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Thor 2 The Dark World Spoilers Heimdall Thor: The Dark World Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Thor: The Dark World review 0r our Thor 2 End-credits Explanation article, this is the place where you can discuss Thor: The Dark World spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

Want to know how Thor 2 lays ground for future Marvel Films? Head over to our Thor: The Dark World End-credits Explanation article.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Thor: The Dark World episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Thor: The Dark World for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Thor: The Dark World runs 112 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, and some suggestive content. Now playing in 2D and 3D theaters.

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  1. I think Loki will come back in Thor 3, may be he would be resurrected by a new character

    • Loki did not die. :)

    • Someone fell asleep for the last 5 minutes of the film.

    • He would have to be dead before he could be resurrected.

  2. First!

    • Damn.

      • fail, loser.

  3. did anyone noticed the jet fighters at the london battle crossed into Vanaheim and never came back?? does that mean that they just introduced starlord??

    • I think they did come back just as the portal closed up.

    • They returned. You see the two fighter jets fly by over Greenwich at the very end of the battle.

      • here in Mx they didn’t showed that part, they just left Hogun face of WFT are those things….

        thanks for clearing it up

        • I´m also from Mx and I did see the two jets scene, when they leave the earth, and also when they came back

          • wth is Mx?

            • Mexico?

    • @Mike VB – I found it odd that a huge alien ship crashes into London and the British only send two jets fight it. You would think after New York they’d send everything they had to battle any alien threat…not just two jet fighters.


      • Haha, yeah, I found it funny that 4 or 5 cop cars came around because Jane was missing for 6 hrs, but no one except two jets responded to a huge alien ship that just popped out of nowhere.

        • Well, 2 jets and 5 cop cars are way more than what showed up when the President was kidnapped in IM3.

  4. I thought it was pretty bad – pantomime levels of drama with a story that was passively uninspired. Occasionally humourous moments lifted it slightly but there was very little to redeem it. The only truly interesting moment was Loki stabbing Thor which turned out to be – ho hum – a ruse because Loki missed his mommy. Seems he’d rather be an impish villain who dabbles in mischief and annoyance rather than actually be… I dunno… a bad guy? His return at the end was a depressing cop-out, either kill the bugger or don’t but stop cheating with him.

    I found very little of the charm or wit of the original as these writers seem to think having that girl from 2 Broke Girls be sarcastic with every damned line passed for character. Same for the villain – no better motivation than “I want things a bit darker round here please”?

    Effects were overly excessive but, while most were good, I couldn’t help but laugh at Idris Elba’s 8-bit Mario run to stop the invisible attack ship. Finally, if I see one more movie where our hero magically learns how to fly an alien ship like a combat pilot within 2 minutes of pushing all the buttons I will scream.

    On the plus side, the comedy ending with vanishing portals was at least well done if not tonally all over the place.

    This comment has been unexpectedly negative, I really didn’t intend it to be but I only saw the film last night and, honestly, I’ve not got over the disappointment yet. Hopefully Captain America 2 will be better…

    • I agree Kat Dennings isn’t funny, she never has been and she never will be. It’s a shame that she is even in this film because her comedic timing is terrible. I also wish they killed Loki, everyone praises marvels risk taking for making films like this and guardians, but as far as the films go they are afraid of risks.

      • How about a compromise, get rid of Kat and keep Loki. I was hoping he would be more the annoying little brother who does help out, rather than a real villain. I WANT to see Thor and he fight side by side. Haven’t seen the film yet, so not sure if what I want even happens.

    • “Seems he’d rather be an impish villain who dabbles in mischief and annoyance rather than actually be… I dunno… a bad guy?”

      Loki is the god of mischief and has always been an impish villain throughout centuries of stories involving him.

      Anyway, you complained at the end that you “only saw the movie last night” and hated it but I saw the movie on October 30th and still love it, despite only seeing it once.

      Gravity released yesterday and I saw that a few hours ago and it was pretty good but not brilliant, about the same opinion I had about Thor: TDW too.

      • Then you have a very odd taste in film. If you enjoyed Gravity as much as Thor 2. Anyways, @Quincy, I agree. This movie was truly horrible, Marvel’s streak continues on.

  5. While it’s not some great epic, I quite enjoyed the film. I thought it was solid in its effects, its humor, its action, and its heart. Malekith wasn’t memorable in any way nor was his plot but I was more interested in Thor and Loki’s dynamic anyway and don’t see the lack of a compelling villain as a terrible fault, though it is a flaw. Still, Loki’s mischief makes up for it to me. His reappearance at the end was probably part of the re-shoots but I liked it. He truly is the God of Mischief.

