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Thor 2 The Dark World Spoilers Heimdall Thor: The Dark World Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Thor: The Dark World review 0r our Thor 2 End-credits Explanation article, this is the place where you can discuss Thor: The Dark World spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

Want to know how Thor 2 lays ground for future Marvel Films? Head over to our Thor: The Dark World End-credits Explanation article.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Thor: The Dark World episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Thor: The Dark World for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Thor: The Dark World runs 112 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, and some suggestive content. Now playing in 2D and 3D theaters.

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  1. Overall I was disappointed, it was a little boring and could have done with some cutting down, especially in the first 3 quarters. I just feel like I want to love these movies but marvel keep delivering average stuff. At least it got a little funny towards the end, lightened things up a bit.

    Idris Elba
    Main villan=bland
    Most villans looked out if power rangers
    Felt longer than it was

    • Pros: Idris Elba

      Cons: Story
      Everything else about this horrible movie.

    • Yea movie was a major letdown for me. I don’t even remember the villains name. Other than the Loki storyline (which I enjoyed), the movie was just boring and poorly made.

      • To not remember the villains name means you didn’t even watch the movie or get the storyline. The movie was great and Loki was awesome and Thor was even better.

    • Yeah, that was kind of average. The villain was a typical bad guy who wants to destroy simply for the sake of destruction. The plot was far tooo convoluted to follow, but the film comes alive whenever Loki or Darcy are onscreen

  2. Also, whats up with peoples expectations of this film. Its like they wanted the second coming of epic super Shakespeare Jesus.
    And all the loki hate.
    And saying Malekith isnt much of a prescence, I mean, does evey villain have to be so involved with the hero and in their face, thats unrealistic.
    An efficient villain would spend less time focusing on the hero and more on his goal, which is what malekith does.

    • Yes every villain should be in face of the hero.

      A protagonist can only ever be as good as the antagonist in my opinion. I want the Villain to be so obsessed with what their trying to achieve that the only person that can stop them is the hero. They should become almost equally obsessed by their counterpart almost to their detriment. Its what makes heroes great, overcoming a force of nature that no one else could even contemplate.

      • So you want the joker, joker is always more obsessed with batman than any plan he ever has and messing with batman.
        That works for joker, but not every villain.
        Take whiplash of ironman 2 for example,
        obsessed with taking on tony stark-yes
        as good as the joker-no
        womp womp

        I like villains who actually have their own lives that dont revolve around the protagonist

        • But villians need proper motives and screentime to allow the audience to feel feared by him.

          • malekith had just as much motive as whiplash or “the mandarin”
            Also im 22, im not gonna be afraid of a marvel villain and villain are just antagonists
            doesnt mean theyre meant to inherently “feared” or “scary”

            But malekiths plan tore through asgards defenses and wouldve killed many had thor not enacted his plan
            Biggest marvel film threat yet, on par with lpkis invasion, if not more since its asgard.

            • *lokis invasion

              • No, Whiplash at least had a personal vendetta against the Stark family that was understandable given what happened to his father. Malekith just likes darkness apparently.

                • A dumb vendetta because his father was an a**hole who wanted to sellout
                  Oh yeah, a grudge, so compelling
                  I am wowed and engaged by such a magnificent back story

                  Hammer also has such a good vendetta, Tonys so cool and popular and hes not, riveting

                  And guy ritchie in ironman 3, his vendetta against tony because tony was a jerk to him once and didnt even know him,

                  And obadiah stane, wanting to get rid of tony because hes so cool in the public and smart, rich and in control of the company.

                  And the nazi red skull, whos well, a nazi.

                  And loki, because thors so cool and popular and awesome.

                  And the nameless hordes of chitauri

                  Personal vendettas are so much better than having an actual plan of your own and not in no way over done.

            • ipkis invasion? accidental Mask reference?

        • No I don’t want the Joker? I was talking Marvel films. If you’re are just going to go Marvel vs DC then I’m out.

          • Saying “what do you want the joker?” is not being Marvel vs. DC. What he’s doing is ignoring the Marvel vs. DC bullsh*t (which is what we should all do BTW) and is just comparing some other hero/villain combo against this hero/villain combo.

