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Thor 2 The Dark World Spoilers Heimdall Thor: The Dark World Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Thor: The Dark World review 0r our Thor 2 End-credits Explanation article, this is the place where you can discuss Thor: The Dark World spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

Want to know how Thor 2 lays ground for future Marvel Films? Head over to our Thor: The Dark World End-credits Explanation article.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Thor: The Dark World episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Thor: The Dark World for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Thor: The Dark World runs 112 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, and some suggestive content. Now playing in 2D and 3D theaters.

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  1. Towards the beginning Odin said something to Loki along the lines of: You’re only in dungeon and not being executed because of ______ …”

    He dropped a name I didn’t recognize and can’t remember at the moment, was that a wink/nudge towards a particular character or Easter Egg? Or just some random name? Does anyone remember?

    • frigga, Lokis mother

  2. Was the mid-credits scene with the Collector shot in 48fps? It looked a little more… “quicker”.

    • It did have a noticeable difference.

    • I think it was just the juxtaposition of the complete aesthetic change that it presented. I mean we’d just all finished watching a movie mostly shot in CGI, and at the tail end of it there’s a scene that uses, from what I could tell, mostly practical sci-fi effects. Also it was two completely different directors stepping it.

      This isn’t a downer on that last scene though, I really enjoyed it and now I can’t wait for GOTG.

    • It was shot without CGI and by another director. It looked pretty fake!

  3. Not the best but enjoyable and better than the first.

    The Captain America cameo was awesome. Just wish they would utilize those a bit more. Like Ironman having fun with that beast or Kurse vs Hulk?

    • It was Captain America done right XD!

  4. Just saw movie really enjoyed it. I love superhero movies all of them. Would have loved to see less Kat or maybe not have her snarky at every appearance. The others had just the right amount of humor. Loki is by far the best, I swear if TH looked like this all the time, he would have to change his name, he embodies Loki. Loki’s humor was well done, we expect this from him always something crass to say, and I think he may have taken mom’s death the hardest. He didn’t even get to go to the funeral that was just cold and cruel, he did not get to say goodbye. I do not think he had any idea that kruse was going after her he just wanted him to take care of Thor and Odin. Like most people that are bad, they usually find some excuse or scapegoat for their misdoings, Loki is no different, he does not see his guilt because he is being ” forced” into these actions by others. He makes that clear at the opening by justifying going after earth, comparing his destruction Odin’s to keep Asguard, Thor is not smart enough to rule, etc.
    Malekith was underrated unless you look at it from the point of his own arrogance, he feels with the Aether he cannot be defeated, he cannot be defeated, these people are insignificant and cannot foil his plan so ignore them, otherwise why would he just walk away and leave Thor alive? He wants to return the universe to the dark which if I got that right was the way it was?
    Frigga totally impressed me as a ka mum. She loved both her sons and I could see her defending Loki, couldn’t you? She taught him his tricks, so obviously they spent a lot of time together. I agree that Thor was guessing that Loki was putting on a face not actually ” seeing” through his illusion in the jail. Loki let is guard down to say here are you happy now? I think Loki may have taken Odin back to see his body and made his decision then whether to abandon him on that planet or to kill him based on Odin’s reaction to his death. I do not think he would lock him in the standard dungeon unless he put a spell on him to make him appear as Loki. I think this could totally lead to a Loki movie, what happened to Odin his grief over his mother now that things have settled, not an origins, but more of a Thor is stuck on earth so now I can make havoc. I can see him allowing the other to go after Odin, again someone else to blame for his actions. Thor would be more trying to get back to save Asguard, Loki could redeem himself by trading the gauntlet for Odin proving to be more than his brother or father. So many options they left open. I look forward to seeing all that marvel has to offer!
    Loving Cap, IM, new hulk! widow! they are all so great. Cannot wait to see all of them again.
    Last plug for Loki, RDJ is Tony Stark and TH you will always be Loki. I cannot see any one else doing these roles, I hope marvel does not try to replace these main characters and screw stuff up. And please stop killing people off even for dramatic effect or if you do let them rest in peace.

