25 Cool New Things You’ll See in ‘Thor: The Dark World’

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Stonehenge 570x356 25 Cool New Things Youll See in Thor: The Dark World

In the sizzle reel of footage producer Craig Kyle played for us in the Thor: The Dark World art room, there was a shot of stonehenge. We asked if it played into the story to which he vaguely replied

“It definitely plays into the storyline, yeah.”

We know they shot on location in Wiltshire, England, and Stonehenge remains a real-life source of mystery and scientific debate as to its origins and whether it was used as an astronomical observatory or as a religious site – both of which could play into the Thor lore.

There are connections from the Thor comics to Arthurian legend which we believe may have ties to the film (see: Cursing Iron).

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  1. Whoa this article is massive!

    • I work out

      • I appreciate your work on here Rob, great stuff!

      • –said the article.

      • +1 haha awesome

      • I’ll comb through it later, but the pic above of Chris Hemsworth was a bit off compared to the first Thor movie and his reprisal in Avengers… He looks A LOT thinner and MUCH less bulky than before, even in his scale armor. What gives?

        • Does the suit define the man or the man define the suit?

        • maybe he ate some of that bad astromy from Janes partment!!!

  2. Great job Rob, that was awesome.

  3. You always wonder where the money goes when you see the insane budgets of these films. This article pretty much explains it. Its crazy how much work and detail go into producing these movies. Also wondering what happens to all the sets and props after production? Do they just sell them off or stack them in some giant warehouse somewhere until they have a reason to reuse them?

  4. Wow, Rob practically wrote book! Can’t wait to read it!

  5. I want to see the Warrior Madness Mode

  6. Yup, more pumped than this than before…

    • About this…darn

  7. Wow. This movie sounds like a true Thor tale. I loved the first film, but it was mostly very grounded on Earth (no pun intended.) That being said, I am very grateful that it still embraced the more fantastical side of the original Thor comics rather than the more “realistic(?)” approach of the Ultimate comics. I’m very excited to see Thor in his element rather than a sort of fish out of water like the first film and The Avengers.

  8. Anyone remember that Chris O’Dowd supposedly filmed a cameo for this? Has barely been mentioned or hinted at at all since the news first dropped.

    • Yeap, he plays the person dating Jane Foster I believe – just a one-scene sort of thing I’d guess.

  9. I know I say this a lot, but does it not bother anybody that the burnt half of his face is on the wrong side?

    • Could be the photo was flipped before uploading.

      Otherwise, I dunno but it certainly doesn’t bother me much.

    • I don’t think it’s too big a deal. Look at Aaron Eckhart as Two-face. If they switched the side his face was scarred on, I doubt it would have affected his awesome performance.

      • I understand that, but it’s like giving the Joker red hair. Sure, it doesn’t change the performance of the actor much, but it just isn’t truthful to the character.

        If you ever watch the show Avatar:TLA, in the episode The Ember Island Players, they put Zuko’s scar on the wrong side. A kid later approaches Zuko to appreciate his Zuko “costume”, but tells him that his scar (his actual scar) is on the wrong side. This upsets Zuko, as Malekith’s burn has upset me.

      • Maybe the scarred side jumps back and forth, just to confuse people???

  10. Nice article for sure. Thanks.

    • I’m so hungry right now I could do with some astromy sammiches.

      One awesome typo in 5500 words is a double-win!

      • ABSOLUTELY Rob, I hope your not taking it the wrong way! I loved the article, but that typo is Epic! I am an amateur astronomer and THAT is probably the only reason I caught it!

        Only 1 word in 5500 is a very good percentage and I bet most writers would be happy with that.

  11. What no Enchantress or Ulik? I am not too familiar with this character to be honest but I know those two where very important villains through the comic run.

    • “No Enchantress or you lick”? Well, what an insult!

    • I still think they may be saving them for Thor 3, if indeed the film is made. They can easily be included as working for Surtur. Also, not sure where I heard it, but the mention of maybe killing off Jane Foster in this film can lead to the Sif-Enchantress-Thor love triangle.

  12. The first cool thing you’ll see in the movie is me sitting in the front row of the theater, munching popcorn and panting over Sif (the girl, not the disease!~). As for the other 24 cool things, who the heck knows?

    • Goldi, mostly you make me groan. But when you make me laugh, you REALLY make me laugh.
      “The girl, not the disease”… I’m dying over here.

  13. I will see Thor 2 but am not excited for it, I get this feeling that all the realms we haven’t seen will look like generic and unoriginal crap we have all seen before, this is a freakin sci-fi movie for crying out loud with a big budget. No golden apples or thor using his helmet? That is lame, Origin of Kurse? Lame, that origin is a stale one we have all seen before, and those weapons? I am not impressed. It all looks lame too. I like the first thor movie but have a feeling this one will be terrible, I certainly don’t care for the game of thrones influence, making it like game of thrones is a lazy and un-creative direction.

    • Why are you seeing this movie?

    • Golden apples?

    • Making it like GOT is unoriginal?

      So…what would be original considering the Vikings lived, pillaged and invaded in countries traditionally seen as dark, grey, represented as perfectly as we can imagine by the GOT scenes shot in Ireland?

    • I hoped someone else would bring that up.

      Very Ultron, isn’t it?

  14. the Stone Man from Saturn looks like the unholy offspring of Homer Simpson and The Thing!

    • +1000

    • Stoner Simpson?

  15. What’s cool, is that the Kronans are featured in the Planet Hulk series where one of the Kronan brothers explains his meeting with Thor. Quite cool. I digress.

  16. I’m so pumped for this movie! It looks epic.

  17. The quote from Jake Morrison made my head hurt…no idea what he means.

  18. needs more darkies and mexi-dudes. maybe could use machete and danny glover.

  19. Why Exactly does Darcy have an assistant ? She plays absolutely NO part in the films. No purpose whatsoever.

    • She’s a big part of the comic relief for casual moviegoers.

    • I thought she was pretty funny in Thor. Sure, after watching the movie 6 times, she got a little old; but I did see the movie 6 times (2 in the theater, 4 on DVD/BLU).