  3. This was an excellent fillm. By far the best superhero film of the year, even better than Iron Man 3. This movie was everything that I was hoping Man of Steel would have been. Excellent job by Marvel once again.

    • Man of Steel was way better than Thor 2, in fact you can’t even compare the two because Thor 2 sucked so bad.

      • DC pro^

      • Man of Steel had a run time of 143 minutes. Thor only had 120 minutes. If Thor would’ve had another 23 minutes to flesh out the villains and create more drama and more time between the drama and comedy it woould’ve been a much better movie and better than MoS.

        • And if the Dallas Cowboys had a better offense and defense, they would have beat the Saints last night.

  4. Great movie, Not enough of Sif and The Warriors Three

  5. 4.5 out of 5 stars from me, a very good movie all around. I can’t wait to see more!

  6. As of now on RT it is the lowest marvel film besides the hulk movies. Cant say i predicted that, not trying to fight just saying information

    • RT scores are normalized over time…And the audience rating for this is more than IM3…

      • Audience ratings arent reliable either. People can vote endless amounts of time and with biased thoughts

    • The critics’ standards get lowered when rating Marvel films, fyi.

  7. Calling it right now:

    The infinity “stones” describe as all been actual stones other than the aether..

    1) aether
    2) teseract
    3) thor’s hammer (its a stone.. Will be one of those “twist” that will rile up the purists no doubt)

    • They have all been described similarly as objects of unequaled powers blabla.. Seems to fit nicely within the marvel cinematic U.

      Suppose the aether would be the soul gem equivalent, the tesseract the space gem and naturally thor’s hammer the power gem if we go by what the comics stipulate.

      • Thought the same until they specifically stated that the aether was created by Malakeith himself. In the MCU seems that the stones refer to just unique and special items and not neccesarily of unknown origins.

  8. Since no one really mentioned it…

    Loki tried to blame Thor for letting their mom die. But not once did he try to blame himself for telling where the steroid-ed lt. to go, he told him to go to the left of the stairs? or something. Loki helped the guy get there! Frigga was handling Malekith on her own, til super soldier showed up.

    Also, people have mentioned this earlier, but I’m pretty confused by Loki’s powers and Thor’s ability to see through Loki’s illusions. He saw through it when Loki was in his cell but not when Loki ‘fake’ died and when he impersonated Odin? If Loki really was stabbed, then Loki still is really good at illusions apparently, or he wasn’t stabbed and just made the whole thing an illusion? I don’t know, just felt convenient. Loki’s powers of illusion really work sometimes and Thor’s seeing through them sometimes work and sometimes don’t.

    Overall, I kinda felt the tendrils of keeping the status quo of the Marvel formula and Disney product undermining a lot of the more dramatic moments in the movie. Wish Marvel would at least attempt to not constantly restrain itself with its formula. And also wish they wouldn’t do such self-contained stories. Yes, yes, I know that infinity gem thing, but that was just one scene. The rest of the film felt pretty disposable and irrelevant to the character development, if any, of Thor and any overarching plots for the most part, bar the gem scene. Thor and Odin were ever so momentarily affected by Frigga’s death, but they never really went anywhere as characters; movie immediately injected lots of humour undermining any potential impact of her death. They stayed the same. Loki didn’t change much either really, to me. He really feels no remorse for the things he’s done or any guilt that he helped get his mother killed.

    • I agree man. It’s a fun movie, but Marvel is messing up by not wanting to make an all around “GREAT” film. I get you want to make a fun film with risks and emotional stakes, but Marvel never goes deep enough. They touch upon something interesting and then cover it with a joke and then next scene.

      Iron Man 1 and Incredible Hulk are really well rounded films. Humor, drama, action. Not amazing films but I feel a better handle on something special.

      I love the Avengers, but that’s also the 10 year old in me that really helps that vote.

      All in all The Dark World was good. 3.5

    • You are correct it was clear the director killed off loki until marvel stepped in. It doesnt make sense how he can be alive and its bad writing that thor could see threw everything at one moment then when the twist needs it he cant.

    • No one said Thor could see through him in the cell. It was his first visit to him but more than likely he had been keeping tabs on him through reports given by mother, guards, etc… Probably one of those others knew the real state Loki was in as he likely did not keep the illusion up 24/7.

