‘Thor: The Dark World’ Trailer Analysis, Part 2

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Thor 2 The Dark World Trailer DiscussionAs the individual Marvel heroes undergo changes from their first outings to sequels, few seem as primed for a change as Thor: The Dark World. Where the first film was a lighthearted fantasy with elements of Shakespeare and Norse mythology, The Dark World is going headlong into the territory of Viking warfare.It's not surprising that with all-out war in Asgard, a tenuous relationship with Thor and Loki, and a seemingly endless army of Dark Elves, the studio is able to fill the most recent Dark World trailer with plenty of action and charged dialogue.We're taking a closer look at what's been shown, alluded to, foreshadowed, or hinted at in the trailer. And buried in some of those quick-cuts were some truly suspicious implications.Potential spoilers for all readers from here on out (if our analysis is correct). You have been warned.


Thor 2 Dark World Loki in Prison

The previous trailer for Thor: The Dark World revealed that Loki (Tom Hiddleston) was wasting away within an Asgardian prison cell (read our analysis of that trailer here), but it's worth noting that the second trailer reveals that he's not alone in his confinement.Considering the breadth of fiction surrounding Thor in the comic books, we'd normally wager that an easter egg or two could be spotted in these cells when the finish film is released.But the fact that both trailers have appeared to show Thor (Chris Hemsworth) doing battle with several enemies in these same rooms, there's a chance those background characters could take center stage in a jailbreak (all part of Malekith's plan?).

The 'Dark' World

Thor 2 Dark World Trailer SvartalfheimAlthough the lush, green landscapes seen in the trailer belie the title of 'The Dark World,' this is the titular realm of the Dark Elves also known as Svartalfheim.If the scenery looks pulled directly out of a fantasy movie, it should: it's the same Icelandic backdrop that director Alan Taylor used to represent the frozen, deserted wilderness above 'The Wall' during his time at the helm of Game of Thrones.The casual moviegoer might expect a different realm to be home to such villainous beings as the film's Dark Elves, but the views alone promise a more grounded, natural adventure.

Leading with the Finale?

Thor 2 Dark World Trailer London Fight

Since both trailers have now opened with the Dark Elves' attack on London, Thor making his unique brand of entrance here was implied to be taking place near the beginning of the film, triggering his rescue of Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and travel to Asgard.However, a closer look at the arm featured in the same shot shows the telltale layering of armor worn by Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) himself. Unless Thor will be engaging in hand-to-hand combat with the central villain multiple times, it seems this fight - and the attack that precedes it - is positioned near the climax of the film.Besides potentially ruining the surprise, this fact forces viewers to re-examine the implied sequence of events shown in the trailers. If it isn't an attack that brings Thor back to Earth, what then?

Thor Goes Bowie

Thor 2 Dark World Trailer Guyliner

How could we not make specific mention of the god of Thunder's new-found appreciation for guyliner? All jokes concerning our hero's makeup aside, this shot of Thor transporting Jane back to Asgard also provides a glimpse at the new effects of cross-realm travel.In the previous film, transportation via the Bifrost left a large circle of Nordic runes embedded in the ground; here, the audience can actually watch as the runes are burned into the pavement one by one. It's a nice addition from a purely visual standpoint, but it could also be tied to the form of travel itself.As fans already know, the Bifrost was destroyed at the climax of Thor (2011), so perhaps this new effect is a result of his new means of travel.

Jane is Not Well

Thor 2 Dark World Trailer Jane IllnessWe made a note of the shot depicting Loki, Thor and Jane making their way across a frozen landscape. What this means in regards to the shaky alliance between the Asgardian brothers is still unknown, but the second trailer highlights three new facts: first, that Thor isn't quite ready to let Loki off his leash (notice the handcuffs); second, that Loki is leading them to Malekith's stronghold (the same ship which eventually attacks London); and lastly, that Jane is not well.We had previously assumed she was simply not a match for the stamina of the gods accompanying her, but in this shot, she looks to be in serious peril. It's hard to say what ails her - especially since she seems fine in the shots that look to precede and follow these ones - but why Thor would be taking her along on his quest to find Malekith is the most important question.If Loki is the "one" person who knows where to find the Dark Elves' stronghold, could the mysterious 'procedure' Jane undergoes in the first trailer be motivating him? Could only Malekith hold the cure? We'll have to wait and see.

