‘Thor 2′ Needs A Villainous Replacement For Mads Mikkelsen

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Thor 2 Mads Mikkelsen Thor 2 Needs A Villainous Replacement For Mads Mikkelsen

On the eve of Comic-Con 2012 we found out that David Slade would no longer be able to direct the Fantastic Four reboot due to scheduling issues this fall with the pilot of Hannibal. As we’ve learned today, that same program is responsible for the Marvel cinematic universe losing another potential key player, this one from in front of the cameras.

Danish actor and rising star Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale, Valhalla Rising) was reported to be the pick of Marvel Studios and director Alan Taylor to take on the new main villain role in Thor 2 but since he’s headlining the aforementioned series as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Marvel was a “little too late.”

In chatting with Zoomin Movies, Mikkelsen explained that the timing of Marvel’s production and interest with the actor just didn’t work out.

“Yeah, that’s not happening unfortunately. I had a meeting with them, but they were a little too late. And then ‘Hannibal’ came in, and everything just came in the same period, so now it’s not happening.”

It was around the end of May when we first heard that Marvel was interested in Mikkelsen, but within a week he was officially cast in Bryan Fuller and NBC’s take on the Hannibal Lecter character.

avengers wallpaper loki 570x320 Thor 2 Needs A Villainous Replacement For Mads Mikkelsen

While Marvel Studios will need to quickly find a replacement if Thor 2 is on track to being principal photography in August, it’s already been confirmed that Stellan Skarsgard’s Dr. Erik Selvig, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, Idris Elba’s Heimdall and Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster are all confirmed to return along with the rest of the principal Thor cast sans Joshua Dallas’ Fandral (Zachary Levi may takeover the part).

Mikkelsen brings a commanding presence to the screen in all of his roles and is seemingly built for strong villainous characters with unique traits. The role in question for Thor 2 hasn’t been confirmed, but speculation and rumors points towards it being The Executioner. Either way, finding a replacement of Mikkelsen’s (and Hiddleston’s) caliber won’t be an easy task.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor 2 on November 8, 2013, Captain America 2 on April 4, 2014 and (likely) Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014.


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Source: Zoomin Movies (via The Playlist)

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  1. Fingers crossed there is an announcement tomorrow! :)

    • Get Til Schweiger, he was awesome in Inglourious Basterds.

  2. Valhalla Rising, the most violent movie I ever slept through

  3. Get adrien brody.I’d liked to see him in a villianous role.he is a Oscar winner you know.

    • i will just pretend i didn’t read that

    • Adrian Brody alone will make me NOT watch Thor 2. He’s one of the only actors I actually hate.

      Even if this is a joke comment, I don’t care.

  4. Mikkelsen is being politely diplomatic here.
    Marvel had their shot and dropped the ball.

  5. this is b*******! he should half dark face elf!

  6. If the villain is The Executioner, then The Enchantress should be in there also. But I doubt it because Loki is supposedly going to be in this one, so that’ll be too many villians.

    • I don’t know where I read it, but a previous interview made it sound like Loki would be in sort of a family rehab type state in this one, sort of dealing with his failed attempts at Villainy in Thor and The Avengers. I can see The Enchantress and The Executioner vs. Thor and a reluctant, grumpy Loki being a good set up for a dysfunctional family team up.

      • That’s what Loki wants you to think…

      • lmao that would be funny

  7. I’ve always thought Mads M was awesome. I had no idea he was playing Hannibal but what a great choice. I’ll be watching.

    Thor 2 – Cap 2 – Iron Man 4 – etc. All these sequels are bleeding into one another under the Avengers banner.

    I’m actually glad Marvel doesn’t have the X-Men as well. Not sure I want the Avengers tone in X-Men.

    • How can you be glad Marvel’s characters aren’t with Marvel?

    • While I wish Fox didn’t have the X-Men, I kind of empathize with Frank here. A shared universe is awesome, but I think the Avengers and X-Men should both be their own things.

      I do miss Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver though.

      • That is not a rights issue. SW and Quicksilver can be used by Marvel and Fox. There are a few characters that have non-exclusive movie rights or loophole properties. They can be used , but cannot have the connection to Magneto.

  8. I think Derek Mears would be a perfect executioner. Marvel likes staying away from most of the major actors and this guy has the size needed.

  9. Maybe the enchantress and the executioner will be fighting on Loki’s orders while he lays low sounds possible.

  10. @ Jakob, I’m glad other studios have characters because I don’t think Marvel is doing the best job with their universe. I know the other studios make mistakes too, but sometimes you get a stroke of brilliance from creators (like X-men 2) that I just don’t feel is possible under the suffocating conditions of Marvel Studios, who tend to micromanage their talent to their detriment. Yes, their movies make money. But I don’t think their movies are well done. More often you can feel how cheap they are, and even some of the Avengers look and felt cheap to me. But I admire their ambition and they do a fair job for how incredibly hard it is to even make a movie. I will always love their characters, I just have no desire to see Marvel Studios rendition of X-men or Daredevil and seeing Robert Downing Jr there quipping about everything. To me, the ultimate comic book film is The Dark Knight, because of its gravity, sorely lacking in Marvel made stuff. I grew up reading comics when they were taking a serious edge (Miller’s Dark Knight Returns) and using the mythology as a metaphor for fixing issues in society, as good mythologies do. But Marvel won’t take their chances like WB did with Nolan’s vision. Directors for Marvel have to see Marvel’s vision, something Whedon did pretty well admittedly, but not anywhere close to The Dark Knight. There is more potential for a Dark Knight outside of Marvel Studios than inside. I have no idea why I’m up at 1:00am writing this.

    • ^ Nolanite ;> Regardless I kinda agree with the X-2 comment, that movie was a smart and well done super-hero movie. Most of these Marvel movies I like a lot but you can tell they were just making them so people would watch the Avengers. So they always felt rushed or something.

  11. Somebody from the UFC!

  12. That’s a shame. I think Mads Mikkelsen would have made an excellent Malekith the Accursed.
    I don’t know what’s up with all these comments saying the Executioner will be the villain… A villain, sure, but not THE villain (and besides, Mikkelsen is way to slim to play that character IMO). I do hope the Executioner is in the movie (along with the Enchantress), but I’m certain it won’t be a major role (more like a supporting role as a “lacky” to the real villain).
    Hemsworth said they’re going with a big bad guy this time round, so maybe it’s Surtur…

    And PS @SR: apparently it’s already been confirmed that Levi is playing Frandal. I read an interview where he was talking about the character and how he wanted to portray him at the SDCC… I did read the article over at CBM, so obviously it’s not the most reliable source ;) but you guys should maybe look into it anyway.

    • Ack! I always get his name wrong: FANDRAL, not Frandal.

  13. Am I the only one who thought Mads Mikkelsen playing Hannibal was actually him playing the true Hannibal that invaded Rome. In the picture he is has only one eye(Valhalla Rising). Ah well he should be the perfect guy to eat some brains while talking to the person.

  14. How about Wes Bentley as Malekith