    • Also, no one said going to the left would help the creature. It may have been Loki merely testing his influence on his dull mind. As a trickster it always makes good sense to know which of the people in power can be fooled by you.

      • Not the point. He guided the creature by suggesting to go to the left. You’re speculating. The point was that he led the creature to his mother, inadvertently. Of course, he didn’t know what would happen but he did have a hand in retrospect. And he felt no guilt about that.

        • I can’t agree that point was made. There is no exposition to make that assumption. I can’t say going forward couldn’t have led him to her faster as we don’t know the layout of the building.
          In fact when we find him and his mother in his cell and find out she is a projection we in fact don’t know if she projected the image or he did. He is obviously putting up a front making appear he is doing fine locked up but Thor makes him remove his illusion and show reality. The state that was depicted after that points to someone messed up mentally. Maybe messed up so much that he creates illusions of friends so that he has someone to talk to.

          • When she was in the cell, it was her making the projection. She’s the one that taught him out to do it when he was younger.

        • Yeah, no guilt, he only trashed his entire chamber and plunged into despair. Nope, no care whatsoever.

        • what if loki led the creature up the wrong side to slow him down as much as possible. He is a trickster after all.

    • +1 to you good sir.

    • Thor is his brother, and has been his brother for centuries. Thor grew up with Loki and knew, despite all of the changes and deceit, how Loki as a child would react to the news. Given Loki’s and Frigga’s bond it is obvious that Loki wouldn’t be calm and collected you don’t need to see through an illusion to call him out on it.

      In regards to how he steroid-ed her demise, it was genuinely unintentional. I feel that Loki was being mischievous and trying to make trouble – that’s who Loki is, further more he has a great anger towards Odin & Thor so he was blinded by wanting to make them suffer by aiding the invaders – he wouldnt have been thinking of Frigga(remember he underestimates her), though he would have guessed at them wanting Jane.

    • I think Thor was just guessing that Loki was using an illusion in his prison cell. And in that case it was just another version of Loki. Given all the trickery that took place during the first battle with Malekith, he still has his ability to fool just about anyone

    • I have to admit to being very confused by the latter half of the film. Loki and Thor had worked out some sort of deception using Jane as bait to get rid of the aether. But when did it become Loki deceiving Thor? Did he die or was that a facsimile? How did he know a ship would be coming to that world, or did it? If not, how did Loki get back to Asgaard? I was so messed up even though I knew that would end up being Loki on the throne. I can see him not perceiving Thor as a threat now since Thor doesn’t want the throne, but how can Loki appear as king unless he killed Odin. I don’t want Loki to be a true killer, even is he has appeared to want to kill. He tells Thor he is not his brother, yet in the next breath, calls him “brother”. Poor kid is so damaged.

      • Saw it for the second time today. He got back to asgard by changing into an asgardian soldier then getting on the ship that got them to that world. When he returned, in disguise, he told Odin that he found a body. Odin then says, “Loki.”

  9. I liked it. Way better than Man of Steel, MUCH better than the first film.

    • why is man of steel a factor here?

      • Because it’s a comic book film that came out in 2013 just like Thor: The Dark World.

        • MoS is also a factor because people said going into this movie that it was Marvel’s Superman and that they went back shot more footage, bigger CGI, and upped the action, etc based on what came out in MoS.

    • Man of Steel was way better than this crap. Are you high, sir? Or just have plain horrible taste in films?