A Masked Malekith

Thor 2 Dark World Trailer Masked Malekith

Ready to welcome the Asgardian party outside of the tower/ship (which later seems to crash into the heart of Asgard) is a troop of Dark Elves, all wearing the masks and armor of their race. But that star emblazoned on the chest of this Dark Elf is a giveaway: this is Malekith, not yet ready to show off his singed face.Interestingly, the same promotional image which shows Malekith's armor so clearly shows no sign of the burns which cover half of his face. The question then, is whether Malekith is capable of hiding his wounds (why bother?), or if the ship crashing into Asgard, and his ensuing attack actually takes place before the other scenes.That would certainly explain the dark, dank restraints he was first shown in. Whatever the case, this desert setting seem to be the backdrop of some major plot points to follow.

Deadly Frigga

Thor 2 Dark World Trailer Frigga Malekith

We deduced from the previous trailer that Frigga (Rene Russo) would be fighting Malekith, and what spoiled plot points that might lead to. This trailer confirms our conclusions, and shows that while Frigga's role in the first film may have been a small one, she is just as skilled as her family members.However this scene plays out, Malekith looks to be free from burns at this point, lending credence to the notion that this attack on Asgard takes place before Thor seeking him out with Jane in tow, but after Jane is brought to Asgard for her own protection (whoops)!.If Frigga is put into harm's way, it could affect Loki more than audiences might expect. He still sought out his adoptive mother's approval in the first film, so Thor and he may have common ground to stand on after all.

Ambiguity, and Algrim the Strong

Thor 2 Dark World Malekith Attacks JaneThis shot stands out to us for several reasons: Jane is indeed suspended in mid-air by (a now-burned) Malekith, as a defeated Thor looks on. The first trailer showed this scene as a potentially massive sacrifice, but knowing what we do about Jane's possible illness/possession, and the fact that Thor sought Malekith, could this be something different?It's also worth noting that Loki is simply observing the scene - minus his manacles - despite fighting a Dark Elf himself. Could he be in league with Malekith, or preparing to redeem himself (he does "like" Jane, after all).This shot also reveals what looks to be the first shot of Algrim the Strong/Kurse (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), a Dark Elf and servant of Malekith who fought Thor in the comics. Seeing Thor unable to save Jane leads us to believe that may have already taken place.

Magic Mushroom Cloud

Thor 2 Dark World Trailer Magic Explosion

One of the more confusing shots from the trailer depicts the same desert landscape and stationary ship from the prior scenes, only this time punctuated by what appears to be a magical explosion. The only time in recent memory we've seen anything resembling this shockwave was when Thor's hammer Mjolnir met Captain America's shield in The Avengers, but we know Vibranium is an Earthly metal.So how do we explain the explosion? Could it be a result (or the climax) of Thor's fight with Algrim the Strong? In the comics, Malekith fired upon both once they began fighting, so it's possible that same treachery could be at work here - notice the two figures silhouetted against the explosion?The nature of this special effects showpiece largely depends on the events of the last scene we discussed, so we'll have to wait for more hints to come to a conclusion.

Thoughtful Hammer

Thor 2 Dark World Mjolnir Flying LondonIt may not be as pivotal to the plot as some other moments in the trailer, but Thor's increased control over his trusty hammer Mjolnir is worth pointing out.While the dull thudding of the hammer punching through numerous walls aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier worked in The Avengers, it seems the filmmakers have come up with a less damaging solution.Instead of taking the shortest path through London to Thor's outstretched hand, Mjolnir now weaves its way down city streets and around corners. We can't disagree that it's worth an explanation, since shattering homes and families in the name of time seems a bit callous on Thor's part.

A Stone Man From Saturn

Thor 2 Dark World Trailer Stone Man SaturnAs one of the funnier end scenes to a Marvel trailer we can recall, Thor's quick dispatching of a colossal stone warrior is likely to get a laugh from even non-comic book enthusiasts. But to those who pride themselves on Thor lore, the enemy isn't just some random golem.That would be one of the 'Stone Men from Saturn,' the strange rock monsters that Thor fought in his first appearance in print, in "Journey into Mystery" #83. While there may be only a single enemy here, his victory makes his strength as evident on film as it was in the comic book pages.The inclusion of such an easter egg in the film's trailer certainly raises our hopes for those in the rest of the movie, but this is a strong start regardless.


