Black Holes

The Dark Elf ships depicted in the Thor TV spots and trailers are powered by a unique form of engine technology. Jake Morrison, visual effects supervisor, explains:

“The idea working with a black hole is, what would it be like if you harnessed the power of a black hole.  And the way I’ve always been thinking about it is if you – a black hole pulls in all directions.  You stick a box around it – but if you poke a hole in one side of the box it would pull in that direction.  So effectively if you strap a craft around that you’ve got yourself a propulsion drive which is kind of an impulsion drive. So that’s kind of the thinking of the technology.”

There were hints that the dark elves may have a weapon that creates a devastating, miniature black hole effect as well. Whether that has anything to do with the massive portal opening over London (see image above) in the trailers and TV spots, we don’t know, but there is a scene in the trailer where Malekith and Thor fall through it while battling.

Executive producer Craig Kyle also touched upon the use of black holes while showing us concept art of the Dark Elf ships:

“The Harrows, they have a very unique black hole kind of engine where they actually kind of pull themselves through space as opposed to propel themselves.  That was an idea that Alan Taylor was really excited about.  So, they’re very unique, the way that they move through space, the way they do damage and hurt people.”

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