      • Natal is a pro DC fan…

  10. This is the first time I’ve seen an MCU movie and heard people complaining about it as I left. The guy in front of my girlfriend and I said “That sucked” as he left. And I’m sad to say that I lean more towards agreeing with him than disagreeing. The movie had a ridiculously simple plot, but somehow the way it was explained confused me to no end. The villain was bland and silly and everything that the fake Mandarin in Iron Man 3 WASN’T. Honestly, I am really confused about the reactions to these two films. As a Marvel and Doctor Who fan, I agree the Mandarin twist wasn’t ideal for the future of the franchise, but it was miles better than Christopher Eccleston mumbling in another language for ten of the twenty minutes he was onscreen here! If you’re going to have a character like Loki freaking HIJACKING your movie halfway through it, you need to have a good main villain to counteract Tom Hiddleston’s absolutely flawless performance.
    The movie just feels cramped, honestly. There are what, three main locations in it? London, Asgard, and The Dark World. Which, by the way, should not be the subtitle. The subtitle should have been “The Red Liquidy Natalie Portman-Possessing MacGuffin.” I was literally reduced to calling that “Aether” “The Red Thing” within minutes if watching the movie. It’s only going to not be forgettable if the Infinity Gauntlet storyline it’s setting up for is absolutely incredible.
    Speaking of the Gauntlet, I was really excited for Guardians of the Galaxy, and then I saw the mid-credits scene. Like a lot of the movie, it didn’t gel. Oscar winner or not, I still don’t know what Benicio Del Toro was doing with his hands. It was weird and anachronistic, which could have easily been avoided by having someone other thah the Norse Vikings being the Aether to the Collector. Oh, and can someone please tell me if it’s true to the comics to have these medieval warriors battling while spaceships blow up and shoot lasers? Because it doesn’t work in the movies. The only spaceship scene that didn’t pull me out of the movie was Heimdall’s badass takedown. Someone make that man Green Lantern.
    I’m being unfair though, because one thing the movie is is consistently funny. There are done great little moments like Thor hanging his hammer on the hat rack and all of Loki’s one-liners, and some pretty excellent extended comedy, like Selvig’s scene in the old persons’ home (probably my favorite Stan cameo to date, honestly), and of course the pitch-perfect extended Cap cameo, which would have been better if it hasn’t been spoiled for me, but was still amazing. There are also some surprisingly beautiful shots, like Thor and Jane’s flight to Asgard, and Frigga’s funeral, even if it is a bit of a Tangled ripoff. I honestly liked a lot of the movie, but I also felt like it was too short, and the finale is a mess. It’s well-done to have your hero and villain shooting from one world to another as they have their climactic final battle, but not when none of it makes sense and your audience is more interested in what’s going on with Loki because they’ve realized how much the movie improves when he’s on screen.
    The after-credits scene should have ended the actual movie, since it’s the natural conclusion, and Darcy really didn’t annoy me as much as Malekith. I’d give the movie either a C+ or a B-. It’s not a terrible movie by any means, but in the context of the larger universe, I think it’s definitely the weakest entry. In Iron Man 2, nothing happened. Here, what happened wasn’t interesting. In the end, it’s just a misstep, but it’s a bigger disappointment that Agents of SHIELD in a huge way, I think. I’m still psyched for Winter Soldier, I just wish Joss Whedon has given this script a couple more passes. And I’m not trying to start a flame war, but I genuinely preferred Man of Steel to this movie.

      • +1

        except I didn’t like iron man 3 so much not only for ruining the mandarin who is tonys starks joker, lex luthor, loki etc, but for taking out tonys chest piece at the end. Also does anyone else think they way under power Odin? I mean really the allfather wouldn’t see right through loki?

      • You said it perfectly. Marvel does what it does and it works wonders. I loved the Dark Knight Rises, was blown away by how MoS handled Superman’s awe-inspiring powers, and believe that the Dark Knight will forever be known as one of the (IMO THE) greatest comic book movies to be released.

        That said, when it comes down to me choosing which “superhero movie” I enjoyed and loved the most, the Avengers undoubtedly takes the cake. It was the most accurate translation of the source material in terms of the “feel” of the world of comic book heroes on the big screen. That instantly iconic 360 shot of the team together nearly brought me to tears because of the shear beauty of a dream come true (some weirdo was chopping onions in the theater).

        As fantastic and near flawless as the Dark Knight was, it didn’t have the same “comic book feel” that Marvel movies have, and niether did the rest of the trilogy and MoS. It is DC’s own valid way of depicting their characters and it is awesome. Marvel movies never took themselves as seriously and that is what adds the extra magic touch.

      • I agree with you, The Avengers did a perfect job of translating a comic book to the screen, but my preferring MoS to TDW isn’t about the difference in tone. I just didn’t care about Thor in this movie. He was the cliched good guy that Captain America is supposed to be, with no flaws and nothing to go for him except the acting skills of Chris Hemsworth. Which are considerable, honestly. But I can’t properly root for him when I enjoy the movie so much more when his brother is on the screen. With MoS, I enjoyed the movie the whole time. This isn’t about a DC vs. Marvel contest. It’s strictly about how all over the place I felt Thor 2 to be. And yes, I have heard of the Hulk. And Iron Man 3. I preferred both to this movie. In fact, this movie made me realize how much I disagree with everyone about Iron Man 3.