    That said, I was a bit confused why they turned Selvig into a crazy person and why they’re so stuck on Thor with Jane instead of Thor and Sif. At the same time, I’m glad they didn’t make it a huge plot device. It’s obvious that Sif cares for Thor deeply and is somewhat jealous, but she’s still a loyal warrior and doesn’t let that get in the way. I’m happy with the way that Marvel treats its female characters.

    Their films may not reinvent the genre or anything but Marvel’s films are always entertaining to me. Even Iron Man 3, which I was quite disappointed with earlier this year (not because of the Mandarin twist). I think Thor: The Dark World was bigger and better than its predecessor, good but not great, less disappointing than Iron Man 3, and I’m happy that they’re setting up the Infinity Gauntlet. I give it a B/B- and can’t wait for the new Captain America. Loved Chris Evans’s cameo, by the way.

    • Selvig was crazy because of his experiences in New York. Don’t ask why he was naked cause I didn’t understand that either but still.

      As for Thor/Jane, she’s the human love interest, his main tie to Earth. He could’ve stayed in Asgard, took the throne, got with Sif and never saw Midgard again but he chose to be its savior so he could remain with Jane and guarantee us more Thor appearances in future Avengers and solo movies.

      • “Why was a crazy person naked?”

        Really? I mean ya it’s weird when someone is randomly naked, but crazy people do weird things.

  6. The humor hits insanely well. Unfortunately, they don’t balance it properly with the dramatic moments. No death really effected me emotionally, though I did think Loki’s death was a brave choice–then that turned out to be false.

    The burning question I was left with was “what do they do from here?” which I think is an awesome question to walk away from a movie with.

    Though, honestly, I would have preferred my first assumption: that Loki was disguised only to see how his father would react to his death, but then reveal himself. How awesome would it have been to actually see Odin appoint Loki as king? Now THAT would have been an awesome set up.

    • Nothing, to me the undermining of Loki’s death effects his character immensely. They missed an opportunity for one of the greatest comeback scenes in history were a villain redeems himself. It could have been just as good as Darth Vader and I believe Alan Taylor saw that and went with it. Until the reshoots that marvel forced upon him. Now we are left with a plot hole that doesn’t make a bit of sense and a character who has lost a chance at a redeeming quality. now if he dies, he dies as a villain and can and should never cross lines between good and bad again its a shame.

      • Good.

        Loki is a villain through and through. He’s always been Thor’s main antagonist, why change that?

        As for the “where do we go from here?” question, did you not notice the large amount of times we saw the realm of the fire giants shown pretty prominently in the sky when the realms were diverging?

        • Because his return made no sense it was a major plot hole

      • If Loki redeems himself it will be in a bigger way than the stories presented so far. Maybe he will redeem himself battling Thanos.

  7. I loved it. I knew it was Loki at the end and not Odin. I’m guessing he’ll return for the third film and hopefully he has the enchantress with him!

  8. I liked it but I do think they overuse the cheesy humor. After watching this movie I am not surprised that these are the people who brought you AoS. I like Kat Dennings but they used her too much. She’s a one note character. Very funny but not anything more.

    I wanted them to spend more time in Asgard but then I saw Asgard and I was like what the hell?! Looked like some planet Star Trek would visit.

    Didn’t like the Collector either. I would give it a solid B or 3 out of 5. I did enjoy it but I want more. I think I’ve given up on that.

    • she is a one note character and a one not actress.

  9. This was the poorest marvel film on a fundamental level, no doubt. The story was just plain dumb it was as if they spent no time developing it. Thor most find the McGuffin before the underutilized and not scary villain gets it first and destroys the world and by the world just London. There was no threat at all once again and the film is passable by its comedic beats that only hit half the time. Darcy is extremely annoying and the tone of the film is all over the place. Not to mention Alan Taylor clearly wanted to kill loki but marvel said no. Leading to an ending that doesn’t make much since. Loki clearly died, he was stabbed by a giant sword and thor was cradling his body. If he was a hologram there then it would have disappeared if he was faking his greyish color than the question comes to how he survived the sword at all. Not to mention thor twice as proven how easily he sees past the illusions, but then for the unnecessary twist he cant.

    Despite an extremely well done funeral scene with frigga the movie seriously lacks any emotional punch or quality story telling. Not tot mention it doesn’t have a creative bone in its body, the action scenes are good yes but its been there done that. Not to mention the reused phantom of the menace noises that completely drew me out of the movie. The movie was poorly written simple as that and nobody will care about the plot holes because it was fun.