  5. Loki steals the show, no doubt about it. He is tragic, scheming, and hosts of other wonderful things to love in a character. TH is undeniably enjoying himself and it shows, every seen with Loki makes me laugh, cry, or gasp in shock (sometimes a bit of them all). I think at this point killing off Loki would be a big no-no, he’s to important, to much of the critic’s and the fan’s darling. I commend Tom for pulling Thor 2 through, for as little as he is in it he holds it together in so many ways, and the ending just blows away the action only a few minutes ago, so many possibilities and roads to take, I wait on baited breath for Loki’s next move, I’m sure we all do.

    • This is one of these cases where the villain is liked more than the hero. TH surpasses the boundaries of excellence,his acting range is amazing!

  6. Hi everyone, I got a stupid question. when Thor hung his Hammer on the coat rack, shouldn’t the coat rack fall due to the weight or was that supposed to be a gag?

    • Good question and the answer is that Thor’s hammer is not heavy in the normal sense of the word or even he wouldn’t be able to lift it. The Hulk couldn’t lift it and he can throw tanks around. I personally believe the Hulk is stronger than Thor, but the hammer equalizes them, and probably puts Thor ahead. The hammer is magical, not heavy.

      Would love to hear others’ opinions on this.

      It it were super heavy it would have crushed Loki in the first movie.

      • You forget that Loki has “God Like” strength and endurance as well, although still less than Thor’s. The physics of Thor’s hammer should come into question though. I mean it has enough weight to propel his body up to a mile away, therefore based on that alone it should have broken the coat rack, though perhaps Thor’s super strength lends most of the force to these leaps?

        • I disagree. Thor’s hammer can fly. It’s not that he propels is forcefully. Remember, it stops in mid air and changes direction to return to him. The hammer is heavy, but that does not explain why no other being can lift it. It has magical (or weird Asgardian science) properties.

          • This is just a make believe comic book. It equates as asking if Spider-Man can take a bullet. Give me a break,people!! This is just make-believe. I could probably lift the prop hammer.

            • Of course it’s make believe, but in science fiction these types of things/issues ARE important in the story world. So of course you can lift the prop hammer. It’s probably very light.

              • Stan ,thank you for your answer. Yes,sometimes,these things/issues ARE important in the story world but sometimes,it can not be explained since defies any logic. Case in point,how is it that Bruce Banner every time he turns into the Hulk,he is wearing purple shorts? have you noticed that? The other question,how could you explain why Captain American have to dodge a bullet but survives bomb explosions? I understand he took the super-soldier serum,but,can’t take a bullet? And last but not least,Thor (Chris Hemworth) towers over Natalie Portland but when they kiss,she is right at his nose height.

              • Are you Stan “The Man” Lee? Man,you are very knowledgeable about Thor.

                • If I were Stan Lee I wouldn’t be on this site. Just using common sense. I’d like to see others’ take on the question of the hammer’s weight, flying ability. For example, when Thor is “flying” can he change direction. I think he can, and if so, then he’s flying. If her merely throws the hammer and it takes him with it that’s not technically flying, but rather much the same as when the Hulk jumps. Hulk can’t change direction in mid-jump, he can’t fly, but I believe Thor can because the hammer actually flys when Thor tosses it. Also, when Thor calls it, he isn’t using telekinesis to bring it to himself. It flies to him when he summons it. It’s magically connected to him who alone is worthy of it.

                  • I think the Mjolnir is magical therefore is not super heavy but is unliftable by those who are unfit so it seems superheavy. However, I would assume it is fairly heavy as it is made of metal.

                    it is my belief that the owner can control its density (sort of) and the object is linked mentally to that individual. Which is why the object comes back to thor on mental command and it comes back into his hand so smoothly.

                    Just like on the coat rack he can make the object seem lighter to be polite in that situation.

                    • I meant weight not density

                    • The coat rack bit puzzles me. I would believe that the hammer is not so light that a simple coat rack on a wall can support its weight. So, Clay may have something there I didn’t think about.

        • The hammer’s ability to make Thor fly, and its ability to stay stuck to the ground, are not related to its weight. Yes, it’s heavy, it’s a block of superdense metal. But it does fly because Thor throws it and hangs on, it has flight power on its own. It doesn’t stay on the ground because it’s heavy, it does that because only Thor or someone equally worthy can lift it.