Thor 2 The Dark World Trailer DiscussionThose are the brief clips and questions from the newest trailer that most stood out to us, even if their answers leave us scratching our heads. What do you think of our explanations?Are they right on the money, or will you be disappointed if they prove to be true? Be sure to share your own insights or theories in the comments, and check out our previous trailer analysis if you haven't already._____Thor: The Dark World hits theaters on November 8, 2013.Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. Great analysis. Looks like Frigga is going to die a hero’s death.

  2. Does anybody else think Natalie Portman’s character will die in this movie? I mean, she did not even want to be in this movie. I doubt that she want to come out in a third film.

    • Ill almost guarentee it, im that confident. Its time marvel raises the stakes and killa off a main character. Tho since its jane it may lack the emptiomal punch that killing off one of the heroes would do but it will suffice

      • I’m thinking Frigga AND Jane might die in this one… definitely thinking Frigga, but who knows.

      • And the fact that there has already been hinting of “catfighting” shown between Sif and Jane lets us know that maybe Thor’s heart is also divided so once Jane is out of the picture, it’ll give the filmmakers to, in Thor 3, explore a relationship between Sif and Thor

    • Jane Foster figures very prominently in this flick so it would be pretty dramatic if she dies in the end.

      One of the reasons I am looking forward to this is because Natalie Portman is such a great talent.

      Unfortunately, her heart really was NOT in the production of this flick.

      When Patty Jenkins left the movie, Portman wanted OUT but really had no exit since she had signed on for at least 2 pictures.

      It would be bold for Marvel to have Jane die. I’m sure Natalie herself would be relieved.

    • Does anybody else think the Dark Elves look like Telly Tubbys?

      • Lol now i see it too.

      • LOL SO TRUE!!!!

        • Can not be unseen.

      • Shy guys from Mario :)

    • Portman wanted out because she just had a baby in real life.

  3. SPOILER: yes, frigga dies during an attack by the dark elves. The stuntman Andrew lawden gave the information.

    • Thanks Jim.

  4. I look forward to “Thor The Dark World” and I hope it’s better than the first but after having seen this new trailer a few times, I have to agree with a few on this site who feel a lot of the look of this flick seems to have been influenced by “MAN OF STEEL.”

    Those who make this same assertion commented on the previous Thor thread on this site.

    • Well, that assertion seems like total and utter BS spouted by admitted/suspected DC fanboys… but I’m probably never going to win that argument. ;)

      • I’ve always stated I love Marvel and DC, but prefer DC a bit more.

        So I’m not into the DC vs Marvel arguments. The whole thing is silly.

        I’ve seen MOS enough times and own the art books of the movie to pick up a lot of similarities in the Thor trailer. The similarities ARE there.

        Mine is an observation. One can be open and objective to make an observation without trying to pick a fight.

        Maybe it’s those who immediately call on the “Marvel vs DC card” who are being defensive.

        The fact that Thor 2 took a few notes from MOS doesn’t make me not want to see “The Dark World.”

        But let’s not try to blind our own eyes. Thor 2 has had a bunch of problems since day one….

        • Well, you can’t tell from the trailer that there are any problems, but I guess that remains to be seen.

          Seems to me that people bringing up the MoS angle are a bit jealous that Marvel keeps making quality and diverse movies. Movie after movie. That’s got to be frustrating on some level.

          But, that’s probably just how they come across because of MY bias, right?

          • Leave me out of that fray.

            I make one comment about MOS’s influence on Thor 2 and people are freaking out.

            The way a person reacts says it all.

            And it’s all so ironic because I’m not looking at this as a DC vs Marvel angle.

            However, those who are so offended always demonstrate that THEY are “Marvel Fan boys.”

            That’s fine. I can enjoy BOTH “MAN OF STEEL” and “Thor The Dark World.”

            • Hi Kryptonic. I’ve read some of the reactions to what you posted, and I’m aware of the backlash that you’re getting. I do however believe you when you say you aren’t looking for a fight.

              That aside, I actually don’t think the aesthetic in Thor 2 was influenced by Man of Steel. The movies went into pre-production around the same time, and considering they’re from competing studios, chances are they had their aesthetic styles chosen before seeing each other’s work. I’m not denying similarities, I just think they came up with similar designs independent from each other. A Newton and Leibnitz Calculus scenario, if you will.

              • *Leibniz

                • Newton/ Leibnitz. nice ref.

