Tom Hiddleston Talks Chris Eccleston as Malekith the Accursed in ‘Thor 2′

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 Tom Hiddleston Talks Chris Eccleston as Malekith the Accursed in Thor 2

As someone who has played the villain in both Thor and The Avengers, nobody knows what it’s like to be a Marvel bad guy better than Tom Hiddleston (A.K.A. Loki, Thor’s spiteful brother).

So when Hiddleston weighed in on Christopher Eccleston’s performance as Malekith the Accursed in Thor: The Dark World, we were interested to hear what he had to say.

In a recent interview with Red Carpet News TV (which comes to us via Comic Book Movie), Hiddleston was effusive in his praise of Eccleston and hinted at the complex relationship between Loki and Malekith. Check out the key responses below:

“Christopher Eccleston is one of Britain’s greatest actors, he brings a degree of commitment, intelligence, conviction and complexity to everything he does. I think he really got his teeth into this thing [playing Malekith]. It’s hard to say anything without giving away too much. Christopher has enormous presence, which is very distinguishable on stage as well as film. It’s one of those things you can’t really define, you just can’t stop watching him when he’s on screen. I think he’ll be absolutely magnetic [in the movie]. Malekith has his own ambition. Whether or not Loki can coincide with or contradict, subvert or enhance that ambition remains to be seen.”

Okay, so we can’t read much into this interview because it’s not like Hiddleston is going to bash one of his co-stars. However, the way that Hiddleston hesitated before talking about the relationship between Loki and Malekith raises some interesting questions.

Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) and the Dark Elves

As we know from previous reports, Thor 2 will, in part, be about Loki’s redemption following his actions in The Avengers. But as Hiddleston explained in an interview we did last year, Loki isn’t the type of character that’s easy to box in – one way or the other.

“[Loki is] constantly dancing on that tightrope between yielding entirely to his darker instinct and redemption – the hope that one day he can be brought back and be recruited to the side of good.”

The introduction of Malekith the Accursed presents an interesting foil to Loki because, while the characters share similar traits, they cannot both get what they want. For example, Loki wants to punish Thor and take what he deems to be his rightful place as ruler of Asgard. Likewise, there’s no love lost between Thor and Malekith, who is also angling for unlimited power.

At first glance, the two might seem like perfect allies. But if Malekith is working to plunge the Nine Realms into chaos, then he is undermining Loki’s personal ambitions. To put it in cowboy terms, this town just ain’t big enough for the two of them. Needless to say, it will be very interesting to see how Loki, the eternal trickster, deals with someone like Malekith.

Thor: The Dark World is scheduled to be released on November 8th, 2013.

Source: Red Carpet News TV [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. i have to agree with Hiddleston that Eccleston is indeed a fine actor. he certinly made the 2 episodes of dr. who i was “coerced” into watching all the more bearable (sorry, i just cant get into that show) and cant wait for a trailer for this movie already!

    • +1 on Dr. Who… I actually despise that show.

  2. Yeah, since I first saw Christopher in that amazing TV show Second Coming (won’t spoil it but it’s fantastic, go find it if you can), I’ve praised the guy’s acting talents.

    Can’t wait to see this, not just because it’s a Marvel movie but because Eccleston is in it.

    I also second the above comment, I grew up with the Sylvester McCoy Doctor and saw the Paul McGann version too but I still think Eccleston was the best. I stopped watching two episodes into Matt Smith’s “reign” as the Doctor because he and the writing were just poor compared to the Eccleston and Tennant episodes.

  3. I’m waiting for that April 2nd trailer!!

    Hopefully we get a one sheet poster coming up.

  4. by what tom is saying about him…. i just hope he doesnt play full retard! i mean, if chris was maliketh i hope wont go full retard XD

    • Cracking Tropic Thunder reference!

      • Super creative, guys. I probably only hear a “full retard” reference, like, once a day.

  5. Well, I really hope that “this realm ain’t big enough for the two of them”. I can’t wait to see how Malekith will be like.