          • *doesn’t fly

            • So does it or doesn’t it. You answer seems to go both ways. The hammer only flys when Thor throws it, yes, but the fact that it changes direction proves it has flight capability independent of Thor, as, for instance, when he calls it with an outstretched hand. Pretty obvious, really.

            • What Ken said is what I was trying to say…

      • “When it is dropped or set aside, it takes a fixed position, from which it cannot be moved except by a ‘worthy’ individual.[61]” from Wikipedia…

        Thus the hammer after being placed on the rack would stay there unable to move by others except for Thor.

        • The coat rack bit may have also been a mistake by the writers. I’m changing my mind. The coat rack could not have supported such an object. The natural weight of it would be too great. It still isn’t super heavy, but it nevertheless has a pretty good weight to it. And I think it is implausible that Thor can manipulate its density or weight. It was a mistake, a slip up.

          • i think once it is placed on or at a solid spot it is immovable. Just like wikipedia says (or infers).

            The part that puzzles me is how Selvig says that the Convergence will destroy the worlds. His motivation revolves around trying to stop it with his metal rod things. But thousands of years ago the convergence occurred and didn’t end the realms. So why would the movie play that plot out about the realms ending during the convergence. Now I know Malekith’s motivation was to spread the dark matter to all the worlds through the convergence.

            Maybe we are supposed to think that Selvig was just wrong about his assumptions…

    • The coat rack was worthy.

      • lol ;] good one.

  7. Gotcha Stan!
    makes sense
    thanks! :)

    • He says that his devices are used to detect gravimetric force, but that they can be reconfigured to generate those energies instead. The realms are already going to pass by each other, there is simply a point in time where they line up, AKA “the convergence.” Think of it like those multiple layers of lenses when an eye doctor is testing your vision. The worlds themselves are not involved here, it’s the portals that lead to each realm lining up.

      I don’t remember exactly what was happening when he said “It’s too late,” but he was holding some devices because he simply hadn’t planted them all yet. The convergence ends because the portals didn’t stop moving, they were slowly moving closer towards each other, then converged, then because they were still moving, drifted apart and the convergence ends.

      If you notice, when Malekith catches the first rod in his hand, the rod all of a sudden looks to be very small in his hand. All i can think of is that the Aether had made him larger and that compared to his larger hand the rod looked small. This would also explain why only part of him (his arms) exploded off and not his whole body. Now sure, it’s possible he wasn’t in “giant mode” but then we’re left with “why does that rod look tiny,” and “why did the gravimetric explosions only affect part of his body?

      He smashed Malekith with his hammer, then rod triggers and sends his body to the other world.

      During the first half or so of the movie, weird gravity things were happening, including portals to other realms, and floating tanker trucks. As the convergence neared, more of these weird anomalies showed up. These weird portals would continue to exist as the convergence passed and went away. Even after the convergence was over, the anomalies would still be there, with fewer and fewer of them as time passed, eventually going away until none were left. The ship fell through one of the remaining anomalies.

      Because the realms weren’t going to crash into each other. The big deal about the convergence was that Malekith would have been able to attack all realms simultaneously with the Aether. That was his goal 5000 years ago, and his goal now.

      They were portals that were happening because the convergence had just happened and was slowly passing. Remember when the kids were dropping bottles and shoes in the old building? It was from the same kind of portal Malekith and Thor were stumbling through. When I first saw the beginnings of that battle, I thought Malekith was able to trigger or create portals, but I think he could just see or sense them better than Thor.

      • I guess my biggest gripe is that Selvig explains the worlds will crash into each other without his equipment but that does not happen nor did it happen the thousands of years ago when the convergence last occurred.

  8. Can someone explain to me what happened with Loki and how did he not die

    • Marvel will never “kill” him. His importance as a strong presence on these movies transcends any logic. Most likely,they will make a spin-off movie w/ Tom Hiddleston or show up in another Marvel movie,who knows! This is one of those rare cases where the audience likes the villain more than the hero.

