The Realm of Vanaheim

In Thor: The Dark World we’ll see the hall of science which includes information on the big bang that began the universe as we know it, along with a display of how the nine realms fit together. One of those realms, Vanaheim, is where the film begins.

The image above is from the Thor: The God of Thunder game that released alongside the original film. Vanaheim is depicted with ruins in a lush, tropical forest full of swamps. Producer Craig Kyle on Vanaheim’s appearing in Thor 2:

“This is one of the first worlds we actually come to in the film after we see the kids and the Dark Elves. And this is a very peaceful world that has been overrun by the Marauders I was talking about. This is one of the places where we actually get to meet our heroes the first time in the film. “

In Marvel Comics, Vanaheim is the home of the Vanir gods.

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