              • Thanks Levi. + 1,000,000

                I hear where you’re coming from.

                Let’s all enjoy Thor 2.

                Really hope it’s gonna be good.

          • Sorry but none of marvel movies were quality except ironman and Avengers.All others were mediocre

        • @ Kryptonic

          Oh, I get it.

          Any sucess that Thor: The Dark World would get, it would owe to Man of Steel. Right?

          So, since Marvel “took notes” from Man of Steel and changed based on those notes, they should thank Man of Steel for Thor’s sucess?

          I can almost hear it now “The only reason Thor: The Dark World beat Man of Steel at the box office is beacuse it copied off of Man of Steel.”

          So does that mean that from here on out, all Marvel movies owe their sucess to Man of Steel?

          Look how DC fan spins things.


          • And there is literally NO evidence that Thor 2 changed anything because of MoS, that’s pure conjecture and speculation on their part. No proof whatsoever, just based on a biased opinion.

            • Holy s***, these are comic book movies, not politics. As fans of comic book movies, we should all be glad that both companies are taking the time to put together a cinematic universe. I’ve never gotten the whole Marvel vs. DC thing. My favorite superheroes are spread across both.

              • +1000

    • That seems pretty damn doubtful considering when it was filmed.

    • @ Kryptonic



      Thor: The Dark World was influenced by Man of Steel?? That’s a new low even for DC fan.

      So does that mean Man of Steel was influenced by IM3?

      DC trolls will say anything to promote Man of Steel I guess.


      • Oh. Sorry I struck such a sensitive nerve.

        • @ Kryptonic

          Yes sir, you sure did, my funny bone!!


          • nerves aren’t bones.

            • The “funny bone” is actually a nerve.

              • the ulnar nerve, near the elbow, when knocked can cause numbness and pain along the fore arm and hand. The nerve itself is never referred to as ‘the funny bone’.

                • When someone hits their funny bone, they are hitting the ulnar nerve. The sensation you feel after hitting the nerve is known as hitting your “funny bone”. It’s a figure of speech, not an actual bone in your body.

                  So, while it might sound weird, but Ron was technically correct when he said the nerve Kryptonic struck was actually his “funny bone”.


    • how is this film influenced by MOS?

      • Red capes

        • Red cape (everyone knows Thor’s cape was blue before MOS). LOL
          Oh and dark, actiony, a love interest, and aliens. I think I just described half the comic universe.

    • How can this movie be influenced by MoS when they were filmed at the same time?

    • I noted the similarities too, but it’s not possible for TDW to have been influenced to by MOS since they were both in production at the same time. It’s just a happy coincidence! :)

      I guess this just shows that Alan Taylor has a great vision for what his movie should look like and a great eye for the visual aesthetic – just like Zack Snyder.

      • Of course, props should go to the art department as well. It’s those guys and gals that drew and sketched out these moments, with very little reference, months before they even started filming.

    • I think it is more of a Snyder 300 rip rather than MOS. I don’t see any similarity in the two aside from the fact the two leads are gods/godlike. Do I feel a Snyder style vibe? Yes. Especially the elves in the desert.

  5. Maybe The Wrecking Crew is also in the jail?

  6. My analysis: This movie will destroy Iron Man 3 in every way. Except box office unfortunately.

    • Right on.

      In spite of all it’s problems, Thor The Dark World should be leagues better than IM3.

      But I must admit, I’ve seen ENOUGH of Loki. Time for another adversary.

      • Well we got Malekith. I’d guess this film will finish Loki’s story arc. Most likely he won’t be killed but I’d bet his character will be left off in limbo somewhere. That way if they never use him again, his story will have been full circled and if they use him again it’b be easy to bring him back.

        • That’s the ticket.

          Bring on Malekith!

          And you’re right about Loki. Marvel SHOULD keep him around.

          But it’s time that there was ANOTHER big baddie around besides Tom Hiddleston.

          • VIN DIESEL.

      • Pretty sure Loki will vanish for a while after this movie. He’s not gonna die though, he’s too popular and too important in the Thor universe to kill him. Plus Tom Hiddleston is signed for like 6 movies. Loki is never away from Thor for long, it’s sort of a law. They are like twin suns circling each other, sometimes the drift apart, but they always land back right next to each other.

