Rene Russo Talks Frigga’s Role in ‘Thor: The Dark World’

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Rene Russo Talks Thor The Dark World Rene Russo Talks Friggas Role in Thor: The Dark World

Production on Thor: The Dark World is expected to begin later this month in London, and while the details of the plot have yet to be confirmed, a casting call for background actors has indicated where the sequel might going.

What we know for sure is that many of the key characters from the first film will be returning, including Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Odin (Anthony Hopkins), and Loki (Tom Hiddleston), along with secondary characters like Heimdall (Idris Elba), the Warriors Three, and Thor’s mother, Frigga, played by actress Rene Russo (Get ShortyThe Thomas Crown Affair).


Rene Russo recently spoke with Vulture about her role as Frigga in the first film and what her responsibilities might be in the sequel, saying:

“You know they cut me [down] in the first film. [Director] Kenneth Branagh sent me a nice note, because he understood, he’s an actor. You move on, what are you going to do? But I think they’re going to need a good mom in the next film. Loki needs his mom. What the hell?”

Frigga spent the majority of Thor by Odin’s side as he falls into the Odinsleep, helping to protect him while also trying to reassure Loki of his importance to their family (after Loki discovers his relationship with the Frost Giants).

Rene Russo as Frigga in Thor Rene Russo Talks Friggas Role in Thor: The Dark World

Russo also discussed how Frigga might perceive Loki following his actions in The Avengers, and teased a possible plot device concerning her character and Thor:

“I have a lot of compassion for [Loki]. But we might have to have a conversation about what he just did. And I might have to have a chat with Thor. But I am so confused – is Thor my son or not? People have been telling me recently, ‘No, you’re not his mother.’ It’s all so confusing. I got to tell ya, it would be a little embarrassing if I don’t know. I need to read more about her.”

Actually, Frigga is Thor’s stepmother, not his biological one. It’s still unclear whether this will be explored in Thor 2, though it’s worth pointing out that, given the speculation over the film’s story (along with it possibly having to spend time setting up other “Phase II” films for Marvel), there simply might not be enough time to delve too deeply into this issue.

Asgard in Thor Rene Russo Talks Friggas Role in Thor: The Dark World

What seems more likely is that Frigga will deal primarily with Loki, as Russo hinted at. Thor took Loki back to Asgard at the end of The Avengers to face Asgardian justice, and it certainly seems plausible that Frigga could influence whatever ruling is made.

If nothing else, she could be seen trying to console Loki and repair the damage to his pride and overall frame of mind after the events of Thor. The importance of family was a major theme in the first film, so it’s not out of the question for it to remain in the spotlight in the follow-up, particularly if Asgard is featured more prominently.

Thor: The Dark World is slated for release on November 8th, 2013.


Source: Vulture

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  1. Just a guess (and guessing is fun, right?) but I’m gonna imagine Loki is banished to another realm forever as punishment, he goes and helps Malekith as revenge but he’d secretly had a talk with his mother before banishment and was calmed by her, especially if told Thor isn’t her biological son, making him have a little empathy for Thor (but not a whole lot).

    • good guess

  2. I feel like we need more of Lady Sif more than anything, Frigga helping Loki would be alright i guess but more Sif & Warriors Three for me…

  3. the movie is called Thor not Frigga.

    • The movie is called Thor, but still Loki is the one with more fans, and they want to see more mother/son scenes

  4. Um, about Frigga — was it ever indicated in the MCU that she was Thor’s stepmother? I assumed she was biological. I mean, Balder doesn’t seem to exist in the Thor films, so you can’t really use the comics/myth as solid background info.

    Anyway, I loved Frigga’s scenes in the first Thor (deleted or not!), so here’s hoping she gets more screentime this time around!

    • While there was indeed nothing that indicated that Frigga was Thor’s stepmother in the movies, the myths and comics show otherwise.
      And while it’s been proven that they won’t follow the exact same route as the comics, they do keep up with a lot of things.
      But having Gaea/Jord as Thor’s biological mother does give them another option to delve deeper into the mythology.

