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sr underground 117 thor dark world Thor: The Dark World   SR Underground Ep. 117

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode one-hundred seventeen of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick, fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw, and special guest Vic Holtreman, as we review Alan Taylor’s Thor: The Dark World, discuss new Batman vs. Superman rumors, as well as recount how one of our April Fool’s posts was mistaken for legitimate news by major outlets (seven months later).

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 117 - ‘Thor: The Dark World’

We review Alan Taylor’s Thor: The Dark World, discuss new Batman vs. Superman rumors, as well as recount how one of our April Fool’s posts was mistaken for legitimate news by major outlets (seven months later).

[0:00] News: Flash, Wonder Woman & Other JLA Members to Appear in ‘Batman vs. Superman’?Will ‘Arrow’ Crossover With the DC ‘Justice League’ Movie Universe?Should ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Include Dick Grayson’s Nightwing?Rumor Patrol: Olga Kurylenko Testing For ‘Wonder Woman’ in ‘Batman vs. Superman’, and April Fools: ‘Full House’ Sequel Series in Development – Will You Watch?

[54:30] Review: Thor: The Dark World (read our full written Thor: The Dark World review).

[1:19:44] Thor: The Dark World SPOILERS Discussion (join our Thor 2 spoilers discussion post).

[2:17:46] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



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Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (Ender’s Game opening) Sal reports that newcomer James won with a score of 11.

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • The Best Man Holiday – 2,000

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  • N/A

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Special Guest: Vic Holtreman

Music by Omarie B. Williams (@OmarieWilliams)

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  1. I loved Thor the Dark World.

    I saw it twice last week then watched the original. The original set some things up well but this film is several notches up on the first outing.

  2. Wow, the same generic “joke” in every article. Pretty funny the first thousand times or so… if you’re twelve years old that is.

  3. This is early.
    I like.

    • Here is my casting for a Wonder Woman movie
      Wonder- Genma Arterton
      Artemis- Jamie Alexander
      Hippolyta(wonders mom)- Lucy Lawless
      Ares(villain)- voiced by Ron Pearlman
      Steve Trevor- Troy Baker

      Also as an aside-
      Jensen Ackles can play booster gold or hal jordan or jason todd

      Malekith doesnt have much presence in the comics so thats perhaps why they didnt go into his back story, but he was enough for me to think of him as a aesthetically cool nihilistic threat that wanted to destroy the universe and was focused on that instead of having a personal vendetta against thors family, who he doesnt even know anymore.
      Also feel malekith relieves what couldve been loki overload and is the reason loki gets to be better played.

      On Jane and Thors romance, is any onscreen romance ever feel real or engrossing. Better question, how many real life relationships actually intrigue you, not a whole lot, in fact most are eye rolling and this isnt so I will take it.

      The incredible Hulk movie is reeally boring and feels more like a fox production and edward nornton always acts as though the hulk is raping him, has a similar angsty shower scene like in post rape
      american history x

      I think the tesseract is the power stone and the red aether is space(or vice versa)
      If the stone in lokis staff was one then thats soul or mind
      and the reality or time stone will be in Guardians

      • The Tesseract is the space stone, the Aether hasn’t been confirmed as the power stone, but the head of Marvel Studios has said that a lot of the gem colors from the comics don’t match with the colors of the film stones.

        Loki’s staff is powered by the Tesseract, the staff doesn’t have the Mind stone in it.

        • Well…then the stones make no sense.

  4. Whoa, already? What a pleasant surprise!

    don’t really mind spoilers for this kind of movie that much. Is there anything major in Thor 2 that I should avoid or can I just go ahead and listen to the spoiler discussion? I wouldn’t mind knowing if Natalie Portman’s character dies or not, for example. So it would have to be something REALLY major to keep me from listening to the spoiler discussion. ;)

    • You should never listen to the Spoiler section until youve seen the movie, regardless of which movie or podcast episode is involved in the equation.

      • Well, I did it anyway and there was nothing of consequence in there. Thor 2 was predictable from start to finish and it basically just went through the expected motions. Nothing to spoil there. ;)

  5. Yes early!

    • That is it!

      (I didn’t realize it was you commenting, so I opened the link in a new tab and completely forgot about it. Guess who found a surprise tab in Chrome this morning?! This lucky fella!)

  6. Great podcast i think you covered the movies flaws and pros very fairly.

  7. Your “Thor: The Dark World” review link goes to Ender’s Game.. might wanna change that..

    • Thanks Nicholas. I’ve updated the link.

  8. Thor 2 was decent. I preferred the first. Sequel seemed a bit unnecessary. Would’ve rather seen a reboot to Daredevil.

    • I also enjoyed the first one more.

    • arent all sequels unnecessary?

      • Depends on the subject:

        If it’s something like Star Trek, perhaps…..

        If it’s something like Step Up?

        Hell no!

        • Point is sequels are made out of desire for more, so actually all serve some purpose.

  9. First off I love seeing the podcast up early! Great podcast as usual guys! I loved when Kofi quoted Prof X to Anthony regarding netflix! I went to the Thor Marathon at my local theater (Thor-Avengers-Thor 2) and it was a great experience, all for only $20! It was nice to see the movies again on the big screen and not have to wait in any line. They also showed a different Cap 2 trailer that had the famous “elevator” scene in full, anyone else see this?

  10. GET THE MUMBLES A MICROPHONE…. PLEASE!!! Vic is so damn hard to hear, I hate to say it but he sort of sounds like he has a mouthful of….

