Thor’s Powers Redefined

Jake Morrison, visual effects supervisor on Thor: The Dark World, sat down with us to talk about redesigning Thor’s movement, still bending physics but keeping it believable.

“I would say the main thing that we’re trying to do is be a little bit more faithful to the comic book in the sense that in the first picture he flew, he kind of had a straight-line thing that he could do like and if he could get to the final battle, there’s definitely a point where he’s flying up the rainbow bridge and he’s flying basically parallel to the ground.  You know the thinking behind that is that you know, he can control the weather so the wind can keep him aloft to allow him to have that kind of profile but I do think that you know, the classic poses in the comic books really work better when he’s on an arc.  So and again, in Avengers we were trying to make sure that you know, like when he’s heading up to the Chrysler building that that’s actually, you feel like the leap would end there.  Like, he’s just really very, very good at choosing his landing points.  So I think when we’re to try to get more of that in there, when he’s jumping to attack somebody, it should be more of a lift and land rather than necessarily a straight-line drive.”

We can also see Thor’s enhanced abilities with his mighty hammer Mjolnir in the trailer where it can make sharp turns while flying through the city streets of London without destroying buildings. That and Thor smashing the ground and smashing the Stone Man from Saturn into pieces…

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