    I am sorry but I believe marvel will continue to coast by on mediocrity because nobody cares to criticize their work when its clearly flawed. one day being fun shouldn’t be enough and this film was that for me.

    For me this year has been the worst year for superhero films.

    • Darcy was far from annoying. I loved her character even more in this one.

    • Speak for yourself man. I think its been a pretty good year for superhero films. I really liked Thor2, as I did MOS, IM3 and the new Wolverine. Nothing has blown me away like TDK, Iron Man, or ever Avengers last year but each film this year had some pretty amazing moments.

        • The only creativity they allow was for Shane Black and his bs Mandarin twist.

    • Marvel includes certain items like Darcy’s humor because it increases the audience size. With a larger audience they bring in more dollars to bring in bigger stars and make more movies. I can live with that. If you reduce to movie down to one person’s vision then you get one audience member (figuratively). I can almost guarantee that if Avengers and IM3 were not so wildly successful you would never have heard of plans for movies out to 2021 and beyond. What other studio thinks this way?

  10. Loved the movie. My only question is what happened to Odin!? I do think that because of Loki taking over throne and posing as Odin, that Thanos will get his hands on the Infiity Gauntlet from Loki.

    • Loki wouldn’t have killed Odin, I could totally see Loki having put him in one of the cells.

      • That was the discussion between me and my GF as we left the theater. Did Loki kill Odin, put him in a dungeon somewhere, or put him into long term Odinsleep?

  11. Did they address how the rainbow bridge was repaired or did I miss that? Or are we just to assume that 2 years was long enough for Asgardian contractors to get the proper permits necessary for the job?

    • Thor begins to explain it after Jane slaps him twice but he gets cut off. He’s like “Jane there was all this war, the bifrost was destroyed..” I’m paraphrasing but he starts to explain it and doesn’t finish.

        • I actually had a lot of friends complain about that in Avengers. “How did Thor get to earth?!” and stuff like that, and they never explain it, for some reason that doesn’t bother me.

          • This doesn’t bother me either, I just figured I missed the brief explanation. I know I didn’t catch it the first time in the Avengers, but only after the second viewing. Thor says something quick about “You know how much dark matter the Allfather had to summon to send me here with the Bifrost gone?” to Loki on the mountain top. I assumed there was a similar line here that I somehow missed.

            • Nice catch! I didn’t know about that line on the mountain top.. I’ll have to go rewatch that scene. And read that thing about the tesseract that you put the link for.

              On another note all the cosmic stuff got me reeeeally psyched for GOTG next year.

              • Actually it is Loki that says it. He is familiar with other ways of getting to earth than the Bifrost and states “I wonder how much dark energy…”

                • Also there’s a Dark World prequel comic that actually covers some Avengers-era stuff, including a scene where Odin sends Thor to Midgard using dark matter.

          • @MovieDude – They actually do explain Thor’s return in The Avengers…well sorta. It’s a throw away line by Loki “How much Dark Energy did the All Father have to conjure up to bring you back to this planet?”


    • I think there was a prequel comic that spoke about this..

  12. “I feel like giving a rousing speech about patriotism!! God bless Ameri-” *humpf*

    Chris Evans as Loki.. haha awesome.

    How about Heimdall being a bamf and taking out that first Elf drone ship?? That guy is awesome.

    Seriously though, all the spaceship action got me REALLY psyched for GOTG next year. That movie has so much potential, perhaps even more than Cap2.

  13. The movie was great, but after seeing the Collector, I’m so ready for Guardians of the Galaxy now.

    Also, the theatrical trailer for Captain America 2!! The full elevator sequence!! Cannot wait.

    • Sucks that we never got the Cap 2 trailer when Thor opened in October. In fact, all we got was Gravity’s trailer and no others. Was really looking forward to seeing it on the big screen and gauging other people reacting to it.

      • It wasn’t the same trailer that came out earlier. It was different. It showed that entire elevator scene with Cap & the agents. Some bits were reused, but it was more engaging.

  14. The first half had so many great things about it.

    I agree – Frigga’s funeral was visually magnificent and definitely the direction Thor’s movies should be going. Her death however was a big dramatic moment that wasn’t developed enough. We virtually saw no mourning or grief from either Thor or Odin. Would’ve happily swapped some of the comedy with a scene or tow showing more pathos from the characters.

    Frigga in general was a much bigger presence. Her scene with Loki was again the right sort of tone that’s needed.

    The spaceship attacks were exhilirating and exciting to watch. Hemidall’s one man take down was one of the coolest parts of the whole movie.

