Norton film a lot, but way too much like the TV show at first. I absolutely hate the fact that all of the sacrifice of the Hulks REAL origin does not exist in the Marvel Movie Universe. The guy did NOT INJECT HIMSELF for gods sake. Ok, rant over. 😀

      Well we did see the Leader kinda of born in the Norton film, so they could just run with that.


      p.s. oh yeah this is actually a Thor thread.. that means…

      DOOM!! 😀

      • No Doom.. Not a Marvel property.

        • Disregard.

  2. For me at the end of Avenegers it looked more like Red Skull,not that other guy ! Anyway :)

  3. I’d like to see Firelord and Beta Ray Bill in the Thor sequel….
    If not this Thor 2, perhaps Thor 3 or 4.

    • Beta Ray Bill? Oh please, lord no. The most important thing would be pumping Thor up a little closer to the godliness he had in the comics (similar to what they did for the Hulk in Avengers). Surtur is good. Ulik. Mangog. Ego. The Infinity saga (no, not the gauntlet – you have to know Thor to know this one). Same goes for Loki – let’s see some real magical power please. He doesn’t need to be given a silly Thanos glow-stick to be a threat.

  4. I’m having a problem with the site. It’s all white. I can see the commercials on the sides and on the top, but the background is completely white and I’m not able to see the pictures. I use Safari. I haven’t downloaded any other internet browsers though. It would be a shame if I’d have to sswitch to see the site properly.

    • Safari did just update recently, I wonder if there was a problem with that? I never did get the update, as I rarely use it, but seems an odd coincidence.

      Doomy B

      • It’s all good now though. Oddly enough.

  5. honestly, i only watched the film THOR because natalie portman nothing else, i’m not fan of marvel heroes. but still looking forward that sequel will highly budgeted and more locations please.

  6. I could totally see Mads Mikkelsen playing Mephisto. And as some of you may remember, Mephisto played a role in the Infinity Gauntlet, so there could be an interesting connection with Thanos.

    • I don’t think they’d go that route, but how cool would it be to see Mephisto playing his regular role… whispering evil deeds into people’s ears, the red devil hanging out behind you, leaning in to whisper suggestions. Each player in the plot being plagued by a devil only they can see…twisting each person to go after the other.

      Sorry. Getting away with myself.

  7. I’m gonna bet that if Mikkelsen is in the movie, he’ll play Mallaketh.

    • I was imagining which Thor baddie he could play, and Malekith is almost a perfect fit.

      If anyone hasn’t seen it, check out Mikkelson in the film “Valhalla Rising,” it’s on Netflix. If you’re into norse mythology or history it’s a great film.

    • Mikkelson and Malekith sounds almost perfect. He has a VERY sinister but very calculated look about him. Malekith likes to smile a lot tho. That’s who I immediately thought he’d play too.

  8. I like Mads Mikkelsen as an actor and i think he would work well with Alan Taylor, i wonder who he is playing though i heard maybe it was the Enchantress a few days ago this changes some stuff. I do wish to see the Enchantress and Skurge in a Thor movie with Hemsworth because that would be awesome, its like Superman 2 when Superman fights Zod, Ursa, and Non and with the effects we have now come on. Hiddleston returning as Loki though not as the main villain will still be good because he is a greata ctor and he always delivers. Anyway back to Mikkelsen as the Thor 2 villain, personally i see him more as a Doctor Doom kind of bad guy i even posted something about how i thought he would make an excellent Doom for Josh Trank’s reboot, I do wish he would do better movies he was awesome in Casino Royale but Clash of the Titans wasnt that good nor was the Three Musketeers (based on what i heard) he is a fantastic actor but he never works in good movies i guess. I think that if he going to play anybody from Thor I can picture him as Malekith who is the leader of the Dark Elves in the Asgardian realm which means he basically has an army which could give Thor a run for his money and with a grittier more rough edged kind of feel that hopefully Taylor and the actors and writers will bring to the sequel maybe its what we need. I don’t want Thanos for the villain in Thor 2 i say save him for Avengers 2. Here is how i go about Thor 2 from a villain standpoint i think that Mikkelsen can play Malekith and he and Loki make some sort of deal under the table to set Loki up as a man trying to redeem himself, like Loki says hey Malekith attack these guys for me let me stop you and then i will be accepted and more loved by father and the true heir to the throne, and to make sure that Thor doesn’t get in the way with Loki’s plan he has Malekith begin an alliance with Skurge and the Enchantress therefore Enchantress can attack Jane and separate the two of them while Skurge battles with Thor beating him quite bad so Thor is now hurt physically and mentally and this will all take place most likely on other worlds so it will be sick. So if he is playing anyone the only one i see him as is Malekith what do you guys think about my ideas for Thor 2 let me know.

    Also if ever they put the absorbing man in a Thor movie i vote Steve Austin you can imagine how awesome that would be Hemsworth versus Austin oh man!!!!!

    But probably won’t happen at least not in this one. I think Thor may need to start wearing a cup if he is fighting Mikkelsen.

  10. I see Mads as Skurge, his mien is threatening but not all that impressive and the same is true of his voice. Casting him as Malekith would be a big mistake and yes I know ‘Le Chiffre’ had a wonky eye as well but that still doesn’t mean he’s suited for the role. Many people unfamiliar with the Simonson character don’t seem to realize that Malekith is an expressive, talky villain with decidedly fey features. You need someone who A. LOOKS the part and B. Has one hell of a voice to pull him off properly. Why? Because he’s even more of a magic-wielding conman than Loki is! I hope they don’t change the character too much, that would ruin everything that made him interesting (and creepy) in the first place. I’ve said it before, either Benedict Cumberbatch or Steven Valentine would fit the bill.

