Marauders – Space Pirates

The Marauders are a group of aliens with different designs and weapons from outside the nine realms. They can be seen in Asgard’s dungeon/prison where Loki is held, and attacking the outer planets Thor and his army police (the many images of the battles in the field where Thor takes on the Stone Golem). Costume armor supervisor Simon Brindle describes them as a “ragtag bunch of space pirates, certainly interesting to look at.” Producer Craig Kyle also explained that Thor and his team have to police the nine realms against the Marauders who are attacking and stealing.

Special makeup effects designer David White, who took us through the prosthetics of the dark elves and Malekith, says there are over a dozen variations of marauders, some very large, some with scars, some with horns, others with extreme teeth, etc., requiring up to three and a half hours of prosthetics, “one extreme to the other right across the galaxy.”

Props Master Barry Gibbs adds that he Marauders are “made up from space cowboys, strike warriors from all of the nine realms.” Are they associated with Malekith in any way?

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