    • I heard Vic fine. What I also heard fine was Kofi eating, every single munching second of it. I wish he would stop doing that during the podcast.

    • I could understand the words coming out of Vic’s mouth, but as usual his mic setup at home is very echoey and terrible. Doesn’t fit with the good quality of the other guys.

      • Thanks for the feedback, I’ll keep that in mind for the next time.

  11. Great podcast. I loved Thor: The Dark World as well, it definitely has problems but I enjoyed it. Way more than Iron Man 3 thats for sure. And I loved the post credits scene, probably my favorite so far. I am so excited for Guardians of the Galaxy and Benecio Del Toro is gonna be amazing.

  12. I thought Anthony brought up a good point…With the advent of the phase two movies and the agents of shield tv show, I feel that the franchise has bit off as much as it can chew with trying to keep continuity among story lines. But now with the news of the netflix shows, I just get a bad feeling that the franchise is going to mess up big somewhere.

    • That’s the challenge of every good writer.

  13. Iron Man 3 wasn’t a bad film, but I hated what they did with the Mandarin. I heard rumors that Marvel hadn’t hired an asian actor to play him in order not to offend Sony.

    If that’s true, thanks a heap Sony for screwing up Iron Man three!

    “Did you know fortune cookies are not Chinese? They’re actually American…”

    Gimme a f***ing break!!!

    • How would that offend sony?

    • And why would Marvel care about Sony’s thoughts?

      • I don’t know exactly why, but there might be some truth in it. Otherwise, Why screw up such a great Iron Man villian?

    • because of the twist it wont be as rewatchable over time which is a shame because even if he didnt have magic powers kingsleys terrorist mandarin wouldve been a great villain.

      • Agreed. Unfortunately, fans were pissed that Kingsley had taken the role. Originally, he was going to be the actual Mandarin but the writers changed part of the script at the last minute.

        Way to not to crack under pressure gentlemen.

      • Magic?

        • Nine Technomagical rings.

  14. Box Office Battle
    1 Thor:The Dark World
    2 The Best Man Holiday
    3 Free Birds
    4 Last Vegas
    5 12 Years a Slave
    10 Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2

  15. Haven’t listened yet, but I hope someone brings up Shreddies. I just learned about these earlier this year via this podcast and then they cameo in the Thor movie! My world’s are colliding!

    • I thought Rob Keyes would say something about that as well, but I don’t think he did. They are very prominent in the post credits scene, but also visible in the earlier scene in Jane’s kitchen, maybe Shreddies are a popular cereal in the UK as well?

      • They’re a UK cereal that’s been in a lot of shows and stuff.

        • haha came here just to mention the Shreddies. Like most of the podcast team I had never heard of or seen this cereal so it was very funny to spot it in the movie.

      • oh ya, I guess I should have… It’s so normal for me so I didn’t think of it, lol.

  16. Great Podcast guys! Your opinions have always helped me to decide what movies to check out each weekend. Thor 2 sounds fun to catch with my wife this weekend.

  17. Thor 2 is a very entertaining film. It is better than Iron Man 3, not as good as Man of Steel.

    • That’s impossible since Man of Steel is worse than Iron Man 3.

  18. 5 stars people? Really?
    You do realize that means you can never rank another movie higher than it?
    Thor 2 is one of the best movies ever made?

    Okaaaaaay man, whatever you say.

    I’d give it a solid 3.5.

  19. Even with all of its flaws, Thor is the cbm of the year for me.

  20. EPIC FAIL !!!

    • That’s pretty cool

  21. Edward Hernandez

    Kevin smith got a first look at the new batman costume wtf

  22. DC and MARVEL TV:
    They need to quit pussyfooting around. Agents of Shield/Arrow needs to have established heros and villains show up. Some that may never be in movies Marvel: Nova, any one of a zillion x-men. A movie hero would be nice too at least once in a while. DC: Just use Jay Garrick or Alan Scott.

    • “All heroes aren’t super”

      No pussyfooting with Arrow. Show is awesome. DC proves they rule TV and animation. They really need to quit pussyfooting around with the movies.

  23. Nick Creson

    Scott Lowell. Marvel can’t use X-Men because Fox owns the live action rights. Also, I doubt they’ll use Alan Scott because be too expensive to portray on tv. Also, nova would be tough because cosmic. It’d be easier to put him in guardians of the galaxy. Plus he May be too expensive for television. Are also has plenty of established heroes and villains. There black canary, huntress, death stroke, dead shot,bronze tiger, merlyn, and they’ve mentioned ras al gul.

  24. Thor 2
    The best man holiday
    Bad grandpa
    Free birds
    Last vegas
    About time

  25. @ Nick- yeah I forget about rights- the thing that kept spider man in limbo. I just wanted to see existing characters- not made for show types. At least do what small ville did with dr fate and the manhunter

  26. Box office battle

    1. Thor the Dark World
    2. Best Man holiday
    3. Free Birds
    4. Last Vegas
    5.bad Grandpa
    10 about time

  27. Y,I place the movie between 3.5-4 also. I’m going see it again this wk!!

  28. Don’t get me wrong i like this website. but i do hate when people say they did this first and they did that before anything ease there is no proof they did this April Fools joke. they talk about in the show. Thor The Dark World is a good action movie yes i do agree with some of there views on the movie. but i hate when they just rip a good movie. is it me or they said a while back they liked DareDevil Movie sooo yeah