      Bane didn’t exist in Batman Begins & The Dark Knight ijs…

      They only have a limited amount of time to introduce the basics of the world for an origin movie.
      Sequels are meant to expand on what’s already there.
      They already plan on introducing the Enchantress, who wasn’t in the first movie either.

      In the comics Balder was forced to spend some time with Karnilla the Norn Queen, which they can easily use later on as an excuse for his lack of presence in Thor 1, just as an example.

      • But that still doesn’t mean she’s his stepmother. In the MCU there isn’t anything to indicate that she is, so we can only really assume that she’s biological until proven otherwise. And I seriously doubt they’ll bother with Balder, unless they rewrite him as just another Asgardian buddy and not a brother. I think people are getting too wrapped up in what happens in the comics and expecting them to play out in the MCU, which isn’t the case so far.

        • I would assume it followed the Nordic mythology if anything. But you are right, there is nothing that says Frigga isnt the biological mother in the MCU.

    • Yes, Loki finds out that Balder is the true biological son of Frigga and Odin while Thor is Odin’s son with the earth goddess’ Gaea.

  5. ive watched thor but if never watched anything alse with him in it, including comics. For the first time ive been watching the Avengers EMH and he has a very unique vocabulary. in this i wanna see him speak more like thor. FOR MIDGARD!! now i know more about the character my only flaw in thor in that.

    • What you are referring to is him speaking with a more Shakespearean prose. I always thought the cinematic version should speak the same way but Kenneth Branagh thought people wouldn’t be able to understand him as well. 8 year olds had/have no problems with his particular speaking style in the comics or A:EMH but grown-ups do? whatever.

      Yeah, I never understood the reasoning. Maybe they tried it but Hemsworth just couldn’t pull it off?

      As for Frigga……do actors not get what a supporting role means? If you can’t handle being background character, which may mean leaving parts on the cutting room floor, then don’t take the freakin’ part.

      • I think Thor and Loki spoke a bit more Shakespearean-esque in The Avengers (or am I imagining things?), but yeah, I was pretty disappointed that they didn’t let him speak the way he’s supposed to speak in THOR – I’m sure Hemsworth can pull it off though (tis not that difficult! ;))

        As for Frigga/Rene Russo: I understand that she’s a supporting character, but they really didn’t do right by her in THOR IMO. She’s a very talented actress, but she did almost nothing in the movie… which brings up the question, why hire a good actress when said actress only has… 5 minutes of screentime?
        I hope the sequel will delve a bit deeper into the characters and their relationships… obviously not to the extent of it becoming a drama flick or something, but just a bit more depth (for instance Loki & Odin in THOR was amazing” their relationship, interactions, dialogue – the scene where Loki confronts Odin and asks him about where he really comes from is one of my favorite parts of the movie)

        • What was that you said……tis? I don’t understand you! Is that some sort of weird South African slang you’re speaking there? O.o

          and supporting characters (well actually most actors) have a lot of their work cut. Things change during editing and they have to find a way to trim that 12 hours of good footage down to 2-3 and still have a movie makes sense. So often times smaller parts lose more because there was a lot less to begin with.

          She should just be fortunate they didn’t cut her out completely like they did Ethan Hawke in Total Recall. He did what he was supposed to, paid but then got left on the cutting room floor (although it will be supposedly added back in for the directors cut). It happens all the time.

          And honestly I really don’t want to see some long and drawn out touchy feely moments with her non-children. This is supposed to be “Dark Worlds” not chick flick, get in touch with your mom Thor!

          • Well, you make a good point…

          • Supporting characters give depth and new perspective to the main character. Thor was a character study that got changed into an action adventure post-prpoduction.

            Thor’s characterization (which was weak) would have been a thousand times better with a more developed Loki relationship (Keep the deleted scenes plus more), a fleshed out Sif as a former lover or seceretly pinning for Thor and a Jane who wasnt such a ditz and clearly in love with Thor from first sight.

            Frigga should have been givin atleast one scene pre-Thor banishment that gave greater characterizatiom to Loki & Thor’s relationship and their relationship with their foster/stepmother respectively. We could of even had a possible Baldur mention.

            • Well I’m not going to argue with you about it.

              My main point of contention was that Russo sounded a bit put out and pushing for a larger part in the next movie. As I said above, if you accept the part of supporting character then you need to accept things like having your screen time cut.

