Burning of Malekith

Malekith’s unique visual design from the comics features not only the star symbol on his chest, but a Two-Face-esque design. In Thor: The Dark World, we first meet Malekith without any scarring on his face. During the film however, after seemingly attacking Asgard, he has half his face burned, paying homage to the original Marvel Comics design. Special makeup effects designer David White told us about the prosthetics required in making Malekith’s face look appropriate after his … incident:

“The burning on Malekith, I mean, that is actually a sculpt on top of a sculpt.  It’s an added piece which is being sculpted and you pre-paint all the pieces, totally to the last strip so that it saves time and also keeps continuity.  But we had a final finishing to do, and this particular burn is kind of tipping the hat to the original comic in the sense that it’s quite central, and also there’s a little hair, change of hair color as well.  But there’s a lot of that within this.  There’s a lot of paying homage to the original kind of characters that come through.

For comparison:

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