Heimdall’s New Observatory

Heimdall’s Observatory at the end of the Rainbow Bridge was destroyed by Thor in an attempt to stop Loki from destroying the world of the Frost Giants in the first film. In Thor: The Dark World, a new observatory is under construction.

Production Designer Charles Wood:

“We’re still harking back and respecting the original film. The observatory does play again. In the original film it gets destroyed so what we’ve done is sort of rebooted it, so to speak. In our film it’s, it’s a newer look observatory, which is still under construction, so things like the palace, the observatory, the rainbow bridge, all of those things still exist. “

Producer Craig Kyle:

“You can see that in the design the beams are still being put up. It’s still in the in the middle of being rebuilt. And what that allows for us when we get inside is once the Bifrost is fully operational, worlds… it becomes a viewing window out to the [Jack] Kirby cosmos. You’ll see celestial bodies, and planets, and all kinds of wonders of space that we weren’t allowed to do before, because of the way the structure was built. So, it actually allows us to do some neat visuals. And then it still has all the gears and the various elements that people like from the original design.”

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