Einherjar Training Grounds

We walked through outdoor sets that were sandy, dirty, aged, but massive – like the Asgardian version of the sets of HBO’s Rome (that director Alan Taylor also worked on). The larger outdoor section was a training ground for Asgard’s elite fighting force: the Einherjar who in the comics and Norse mythology are dead warriors who feast and continually fight in Valhalla (more on that here).

Producer Craig Kyle:

“The Asgardian training grounds where all the Einherjar are training for the battles that are currently happening all across the cosmos. That’s where we get a chance to actually have Thor and his father reconnect after he comes home from a successful journey.”

“They’ve been going through quite a few troops now trying to rein in the universe. The young Einherjar are coming up in the ranks, Odin’s in full warrior mode. So, we don’t see him in all of his, you know, more of a royal setting. He’s just General who watches over his troops, training his men. “

In the prop room we saw a lot of the weapons they work with, including a bow and arrows (see: Thor 2 weapon variety).

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