        I love Loki, I think he’s one of the best characters in the MCU, but I am perfectly fine with him vanishing for a while. But again, I sincerely doubt he will die. They never killed him off in the comics either, not for long anyway, so I don’t think they’re gonna do it in the MCU.

        I’m sure he’ll be back for Thor 3, whenever that comes out.

        • Bring on Mangog &/or Hercules in the next one!!! :D

          • ……….and also the Oversword of Asgard!! :D

  7. great trailer, and very intriguing analysis! good work screenrant!

    • Great comment, And very intriguing exclamation marks! good work Cole Silver!

      • lmao

  8. If anyone is to die in this film, it’s Jane. Having her killed will allow Sif more screentime, which is what we should be getting. I understand Jane is a love interest in the comics, but she’s useless.

    • Jane is a key part of the Thor universe. It is unlikely she will die.
      Many people predicted Happy or Pepper would die in IM3 and you can see where that went.

  9. I don’t know the full extent of the supposed break down in relations between Alan Taylor and Marvel, but I really hope that it does not result in a movie that sucks. So far, from the trailers all looks good; very, very good actually!

    I personally think that if Taylor wanted to add an extra 20/30 mins and it resulted in a real high quality movie then Marvel should have let him roll with it. Hopefully, the film will still be very good. Considering its release date I would say 750 mil for this film.

    • for one thing, the only thing true about that rumor was that the composer was being replaced, and that’s not a big deal. The issue with Alan Taylor was nothing but rumor.

      • The grip and best boy have walked too, not to mention the boom operator so we could get a totally different film here.

        • +1

  10. I wonder if they plan on using the older stories where Jane is brought to Asgard and then made a goddess. Then she falls with the power she received and Thor moves onto Sif. Of course, their on again/off again relationship makes soap operas look bad.

    • Uhm, Jane gets her memories taken away after that. She gets turned back into a mortal and forgets everything.

      That could work, wiping Jane’s mind. I’m up for that.

  11. Im VERY excited for this film! I always thought that there was so much potential for Thor’s own franchise within the MCU. I thought Thor was a very solid movie, and I was impressed by the visual aspect of it, so its exciting we won’t be stuck on Earth as much as the first film.

  12. The thing that caught my attention in the trailer is Loki smacking Malekith near the end. Did anyone else see that?

  13. Am I the only person on the planet whose noticing a trend that each hero is going to be left in a devastating place for their respective movies in Phase 2? Tony Starks quit. And (I haven’t read the slide yet) but something tells me from the trailer that Thor will not be well off after this movie. And if those toy [Spoiler] suggestion were right then Captain America is in for a surprise that will impact him as well..

    • Whedon did say Avengers 2 was going to be darker.

    • Well, the second movie is almost always sort of the “Empire Strikes Back”, it’s a trend I guess.

  14. loki will save the day.

  15. I don’t remember the 1st trailer but where does this guy see IN THIS TRAILER that Thor is fighting anyone in those cells/rooms?? CAUSE I DONT SEE IT!!
    Andrew Dyce, PLEASE TELL ME WHERE YOU SAW THAT! I will go back and look at the 1st trailer but there is NOTHING OF THE SORT IN THIS TRAILER

    • Ahhhh , Sorry Dyce I see what you were saying now!

  16. Ready for this flick like yesterday already!

  17. The stone men appear in th world war hulk limited series and also in the animated movie
    planet hulk. One of them is kronan who forms part of the warbound which hulk is the
    leader. Good job of the writer knowing who the heck it was. Yes jane is useless and sif needs more screen time, same as harley was useless when we could have seen more war machine.

  18. I’m pretty sure that Jane does not die, that scene with her in mid air is probably her getting cured. I don’t know why Malekith would help her but it’s definitley not a scene where she gets killed.

  19. Great analysis and an even greater trailer. The teaser left me with some mixed feelings, but this looked awesome.

    I still have my concerns about the movie (especially Jane’s role in the film), but I’m willing to give Marvel and Taylor the benefit of the doubt here.

    One thing I can’t ignore though, is Malaketh: he doesn’t really look intimidating, and those masks look like something out of a pre-school kid’s show (which actually, is quite disturbing if you think about it).
    I’m worried the villain will end up being lackluster and one dimensional.

  20. Looks good. I hope there’s only five minutes spent on earth. The rest on asgard.

  21. I think Jane won’t be able to handle the environment, much like Zod in Man of Steel when he was on Earth. I kinda hope Jane dies… I found her character to be poorly written, but thats not gonna happen.