    I am really-really hoping for an “enemy of my enemy” team-up between the brothers. We know from the comics that Loki is very much willing to put aside his own ambitions when a greater threat appears that would harm him as much as Thor (and Asgard). He did end up “fighting the good fight” even if he had his own selfish (or villainous) reasons for it.

    I can even imagine Loki manipulating Malekith then tossing him to the lions, so to speak. He did play a similar trick with Laufey, when he pretended to be his ally to lure him into Asgard and certain death.

    One thing is for sure. It’s going to be an exciting part of the movie.

    I hope they focus on the Royal family (especially Thor and Loki) rather than the “romance” between Thor and Jane. Because I just can’t see the spark there. Seriously, a Thor-Sif romance would make a LOT more sense. There’s just no real chemistry between Thor&Jane (plus is Natalie Portman really hates this role so much, it’s time to get rid of her).

    I would be really happy without any sort of romantic plotline to be honest. Thor is more the “I fight because it’s right” type, rather than the “save the girl” type of hero. He’s a warrior hero not a romantic hero. He’s a space viking.

    • Space Viking, haha. But in all seriousness, you have a point about the whole ‘love-interest’ thing. I would love to see a movie that doesnt incorporate a love story, because nowadays thats all they ever do. Hollywood has been milking that cow for soo long its annoying by this point. If they (the powers that be at Marvel or Disney) were to get rid of the Thor and Jane romance, i think the best way to do it would be Jane dies (yeah i know, a bit to cliché but its the best i’ve got) and Thor just cant see himself loving another woman.

      • Well, The Avengers didn’t have much of a “romantic” storyline. Tony and Pepper were being a couple for a few minutes, but that’s about it.

        And I was very fine with that!

        I do not care if they kill Jane of get rid of her in any other way. I just kinda want her gone. It’s not a Tony and Pepper chemistry (or a Steve-Peggy Romance), so it’s not worth watching.

    • i agree 100%

    • She doesnt have to die you know, the comics got rid of foster easily. First off back then she was a nurse, and Thor had the alter ego of the lame(as in has a limp and a cane) Dr Blake(yes Thor had a medical degree, dont ask me where he got it, figure it this way, if you had taken out a lot of moon you would eventualy figure out how to fix them too).

      So what happens is that Odin grants Jane the Chance to become immortal if she passes a test. She fails, gets her memory wiped, and is banished back to earth with no memory of her love for thor or that his alter ego is Dr Blake(it would be kinda fun if they brought that in, especialy with the fact that if he is away from his hammer for over a minute or two, he reverts back to the doctor, now talk about a decent weakness

      • Some rumours said that Natalie Portman was seen on set in Asguardian clothes, so maybe the “she fails the test and gets her mind wiped” is what they will go with.

        *fingers crossed*

        • *Asgardian, damn typo.

          And ps. Doctor Blake was “Jane’s ex” in the movie and Thor did get called that after Selvig claimed that he’s Donald Blake, so it was in there as a little Easter egg.

  6. That’s not Eccleston, that’s the stunt double.

    • S P A C E B A L L S ! !

  7. I would love to know what Tom Hiddlestons’ IQ is. This guy is ALWAYS gracious, and ALWAYS gives thoughtful intelligent answers. He seems to really have his act together, which is refreshing in today’s Hollywood.

    • What’s IQ got to do with it? Forrest Gump was a nice guy, and he was only 5 IQ points above being clinically retarded.

      • @ Cave-ish man

        I hear you, but you can tell a lot about a person’s intelligence by the way they speak, how they speak and how they carry themselves and this guy does all of that extremely well. I would guess that he is highly intelligent.

      • Forrest Gump isn’t a real person. He’s a character in a book/film. Hiddleston does seem to be an intelligent, together human being.

    • I always have a dictionary with me when I read/watch an interview with Tom Hiddleston, just in case. ^_^

  8. I love Christopher Eccleston. Tom is right. Christopher is an excellent actor, and I know he will be good in this. I love the costume Christopher is wearing.

  9. So excited for Thor: The Dark World!

  10. I know Christopher Eccleston will be great! He is a great actor.

  11. I love Christopher Eccleston and I know he will be great in this movie. Great actor.