    • “I still don’t know what Benicio Del Toro was doing with his hands. It was weird and anachronistic…”

      Yeah. EXACTLY. It was perfect for the character. The Collector is one of the Elders of the Universe from the comics. They are the last members of the first intelligent races born early in the universe. He’s not just some alien, which by itself would make him behave in a way that seems weird to us human folk… he’s also incredibly ancient. I would expect him to behave in some weird, anachronistic manner.

      • I meant anachronistic in regards to the rest of the movie. I honestly wouldn’t have felt that way if the credits scenes were switched and Sif and Volstagg weren’t there to clash with the tone. I’m sure Benicio in GotG will fit with the tone much more, and I agree that he’s true to the comics.

        • Makes sense. Thanks for clarifying.

          BTW it’s refreshing to see someone take response/feedback and not decide to nuke the person giving it. These days SR is taken over by weirdos incapable of good discussion.

        • I fell like the clashing of tones was done on purpose. I liked that effect. It got me psyched for GOTG.

  11. the only criticism i have is that it should have been about 20 minutes longer and fleshed out the dark elves story a bit more. they were a bit dull, but, as a comic book film, i thought it was pretty damn good. i went to the bargain price [everyday betwixt 4-5:30 it’s $5 for reg. $8 for 3D, $9 for imax 3d] and saw 3d. i would not spring for regular price on 3d. it had some good moments, but not full price worthy.
    i was relieved it wasnt a joke-a-thon like IM3. just the right amount of humor.
    i think it was better overall then the 1st one.
    The extended CA:TWS preview was kick-@$$!!! [and loved his cameo in Thor. I hope that doesn’t count as one of his 6 films that i read him quoted as saying they would…] that elevator scene was awesome! I’m ready for april now!

    • @Jeffro ur lucky its only 9bucks for u in imax 3d. I saw thor today in imax 3d and its almost 20$ for a ticket here. Plus the extra 20 for food and drink

  12. so that scene after credits with the monster that came from were the frost giants were ima guess that will crossover with the next agents of shield ep Coulson’s team is gonna deal with it. That should be pretty interesting

  13. I loved Thor: The Dark World. Why? Because the villain, was actually the villain (yes I’m making a stab at Iron Man 3). That is all.

    • +30

    • Iron Man 3 sucked ass big time! It is sad that the made The Mandarin a fruit-fly,a dumb ass.

    • +100

  14. I must have missed this but, where is Odin? Did Loki kill Odin while he posed as the guard?

    • I’m right there with you. I think they way under power odin. I mean i can understand letting the Dark Elves attack Asgard that had to happen to set up the story, but him not seeing right through loki im calling bs on that.

    • Don’t know. He clearly looked weakened after Frigga’s death. Maybe Loki took advantage of that. While Thor was away maybe he went into the Odin sleep and only Loki knows it.

  15. I liked this movie but after the avengers these sequels have felt underwhelming, which I guess is normal, the only thing that kind of bothers me is that I would like to see better fighting scenes, i think iron man 3 and thortdw really lacked a great fighting scene

    • Agreed the fight with Kurse should of been better. I mean in Avengers Thor goes toe to toe with the hulk but completely gets ass kicked by Kurse that could of been a way better.

      • It’s relatively simple to explain, Kurse is stronger than the Hulk.

  16. For me first movie is ok. Character of in Avengers is bad. Only Tony and Thor fight is good. This movie is not great but far better then first movie. Now it is at number 4 on my Marvel movie list.

    • Um… If your from the late 60s you should enjoy comedy in your comics. Also I’m 20… I’m a rather hardcore Marvel fan.

  17. I just don’t understand the constant request to kill off someone in these movies. These characters have existed for hundreds if not thousands of comic issues and people want to see them all killed off in a single movie. I am not sure if it is the Gamer speaking or what that constantly requests this. I think it far more interesting to see a character develop over multiple movies. Did his mom need to die in this, no. Did it occur because of the constant requests by ranters, maybe.
    When you kill off essential characters you end up with constant reboots which most of us abhor.
    I for one don’t want to see origin stories over and over again.