    • A lot of people felt that way about the character writing for Jane. I’d prefer that she live and get a better treatment in the script.

      I didn’t mind her at all in the first movie and felt she did a good job with what she had. The problem is people expect so much from her because of who she is, so in that respect many felt she under performed. Then there’s those reports of her not wanting to be a part of the franchise any more. There’s probably some truth to that, but you’d think that she established good relationships with enough people in movie 1 that she’d come around to enjoying herself, eventually, while making the new one. Sure, Patty Jenkins is great, but I doubt Natalie is that loyal to her. Things probably got heated and needed time to cool down. I don’t know… there hasn’t been much else reported on the issue. So, I’d like her to continue being a part of the franchise; even if it’s not as a love interest. Natalie’s a good actress, and with a more nuanced part she’d continue to be an asset to the franchise.

  22. Seeing it now, Kronans “stone men from saturn” Are a cosmic Marvel race, they also appear in “Planet Hulk” on planet Sakaar. This could link Thor more closely with the Guardians of the Galaxy in the MCU. And yes, it may just be one Kronan, in one scene. But it shows dedication on the part of the filmmakers to use Characters/Races within the Marvel Multiverse. which is great. Now we just need A Kree/Skrull War. :D

  23. I think the battle in London will take place in the beginning of the movie. It´s pretty obvious since it´s after this battle when Thor takes Jane to Asgard. I don´t see any reason why Malekith and Thor can´t fight several times during the movie.

  24. Good gosh, this is gonna be an epic film! If only from the trailers, I’ve already seen an improvement from the first film (sorry Branagh) which is always a welcome sight. Not to discount Branagh (as he set up probably the best Shakespearean take on a Marvel character that could possibly be done) but as with every sequel, there needs to be improvement, because, in the immortal words of Jim Carrey’s Captain Stars and Strips “otherwise…what’s the point?” but the serious tone of the film balanced with what looks to be the funniest Stark-less scenes that MCU has experienced. Definitely a great balanced noted, albeit just from the trailers alone, but Malekith is definitely giving Thor a run for his money. And between Malekith, Kurse (Algrim the Strong), and Loki it looks like Thor will be fighting pure determination, strength, and deceit all in one film. This movie definitely will see Thor mature even further and, by the circumstances alone, Thor is gonna come out even more somber than he’s ever been. November can’t come fast enough!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Everyone’s noticing Loki standing there and doing nothing while Malekith levitates Jane, but as someone somewhere pointed out, there’s an elf on the left poiting a gun at Loki so it might not be that Loki’s completely okay with whatever’s happening (or that gun is just a precaution because trusting Loki is a bad idea for anyone and Malekith knows it?). Also, another elf is pointing a gun at Thor who’s lying at Malekith’s feet, so Thor and Loki might yet be on the same side (at that moment, at least).

    • Only a Thor is dumb enough to trust Loki.

    • Loki is also blind folded in this scene. Folks on tumblr have zoomed in and lightened the screen so you can see that.

  26. I just gotta say…..is Thor ever going to wear the damn helmet again? WTF?!

    • He won’t. Get over it.

  27. There are some people on the internet that seem sick of Loki. Which I’ve seen comments from this website and others, mostly men thus far. I can understand that he shouldn’t be the main villain all the time in the movies, but I don’t see why he can’t be around like other characters in the Marvel universe. Look how many movies Wolverine has been in and done cameos. I’m sure it’s not the last we’ll see of Wolverine and I’m not sure if anyone is sick of him. I think if Loki is a fan favorite he could appear in other Marvel movies as a character in the story rather than the big villain. I think he is especially appealing to women and driving some of them to go see these movies and read comics if they weren’t beforehand. I think Marvel is being smart and trying to use him a lot for this reason. But an opinion is like an asshole, everyone’s got one.

  28. http://screenrant.com/iron-man-3-thor-2-spoilers-rumors/all/1/

    Posted 9 months ago, here is the explanation of why Jane looks ill, and a lot of other things.

    • I did not see anywhere in that Thor article where it mentioned Jane being sick or looking ill! Was there something in there that you saw and I just did not see it?
      Have you read this article lately? and If so what did you see that explains why Jane looks Ill?

      • Well the article said she doesnt look well. Close enough!

  29. “Magic Mushroom Cloud”

    It’s Wild Fire!