              AND I’m ALL for more. If it were up to me, all these movies would be 6 hours long because soooo much gets cut just to fit a certain standard. Just imagine if each LotR movie had been 6 hrs?

              As I see more and more trilogies, I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with the concept because of the limited time a movie has and then time between each movie. Some things are better served in an expanded format like Game of Thrones so they can better tell the whole story and not have to chop it to bits to make it 2hrs long.

              It would be great if they did Avengers in a TV cable format. That way they could explore ALL of the characters, could plumb the depth of them, get to see the villains repeatedly (instead of them being inevitably killed off at the end of the movie) and really tell all those comic book stories correctly. Yeah I know, pipedream. :P

              • Yea, TV format could do so many characters justice. I would love to see HBO, Starz, or Showtime take on a character. Spawn, Moon Knight, Luke Cage or The Question? DC and Marvel both need to work on their tv animation aswell. Could be so much better.

          • pss: A mother having a relationship with her son doesn’t make a movie a “chick flick”….

  6. so is she the biological mom of loki ? because then loki could use her for his evil plans,but this time odin must be more powerfull after his odinssleep and because of that it wouldn´t be easy for loki to plays his evil games. i ask myself if they give loki a big part, i don´t think that,because they introduce more characters and another storyline.

    • No, Loki’s birth mother was another frost giant named Farbauti (by Marvel’s version). He is simply a runt.

      Interesting fact, Marvel decided to switch Loki’s parents names. In Norse Myth his Father is Farbauti and mother Laufey.

    • No she’s the biological mother of Balder. Loki’s mom is Farbauti. He has no connection to Odin or Frigga biologically.

      • Could of sworn that question was already answered.

  7. Always wanted to see the director’s cut of Thor and The Incredible Hulk. I dont know why Marvel Studios interfered. Cutt alot of The best character moments.

  8. Sketches for Balder were done for the first film but there wasn’t enough room for him nor she he have been in the first anyway. It would be way more dramatic for Balder to be introduced and revealed as Thor’s real brother in a sequel.

  9. So, here’s my prediction for the key moments in THOR: The Dark World.

    Thor brings Loki back to Asgard, puts him in Prison where Frigga will visit him. Loki may convince her to help free him later in the movie. Meanwhile, Thor has been defending Asgard from a sudden influx of invaders from both Surtur and Malekith. Thor pursues the villains while Loki works his magic from prison. Christopher Eccleston/Malekith and a CG Surtur send their minions to Earth/Norway, and Jane Foster and Dr. Selvig meet Thor on the frontline, also the enchantress/skurge in there somewhere. Then Thor retaliates, he and warriors 3 attack the “dark World”. At end Loki escapes with Thanos’ help and a button scene with Guardians of the Galaxy.

    • I like that. Just take out Jane, Dr Selvg and Earth. Have Loki reveal that he lost to The Avengers on purpose so he could steal the imfinity gauntlet, hence the one-sided battle and poor planning. And add a sub-plot of why Thor love Jane (which was never explained im Thor) by testing his loyalty with Echantress (former love) and Sif (who secretly wants to be his lover)

      • The love triangle… nice.

        • Rectangle technically lol. Thor, Echantress, Jane & Sif. ….giggady..

          • Don’t forget about Brunnhilde and Skurge!

  10. Balder needs to be introduced.
    Thor/Loki/Balder have an interesting brotherly dynamic, that would make this more than just a popcorn action flick.
    The three have their own codes and sense of justice, incorporated into the storyline, that would do well.

    • I felt Baldur should have been mentioned in Thor.

    • I would love a 6hr thor movie but you are adding WAAAY too much for 1 2hr movie thor will turn into a 6movie deal with all you want to add…. but i would not mind it, I REALLY WANT ANOTHER HULK movie…NOWWWWW

  11. I could watch an entire movie with just Loki and his mom.

  12. Actually,
    Frigga is NOT Loki’s Stepmother. She is his adoptive mother. Stepmother implies that Loki was the child of Odin and another woman who is out of the picture. Get your terminology right.

  13. GOD bless Frigga, good mother.