    • When he stabs Kurse, Kurse then turns and uses the sword and weight of his body to stab Loki. I am assuming that after the stabbing Loki immediatley went to hologram mode and Kurse and Thor didn’t notice.

      Then when Thor is over Lokis body crying, that is still an illusion. OR maybe Loki’s illusions can cause harm. If that is the case then his illusion/hologram did the stabbing of Kurse. OR it could be that Loki’s wound wasn’t fatal.

      Then we see Loki change into the image of the Asgard soldier who walks off to the ship they came in on. That same guard (actually Loki) is the one who tells Odin “We found a body.” Odin then replies, “Loki.”

      • I meant to say that AFTER the stabbing of Kurse and BEFORE the stabbing of Loki, Loki went to hologram mode.

        • I don’t see how that’s possible for Loki because Kurse clearly grabbed Loki with both hands. There had to have been something substantial and something visible as well that he grabbed. His holograms are messed with when someone touches him or them.

          • hmmm…yeah good point. Although, Loki could trick Kurse’s brain enough to think that it was actually holding Loki. He is a powerful trickster / magician.

    • He has “God-like” powers. He could never die. Besides,Marvel would do a stupid thing if he dies.

  9. Anyone else think it was odd that Thor and Jane took a car to selvigs house in the midst of of an upcoming apocalyptic event instead of Thor just flying to selvigs house? Flying would be faster and obviously less traffic.

    • It is easier to drive a car than that HEAVY HAMMER!!

      • Lol. I hope you are joking! I will assume you were…

    • @clay, shhh… those marvel fanboys think their movies are so perfect.

  10. When did they acquire the Aether? In the post-credits scene they have the Aether and hand it over to the Collector, but wasn’t the Aether, like, infused with Malekith? And did’nt his ship land on him? When and how did they get it back?

  11. Saw Thor 2 again after giving my first viewing (in 3D) a 3 star. I’m upping this viewing (2D this time) to a 4 star. It was enjoyable and I liked it better on the second viewing. Still not as good as the first movie because there just wasn’t a huge emotional impact as the first one produced with the great character arc they put Thor through. The climax still fell flat to me, but overall a great movie. Setting up a major subplot with Loki next time. Where the hell is Odin?

    • Is it possible Loki killed him? I mean he would if he could, he certainly hates him enough. He had the jump on him disguised as a guard. I went to see it again as well and I’m still not sure on that part, or how Loki made a hologram that wasn’t messed up by someone touching it when he killed the Kurse and “died”

  12. Did Loki end up in Tahiti? It’s a magical place.

    • Clever

  13. Generally I find Thor to be too goofy of a concept to enjoy. That said the movie suffered from an almost non-existent villain and a pedestrian overall threat.

    It was inventive and there was a lot to look at. Loki was absolutely the best part.

    I was surprised by the humor. It was pretty good. If it didn’t really make me laugh, it at least didn’t make me groan. Thor Hanging his hammer on the coat rack was the best. The children in the audience loved Dr. Selvig and the no clothes/no pants humor. I find Darcy cute but annoying, but I like the kissing gag after her intern saved her.

  14. I was confused when thor’s hand was cut off. I know it was a trick for malakith but how exactly did Loki bring it back? (This confusion goes along with Loki’s “death”)

  15. I was confused about his death too – but I know it has something to do with Loki’s powers of illusion. Another example of a possible illusion effect that I noticed is that during the fight with the Kursed, the “monster” is practically on top of Thor, getting the upperhand on the hero; however, at the very end of the fight, Thor is running towards the location where the battle had just ended. Was this another illusion by Loki or was it just bad editing? Maybe something was left out that would explain this better…?

  16. I watched it at a second viewing, and it made more sense but as in Thor 1, when Loki flew back on the rainbow bridge, he appears to be hanging off the edge and calls for Thor. Then he’s gone and shows up BEHIND Thor. I guess we’re not supposed to question Loki’s majicks, and just accept that he is the Trickster and can do these things. My mainconcern now for the new film is, what did he do with Odin. Patricide is not something I would like the character to do. I mean, he is supposed to be better than he was in Avengers. The guy was cruel in that film.