    Loki elevated it even more. The scenes with Thor was when the humour really worked and never felt too forced. The Captain America cameo was genius, plus when Thor puts his hammer on the coat hook. Little moments like this is how the comedy should be delivered.

    just felt that the short running time , along with Marvel’s comedic formula really denied this film from being truly great. We needed more Malekith, more emotion and even more gravitas for sure.

    The film turned just after the Loki’s death scene. It was like there was a default for comedy and you can almost feel the studio’s influence deeming that the film was getting too urgent and serious.

    Still it was a superior sequel and can’t wait to see what Thor 3 will give us.

    All credit for Marvel and the work that they are doing. Love how they are unraveling the Infinity stones / Gems and really can’t wait now for Guardians of The Galaxy which is looking much more of a sure fire bet than ever before.

    Well done Marvel.

    • I’m with you 100%. Great summary.

    • maybe we will get a directors cut

    • This movie could have been so much better. The comedy scenes you mentioned are what ruined the film. As soon as they hatched up the plan to escape Asgard it was nothing but jokes every two minutes. The climax of the movie was nothing but slapstick. I wish they cut about half the jokes out and substitute them being a little more serious. Plus the infinity gauntlet was already completed in the first film. Or they just wanted to show a random glove, that wasn’t Thanos’ adorned with gems, for the fun of it?

      • Plus the antagonist henchmen looked like evil, skinny, Teletubbies…with sound effects from a random Power Rangers episode.

    • During Frigga’s funeral, I was waiting for Jar-Jar Binks to show up. LOL!

  15. The movie was a solid 3 out of 5 for me, the story was all over the place and I don’t see how Malekith was a good villain for the movie other than to introduce the Aether. The movie felt like 5 minutes and the story wasn’t developed AHHH I just wanted Soo much more from Malekith but Loki is my new favorite

  16. Did her funeral at one part remind you of a Queen Amidalas in Star Wars?

    • It was similar yes, but I think Frigga’s carried a lot more weight to it. The fact that Frigga made more of an impression than Amidala did, is another weakness of the prequels but that’s another debate altogether.

      • Disagree with you big time on that. The love of Anakin which is the MAJOR reason why he turns to the dark side dies after giving birth to twins carries much more weight than Frigga. I did think Friggas death was big tho as it showed Loki’s good side before he couldn’t resist and took over the throne.

    • I was actually thinking of rivendell a little bit. Then when they released all the lanterns I was like “TANGLED!!”

  17. After sleeping on it I still give it a B-. You could tell the director was used to t.v., it felt a bit cheesy and rehashed effects (green lantern phallanx). Why would they leave one the the infinity stones in london? The midcredits scene left me completely hopeless for guardians of the galaxy which I was excited for until I saw how the feel is gonna be…rough.

    • I think you’ll get more how the feel for GOTG will be if you watch some movies James Gunn has been involved with. I would avoid the Scooby Doo movies but you could check out the Dawn of the Dead remake which he wrote, Slither, and Super.

    • I don’t believe it was left in London. A portal opened in London due to the planetary alignment that made it accessible back on Asgard.

    • It wasn’t in London at all. There is no indicator where the Aether was left. The scene where the Bifrost teleports the storage container ended with the Thor logo as the camera floated above in the vault, cutting off any viewpoint which might show where that vault was located.

  18. Was I the only person who thought the two jets firing on a giant ship only to have their missiles miss due to a change in the gravitational forces, and an enemy whose only goal was to remodel the world into one that better suits his species had been done already.

    • Nope and I couldnt help bit think of transformers revenge of the fallen with the portals and “they laft us a map!”. Bothered me

    • Yes but it is true of any dictator. They often gave small poor ideas.

      • …have small poor ideas.

  19. I just have to say… DAT CAP CAMEO!!!!!!! :o

    • It’s simple things like that that really makes me like Marvel. EVERYBODY laughed at that scene.

      • It felt like it was pulled straight out of a comic book.

        • The best scene in a marvel film since… idk. I wish the rest of the film was as good

        • And that’s what I appreciate about it the most.

    • +1

    • That was good. That and Thor hanging his hammer on the coat hook. Those made me laugh. But overall I though the humor was pretty good.

  20. I loved how Loki was used in this movie. I think he really wanted to avenge Frigga as she was the only one not to give up on him but his obsession with the throne and hatred of Odin took over so he took advantage of opportunity to take over the throne. I’m sure he didn’t kill Odin as there is good in him but he feels lost in this world since he was abandoned by his real dad and then felt second class to Thor his whole life. All he wants is to be a King as it is birthright. Brilliantly complex character. Movie was awesome but way TOO much humor. Took away from the serious moments of the movie but that is Marvel for you. They don’t want to be nearly as serious as DC movies are these days.