    • Frankly I wish Frigga was still around. They just finally started to flesh her out. Marvel please don’t invest in a quality actor, invest in giving them good scenes and then kill them off. You took a great actor, a great character and tossed it in the garbage can.

      • You never know, maybe she’ll pop up in agents of shield.

    • There’s nothing in the films to indicate this, but I always thought it would be cool for the Asgardians to have mastered cloning tech. In both the Marvel and actual Norse mythologies, the Asgardians lived a long time but were not immortal. They had to occasionally eat the Apples of Idunn to keep living forever.

      How cool would it be if in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “the apples of Idunn” was just another name for cloning tech, just like the “soul forge” was another name for a quantum dohickey (I dont’ remember what Jane called it). What if Frigga could be reborn, she just wouldn’t have the memories of her original self.

    • I don’t think killing Frigga off was a waste. If anything it made me appreciate her character way more than I would have if she’d of just “been there” like she was in the first movie. Also we already have several villains still around in the Marvel Universe. “Mandarin,” Justin Hammer, Loki, the Collector, Thanos, and the Chitari are all still around. I’m perfectly alright with them killing off Malekith.

  18. Saw the movie last night and I walked out of the theater with a huge smile on my face. Was the movie perfect? No. It definitely had some weak parts (not enough villain backstory, weak Thor vs. Kurse fight, etc). However, I will go on record and state that in my opinion it is a big step up from Thor. The humor was well done and the fight scenes were better. The visuals were much more impressive. In Thor Asgard looked so glittery and shiny that it looked fake. In T:TDW Asgard felt like a real place. I love how they mixed futuristic weapons with Viking symbols. It connects them to the Norse who viewed them as gods and copied things like long ships, architecture, and rituals like funerals.

    Speaking of funerals, I thought that Frigga’s funeral was one of the best parts of the movie. Looked beautiful. I for one could sense Odin’s love when instead of letting his wife’s body/boat fall off the waterfall (as the other boats presumably did), he sent the ashes and sparks to the stars. As for those who say that Frigga’s scene carried no weight, I would counter that it was Odin’s grief that drove him to make the choices he did with regards to the upcoming war with the Dark Elves. He wanted them to come to Asgard so he could kill them all and didn’t care how many Asgardian lives would be lost to enact his revenge.

    The humor started to feel a little tired by the end. Darcy was better utilized this time around, but I think she had a little bit too much time on screen spouting off one liners by the end. As others mentioned above, the little touches like the hammer on the hook, CA cameo, and Thor defeating the stone giant made this movie really shine. My only complaint about the Cap scene is that everyone in the theater was laughing and cheering so loud that I couldn’t hear anything. Very similar to Yoda’s appearance in SW Ep II. I’ll have to watch it again to see the scene in full.

    The Odin/Loki twist was brilliant IMO. I did not see that coming. When the “guard” reported to Odin about Loki’s death I thought it was just Loki looking for Odin’s reaction. If it was grief I thought the next course would be for Loki to drop the illusion and reveal himself leading to a reconciliation between him and his father. I did not see him taking Odin’s place coming. I would love to know how that came about. “Odin” talking to Thor at the end was a way for Loki to test Thor about how he felt about Loki’s death and the kingship. I think that Loki being Odin will be a huge part of Thor 3.

    Overall, I would give it one more half star than ScreenRant for a total of 4 out of 5. One of the better Marvel movies in my opinion.

    • I was going to give my thoughts but then I read yours and I figured, why bother? I had almost the exact same reactions including the observation about Asgard. This was easily the best comic book movie of the year imo (but I did have higher expectations of IM3 and MOS and they both let me down.)

      • Agree with this 100%. I loved this movie, but maybe that just had something to do with every other Superhero movie this year either pissing me off, or letting me down.

