More Weapon Variety

More than 1,100 weapons were built for Thor: The Dark World, including armaments beyond the typical array of melee weapons (swords, axes, staffs, etc.). Thor and friends will battle opponents wielding ranged weapons, from pistols and bows to bazookas and a blunderbuss, in addition to the large Dark Elf weapons.

The army of Dark Elves all use a similar weapon, a large organic-looking cone-shaped shoulder weapon that can be used up close and personal in hand-to-hand fighting and as a rifle of sorts. The Marauders however, a band of space pirates (more on them here), have a large variety of weapons (as you can see in photo above). Props Master Barry Gibbs on Marauder weapon variety:

“We didn’t want to have everybody with machine guns or laser guns, etc., because otherwise they would just kill our heroes.  So we had to do a mix of weapons they’d picked up. So you’ll see weapons which come from The Avengers – we picked up a couple of Chitauri weapons and alien weapons which came from that movie. And also we’ve just taken medieval Asian, Roman… We’ve picked up on everything that we can possibly find and tried to give it our look.

We took molds of certain weapons and then burned them to other shafts, we made things up to try and give people, you know, somebody could have an ax, a club, an ax and a dagger, a sword and a dagger.  A spear and a morning star.  We just made things up as we could go along really.”

Gibbs, walking us through the weapons room (pictured up top), explained some of the larger and more extreme weapons that will be seen in Thor 2:

“We’ve got the Stone Man’s club, which was used as a piece, which actually just falls the floor.  And then we’ve got the very large – about just under 9 feet – which is supposed to be a cross between a Gatling gun and an Indian Rampart gun.  That was made here, it’s a non-functional prop.  And we had a rocket launcher at the end, which was made to have a rocket put into it and then the visual effects, special effects take over. “

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