  21. By and large a good film. I just wish people at Marvel lowered the tone of the humour. Sometimes it’s too much. Not as bad as in IM3. But at times it is annoying.

    It was only natural that Loki would survive. No wonder why he is the God of Mischief. Besides you have to remember that he was threatened by The Other. My guess is that he will pose as Odin because deep down he is afraid. That can lead to either Thor 3 or have some connection to Age of Ultron.

  22. When Thor was fighting Malekith at the end of the movie on Svartelfheim, Thor threw Mjolnir at Malekith but it fell into a portal just before it hit him at went back to Earth. Once through the portal in London, it turned an exploded into space. I’m assuming it was to head back to Thor. If this is the case, the Nine Realms share the same physical plane (same galaxy or universe) but are separated by extreme distances, right?

    • According to how the Bifrost, Asgard, Jotunheim, etc. are portrayed in the first Thor film, they are all planets in this universe, on the same plane. Bifrost is just a long-distance teleporting machine that beams people to and from different planets in the World Tree.

      The way they portrayed the portals lining up in Thor 2 did kind of give the impression that they were perhaps in different dimensions, but if you want to make it work with how Bifrost functions, then it would just be portals that are lining up, not the worlds themselves. That’s how I interpret it anyway. All the worlds are vulnerable to Aether during the conjuction because the windows into those worlds line up, not because the worlds themselves are there.

  23. Also, anyone else disappointed they didn’t play out the Sif/Jane triangle that they alluded to twice? Sif gave Jane the stinkeye two different times and they didn’t do anything with that setup.

  24. Finally! after a week I can share my thoughts of this movie!
    and I have to say I didnt spoil anything before, SR.

    Ok The film was average to me, but with some funny moments.. better ones than the first Thor. the downside part was the weak plot and the very weak villain.

    Jaimie Alexander? weak presence, weak character. (good bye WW role?)
    They gave Idris Elba a bigger part in this one, that was good.
    ********s death? we needed something tragic and PERMANENT in the marvel universe. thats a check.
    Post credit scene 1.. as I said before it was revealing but kinda stupid.

    So overall I rate it with 3 stars.

    • How was it stupid?

      • The set, The waredrobes, Bad acting, the lighting, the hair. The only good thing was the dialog leading to the next movies.. benico Deltoro reminded me of a character from mystery men

        • Yes it had a cheesy unfinished look to it. Not unlike agents of Shield.

        • That was sort of the point though. The Collector is a strange bird, his base and his “people” or staff or whatever you want to call it are weird. His mannerisms and speech pattern being kinda weird just point to the fact that he’s not like us at all.

          I do wonder what the other Elders of the Universe would be like in a live-action context.

        • I totally agree with this. Del Toro’s performance was jarring at best.

  25. I thought the film was to a fairly typical Marvel standard. Well directed from Alan Taylor, good script etc, exciting action (still hated the flight sequence) but overall I cant really fault these films even if I wanted to. Each film has a huge expectation piled on to it before release and they always deliver something that entertains me.

    Not sure why people are commenting on Loki dying then coming back as if its something new? this happened in Thor.

    Why the hate for Darcy? people say they love the comedic elements of Marvel films and then dislike a comedic character? I like her but personal preference I guess.

    For me the only downside was Malekith, he wasn’t bad by any means and its probably more down to me having an issue with villains in general being not particularly menacing, even Frigga bested him one on one.

  26. A question why was Jane foster chosen to carry the Aether?
    Why did the Portals all line up to Earth- could have been any one of the 9 realms? Is the Collector good or bad? he seemed under the influence of Thanos?

      • well in this film there’s a lot of random things that happen. I half know what this infinity gem gauntlet thing is but I’m trying to put the pieces together.

        • The Infinity Gauntlet is an idea Thanos comes up with in the comics. He realizes that if he collects all the Infinity Gems into one device he can then control all aspects of the universe.

          What they’re doing for the movies is reinterpreting the Infinity Gems as various other objects… The Tesseract, Aether, the orb gizmo from Guardians of the Galaxy, which leaves 3 more. There is an Infinity Gauntlet stored in Odin’s vault, and it has stones on the glove… so the prevailing fan theory is that the glove is just a control mechanism, or the gems can be charged with the energies of the 6 stones.

  27. I wanna know what happened to Odin
    did loki kill him or stash him away somewhere?