  19. Ok, I liked this movie and would give it a 3/5 star. It was not as good as the original for one reason. The climax fell flat to me. There was none of the emotional punch of the first movie which had a hugely successful character arc for Thor. Second movies are harder to pull off in this regard. They tried to use Frigga’s death, for the emotional character arc, but this didn’t work well. I didn’t sense enough grief in Thor or Odin. It was there for Loki, though. I would like to know in the third movie how he successfully faked his death with Thor right there and what he did with Odin. That will be a huge subplot. The dark elves were not fleshed out enough. For somereason their menace didn’t quite have the punch as it should have had. The lead elf, with all his supposed power getting crushed by the ship just didn’t seem enough. Overall though, it was a great movie, a ton better than the second effort for Iron Man, which was botched terribly

  20. The twist ruined this movie for me… the relationships between Thor & Odin and Thor & Loki were the most interesting thing about the film by far, yet both were cheapened and lacked resolution thanks to that twist at the end. That final scene of dialogue between Thor and Odin would have been so perfect it were truly Odin, but of course it isn’t him. So the scene means nothing. These films may be designed to be “fun”, bu a film can be fun and have some heart/character development to it.

  21. Anyone concerned about GoG after that credit scene?

    The importance of what was said about the infinity stones cannot be understated and automatcally makes it a solid mid credit scene.

    However, the whole scene was cringeworthy. The acting was awkward and awful. The Collector did not come off as an ancient immortal but as a loon wth a terrible costume. The setting looked terrible and cheap.

    No wonder Taylor outright said he had nothing to do with it bc it sucked and mkes me worried about GoG now

    • The scene with The Collector seems to be taking a lot of hits with people for being “awkward” but that was entirely the point. Someone that alien and that old was going to seem strange anyway, and then, as we know, The Collector was bored with his existence and it’s not hard to imagine one would go a little cooky upstairs from being alive for a billion years.

    • I loved the GOTG sceen. It was all practical effects, and I can tell that Del Toro, just from that small snippet, is going to make an amazing Collector. The Juxtaposition worked so perfectly to get me excited for GOTG.

  22. Pretty good movie.

    Questions that maybe someone can help me with.
    1. I didn’t get the device that Selvig created. I don’t remember them explaining how that device worked. Selvig and Jane just show up, set up the device and then sh#t gets crazy. I was confused by all that.
    2. The wormhole in the broken down warehouse was never fully explained. Why was it there? How did it get there? What was its purpose?

    Finally, I wish they would have done more developing Malekith. The movie was a little boring in spots.

  23. Just watch the movie and I loved it. Great story and gave great continuity and connection for future films. It didnt over play the villian, and didnt kill him off neither, but gave him an epic defeat. It didnt make Thor seem unbeatable, and only using his brute strength, that he and others had to out smart Malekith and Kurse. It keep what the movie and marvel movies are really about the stones or gems. I understand why they havent went back to make a hulk reboot, because he has no real connection to the stones.

  24. I saw the movie a couple of hours ago. Even though Thor I is my favorite MCU movie, I didn’t have high expectations for Thor II. Still, the movie didn’t meet my mid-level expectations. I just wasn’t into the plot that much. I also was underwhelmed by Christopher’s performance as the main villain. I also think that Taylor tried a little too hard to inject humor into the movie. I especially didn’t like the final ten minutes if the movie. Constantly shifting between different worlds just irked me. As for what I did like: Rene Russo’s performance. I think that she’s a talented actress and I’m glad that she had a bigger role in the movie. Loki was awesome as usual. I knew that he survived, but I didn’t predict him pretending to be Odin. I actually think that Portman did a better job as Jane Foster in this film. I don’t feel the same way about Kat’s performance. I think that Kurse was a really good villain. As for the mid credit scene, I found it to be weird. But, I think in the comics the Collector is pretty deranged since he’s been alive for so long and he collects people and things. So, it makes sense that he was weird. Overall, I give the movie 3/5 stars. I still like it more than Iron Man 3, but I like MoS better.

    • My favorite scene is when Captain America (Loki impersonating him) makes an appearance.

  25. what I want to know is what happened to the two pilots in thor the dark world who attacked malakith’s ship in London then went through a portal to Vainheim? was just kind of left hanging.

    • They flew back through the portal to Earth.

    • They show them returning in a later scene.

  26. Am I the only one that noticed the cap america cameo was digitally edited in there? He looked too 2 dimensional in my opinion…

    • Was Stan Lee also a digital piece? I didn’t really notice it not being real in either case, sorry.