The Prisons of Asgard

We’ve all seen the posters and trailer shots of Loki in a cell, but there’s much more to that prison. We got to walk through it and see several interesting creatures in other cells (See: Easter Eggs) during a sequence when there’s a breakout.

Producer Craig Kyle:

“The prisons of Asgard are different than the prisons of Earth. This is the dark side of Asgard that, if you were to see it you don’t usually get to see anything else after – a fitting home for a character like Loki. And then across the cell, you see this horned character, and Marauders, and various demons, and then in his cell he has a little bit of a – there’s a bed and a couple books that Frigga brought down there just so he could be as comfortable as possible.”

We walked inside a large closed set, the color theme and aesthetic entirely different than any other set or on-location shot in Thor: The Dark World. It’s dark, very dark, with grey paneling on the walls, featuring similar Norse knot-work and Asgardian detailing. It’s a dungeon in the underbelly of Asgard. There’s a corridor down the middle, lighted only by the openings in the large ceiling blocks and a light strip down the center floor.

On each side are bright white, contemporary-looking prison cells which contrast the dungeon surroundings. Across from Loki’s cell stands two unique prisoners and down the corridor, we’re told Marauders and other creatures reside, including a “demon.”

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