    • People say he fits as Malekith primarily because of his physical build and his intense personality in other roles.

      As for Skurge, Mads doesn’t fit the phenotype at all. Executioner has a lot of muscle mass, Mikkelson is lean.

  11. Chris Hemsworth’s comment seem to allude to a physically bigger threat than Thanos…which I am hoping is Surtur.

    I think Thanos will have a supporting role in the movie…if I have to guess, Mads Mikkelson’s character could be an agent of Thanos (maybe Malekeith?) to cause a commotion on Asgard…maybe ushering in Ragnarok (which brings into play Surtur)…then, while Thor and the rest of the Asgardians are busy stopping Ragnarok (which they will), Thanos (or another agent of his) will swoop in and get their real purpose for causing chaos in Asgard…the Infinity Gauntlet…..cue post-credit scene…Thanos wearing the Infinity Gauntlet and reshaping a planetoid into a castle resembling his face.

  12. Um, by “fish”, could he be referring to Namor?

    • Stop it. Just stop before I cry.

      Literalist interpretations of his statement are horrid & degrading.

      • Ken, between this and the doom stuff, I’m not sure what is worse.

        Doomy B

    • The joke has been done already.

  13. i think what he means by Thanos being “too easy” has nothing to do with his strength or anything like that. he probably means that with Thanos being introduced in Avengers, it would be too easy to have him be the villian in Thor 2. i think Mikkelsen could be Malekith the Accursed. he finds out that the casket of ancient winters is located in odin’s vault and decides to unleash it’s powers. he convinces enchantress to take care of thor and he’ll release loki as he takes over asgard in search of the casket. enchantress and executioner take to earth and enchantress tries to seduce thor, but finds that his love for jane foster is stronger than her magic, she then kidnaps jane as thor battles executioner. after the battle thor returns to asgard only to find that malekith’s army is invading. after having exhausted himself in battle, Odin enters the odinsleep. Malekith then transforms himself to look like Odin and convinces the unknowing guards to let him into odin’s vault, where he claims the casket. he unleashes the casket upon asgard and as asgard begins to freeze over, thor battles him and is victorious and saves jane, but unable to stop asgard from becoming a frozen wasteland. It is then revealed that loki has escaped and Thor, acting as king while Oden remains sleeping, banishes enchantress and executioner from asgard. then, in an after the credits scene, loki enters the frozen vault and claims the cosmic cube once again, as thanos appears behind him, grinning.

    Ideas? i know there should be some more moments like thor and loki’s relationship and all, but is it an overall good idea?

    • Well, I’m hoping it isn’t Maelkith. The space he would fill is too similar to what Loki is inhabiting now, and Hiddleston is doing too masterful a job to mess with that. I’m also hoping it isn’t Enchantress/Executioner, which were always quite lame in the comic book world. Remember, this could be a CGI villain, which means that the overall body type doesn’t really matter. It could be all about the voice and the expressiveness. Mikkelson could be playing Ulik, which would be very similar to a Thor vs. Hulk battle, except in the mystical realms. It could be Surtur as well. Or Mangog. Or Mephisto. So many ways it could go…

      • Oh, and it could easily be the Absorbing Man, who was created by Loki and did show up in Asgard at one point.

        • Amora and Skurge are lame? But Absorbing Man is not? That character is silly (and would be viewed my many as a Sandman 2.0 knockoff from Spidey 3. Amora and Skurge are not inherently silly, they just frequently get written as too over the top. In a live action film they have the potential to be given real depth. This could create a great dynamic. Amora is hot for Thor but still views him as an adversary, which could lead her to go after Jane to do her harm. Skurge, being hot for Amora yet it never being fully reciprocated, would have extra incentive to want to destroy Thor.

          Surtur would be a good choice, but I agree Malekith is too close to type and similar to Loki, which would either confuse non-hardcore fans or leave them saying, “Ah, here we go, more of the same.”

  14. I hate to be a spoilsport, but guys… Hemsworth was just joking around (he is Australian after all ;)). Don’t take his comment as some cryptic message hinting at who the villain might be.
    Hemsworth hasn’t even seen the script yet (he said so himself in a recent interview), so who’s to say he even knows who the villain is?

  15. I think that Surtur is an awesome villain for Thor but i say use him for Thor 3 to make a great big awesome ending of the trilogy.

  16. Mikkelsen will be The Executioner. no doubt

  17. Good news Mark Ruffalo has signed on for 6 Marvel Movies!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we will definitely see him again as the jolly green goliath. Still have hopes for him to be in the tv show coming up later on this year or maybe next year i forget when, but most likely it wont happen but as George Michael says “I Gotta Have Faith”

  18. Mikkelsen doesn’t look like Executioner material to me, Skurge is big and buff and bulky like Lou Ferrigno or Arnold Schwartnzenneger. Mikkelsen doesn’t fit that description to me. I still hope Skurge and Enchantress are in it because they are both awesome baddies for Thor

  19. Hi i am looking forward of seeing thor 2 i bet it will be good will loki survive on this one cant wait until nov

  20. Mads will no longer be playing the villain. So here are my suggestions: Jack Huston, Ben Barnes, Max Irons, Matthew Goode, Ben Whishaw, Vinnie Jones, Henry Cavill and Benedict Cumberbatch. Now, these are all up and coming British actors that some people may never heard of. I don’t want to see any celebrity play him who we all know/heard of. We need fresh/new actors.

  21. so do yall thank its goingg to be jane and thor or do yall thank there going to lean twards the comic and add sif in the love intrest? how do yall thank its going to end ?.