An Old Asgard

From our chat with production designer Charles Wood, we got a good sense of how the crew of Thor: The Dark World designed the many interior/exterior sets with a realistic, worn-down finish, to help director Alan Taylor create and flesh out Asgardian culture beyond the shiny CGI palace of the first film (see: Alan Taylor’s criticism of Thor).

Producer Craig Kyle:

“And what’s really important this time around is, you know, this is a world built by Thor’s great-grandfather, grandfather, and father, and we want to be able to show that through the Architecture. Just like the observatory we’re not going to cover “hey, how’s the building going?” We’re just gonna show people, and you’ll see different kinds of materials, and age, and damage building up to the Golden Palace that we’ve already seen in the golden towers that went beyond it. So, all of it’s just, again, showing the age and the time.”

The Asgardian sets around the pub were envisioned to represent “Heart of Asgard,” to let the audience see the realm of Asgard as a community. Thor – in casual mode – wears a blue cloak that covers most of his armor, allowing him to blend in and spend time with friends in town and in the pub. The pub is where Sif and The Warrior’s Three spend their time and where Volstagg tells exaggerated stories of his epic battles and adventures to his kids on his lap and friends in the pub.

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